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Make Money by Opening Your Own Audio Book Online Store

Today, more and more people are becoming accustomed to using audio books and in fact, over the past few years, many more people have migrated to this form of reading as opposed to buying conventional paperbacks and reading them with their eyes. Reading with ears is a new concept and many more people have become enamored by audio books mainly because these types of books are very convenient and also very entertaining.

Strong Demand

If you are business minded then it would be a good idea for you to think about starting your own audio book online store because the demand is strong and the profit margins attractive. Today, audio books cover every genre and so people can rent books on virtually every topic. Of course, the competition is strong especially as big audio book rentals such as Audible are offering people some great audio book online plans.

Nevertheless, there is a lot going for someone who is industrious and so opening an audio book online store will still make good sense. There no doubts that demand for audio books online is only going to increase and so, tapping into this business opportunity makes perfect sense. You should not let the big players spoil your fun and by showing some initiative you can make a lot of money by opening an audio book online store.

No doubt, Audible is the major player in the audio book online segment and it in fact, earns more than an estimated eighty million dollars annually; however, big as they might be there is still enough space for small players to reap benefits and earn good profits from starting their audio book online stores. It however requires that you start off small and then, as money and business trickles in, you can set your sights higher and aim for the bigger spots.

To succeed with your audio book online store requires that you advertise, build up a strong customer base and also plan ahead for future expansion. The key to succeeding with an audio book online store lies in building up a loyal customer base that should be willing and able to pay you your monthly subscription fees.

People love to also buy audio books online and you can also add this feature to your audio book online store. There are many customers that like to collect audio books and also to re-read their audio books; you can also consider selling them audio books online at discounted rates.

To succeed at selling audio book online requires a certain amount of luck, plenty of perseverance as well as proper marketing strategies as well as effective and proper advertising. If you also show the proper attitude, an audio book online store can help you make a decent living and with more of the same you can expand to become a big fish in a small pond.


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9 Best Uses for Video Conferences

First What You Should Know About Video Conferencing

What are the best practices for video conferences? Sales meetings are prime examples. According to Computer Link Magazine, a notable firm produced a 3000% percent improvement in the sales-cycle with a Fortune 500 client by utilizing video conferencing on the internet.  


Not only can sales grow when video conferencing but the technology can be used in the training of employees, brainstorming sessions, healthcare consultations, interviewing prospective employees and education. These are just some of the areas that gain substantial benefits from video conferencing. Friends and families also utilize video conferences to stay in touch and to celebrate major and minor events.


There has been much debate in the world of business regarding face-to-face versus video conferencing. Studies have reached different conclusions. For example, conclusions have been reached that worker productivity increases with video conferencing; stays the same and actually decreases. So what do you do, should you consider video conferencing at all?


It’s important to make the correct choice when deciding whether to use video conferencing or a face-to-face meeting. The decision can have a significant influence on the effectiveness of the meeting and profits for a company. Let’s take a look at the types of video conference meetings that can deliver substantial benefits to corporations and small businesses.


Meetings Requiring Quick Decisions

Video conferencing provides the opportunity for quick decisions which just can’t be achieved when participants have to hop on an airplane. Making a swift conclusion based on group input by a teleconference deprives the primary decision maker the opportunity to notice body language and facial expressions. These visual cues can be important factors in determining the confidence the key members have regarding the decision. Communication experts claim that 70% of communication is non-verbal and video conferences allows you to view these non-verbal communications.


Video Conference Sales Meeting

Video conferencing allows decision makers who are out of the office to be involved in the beginning stages of the sales process. They also provide a convenient opportunity for important business members to watch recordings of vital meetings.


 Video conference sales meetings communicate with prospective customers that you are a state-of-the-art company and efficiency and technology is an important factor in your business strategy. This could be your “edge” over another firm.


Additionally, video conferences allow sales people to assess the interest of the prospect and determine if spending time to travel to a personal meeting is worthwhile.


Insights from an Actual Video Conference Sales Meeting

An article from Computer Link Magazine features an actual case which demonstrates the significant reduction in the sales-cycle which can be achieved with video conferences on the Internet. The company featured in the article received an inquiry from a Fortune 500 company located in Mexico. Through a few emails the two companies quickly agreed to a time for a video conference. During the meeting the customer’s objectives were examined and a real-time demonstration of the company’s product was provided. This was followed by a discussion regarding the benefits the client would receive from the product. That day, another technical review meeting was scheduled. In less than 29 hours the seller had found a highly qualified prospect that then had a strong understanding of the product and was also quite interested in finalizing the sale.


