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How to Create Flash Video (FLV) to Enhance Online Auction with eBay and Yahoo

With the number of online auctions growing daily, how can you improve the success of your auctions? Auction Flash Video (FLV) is the answer. Now you can explain what the selling item is, why people will want it, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity. Auction video greatly enhances your item listing and sales volume.

The development of the web shows that the Flash Video provides that platform for matching video and the Internet. With the advent of the file format, Flash Video (FLV), and with the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player, you might expect that thousands of compelling websites are integrating video with data, content, and interactive controls to create rich experiences for peoples who visit your cyber space.

With the latest Flash Video technology to process video clips, convert them to FLV format and create links for your use on online auctions, we are aiming to revolutionize the way auction users sell items by providing a way to merchandise their products, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity.

We propose that you can find ways to make yourself creative and distinguish yourself and your products. We encourage you to create a personalized “About Me” video to help build trust and connect with your auction customers, which is to deliver your message in a personal way that is powerful and different. Explained in this article is the solution for common auctioneers.

As auctioneer, you might be experienced with the application of Flash video, or you are a newbie, Flash Video MX from Moyea will help you create customized Flash video content for your online auction and presentation with Yahoo, eBay, etc.

We know that including photos in auction descriptions usually boosts sales, but rolling out soon is something that can just vault us to the next level of seller credibility, and this is SWF or FLV.

Initially developed as a video to Flash converter, the current version of Moyea Flash Video MX is now empowered with the strong functionality to edit the generated FLV file or SWF file for advanced users, such as business presenters, web designers, instructors, etc. With this program, you can obtain personalized Flash Video file for online auction from the original video file in the common formats, such as AVI, WMV, etc.

This article is to demonstrate to you how Moyea Flash Video MX could help you to personalize your video files for posting on the eBay, Yahoo, and other auction websites. This article is not designed as a tutorial and thus a step by step how-to is not included here. For further information and the wonders of this new version of Flash Video MX, please explore the member sites of Moyea Software at

1. Import Files.
This is the main interface of the Moyea Flash Video MX.

2. File Settings
After importing the source video file into the program, click Next, and you can adjust the settings of video and audio for the end Flash video. In this step, the program allows you to insert your favorite or specialty video into the beginning or at the end of the source file.

3. Output Settings
In the step of Output Settings, you have the options of Export settings, Player settings and Miscellaneous.

The Export settings is about the output file format: a single FLV output file; a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV. Meanwhile, you have the access to generate a thumbnail file as an icon to post on the web, and generate an HTML file to play back the end SWF file.

The Player settings is all about setting the style and mode of the control bars for the player. If you have selected to generate a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV, you can select the relevant control bars to go along with the file.

The Control Bar includes the options of Control bar settings, Navigation on click, Navigation at end, Pause mode, Replay, Big play button, Preloader, and Advanced settings. You could preview the effect by clicking Float:

The Misc step includes the options of adding text or caption and logo as watermark for the FLV or SWF file, as well as setting the background color and video effect:

4. Beginning and End
In this step, you have the access to modify the FLV or SWF file with the movie beginning and movie end according to your particular needs, including to various effects for the beginning and end.

5. Convert
After completing the above four-step settings, you can go on to the tab of Convert to start encoding the Flash video file.

Moyea Flash Video MX offers the functions to edit and customize the source video of presentations or auctions to cater to your promotion needs and to enhance your business opportunities.

With Moyea Flash Video MX, a few clicks is enough to personalize your video files, and you can then make them perfectly match the Internet. Even though you are a newbie and are not familiar with authoring Flash, you can equally turn your creative ideas into reality and create immersive, rich experiences that fuse the video together with data, graphics, sound and dynamic interactive controls to demonstrate your product item online and add to your credibility.

FLV Software supply powerful FLV tools to offer ideal solutions on how to convert FLV to movie formats for iPod, PSP, Zune, cell phone, and how to encode FLV and edit FLV using by FLV to Video Converter, Flash Video MX, FLV Downloader, FLV Player, SDK series, etc.

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Why Should You Listen to Download Audio Books?

There are many different types of audio books around these days, literally something for everybody. Whether you prefer to be engrossed in a spooky tale, a romantic love story, a side-splitting comedy or a gritty crime story, there are thousands of audio books that you can choose from.

