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List of Top Video Search and Video Sharing Websites

There are a number of video search engines which provide the consumers an access to the best video content from all over the world. A video search engine is the same as any other search engine, inasmuch as the search engine spiders crawl the web pages looking for video content to index.

Basically the search engine spiders can capture video information either from externally hosted websites. There are a number of new generation video search engines which also offer an ability to upload the video to their own website. In some of the advanced engines it is also possible to search video by the codec used in the video. So if you want some content to fill up that new monstrous 160GB iPod Classic of yours, the video search based on file format would help you find the proper content without having to bother about any transcoding.


Video Search Engine: Blinkx is the best choice for video search by far. This is because it does not rely on the meta data to index the video files. All of us know that meta data can be easily tampered by any person with the time and will to do so. Therefore Blinkx uses voice recognition and visual analysis to classify and categorize the video content. Blinkx has over 12 million hours of video, all that you would need in a lifetime.


Video Search is another popular video search engine which allows the users to search for video content. It takes advantage of the data in the media RSS enclosure and allows for quick searching which is reflected in the fact that Yahoo web search is also able to return great results.


Video Search can be considered another powerful video search engine. It is backed by the excellent search engine algorithms developed by Google for its web search and image search. Google Video service allows users to search and upload videos to its own website as well as to that of YouTube Video: YouTube, since Google recently purchased You Tube which is one of the biggest hosts of video content.


Ever since its acquisition of Truveo Video Search Engine Truveo video search, AOL Video has also become one of the prominent video search engines which crawls almost all the popular video locations.

With all these video search engines ready to serve you, you can rest assured that if a video is publicly accessible on the web, you can easily find it using these engines.

Here are some additional Video Search Engines and Sharing Sites – Also take a look at our Directory of Video Sites:

Video Search Engines:

Blinkx TV Singing Fish A.Vista Video Windows Live VideoSearch for Video MySpace Video Veoh Metacafe ClipBlast Blip TV ClipShack Purevideo Brightcove

Video Sharing Sites

Eyespot Grouper Jumpcut Ourmedia Revver Video Egg Vimeo vSocial YouTube

This post was written by Mark Robertson of – The Video Search Marketing Blog the author of the longest list of Video Search engines that I?ve ever seen. Mark is known in the search community as an expert on Video Search.

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How to Download YouTube Video, Play YouTube Videos and Convert YouTube Videos[] This is a guide on how to use Cucusoft YouTube Mate to download, convert, play and manage your favorite YouTube videos… and it’s very easy to use. If you’re a YouTube fan, you’ll love YouTube Mate! With YouTube Mate you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including – iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC. And finally… YouTube Mate’s embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
YouTube Mate Key Features:
1, Provides the highest speed to download YouTube video.
2, Supports unlimited simultaneous downloading tasks.
3, Supports auto-name your downloaded video title as the YoutTube page shows.
4, Offers you the most convenient task management and the easiest control capability.
5, Supports YouTube video or any .flv and .swf file as input file.
6, Supports not only YouTube video, but also various video formats as input file, including avi, DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb, MOV, MPEG, WMV.
7, Supports a wide variety of output file format., including avi, DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb, MOV, MPEG, WMV.
8, Provides various profiles, these profiles can meet the needs of most people.
9, Supports customize or create user’s own profile for any new (portable) device.
10, The video conversion supports preview.
11, Embedded YouTube Video (Offline) Player is available, it supports offline play YouTube video, .flv video and .swf video.
12, Supports “Drag and Drop” video files direct to the main window. Easy to select the source files.
13, Cool UI skin available.

II. How to download YouTube Video

Step1: Use an Internet Brower (IE, Firefox) to navigate YouTube. If you would like to download current YouTube Video, please go to Address Bar and press “Ctrl+C” to copy the URL in the Address Bar field. Go to Cucusoft YouTube Mate, click “Download” Button (as following). A download setting dialog will pop up. Please press “Ctrl+V” to paste previous URL in to “Video URL”.
Step2: Click “OK” button, the download item will be added in the download list. After the item status becomes “Downloading Done”, you can play it offline or convert it to other video formats.
III. How to play YouTube Videos
Step1: Click “Add” Button.
Step2: Select the files you would like to play/convert. You can select multiple files one time. All the files will be displayed in the play list. Select one item you would like to play, click “Play” button  to play it. Or, you can direct double click the clip in the play list.
Step3: You can click “Stop” button to stop the item.
Step4: You can click “Remove” button to remove the item.

