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Audio Book Rentals – Convenient Entertainment on a CD

The advent of the audio book happened over 35 years ago in the early 1970’s. Initially the most common place where you found audio books was at the public library. Usually you could listen to the book only at the library where they had the necessary tape playing equipment. At the beginning these recordings were often of only average quality but within a few years, due to the growing popularity, many publishers began to produce much higher quality audio books.

As most public and municipal libraries had only modest resources to buy these audio books their catalog of available titles were initially quite small. To satisfy the public’s growing appetite for audio books, a large number of rental groups began to spring up everywhere offering a much wider range of titles.

Audio book rentals are akin to audio book clubs, but they are able to offer customers unlimited access to literally thousands of different audio books. Customers are offered the option of having their audio book rental on either a CD or tape. They can then select from a range of services where the hire rates can vary depending on the duration of the rental or by way the rented audio books are returned, for example by post or in person.

Audio Book Rentals – A Traveler’s Delight

Most people are already familiar with rental services, originally for videos and more so with DVDs these days. There are some quite interesting groups offering audio book rentals, one in particular has a fairly unique way in which it makes its service very user friendly. This company specializes in distributing its audio books to customers via travel centers located on most major American highways. Among its loyal customer base are truck drivers, sales persons as well as frequent travelers. Their concept is very clever as it allows you to rent the audio book at one place and return it at another travel center elsewhere in the country. For example, you could effectively rent a Stephen King novel in New York to listen to on your car CD player for the long drive to California and when you finish you just pop it into the nearest travel center.

This type of audio book rental service is particularly useful if you do not have access to the internet and cannot download the audio book you are interested in. Additionally audio book rentals can still be taken out in the old cassette format, something else you cannot get from a computer download.

One criticism of audio book rentals, however, is that some customers are unable to finish listening to the books that they have rented before they are due for return, unlike downloads which you can listen to at your leisure. Sometimes with audio book rentals there is also the problem of having to wait for copies of particularly popular books as not all rental agencies have the resources to stock multiple copies of certain titles. So if you are about to embark on a long journey why not pop down to your local travel center and check out their audio book rentals and when you have finished listening to it just drop it off at your destination.

For additional information on Audio Book Rentals and audiobook club reviews and comparisons go to Audio Books Retreat

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Top 10 Video Distribution Websites for Content Producers

We are currently only in the beginning of the internet television revolution and new sites offering the ability for anyone to upload video clips and share them with the world are popping up left and right. If you’re a content producer and looking to get thelargest number of people to see your work, you’ll have to submit it to each site individually.

With Internet television in it’s infancy there is no large audience overlap, some people like youtube, while others prefer yahoo or google video and others are involved with vidilife or daily motion. Plan on submitting your clips individually to each of the sites listed below. Although each video distribution site offers basically the same functionality of clip sharing, they contain distinct differences in everything from audience demographic and social networking features to traffic levels and commercial options.

I’ve expanded upon each one’s unique features and major shortcomings below. They are listed in order of estimated popularity taken from Alexa Traffic Rankings on July 29, 2006

1. YouTube ( Alexa Traffic Rank #16)The largest video distribution site on the Internet. Contains the most sorting options, by group, channel, category, most viewed, best rated, worst rated, and a lot more. Largest selection of videos, profile pages, and subscription options. Public stat reporting and viewing history.

Major Shortcomings

10 minutes video length limit on regular accounts and no ability for users to download videos.

2. Google Video (Alex Traffic Rank unknown, but is #3) Private stat reporting, ability for users to download videos in multiple formats including putting them on their IPOD or PSP. Custom video player and upload tool. Integrated with standard Google account.

Major Shortcomings

No user’s profile page, no ability to subscribe to a certain user’s video, limited video sorting options (only top 100 and movers and shakers, and by subject). Video thumbnails taken at random from beginning of video clip.

3. Yahoo Video (Alex Rank is unknown, but is #1) Integrated with standard Yahoo account and messenger service. Profile pages, subscribe able user channels. The search feature brings up results from videos hosted on yahoo video and videos on other video distribution sites. Adult and regular content.

Major Shortcomings

Can’t save videos to your local computer.

4. AOL Uncut Video (Alexa Traffic Rank is unknown, but is #35) Lots of traffic, User profile integration with AIM, giving you lots of profile options.

Major Shortcomings

7 min length maximum for video clips. User’s can’t save clips to their local computer.

5. Ifilm (Alexa Traffic Rank #863) Upload via web. Adult and regular content. Lots of contests to enter and other promotions (site is owned by MTV)

Major Shortcomings

Extremely small video descriptions of only 255 characters. Lots of commercials and ads on website and tons of junk content. Limited profile pages, no subscription options or ability to download individual clips.

6. Daily Motion (Alexa Traffic Rank #1,376) Has more channels then other providers and allows for regular and adult content. Public stats and no length limit on clips. Options to send videos directly from webcam, mobile phone or e-mail. Video size limit is 150 MB which is higher then most of it’s competitors. Daily motion is based in , so it’s has large audience outside of the and less overlap of videos from other sites like YouTube. Advanced user subscription options including RSS, podcast RSS, and video roll RSS. Active community features with groups and favorites.