A standard approach to the sales opportunity would typically include numerous phone calls, mailing brochures, more phone calls and then traveling to Mexico. The firm estimated it would take from 30 to 45 days with a basic sales approach to accomplish what they achieved in less than 29 hours.


Video Conferencing versus Teleconferencing

Sales people have the opportunity to demonstrate how their products function with video conferencing, which simply cannot be done with a teleconference. Some studies have concluded that live video meetings are about 80% more helpful at creating a solid bond with people. Stronger bonds can create more sales.


Although a teleconference differs from a video conference in that it has the benefit of being inexpensive and can be attended without being in a designated room or in front of a computer. By this very nature, teleconferences are still an important business tool and preferred by some in certain scenarios.


Worker Productivity with Video Conferences

Studies have concluded that constant travel leads to stress, sometimes depression and a variety of illnesses. This can affect a business’ productivity and employee morale. When people stay home and utilize virtual collaboration, they may stay healthier and their productivity is typically higher.


Although somewhat controversial, some studies claim that video conferencing actually increases productivity. When employees are together in face-to-face meetings their conversations tend to leave the topic and perhaps wander over to sports, politics or personal stories. Video conferencing can help to keep the meeting on track both in time schedule and agenda. Some companies utilizing video conferences even claim they can bring products quicker to the marketplace by reducing the time spent commuting.


Video Conferencing to Train Employees

For companies with numerous locations, significant travel savings can be had by training with video conferencing. One big benefit is that employees can watch a recorded training session several times to make sure they comprehend the instructions.


Connecting Employees

A video conference can solve the problem of branch office employees feeling they are not personally connected with employees at the main office. When the company celebrates a new sale or an important achievement all the employees throughout the country and even world can celebrate together. Personal bonds will strengthen, which can lead to increased productivity, improved morale, and thereby lower turnover rate.


Hiring Employees by way of a Video Conference

You can interview prospective employees from all over the country when you use video conferencing. You can significantly increase the chance of hiring the best candidate and saved on travel expenses at the same time! Some employment recruiters however, have suggested that this format for employment works best for candidates less than 25 years of age or for preliminary interviews.


Possible Negatives of Long Distance Meetings

There have been some documented studies of the possible negatives of video conference meetings. According to a study by J. Sniezek and M. Crede, titled Group Judgment Processes and Outcomes in Video Conferencing vs. Face-to-Face Groups, the face-to-face meeting participants displayed a higher level of confidence in the decisions they made versus participants in long distance meetings.


Some companies have found that employees often go along with the ideas of the group at their location during long distance collaborations. It’s important for management to review all the top suggestions from video conferences to prevent this type of “peer pressure selection” from occurring. Also, participants don’t have the opportunity to get to know the other meeting members during break times and scheduling an international meeting across numerous time zones can be difficult. That being said, the savings that a firm realize with video conferencing may well outweigh any negatives.


In Conclusion It’s Time to Try Video Conferencing

Sales meetings, hiring employees, meetings requiring quick decisions, and bringing employees together are some of the prominent best uses for video conferencing. It should be noted that in the future the term face-to-face meeting may have to be replaced with the phrase a “handshake meeting.” Young people are growing up with text messaging, seeing their friends’ faces on their computers in real-time. With social websites such as My Space, it’s common for young people to have friends scattered all over the world they have never actually met in person. Numerous articles on the Internet mention having face-to-face meetings by way of computers. In the future, workers might be amazed to learn that their predecessors actually spent time and money flying on a plane to have a face-to-face meeting or a “handshake meeting”. Perhaps future generations will think it’s best to have all types of communications with variations on video conferences. 


Amy Linley gives practical and usable advice regarding communication and meetings at AccuConference –

Find out more about our conference call, web conferencing and video conferencing services from AccuConference –

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Ten Ways To Improve Video Production

Toronto wedding videographers are specialized in wedding video production, and here at Babylon Productions Wedding Center, we offer exceptional video production. We have listed below some keys to a proper video production:

Choose the Right Gear.

Toronto video production video equipment becomes obsolete very quickly because of the constant advancements in technology. You don’t need the highest-end gear to shoot great wedding videos; the basics will do just fine. The basic equipment that you’ll need to shoot wedding videos includes a fluid head tripod, remote microphone system and an audio mixer. Oh, and a digital format camcorder, of course.

Back up your audio.