IV. How to convert YouTube Videos
Step1: Click “Add” Button. Select the files you would like to play/convert. You can select multiple files one time. All the files will be displayed in the play list.
Step2: Click “Profile” dropdown list to select a profile you need.
Step3: “Profile settings” which can be found on the panel of the main window. They can be adjusted or changed manually according to your needs. If you don’t know what the setting means, it’s best to leave the defaults alone. 
Step4: If you need to set an new output folder, please click the button right of “Select Output Folder” to select a new one.
Step5: Click “Open output folders” to open output folder.
Step6: Click “Convert” button to start conversion.

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What is an Audio Book?

An audio book is a book which one can listen to instead of reading. It is a recording of words spoken by a person instead music or songs sung by someone. It may be a recorded version of a book or a recorded spoken program.

Earlier, we could find recorded spoken materials like nursery rhymes, etc mainly in libraries or schools but not audio books. During the 1980s, book publishers started showing interest in spoken word publishing. Audio books became a common term from that time onwards and now audio books are available widely in book stores along with printed ones.

One will get an audio book in the form of a CD, cassette tape or downloadable digital formats like MP3, Windows Media Audio, etc. Presently, some preloaded digital formats are also available.

The main purpose behind creating audio books was to help the visually impaired. These were published in formats typical for them and accompanied by special type of players. The players were made in such a way that the visually handicapped people were able to handle them independently without any help. They are also helpful while on the move and those who are very busy in their daily life.

According to a survey conducted by the Audio Publishers’ Association in the year 2006 for the year 2005, audio book sales were around $871 million. Present estimates are around $2 billion at retail value.

Publishers now produce audio books along with hard cover editions. The first example of a simultaneous publication of an audio book and hard cover edition was the publication of the spoken recording of Norman Mailer’s Ancient Evenings by Jedediah. P. God

CD technology has brought revolutions in this industry. Lots of information can be stored in a single CD and more than one book can be stored in a DVD. They can be played using ordinary CD or DVD players as well, now a day. Portable music players like the IPod, Zen player; Zune, etc have helped downloadable audio books to reach the common mass.

There are mainly two categories of audio books, unabridged and abridged.
A word for word reading of a book is called an unabridged audio book and if the original content is edited, then it is called abridged. The abridger is the person who edits the contents. Abridgements are necessary to maintain time and bring down the cost.

Audio books can be created by recordings by trained vocal artists. Text to speech software can also be used if needed but in such cases sound quality may not be up to the mark.

Audio books are more expensive compared to the hard cover editions as a recording on a CD is expensive. Preloaded digital formats are also available, where audio content is loaded in simple players, similar in price as CDs. Downloadable audio books on the other hand cost less as they don’t have any storage, packaging or transportation costs.

Due to high production costs, Audiobooks have not yet become as popular as their hardcover or paperback counterparts, although music CDs and cassettes are very popular.

William Stephenson has been presenting audiobooks to the public long before IPODS and MP3 players made them popular. Come see an enormous selection of downloadable audio books. I’m certain we have what you’re looking for!

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Audio Books: A New Way To Look At Reading

What is an Audio Book?

Educators are constantly innovating and modifying the way lessons are taught to children. The challenges of physical handicap like blindness is now overcome with the emergence of new education strategies.

An audio book is an alternative form of books. From the word ‘audio’, you could almost instantly tell that audio books involve the task of listening. Indeed, it is true.

Audio books are actually books that are read aloud and recorded. Through audio book, a person who is not literate can also enjoy the content and the knowledge contained in a given book.

Authors and publishers now recognize the advantage of translating published books into audio books. Published works are intended to reach the audience and impart knowledge.

Audio books facilitate for the rolling out of such content and knowledge contained in a book to a wider scope of audience.

Unabridged and abridged

Audio books can be abridged or unabridged. In publishing, you know that unabridged books are published word for word, according to how the author exactly put words and sentences.

Same goes for unabridged audio books. Unabridged audio books are read word for word from a published book. No word or sentence has been omitted or altered.