There is a lot of difference between reading and listening. Listening makes you feel that you are there and you can enjoy the story more. Perhaps, listening to audio books can bring out the best in books compare to watching films that based on the same books. You can relate to stories in books better using your imagination, something that cannot transfer from books to films (acting, directing, and mostly censoring of films make films somewhat distort from their original books.) If you have never tried an audio book, you really should give it a try!

In some ways, audio books are even better than traditional books. If you want to buy a particular book, you have to traipse around the shops trying to find it or order it on the phone or online and then sit at home awaiting the postman. With an audio book, you can download it immediately. You can decide what book you want to listen to and be listening to it within minutes. You can relax, shut your eyes (something else you can’t do with a conventional book!) and be absorbed in the story. Many audio books feature sound effects so you feel like you are really there.

You can play audio books over and over again and it does not get scruffy like a conventional paper book. An audio book can tell a story much better than a printed book. Imagine hearing a book being read by its author who is reading his words like they were meant to be heard. The characters really come to life in an audio book. If you lend someone a book, you might not get it back. To lend someone an audio book, you just need to copy it onto CDs or a DVD.

You could enjoy the biography of your favorite actress whilst walking the dog or washing the floor. You could listen to a gritty crime drama while driving home from work or in your house. You can relax wherever you are and enjoy your audio book and you can listen in total privacy on your headphones.

There are many other types of audio books apart from fiction. You can learn a foreign language, for example, using an audio book. A conventional book does not explain properly how a word is supposed to be pronounced. You could brush up on some Greek phrases for your vacation this year or learn some handy French or Spanish. Listening to a native speaker pronounce those words and phrases is a million times better than reading them in a book and guessing the right pronunciation.

If you fancy giving up smoking, losing weight or increasing your willpower, there are hypnosis audio books available and they have been scientifically proven to work. You might want to consider audio books for your children so you can either listen to the story together or have lights out early and let them drift off to sleep while listening to their favorite fairy story or exciting adventure.

When you have finished downloading your book, you can play it on your computer speakers, transfer it to your mp3 player or burn it on to a CD for yourself or as a great gift for someone you love. That is how versatile download audio books are.

Try a No-String-Attached Downloadable Audio Books at, Over 10,000 titles to choose from, no subscription.

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MyWebdunia Videos

Nowadays, people are enjoying a lot of their time in front of a Computer. Moreover, they love watching videos that entertains and make them feel relaxed. The concepts of Internet have changed rapidly and with it, our perception regarding free videos has changed too.

Many Video Websites enable the viewers to see amazing clips and share the favorite ones with friends and family. It helps to find users with similar interests, share video links, upload desired videos and many other features.

If you are an individual who loves using the internet for entertainment purposes, it is a good time that you have heard of MyWebdunia Videos. is a free Video Website where you can get Hindi Movies Video, Movies Trailer Videos, Yoga Videos, Religious Videos Clips and Many more all at one place!

MyWebdunia Videos is first Website that provides videos in Indian languages and English also. Here you enjoy the videos in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam Languages. If you have any interesting or unique video clips, you can upload and share it with the World. It support various formats viz mp3, wmv, avi, flv, mpeg, mpg. You can directly share the videos among the friends by giving a link to Videos. You can also find video of choice by using search feature.

Features that makes MyWebdunia Videos most popular among its users:

Videos Free of Cost

More than 1 million Videos available

Unlimited Fun & Entertainment

Secure Videos with no Infection on computer

Embed feature to showcase videos on any other Websites

Author is request you to see Hindi Website for Hindi News, Bollywood, Sports, Astrology and many more

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Incredible New Flash Video Player From

(USA ~ September 22, 2007) Are you someone that wants to have the ability to add video from up to five of your absolute favorite video websites, and the ability to create an unlimited playerlist? offers you the resources to get and organize your favorite videos from top sites; whether you want to post from dailymotion, ifilm, metacafe, myspace, or youtube video, you can easily compile your player list and display them in a single, attractive flash flv player! is fun and easy to use: visitors can register for an account, look for their favorite youtube videos or ifilm videos, as well as Myspace, Metacafe and Dailymotion, and place them into an awesome looking streaming video player on a website!

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t add your favorite youtube videos and ifilm videos to your website thanks to the resources offered by allows you to add your favorite videos to a playlist through a user-friendly drop and drag application. Then you put the code for the streaming video player on your site and instantly you are displaying youtube videos and ifilm videos! What’s even more amazing about that streaming video player is that you never have to re-paste the code again – no matter how many times you alter your playerlist! That’s right; a single code insertion on your website is all that is required – unlike other video players, the flash flv player allows you to change your video listings with automatic updating features!