Toronto video production audio for wedding videos can be touchy. Remote microphones may pick up some voices better than others and last minute glitches could prevent you from getting any audio at all. This is why many wedding videographers are investing in Sony Mini-Disc recorders to back up their audio. The recorder allows you to back-up your audio from the ceremony and the reception. The MD recorder is easily carried in the groom’s pocket, with a lavaliere microphone.

Understand LUX Ratings.

Toronto video production understands LUX is a measurement of camera sensitivity that is important to consider when purchasing a video camera. Cameras with lower LUX ratings produce better video in low light situations than cameras with higher LUX ratings. For wedding videography, which most often takes place in low light situations; churches, synagogues, reception halls, it is necessary to use a camera with a low LUX rating. The more sensitive to light your video camera is, the better quality wedding shots you’ll get, and the more professional the finished wedding video will be.

Attend the rehearsal.

Toronto video production knows that unless you can attend the wedding rehearsal, you probably shouldn’t book the job. Attending the rehearsal and planning ahead can easily avoid problems with lighting, microphone placement, and blocked views. The rehearsal also gives you another chance to consult with the bride and groom. Any last minute requests for their wedding video that they, or you, may have can be discussed before the wedding day rush is on.

Get “B-roll” coverage.

Toronto video production “B-roll,” (which stands for “Before-Roll”) coverage is of critical importance to the professional quality of your wedding video production. To get B-roll footage, simply use a tripod to take exterior shots of the building in which the event will take place, stained glass or other architectural features, the food and flower arrangements and any other special touches you notice. In addition to these still shots, begin videotaping about 20 minutes before the wedding is to begin, in order to get shots of the guests being seated, and audio of the music played before the ceremony.

Test your audio.

Toronto video production testing your audio before the ceremony is the best way to avoid common audio problems. To test your audio, make sure to arrive at the wedding location at least two hours early, in order to set up your equipment and check it out, and have time to fix any problems that you find. Another good tip is to monitor the audio with your headphones to be sure that it has a professional quality.

Concentrate on close-ups.

Toronto video production it is extremely important to get close-up shots at the wedding. Close-ups make your images look sharper and they allow you to capture emotion in your wedding video. Be sure to get close-up shots of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the parents throughout the wedding and the reception, and use them frequently.

Anticipate and follow the action.

Toronto video production in order to shoot a professional wedding video, you must anticipate and follow the action throughout the wedding, especially if you’re doing a one-camera shoot. You only get once chance to capture the action at a wedding ceremony, be prepared for whatever is coming. Talking to the couple and attending the rehearsal ceremony will help you to know what’s happening next, and your camera moves will be more fluid. Anticipating and following the action is key to shooting a professional wedding video.

Focus on capturing the event, not creating a special effects film.

Toronto video production there are many opportunities and options for special effects when creating a wedding video. However, special effects such as slow motion, layering graphics, and editing backgrounds work well in wedding videos only to a point. It is very important to remember that shooting a wedding video is all about capturing an important event, not creating a video with the most special effects. Remember to keep your focus on the couple, the ceremony, and the emotion of the wedding, and use special effects wisely.

Finish the job on time.

Toronto video production after you’ve shot the wedding ceremony and the reception, it’s time to produce the finished video. Make sure to allow at least a week of postproduction to finish the job on time. A week should give you time to transfer footage to your system, catch up with other possible clients, editing the ceremony, the reception, and the pre-and-post ceremonies, as well as transferring to tape or DVD and preparing the packaging. Remember that the MOST important part of post-production is delivering the finished video ON TIME. The married couple will be anxious to see their wedding video, and are depending on you to deliver it on the date and time that you promised. Your reputation, and your future clientele, depends on your ability to finish like a pro by producing a professional wedding video on time and on budget.

Toronto video production is an important component in producing Toronto wedding videos. Babylon Productions Wedding Center produces great wedding videos. Have a look at our website for sample videos.

Babylon Toronto Weddings Photography Dj Video Limo Services Wedding Photography & Video Productions Toronto we specialize in individually tailored Wedding Photography, Videos and DVD’s, offering an experienced, highly professional and affordable service.

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Discover The Amazing Profit Pulling Power Of Marketing With Audio

Audio is a great tool for your lead generation and relationship building, and it also makes a relatively easy-to-produce info-product that you can use to generate revenue. If you have a service business, especially any service that is very personal or intimate, or if it’s very important that your prospects trust you and really feel comfortable with you before they would consider becoming your client, then audio would be a great asset to your marketing mix.