Meanwhile, abridged audio books are the opposite. When an audio book does not contain the exact words used by the author in a book, or when some parts are omitted or revised, it is certainly an abridged audio book.

CDs, cassettes and downloadable audio books

Since audio books are recorded content, publishers and makers can make use of the compact discs, the cassette tapes, or the online portal for Web downloading.

Currently, CDs dominate the audio book format. It can be because CDs are now the ‘in thing’ when it comes to audio technology. Almost all music listeners now listen to CDs played through CD players.

Audio in CD format also can be easily stored or carried along everywhere the owner goes. CDs also have greater capacity and can be recorded with significantly longer duration, meaning more content can be contained in a single CD.

The cassette tape format for audio books currently take about 40% of the audio books sold and purchased through the market, according to estimates.

Some people still cannot let go of their old cassette tape players. For some people, cassette tapes are more convenient and are less stressful to play. That is because cassette tape players are far more simple in structure and function than CD players.

Cassette tapes are also more durable because they do not easily break even if dropped to the floor.

The fastest growing segment of format typse for audio books is the downloadable type. Downloadable audio books are the most convenient of them all, because the book is stored virtually or online. However, many people still find it hard to download contents from the Internet, because they are not familiar using the online media.

Downloadable audio books make up about 6% of the overall global audio market. But the popularity of the downloadable audio book is rapidly rising because people form around the world can easily download contents from a Web site. The modern age is also becoming more and more inclined to the use if computers.

Dramatization and know hows

Since audio books are heard, several producers have been employing voice talents to give life to the reading of book contents. Thus, a novel can now be listened to, and can somehow be a form of entertainment with the dramatic effect of the recording.

Sometimes, audio book producers also hire famous celebrities to read out the contents of the audio book. This is based on thinking that several people would appreciate it more and would be more interested if an audio book features the voice of their favorite celebrity.

Audio books, aside from being academically useful, can also be used to teach people with the procedures and processes recommended for the execution of a task.

Thus, simple know hows are better taught to the target audience if the contents are read aloud than read.

Audio books are certainly useful because they make learning easier and more fun. The eyes won’t be stressed and the listener can still perform other activities while learning and listening to the content of a book.

You can enjoy the luxury of having your favorite book speak to you. 1000`s of instant audio books from major publishers. Professionally narrated. No membership or additional software. Burn to CD, use in your car, save to MP3 or Ipod player.

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How to Watermark Video Files Converted From FLV for Better Delivery?

For individuals and instructors, you may feel the need to convert FLV files downloaded from YouTube, Google Video, etc to various video formats. Most probably you have such an edited video and want to share with others. Then how can you personalize the file with watermarks to let people know that this is your personalized video and not someone else’s? How can you overwrite the logo of YouTube, etc and add the brand name of your company or add text watermark on the video files? This article is to address the issue of converting and watermarking video files from FLV.

Searching through the web, you can find lots of such converters, few of them have the function to add watermarks to personalize the generated video files. This article may be of some help to you if you are looking for such a function. Now enjoy reading it.

Moyea FLV to Video Converter is a one-stop solution to converting downloaded FLV files to the desired video formats and watermarking the video files for playback on portable devices. With the personalized watermark, you will increase your exposure in the public and protect your original efforts.

FLV to Video Converter to Watermark the Video
Moyea FLV to Video Converter Pro is a powerful tool to convert Flash video (FLV) files to conventional video files. It perfectly converts FLV files without the support of extra codecs, such as On2 VP6 video FLV, H.263 video FLV, Nellymoser audio FLV, MP3 audio FLV, and audio-only FLV; and could output various video formats, including FLV to AVI, FLV to MPEG, FLV to MP4, FLV to 3GP, FLV to MOV, etc.
Most importantly, FLV to Video Converter Pro can enable you to add text or logo as watermark for the output video files. You can add logo image of multiple formats: *bmp, *jpeg, *gif, *tiff, *png, etc, or add text caption to the created video files to share with those around you.

With the watermark function of Moyea FLV to Video Converter, you can:
Add logo image or text caption as watermark for your videos
Choose any color for your watermarks
Change the font style and size for your watermark
Alter the transparency/alpha channel for your watermark
Place the watermark at any position of your video screen

What follows is a tutorial to help your add watermark for a FLV file and convert it to MP4 iPod video file.