The hardest part about using the flash flv player from is searching through youtube video, ifilm video, metacafe video, myspace video and dailymotion video options to find your favorite films! Now you have a way to display videos with style; get a flash flv player that allows you to change the appearance of the skin and make your website appealing to the visitor’s eye with a flashy, sharp looking streaming video player! Video is the hottest tool on the web for drawing traffic to a website and now allows you to post videos on your site with amazing ease – change the player list anytime you like and have new video on your website all the time!

“Before finding, I had a heck of a time posting video to my site and sometimes I couldn’t post youtube videos to my site at all! After signing up with I love my new video player – it makes things so much easier on me!

-Thanks!” -M. Kellogg, Michigan, USA- is an easy to navigate, simple to use web application. Sign up and register for a free account at, and get instant access to the most innovative streaming video player on the Internet today! After account activation, start choosing your playerlist and find out just how easy it is to post your favorite youtube videos and ifilm videos! Diversify your video displaying abilities by using a flash video player that allows you to truly express yourself. There’s no need to struggle with codes, and no need to choose just one of your favorite videos anymore – lets you choose multiple videos so that you can have true freedom in self-expression! offers a flash video player that is compatible with an array of video hosting sites and web applications. It takes only a few minutes to sign of for an account to see just how simple the application is to utilize. Once you try, you’ll not only be amazed by the application’s simplicity, you will appreciate the program so much, you’ll never rely on another flash video application again!

MyTubeX provides more information and applications which allows you to manipulate Youtube video, Ifilm video, etc and put them directly on your site through a stylish flash video player, visit us today!

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Audio Textbooks For Teaching: Eight Powerful Benefits!

Experts in the educational sector have agreed that audio textbooks in the classroom go a long way to help students more than normal books, especially those students who are just beginning to read or those who have difficulty in reading.

In fact, since their introduction, no less than 8 specific benefits have been identified for students using audio textbooks:

1. Audio books provide students with an alternative dynamic or alive source of information apart from the teacher, as opposed to the static dead book, giving the students more variety in the classroom and making the learning process more interesting.

2. Some audio textbooks are specifically prepared with children in mind, such that they are not just informative, but also entertaining. These types of audio books bring fun, and thus, another dimension and a greater quality to the learning process.

3. By playing an audio book, the teacher is freed to do something else, thus allowing teachers to be more productive at school.

4. For those children who have difficulty reading, audio textbooks make it easier to follow the material, making sure they do not miss anything. By just listening to the audio book while reading the printed material can significantly improve comprehension and thus, enhance learning.

5. Audio textbooks are cost effective. One audio book can replace the need to buy 30 odd hard copies.

And better yet, there are now audio book rental services available via the Internet that allows teachers to hire audio textbooks as and when required. Of course, hiring is cheaper than buying audio books, and significantly cheaper than buying just one hard copy, let alone 30.

6. Many audio books are of interesting stories written to entertain children. This is particularly helpful when the children have become too tired to apply their minds to processing static words from a page.

7. Children tend to prefer to listen to an audio book than read a book. Understanding language from audible stimuli is a skill learned from birth and reading is a skill that is much less developed in the school-age child. Accordingly, listening is easier than reading and affords greater comprehension.

8. Audio textbooks aid with the pronunciation of certain words. Due to the relatively less-developed skill of reading in school-age (as compared to hearing), children often have trouble pronouncing words they merely read. Hearing someone say a word clearly while seeing it printed at the same time is developing a stronger association in the students minds, making it quicker to learn.

People in general, but especially children, find it easier and more fun listening to an audio lesson than reading it. It is simply easier to process audible stimuli than it is processing written words. This explains why more children choose to watch the film rather than read the book, and it is the same with adults.

This is why more and more schools are using audio textbooks in the classroom as teaching aids. Additionally, with audio textbook downloads now available online, it is more cost effective than ever to add the audio to the visual word.

Copyright: Helen Wall

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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Video Cable Definitions

In simple terms Video cables are cables which used for transmitting video signal from one source to other. Sometime these are called Coaxial cables because most of the video cables available today are Coaxial cables.