Audio adds the human factor to your business and, as we all know, people do not do business with businesses, they do business with other people. By using audio, you become a “real person” instead of a total stranger and you start the rapport building process.

With audio, you can convert most prospects into customers. In general, audio is much more entertaining than, say, a brochure or a sales letter, so it allows you to elicit more of a response from your prospects. Because you’re tapping into the listener’s senses, your prospect becomes more engaged in your message. As you know, it’s impossible to convert a prospect into a customer if he’s not receiving your message, and audio delivers your message in a more intimate way. Studies show that people remember only 20% of what they read but they’ll remember up to 70% of what they hear. If you want your prospects to act on your message, they’ll need to remember it!

Audio also allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition. Because even though audio is easily available to even the smallest businesses, most companies are still not taking advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. So by adding audio into your own marketing mix you’re really differentiating yourself from the others in your industry.

You can use your audio, whether it’s a CD or a podcast or web-based, as a means of introducing yourself to your prospects, and explaining the products and services you offer. If you offer a product or service that is technical or somehow requires training for your customers, audio is a great way to provide this training, or this in-depth information. It’s much more personal than a written instruction manual, and it can also be used in conjunction with a written manual.

According to educational psychologists, up to half of the population learns best by listening. Now consider this: according to those same educational psychologists, learning is increased exponentially with repetition. So when you’re using audio to present any technical aspect, your prospects can listen to it over and over again, and this repetition aids in learning. And since you, in effect, are the one who taught them, you become the expert.

You can use audio to present your client testimonials. You can have a full CD of client testimonials, or you can include audio testimonials on your web site. Similar to testimonials are audio product reviews. We’ve been using audio testimonials for a few years now, but even more powerful than testimonials is the audio product review.

You can also use audio to present tips, or frequently asked questions, and it’s a great branding tool. Plus, it’s portable, so your prospects can take your marketing message with them. They can pop your CD into their car stereo or download your mp3 onto their ipod. Distribution is very easy.

By using audio as a marketing vehicle you can free up your time and reduce the number of hours you work. Audio allows you to automate your sales process, because you create your presentation one time and it gets delivered over and over again. You make multiple copies of your CD or upload an mp3 to your web site and the audio is distributed to tons of different customers. And each time, it’s a very personal, rapport-building presentation.

Another way audio allows you to leverage your time is because it helps filter out your prospects. Through your CD or your mp3 not only are you presenting your marketing message, but you’re also presenting yourself. Your prospect gets to know you on a more personal level and he can then decide if you and your services are a good fit for his needs. The prospects who respond to your audio message already feels a bond with you – you don’t need to waste a lot of your time trying to personally convince your prospect. He’s already made up his mind by listening to your audio. So you end up with more time to work with prospects who are, in a sense, pre-qualified.

In general, adding audio to your marketing mix helps:

* reinforce your brand

* create “top-of-mind” awareness of your products and services

* intensify your exposure with your prospects

* increase impulse purchases

* provide greater reach than display ads

* free up staff by presenting your sales and marketing messages an unlimited number of time

Ready to take advantage of this great marketing medium? Be sure to request a copy of my free Quick Start Guide To Using Audio In Your Marketing Mix.

Karen Scharf offers several whitepapers, free reports and checklists, including her FREE Quick”>”>Quick Start Guide to Using Audio in Your Marketing Mix. Download your copy at”>”>

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10 Super Xvid Mpeg To Video Converter )Got the itch to flex your video converting skills but can’t find just the right software? Look no further! POPSnail’s “World’s Most Popular Now!” award is designed to solve just such a dilemma. The award is based on more than our opinion; our five faceted selection process factors in UI skin, speed, ease of use, user rating and popularity so you can see right away why one program is better than another.
Each of the ten Xvid MPEG to Video Converter programs below is excellent in a slightly different way. There can of course be only one winner, but since not all of these programs have exactly the same features we’ve made comparing them easy and fast with our transparent ratings system. Scroll down to find what you need!

1. All AVSMedia products in one package Suite !

All AVSMedia products in one package! (AVS Video Tools + AVS Audio Tools + AVS Video Editor + AVS DVD Copy + AVS TV Box)

2. Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite

Easy convert almost any audio/video format including Video format(H264, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, RM, 3GP, flv, SWF, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, etc.) and Audio format(AC3, AAC, MP2, MP3, MP4, RA, WMA, etc.).

3. Avex DVD & Video Converter Platinum Pack

Best Video Tools – Avex DVD & Video Converter Platinum Pack combines DVD Ripper Platinum, Video Converter Platinum and all DVD to iPod, PSP, 3GP, Zune Video Suite into one at steep discount.