1. Download and Install the FLV to Video Converter
This useful tool is available at the official website of FLV to Video Converter Pro. After launching the program you can see the main interface:

This useful tool is available at the official website of FLV to Video Converter Pro. After launching the program you can see the main interface:

2. Add source FLV into the program and specify the output folder
Click on the button to import your source FLV files into the program, and you can immediately play back the imported files in the Preview Panel on the interface.
In the box “Export To…”, you can specify the output folder, or end file path for the created video files.

3. Add image watermark or text watermark for the created video file
At the right bottom section of the main interface, you can see the toggles of adding logo image, text and adjusting transparency for the created video.

With the image watermark, you are enabled to import multiple formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc; you can adjust its transparent color, tolerance, Alpha channel, offset value, position, etc. Click on “Select…” and you the following dialog will pop up for you to set the transparent alpha channel:

With the text caption watermark, you can adjust its font, style, size, color, Alpha channel, offset value, position, etc, to make it most suitable to meet your needs. Click on “T”, and you can adjust parameters of the text caption in the following dialog:

4. Configure the video and audio settings for the output file
Click on the tab “Settings”, you are able to set the different parameters for the video and audio data, including video and audio codec, video frame rate, video and audio bit rate, frame size, audio sample rate, audio channels, etc.
Most importantly, you must specify the output video format in this step: AVI, MPEG, MP4, etc, for you particular playback terminals.

5. Convert FLV to your desired video file format
Click on the tab “Convert” and the program will help you to encode the source FLV file into the proper video format you specified video format.


More information?


FLV Software supply powerful FLV tools to offer ideal solutions on how to convert FLV to movie formats for iPod, PSP, Zune, cell phone, and how to encode FLV and edit FLV using by FLV to Video Converter, Flash Video MX, FLV Downloader, FLV Player, SDK series, etc.

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The Ideal Audio Book Player – Individual Suitability

So you have got the bug and have fallen in love with listening to audio books. Aren’t they just brilliant as you can listen to them absolutely anywhere, at home, while doing your gym workout and on the way to and from work. Anyway now that you have become an audio book disciple the main problem you have to address is what type and style of player suits your particular lifestyle and budget.

If you intend to spend most of your listening time in the comfort of your own home then you could quite easily use the CD player in your sound system. If you want to listen to audio books while you are driving in your car then you would be best off using the in-car CD player.

Some audio book devotees still hold on to old technology and prefer to listen to their chosen books on the old fashioned cassette player although these days getting quality audio book recordings on this medium is becoming much harder.

There is much debate about which is the “best” medium for listening to your audio books, however, I believe the practical approach is to look for a player that suits your own individual requirements and budgets.

An old friend of mine who is one of the earliest devotees to audio books has a very extensive collection of “vintage” audio book cassettes and plays them on an equally old cassette audio book player. Even though there has been many technical advancements like digital playing devices as well as the newer audio book formats that can be downloaded online, this friend much prefers to listen to his audio book recordings in a cassette format. I suppose that for him its just like people who still cling to their LP records and resist buying cassettes and now CD’s – as the saying goes ‘each to their own’ as everyone has their own preferences.

If you are just starting out on your audio book experiences (or if it is an important part of your education) then working with just any player is not going to give you the level of listening pleasure you are looking for.

Since the introduction of such devices as MP3 players, these have become the preferred option for the vast majority of audio book listeners. There is a wide selection of MP3 players to suit every level of budget. You can choose many different brands, sizes and styles to fit with your individual requirements. It is important to note, however, that not all MP3 players can play audio books to the required optimal specifications of that book.

Some important facts to consider when determining if your MP3 player is suitable to take on the role as your audio book player include the following:

The MP3’s conversion rate: The ideal rate for your MP3 player should be above 16KB so as to deliver the right clarity of sound.

The MP3’s memory capacity: Here it is crucial that your chosen player has an adequate amount of Gigabytes. As many audio books can run for quite a long time, often up to 10 hours, the complete recording will not fit onto a player with a capacity of less than 1 Gigabyte.

The MP3’s maximum volume: Whilst the level of loudness you intend to play your audio books at is generally a matter of preference or tolerance, most MP3 players are unable to play an audio book at a sound level that is able to compete with outside noise. MP3 players are great for playing with music where the nuances are not as delicate as the spoken word. If this is a problem with your Mp3 audio book player then you should opt to wearing a covered headphone rather than the ear-plug style.