Reasons for using different Video Cables

Different video cables are used for different purpose depending upon their applications. Some of the advantages of using these cables are:

1. Improving contrast ratio
2. Running cables longer
3. Getting less video distortion
4. Creating improved colors

Types of Video Cables

Types of video cables are based on its application. Some of most popular types or video cables are:

1. DVI Video Cables
2. Composite Video Cables
3. RGBHV Video Cables
4. Component Video Cables
5. S-Video Cables
6. Portable Projectors Video Cables
7. VGA Video Cables

DVI Video Cables

DVI or digital video interface cables are slightly larger then standard VGA cables. Ideally DVI cables creates digital link between the source of video and display device.

Composite Video Cables

The most commonly used video cables are composite video cables. These cables frequently used in Video Cassette Recorder and stereo devices. These cables are color-coded namely red, white and yellow where red is for right channel audio; white is for left channel audio and yellow for video signal. Only one cable is used for transmitting complete video signal. These are most commonly used cables type inspite of their low quality video/audio signals. The most common uses of these cables are television, Camcorder, VD player, and VCR’s.

RGBHV Video Cables

RGBHV Video Cables are similar to composite video cable but difference is in the fact that video signal in RGBHV cables are divided into five. These RGBHV cables divide the color of video signal into red, green and blue. Now days most of the high end monitors, HDTV used RGBHV connection to create the high definition video quality.

Component Video Cables

In Component video cables complete video signals are divided into three. This way it provides a better image quality then compare to composite cable or S-video cable. Jacks tips of component cables are Green, Red and Blue. Most of today’s DVD players, HD television sets tuners uses component cable connections.

S-Video Cables

These S- video cables are also know as SVHS cables and have variety of uses including latest television sets, satellite set top box, camcorder and SVHS VCR’s etc. S-video cables divide video signals into two components like luminance and chrominance. This is the main difference between S-video cables and composite video cables.

Portable Projectors Video Cables

As their name suggests portable projector video cable needs small room for connection. Due to this space scarcity most of the portable projector cables comes with 15 pin VGA. The projector is designed to sense the video signal it is receiving and process them accordingly. These portable projector video cables uses three out of 15 pins out connection designed for component video signal.

VGA Video Cables

These VGA cables are normal monitor cables and have three rows of fifteen pins. VGA cables are primarily used for PC to projector or PC to computer monitor connections.

Hyun Kim is a freelance writer who writes about home audio & home theater. He loves to visit Stereo 411 & loves to talk about home theater cables.

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Listen to Audio Books Online: Better Than Using Your Eyes to Read

It can be quite hard, at least in the beginning, to convince others of the many pleasures to be had when one listens to audio books online. Though when you do this, you are not doing much different as compared to reading with your eyes; you will only be substituting your eyes for your ears and enjoy a narration of the book rather than have to listen to yourself read out (in your mind) the contents of a novel or other book.

Recent Phenomenon

Even though the transition from paperbacks to audio books is a relatively recent phenomenon, there are still many skeptics that doubt that you can get the same kind of enjoyment when you listen to audio books online as you would when physically reading a paperback. What’s even stranger; it seems that young readers are the most skeptical about the enjoyment that one is able to get from listen to audio books online.

However, your grandparents would certainly be more amenable to listening to audio books online because they have grown up listening to stories being narrated on the radio shows of their time. In fact, most of these oldies-but-goldies will readily vouch for the great amount of enjoyment that one is able to get from listening to audio books online.

After all, when you listen to audio books online you can sit down comfortably on your favorite chair, do some small chore while also enjoy being read the contents of an audio book. In many ways, listening to audio books online is much like what many oldies had experienced when the BBC used to narrate many of the well known classics in their various radio programs.

Another benefit to listening to audio books online is that it is the only real source of entertainment for those that are unfortunate enough to have to deal with impaired sights and in fact, the American Congress even had set out its program called “Books for the Adult Blind Project.” In many ways, this initiative laid the ground for future audio books which  books have since been mass manufactured.

With so many notable advancements taking place in modern technology, the audio book online format has become a major driving force in getting people to enjoy listening to audio books online. Even modern pop culture is promoting audio books online and so the market for audio books online grows by the day – making audio books readily available to every man.

You can even get your little children started on listening to audio books online and in fact there are many good reasons why you should look closely at purchasing or renting kid’s audio books online. Today’s modern technology has led many more people to embrace the concept of listening to audio books online and with the widespread availability of such books; the future is really looking rosy for those who are producing audio books.

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