4. WinAVI Video Converter

WinAVI Video Converter is super cool! is AVI Converter + Mpeg Covnerter + Batch Video Converter + Burn DVD VCD SVCD + Support almost all video formats, Convert all video format to AVI DivX XVid. Convert all video format to WMV, Convert all video format to RM.

5. Xilisoft Video Converter

It can convert between almost all popular video formats including DVD, VCD, SVCD, MOV, RM, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MPEG1/2/4, 3GP, Xvid etc, and also convert video files to all popular audio files such as MP2, MP3, AC3, RA, M4A, OGG, AAC etc.

6. Lenogo Video Converter

It can converts almost all formats of video files on your computer (AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AMR, FLV, FLIC, SWF, RM, RMVB etc.) and you may save videos to your iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, 3GP cellphones as well.

7. Wondershare Video Converter Suite

Wondershare Video Converter Suite is an all-in-one DVD ripping software and video conversion tool.

8. YASA Video Converter

A powerful video converter and can covnert AVI to 3GP,AVI to DivX, AVI to DVD, AVI to iPod, AVI to MP4, AVI to RM, AVI to WMV, AVI to XviD, DivX to AVI, DVD to PSP, MOV to iPod, MPEG to iPod, MPEG to RM, MPEG to WMV, RM to AVI, RMVB to iPod, WMV to AVI, WMV to iPod, WMV to MPEG, WMV to WMV.

9. Amor Video Converter

With it, you can easily convert AVI to MPEG / VCD / SVCD / DVD / WMV, RM / RMVB to AVI / MPEG / VCD / SVCD / DVD, ASF / WMV to AVI / MPEG / VCD / SVCD / DVD, AVI / MPEG / ASF / WMV to AVI, AVI / MPEG / ASF / WMV to ASF / WMV

10. Apex Video Converter Super

Apex Video Converter Super Convert the formats of your video as you like. It is designed to meet all your needs of convert file between MOV, MPEG,VCD, DVD, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, AVI, DIVX, iPod, 3GP, PPC, xBox, PMP, MP4 formats.

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Creating Videos Using Tools in Video on Demand Solutions

Creating good and quality standard videos is really a hard and tedious task to do. It would be easy capturing images and actions on video using the modern and sophisticated video gadgets in the market, but the real challenge is in editing and post-production to make the video more presentable.

Thus, post-production in video creation is a task that is exclusive to professionals or people who are skilled and trained to do so. That is because the manual way of video editing is hard and requires too much skill and expertise, not to mention enormous patience. Not everyone can really learn to do the task because doing so would entail genuine interest and determination.

However, with the advent of modern information technology and computer systems, there are ready-made templates that can be used in doing the activity. There are various types of software that are made and designed specifically to help people carry out video creation task without much difficulty. Video on demand solutions are among those computer programs.

To be able to use such a fantastic program, you have to check product updates of your reliable computer system provider. There are online sites that would facilitate free and limited trial for such video on demand solutions. All you have to do is to be explorative. Here are some special features of video on demand solutions and the basic know-how of such applications.

Video editing programs

Video editing programs are the most basic and most helpful applications that would facilitate for better and smoother flow of the video creation task. Video editing is the task that is most despised by new entrants to the practice. It is hard to edit videos because there are many equipment and special techniques that must be observed and used initially.

With the video editing capabilities of modern video on demand solutions in the market, you can crop pictures or minimize the total volume of content in a video clip. Thus, to be able to do a 10 minute video out of a two-hour video clip, you would be forced to highlight the significant parts of the video and choose those clippings that are appropriate for the video. Video editing features of modern video on demand solutions would take care of that.

Still image and video capturing programs

If you aim to capture still image or video clippings from online sources, like YouTube and other video Web services, you must learn to use capturing features of video on demand solutions. Using such programs is just as easy as using any other types of computer applications. There are wizard applications that would help you all the way to do such tasks on the computer.

Video on demand solutions would also help you integrate the captured image and video to your own produced video. Thus, your video production would be made more efficient, effective and interesting.

Free animation tools

To make your video more interesting, it would be advisable if you would incorporate animation features into the video. The use of animation is easily done by professional video producers. However, as a beginner, you could also do the same just like experts. With the free animation tools present in most video on demand solutions offered to computer users, you could easily do the task, which can be used just like the usual animation tools in your common computer applications.