The MP3’s software: When choosing a suitable player you should consider whether the player’s software allows you to go back to a particular chapter if you suddenly run out of batteries and the player stops. Also does your player have an organized system of sorting through an audio book’s different chapters.

These are all very important features that your audio book player should have. A word of warning – ask for a ‘test listen’ before buying an audio player and don’t forget take an example audio book with you to test it with rather than a music disk.

If you would like more information on Audio Book Players then go to Audio Books Retreat

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Cheap, Discount Audio Books Online

All those people who listen to the MP3 audio books have an edge over others. Though the audio books have come into the picture just recently, many people (in millions) are already regular in listening to audio books. What’s more, some of the new books are simultaneously being released in the paperback and the audio edition. The main reason behind the success of audio books is that it saves people the time which is required for reading the book. While people can’t find time to read books due to their busy schedule, they certainly can listen to audio books while doing their everyday work like working, driving, cleaning, jogging, etc. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that audio books are the future of books. 

Before commenting on the price of audio books, and stating whether they are cheap or expensive, we need to look into some other aspects. The first question is which audio books are being considered? The downloaded ones, the ones on a CD, on a tape, or any other form? If we call it cheap or expensive, with whom are we making the comparison? First, let us consider the prices of audio books, and then discuss various determinants of those prices. After that, we shall comment on the cheap, discount audio books. 

Audio books can come for free, or they may be charged for about $100. Generally, whenever we make a comparison of audio book titles, we conclude that books on CD’s or cassettes are more expensive as compared to the MP3 audio books, which are available at a very cheap price. 

Now let’s discuss about the determinants of prices of the books. There are basically three factors which determine the audio book prices, which are: 

1. Production costs: The producers will obviously cover the material, labor and overhead expenses incurred for production of the audio book. The labor here includes payment to the reader who reads the book in a manner which would arrest the attention off the listener. The materials required include the cassette or CD cover, printing, and other such things. The overhead comprise of selling and distribution expenses and other such related items. It is found that materials are not required for production of MP3 books! 

2. Publishing costs: The publishing costs for audio books on cassettes and CD’s are almost of the same type. Space is always required for the storage of the old-fashioned books. Again, it must be said that in case of an MP3 audio book, no such storage space is required at all! 

3. Copyrights: The author always gets a part of the revenue earned by the sale of the book as commission. This holds for audio books as well. 

From the above points, it is very much clear that for discount audio books, MP3 audio books are available at a very cheap price and can be considered. Also, if you already possess an MP3 player, and want to take advantage of discount audio books, then the MP3 versions are always beneficial. In fact, free audio books are available for download in many cases.

The author, Mercy Emmanuel is the manager of the website where you can get the most up to date Cheap Audio Books online. On this Site you can get access to a vast range of discount mp3 audio books at special prices.

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Include Video Marketing in Your International Marketing Mix

The popularity of online video has been on the increase for several years, and there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau said today that advertisers spent 18.2% more in the first quarter of 2008 than they did the same time last year. And this is during a recession. During the same time, television advertisement have decreased by a little over 10%.

Why? Because the advertisers know that online advertising is getting to the target audience and people are watching.

For your international marketing plan, video is one of the best way to engage an audience in countries where you don’t have an office. The costs is low, the market penetration is targeted and if you are going to be using translations, there are ways to be sure that your viewers get to see your video in their native language.

How many time have you seen a television commercial and not understood it?

Online video lets you communicate with your client through different senses, emotions and on different levels.

The senses are obvious, sight and sound. The same senses that are touched as on TV, but your audience has usually selected to watch your video. On TV there is no choice.
The different emotions that you can touch with a video are limited only by your imagination.
Different levels images, music, text, speech and any combination of these that you create.

These different senses, emotions and levels are similar to how a child learns. Through the repetition of things they see, the spoken word, music and visual text. If you have seen a child watch the same video again and again (and again), you can begin to understand how video can become an important part of your international marketing mix.

With online video, your international clients can see your product or service again and again, until they understands exactly what you do, or what you sell. Since video is made to be replayed in work perfectly with the way people learn. Just like children.

Exciting Commercials?