Overall, free tools offered within video on demand solutions in the market would really be a great help for anyone who aim to create videos effectively. The next time you attempt to produce your own video production the way the pros do it, be sure to secure video on demand solutions first.

Bei M. is the best author in the industry also provides services to digitalxstream that is perfect source for complete ecommerce and video on demand solutions. Expert in provide data feed services and professional graphic design services with satisfaction.

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To Download Audio Books Is Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

It is very easy to download audio books. If you have access to the internet you can download them any hour of the day or night seven days a week – no opening hours of brick and mortar shops to observe!. You also won’t have to wait for weeks or pay for expensive shipping cost to get it the next day. Once you download your audio book it is ready and available immediately. In only minutes you can choose your book, download it, and start listening. It couldn’t be simpler.

Once you have downloaded your aduio book, you don’t have to lug that heavy book onto the airplane. After downloading your audio books, you can very easily and quickly transfer them to your MP3 player or burn them to CDs. That reduces the weight dramatically and you now have a portable library smaller than a deck of cards that you can take with you anywhere. Carry all those best sellers you’ve been meaning to read with you on vacation. They will not take up any extra room or weight. You can mix buzsiness and pleasure and throw in that business management book your boss wants you to read. It’s that easy and convenient!

Never downloaded an audio book? No sweat. Even if you’re a novice at downloading audio books, a good audio bookstore will offer tutorials that walk you through the process step by step and there are customer service agents waiting to help. Why not start with a free audio book. You will be much more relaxed if you don’t have to worry about possibly losing money if you run into problems. Most MP3 players make it possible to copy the audio file directly to your player. If you own an iPod, you might need to burn it to a CD first and then add it into iTunes. Making a copy on CD is a good idea even if you could directly load it onto your MP3 player. This way you have a backup of each audio book you download.

The key to smooth downloading is to take a moment to get the overview of the website from which you are downloading audio books. Check out the system requirements to make sure your computer doesn’t need extra software or memory. Many audio books are available both in MP3 or WMA format and they should work on most operating systems. The easiest online book stores offer you the possibility to just pick your book and download it. First take a moment and check the format. This avoids frustrations of buying an audio book in a format that is incompatible with your system.

To download audio books is super easy. There are only a few things to keep in mind. Checking the format for compatibility is the most important of them all. Even if you can download your book directly into your player, burn a copy of your downloaded audio book onto CD! This is the best way to backup your purchases and build a good audio books library. A good download site will offer tutorials to show you how their process works and you can start with a free audio book to test the download quality. Following these simple steps, you will build a portable library that can go everywhere you travel.

Rolf C. Zimmerli is the author; he is is the publisher of the online store where you can “>download audio books, an online audio book shop with a wide choice of quality audio books from ‘A’ like Audio Bibles to ‘F’ like Foreign Languages or Fiction, to ‘Z’ like ‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho .

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The 7 Biggest Reasons Why Using Audio On A Web Site Is A Must

Is your beautifully designed and professionally developed site helping you in meeting your sales targets? Is your PR 4+ site getting enough signups? No? There is only one reason; your site misses audio. Use audio buttons on your website and keep your sales’ graph rising!

Audio buttons are the small buttons that add audio to a web site. They are used on sites, in e-zines, sales letters and newsletters to communicate with customers. Yes, that is the key point: to communicate with the customers!
These things are by the way quite simple to add and can do wonders for You. Web audio is such a great marketing tool. More and more webmasters are using it because no web graphics and sales copy can compete with real voice, especially when it comes down to marketing.

There are several reasons why you must use streaming audio in your online marketing campaign. In my opinion the most significant are following:

1 – Audio buttons increase sales. Business works on trust and reliability. And nothing is more reliable and guaranteed than your words. That’s why web audio buttons are considered an effective sales promotion tool. Greeting message on site, talking e-mails, and audio testimonials ultimately results in new buyers and increasing sales.

2 – Audio messages have more significant effect on visitors than text messages. It has been proven by research that 70% of the Internet users remember audio messages. If your site lacks this feature, it means you are missing sales.

3 – Streaming audio messages are the best way to increase e-zine subscriptions. In online marketing, getting signups for a newsletter is a great sales boosting strategy. And audio in your site servers this purpose very well. Get audio buttons to your site and watch your sales rocket.

4 – Audio buttons save time. Writing too much text requires time and the visitors might not even read it. Record your sales message in audio format and people will love it!

5 – The Wow factor. Amaze your visitors with your voice. Currently, only 5% of the sites are using web audio. When a visitor will hear your voice, it will appear new to him/her and will leave a good impact on him.

6 – Audio messages are the best way to keep visitors at your site for a longer period. When a prospect spends more time on the site, he will know more things about you product or services. Thus, he or she is more likely to turn into a buyer.

7 – Web audio is very simple use. In fact, it is even fun to play with it – and yet it takes you business to the next level.

So as you can see there are several reasons why you need to use audio on your website. It does great things to your business no question about it. Start using it today!

Aaron Raduly – developer of AudioStream Elite, a brand new solution for utilizing streaming audio on any website without paying any monthly fee. Don’t pay big dollars every month like we used to. Visit right now!

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Where and How to Use Audio on Your Site in 6 Steps

Streaming audio has a variety of uses that can help you win more customers and increase your profits.

Some of the most powerful ways you can use streaming audio on your site are for:

Welcome Messages

A personal introductory message about yourself, your business, and your products can help orient customers, create transparency into your business, and build trust between you and your customers.

Site Maps

Tell customers where they can find things on your website and direct them to important parts of the site where you want them to go (towards your product).

Quick Tips

Share inside tips and tricks with your customers that will enhance their online experience. Over 80% of customers will click on a link to a tip because they know it offers useful information that will save them time.


You can provide quick and easy instructions to your customers by placing audio buttons on your site. Explain what you want them to do and they will listen. Assurances Study your site statistics to see which page(s) customers are seeing before they leave your site.

Is there something on the page that may make customers hesitant to continue, such as a subscription form or a payment link? An audio clip explaining your payment process or privacy policy can help you reassure nervous customers and put their fears to rest.

A testimonial with a photograph is more credible than a testimonial without one. If you have a photograph and use an audio message, you will be greatly increasing the power of those testimonials. Prospective customers will feel even more confident about buying your product or service. Teleconferences and Seminars Streaming teleconferences and seminars can attract customers interested in the topic (and hopefully in your product or service) as well as those who, due to geographical or time constraints, were unable to attend.

Thank You Messages

Audio in emails or on order confirmation pages is a good way to personally thank customers for buying from you. It will help you build customer loyalty and increase the chance of repeat sales.

Building Trust

Offer an audio statement of your guarantee. Or, even better, record a personalized audio introduction to your bonus. Some merchants claim that this helps build trust and credibility as the visitor gets to better identify the ‘real’ person behind the site.

No matter how you use streaming audio on your website, you must have a well prepared message and good delivery. Keep your voice animated and use a conversational style rather than a formal tone. Your voice is what humanizes you and what your customers relate to. Above all, just be confident and be yourself!

Don’t Forget To Do This When Using Audio… Refer to the checklist below before you finalize your streaming audio message:

1. Keep your message short and to the point. Don’t waste time with long audio. Introduce yourself and your site, make your pitch, point customers in the right direction, and then stop.

People have short attention spans so you don’t want to overload them with too much information. Instead, you can break apart long audio and use it in relevant pages throughout the site.

2. Speak at a normal volume. You don’t want to speak too loudly when recording your audio. The sound could get distorted or it may seem as though you’re shouting. Speak at a normal tone and customers can always increase the volume if necessary. It’s therefore a good idea to have a volume scroll bar among your audio buttons.

3. Let customers control playback. Don’t assume your customers want to hear your audio right away and launch it as soon as they arrive on a page. You never know where they are accessing from or what other sounds they may already have going on in the background. Simply invite customers to click and you’ll be surprised by the surprisingly large number who are driven by their curiosity and will click on your link.

4. Include a Play, Pause, and Stop button. Sometimes customers don’t have time – or the desire – to listen to your entire message. And sometimes they need to listen to it one more time to catch something they missed. Let customers take control and put a play, pause, and stop button on your audio.

5. Include a picture. Customers like to see something while they’re listening. Include a picture of yourself above your audio buttons so they have something to look at and can match your face with your voice. This will help you add a personal touch.

6. Listen to your audio before it goes up on your site.

These little streaming audio tips will help you win more customers and increase your profits.

Bjorn Brands is a successfull enterprenuer who transitioned from having his own building company to a great online business. Check out his site and see for yourself how his FREE course can help you do the same at

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About Car Audio Brands – I

Alpine has a strong reputation for offering high quality audio performance, from input to output, and offers you a distinguished acoustic performance and balance. Alpine boasts an extensive range of Audio, Navigation and Multi Media products including the much talked about PLAY LOUD ‘Bass Engine’ stereos, V amplifiers and ‘DVD Car Navi’ GPS Navigation systems. Other products include CD, MP3, MD & Cassette Players, CD Changers & Packages.