Think about old fashioned print marketing and the standard text or banner internet advertisements. Can you remember the last time that you saw a print advertisement and it really got your blood pumping? It was such a great advertisement that you called a friend to tell them to look at that magazine page? On the other hand, when was the last time you sent someone a video link, or had one sent to you? If you have a computer, the video was probably sent more recently than the magazine page number.

Large Audience, Low Cost

With online video you can also reach a huge audience at a low cost. If you already have a web site or a blog you can advertise your own video for free. There are services online, like DailyMotion, that let you post videos for free. There are companies that let you upload a video at their site and they broadcast it to 20 or more video sites. The return on your investment for international video marketing can be astounding.

You can easily make a video clip and post it on video-sharing websites for free. All you need is a digital camera. There is free software that lets you play with special effects on your video. Your video can also be used exactly as it is, making it come across as more authentic.
According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau half the US population will watch video online next year, and those numbers are increasing. Also remember that the US is only a fraction of the international community. Again, just talking the US, it has been estimated that 20 billion videos will be watched online during the summer of 2008. 9 Billion!

Some Guidelines For International Acceptance

A video clip should not be more than three minutes long. This is a statistic often quoted, based on the length of time people will watch a video. If you must have a longer video, make sure that you tell your viewer in advance how long it will take to watch the video. Another option is to make a video series.

These four point are very important to getting your video seen when loaded on a public site:

Make the description of your video specific
Relate the title to your business
Use your keywords – in the title if you can
Load your video in correct category

An effective way to spread your videos is to have a contest where you invite your visitors to do something for a prize. The winners are awarded a prize or a reduction in price on a service that they have not taken yet. and their videos can be featured on your business website. This will have everyone talking about it and the relevant people linking to it!

Advertise your video in your other marketing material you send to your clients, for example by including a link in your email signature. Include links to your website and product pages in the video. Blog about the video and send other bloggers a link to the video. Google has a blog search service that allows you to select the language. Use these ideas to drive your video to international acceptance.

Engage your foreign audience using online video as part of your international marketing plan. The costs remains low and we are at the earliest point of this boom and innovation has just begun. It has been said that only 65 years after Gutenberg made the printing press did someone think about numbering pages. We are still before page numbering for the internet and international video marketing.

Are you committed to speeding up your international sales cycles?

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Audio Books: Build Yours With PLR Audio

Product creation takes a lot of time. Most people find that time spent creating a product is simply not time that’s well spent. Instead, most people would rather be spending their time marketing their website and actually making money. One great way to bypass the product creation phase is to use Public Label Rights audios. Read on to learn more about how you can make money using PLR audios.

What Are PLR Audios?

PLR audios are audio files whose rights you can purchase. Someone else creates the audio, but for a small fee you can buy the rights to republish the audios as your own.

For example, someone might publish an audio on weight lifting. You can pay a small fee to buy the PLR rights and then claim the product as your own and market it as such. You save a lot of time and can make a lot of money doing this.

Combining PLR Audios into a Product

Often times PLR audios will be short. Instead of trying to find a full length PLR audio book, you can find a bunch of shorter PLR audios and combine them into a PLR audio book.

Building a PLR audio book this way is a great way to create a full scale product with very little work. Every PLR audio you use can simply be one chapter in the PLR audio book.

Leverage Audio’s High Perceived Value

Audios have a very high perceived value, especially online. An eBook or even a physical book has very little perceived value. Few people will pay over $97 for an eBook. After all, it’s “just an eBook.”

On the other hand, a step by step audio book has much more value. You can hear the other person’s voice, the other people seems like much more of an expert, etc.

You can even take it one step further. If you take your PLR audio book and burn them onto CDs, your perceived value will skyrocket. Instead of just selling an eBook for $20 or audio downloads for $40, you can now sell a completely CD Set for $197. That’s nearly ten times the perceived value of an eBook and the content could be exactly the same!

An Easy to Use Technique

One great thing about using PLR audios is how easy it is. There are many reasons to use PLR audio. Saving time is one very common reason. Saving money is another common reason. However, you can also buy expertise using this method.

For example, you might know nothing about body building. However, if you have a profitable way to market a product, you might want to get in that market anyway. Rather than trying to create a product yourself with no knowledge of the market, you can just buy the rights from someone who already knows what they’re doing.

All you do then is repackage and market the product. You do what you do best; they do what they do best.