Alpine Car Audio are famous worldwide for their CD changer range that are without doubt the best aftermarket CD changers available anywhere. They are built to last! From the stylish robust casing to the high quality electronic components used inside they give skip-free, superb quality sound playback from CD, MP3 or, CD-R/RW (copied) discs. Their classic CHM-S630 ‘6 disc’ changer is fully compatible with many Factory Fitted radios with the aid of a CD interface.

Autoleads are leaders for in-car audio accessories. Autoleads manufacture unique installation accessory products that are highly regarded within the motor industry, that offer the motorist greater flexibility when choosing and installing car audio equipment. Their product range includes Harness Adaptors, Fascia Adaptors, Steering Wheel Remote Control Adaptors and Telephone Mute Leads.

Becker is an industry leader at producing in-car Navigation systems, CD players and CD changers using pioneering technology. If you are attending important business meetings or looking forward to driving to your holiday destination, then Becker Car Audio has the product for you. A fascinating combination of a navigation system, CD player and RDS Tuner, in one unit, offering the latest information technology, which guides you to your destination anywhere in 18 European countries. As fitted by Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, BMW, Ford, VW and Ferrari.

Blaupunkt known worldwide also as Blue Dot or Blue Spot are real innovators in the car audio field. In 1932 they produced the first ever car radio, and were also the first to introduce the stereo car radio, the car CD player and RDS car radio. More recently they have produced the Radio Phone and Dynamic Navigation Systems. Blaupunkt Car Audio have an excellent range of in-car products including CD, MP3, MD, Cassette players, and Navigation Systems. Their robust CDC-A03 CD Changer is compatible with many Factory Fitted Blaupunkt car radios.

Clarion have recently had great success with their award-winning in-car navigation systems and their DAB (Digital Audio broadcasting) system that are becoming more popular each month as more and more quality radio stations are launched. Clarion Car Audio also produce an excellent range of high quality Car Audio products including CD, MP3, MD and cassette players with the very popular Clarion DC628 CD Changer being directly compatible with many Factory Fitted car radios.

Connects 2 are a respected worldwide manufacturer and supplier of car audio installation and multi-media accessories. Their Connects 2 range boasts the very popular and unique range of CD, MD & MP3 changer interfaces that enable Factory Fitted radios to operate and control CD, MD & MP3 changers, offering you an alternative to expensive dealer CD changers.

Also in the range you will find radio harness, fascia and steering remote control adaptors that allow fast and seamless installation. New products in the range include multimedia interfaces and iPOD icelinks that connect Apple’s iPOD to your factory radio giving you your very portable CD changer from MP3.

Grundig manufacture the MCD-46 CD changer, the choice of Fiat, Seat and Skoda that has a great reputation for its robust stylish design, compact size and ease of installation into any available space in your boot, under a seat or in your glove box.

The Grundig MCD-46 compact CD changer is recommended and fitted as standard by Fiat and is directly compatible with factory fitted radios as found in Fiat Brava, Bravo, Marea and Tipo models. It is also directly compatible with some SEAT and Skoda models with Grundig radios fitted as standard.

The Grundig MCD-46 is equipped with a high vibration resistance and is resistant to road impacts and vibrations.

JBL Whether you are looking to upgrade a factory sound system, or looking to build a world-class competition system, JBL car audio has got you covered. Amplifiers, subwoofers and loudspeakers. JBL speakers can be found in many US sporting arenas and restaurants such as Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood and are used on tour by many top music artists.

JVC continues the tradition of offering seamless mobile entertainment, with many variations in style and function for mobile entertainment. JVC Car Audio has the products to meet your lifestyle and is the Manufacturer of the much talked about EL CHAMELEON range of car radios. Their range of car audio is topped by their claim to make the smallest 12 Disc CD & MP3 Changers available in the world.

Kenwood along with Sony are probably the UK’s most popular brands of car audio and in-car entertainment products due to their comprehensive range, superb quality, excellent styling and competitive pricing. Creator of the world famous ‘MASK’ system, (now with removable security fascia) that has won high acclaim as an anti-theft system.

Kenwood Car Audio recently released radios that have variable colour illumination to co-ordinate with any dashboard lighting that you care to install it with. Kenwood have an excellent range of products including CD, MP3, MD & Cassette Players, CD Packages, CD Changers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, AV/DVD, plus many more.

Ben is a successful technical consultant on design of iPod systems and writes regularly for

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