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How to Make Web Videos like Video News on Yahoo, MSN and YouTube?

How to Make Web Videos like Video News on Yahoo, MSN and YouTube?


Complete Guide – Step by Step — Publish video and player to your website, blog or forum and more


Video news has now become a necessary part on news websites due to its visual representation of information to people. Below are two screenshots of video news from MSN and Yahoo. From the screenshots, we may find that they contain two main parts: video and player. We may also find that the interface is simple but less functional. It is easy to navigate.


Now, what we will discuss right here is: How to easily make video news like these or even better and more functional ones?




MSN video news


[img] [/img]


Yahoo video news


First Step: Download and Install Socusoft Web Video Player


I will show you an easy way to make such videos step by step. Before we go any further, we need to download a professional tool — Socusoft Web Video Player from


When installation is completed, launch Socusoft Web Video Player.


Second Step: Check Video Format — Convert Video into FLV


Like other software, the input video files only accept FLV format so as to enable output video player to playback clips. If your video clips are different formats, you need to convert them to FLV format first. There is a simple tutorial on its website of converting video files of different formats such as MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPG, RM, RMVB, AVI, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V and M2V into FLV format. Here is the link:


If you don’t need a tutorial, you may do it yourself. Click “Convert” to launch integrated converter and convert your video into FLV format.




Third Step: Add Videos to Player


Go to “(1) Video” and click the button “Add” to add flash video (flv) files.




Fourth Step: Choose Themes for Player


Go to “Themes” and choose the template of web player for your video clips. There are lots of cool templates. Get one as you like or that matches the style of your website or blog. The program allows you to customize web player in advanced mode. Click to button “Customize Parameters” at the bottom right corner to find out more.





Fifth Step: Advertising Function (For registered users) — Add advertisement and link to video and player


Some people may want to add advertisements and links to video and player, which is considered as another strategy in product advertising and website promotion. Well, Socusoft Web Video Player has such advertising function with advanced templates but only for registered users. That is, you need to buy the program and then use the license name and code to register it so as to enjoy full function.


1) Prepare advertisement image


The format of the ad image can be jpeg, gif, jpg, png and swf. If you want to add an advertisement image with no target link on it, the format of the image can be jpeg, gif, jpg and png. If you want to add a target link to a web page for the advertisement image, the format must be swf. You may use Flash Slideshow Maker, Macromedia Flash, SnagIt or other tools to add URL easily to the image and save it as swf format.


[img] [/img]


2) Choose advertising templates


Go to “Themes” and choose the template of web player for your video clips such as the template “Advertisement”.




3) Add image to player


Now go to the advanced mode. Click button “Customize Parameters” at the bottom right corner. Then, Click the blank field of Advertisement and get the advertising image.








4) Add link to video


If you need to add target links to videos, go back to “(1) Video” and choose videos that you need to add target URL to. Then, click the button “Edit”. There will be a pop-up dialogue.


Go to “Target URL” and input the link such as company website. Please remember to add “http://” first.




Sixth Step: Publish Video and Player on Your Computer


When finished the above steps, go to the sixth step “Publish”. Click the button “Publish Now” to integrate your video with player. Your video has right now been embedded a cool player. You may click “View Web Page” to preview your web video.




Last Step: Upload Files – Publish Video to Your Website or Blog


1) Publish video to your website


Click “Open Output Folder” and use upload tools such as CuteFTP to upload all of the files in the folder of “output” to your web space. You may create a new folder on your web space first such as “video” for the output files. If the created folder is in the root directory, the URL of your web video should be:

http://www.*****.com/video/***(name of the published html file).html


2) Add web video to your blog or forum and more


You may also add your published web videos to your blog or forum and more. Here is an example of adding videos to google blog.


Click “Open Output Folder”. Then, open the html file with FrontPage, Dreamweaver or Notepad. The html file is the same with the one uploaded.




Right here, I use Notepad to open the above-mentioned html file and switch to the code mode and change the paths like the following screenshot. Please note that you need to input your website URL instead of ” *****.com” as shown below.




After that, copy the code between “object” as above. Go to your google blog and paste the code as shown below. After that, publish the post. You may now view your web video on google blog.






Some blogs may not support HTML well. If so, you may also use the following code, which is simple. That is, “iframe” plus “the path”.





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