Major Shortcomings
Users can’t save videos to their local computer.

7. Vidilife (Alexa Traffic Rank #1,583) No video length limits or size limits. Share photos and videos from the same site. Download videos and see public stats, lots of community features like messaging, friends, and blogs. Site contains lots of other features like bulletin, video mail, shoutouts, quizzes, gifts, contest and casino video games that users can play with site currency called vidi$ You can earn vidi$ by commenting on videos and doing other community and site building tasks. Sub domain custom urls for your videos

Major Shortcomings

There are a lot of videos on the site compared to their traffic levels, so even the most viewed videos for the week receive relatively few views compared to their competitors.

8. Grouper (Alexa Traffic Rank #2,979) Download videos to iPod, PSP or desktop, public stats, profile pages, and subscribable groups for community building. free video editing software.

Major Shortcomings

Slow flash interface that makes searching through large amounts of videos take longer. Low traffic levels compared to the huge amount of videos.

9. Veoh (Alexa Traffic Rank #3,816) Upload any size video easily via a veoh upload tool, ONLY SITE that allows users to download video in original format, so it supports high resolution videos. User’s can pick their own thumbnails for their video clips. Profile pages, friends, favorites, messages, and vlog. User subscribe-able videos. Large collections of indie films and shorts available for download in full screen resolution for DVD burning.

Major Shortcomings

Traffic levels lag behind competitors.

10. Revver (Alexa Traffic Rank #5,191) Upload any length video via the revver client software. Allows users to choose their own thumbnail. You get paid for your clips performance. Revver puts ads at the end of each clip. Every time someone clicks on them after your video is over you get paid for it. Fast approval time for videos. Users can download videos and share them on P2P networks and the ad and money system still works. Contains the highest ratio of actual user created content compared to tradditional regular broadcasting.

Major shortcomings

Relatively few ways to sort videos, no profile pages or ability to subscribe to a particular user’s video. Low traffic.

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How to Create a Podcast From Audio Tape

How To Create Podcast Media From Audio TapeThe digital revolution has rendered many of to a state of utter confusion when it comes to dealing with older/analog audio technologies. A good number of us are still utilizing the familiar old tape deck to record our audio, but then become absolutely befuddled when it comes time to transfer that audio into the digital environment. I always get this picture in my head of my clients standing there with RCA audio cables – staring blankly at their computer – wondering how to get the audio from the source to the destination.This tutorial is meant to help out those confused masses. I will preface the tutorial by saying that this is by no means the ideal way to create podcast media. However, people should stick to what they’re comfortable with. If that’s audio tape – then by all means – go for it! Maybe someday you’ll invest in a good MP3 recording device – but until then – it’s no biggie.So – let’s get started.Equipment/Hardware Needed

Standard Audio Cassette Player. I highly recommend using a good quality walkman – for it has the ideal output port on it built in. I do not recommend using your home stereo cassette deck for this procedure – because your deck most likely has either RCA outs (absolutely no good) and a 1/4″ plug (if you’re lucky.)
A 1/8″ to 1/8″ Mini Plug connector. You know the little plug connector that’s at the end of your headphones? This cable has two of those – one on each end. You can purchase these cables at pretty much any electronics store. (If you must use your home stereo deck – and if it comes with a 1/4″ plug jack – you can probably find a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter along with the cord.)
Good sound card for your computer with an “line in” jack (looks just like the audio out jack . If you’ve purchased your computer within the last few years – you most likely already have an audio card sufficient for this process.) Familiarize yourself with the location of the card, and find the “line in” jack.Software Needed

Audio Recording Software with noise-reduction filters. I recommend Audacity – as it’s free and pretty simple to use.Once you have all of the equipment, it’s time to get started.Transferring the audio from Tape to ComputerStep 1:Connect the tape deck to the computer by plugging one end of the connector cable into the headphones jack of the walkman, and the other end of the connector cable into the “line in” jack of your computer’s sound card.Step 2:Install your audio processing software (Audacity.)Step 3:Launch Audacity, and look for the input pulldown menu. It’s on the top right of the screen. Click the tab and select “Line In”.Step 4:Adjust the volume of your walkman to be medium/low. Rewind the tape and press Play.Step 5:Press “Record” in Audacity’s interface and check the levels of the audio being brought in. If the levels are too high (hot) your audio will be distorted. You will know if the audio is “hot” by if the levels trip too far to the right. If so, either adjust the volume from the walkman, or the audio input levels in the software to compensate.Step 6:After finding the perfect recording level, you’re ready. Rewind the tape again. Press “record” in audacity, and press “play” on your walkman.Step 7:Review your audio. If you’re happy with it, save it, and begin to tweak it with the noise reduction software.Step 8:Save your audio file as .mp3 format.You’re done!Now your audio is ready to be included/posted to your podcast.If you need a good podcast host I recommend They have unmetered bandwidth, great tech support, and a lot of tutorials to teach you how to make a podcast.Good luck!

John Pritchard is the happy father of two daughters, living in Charlotte, NC.

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Visit the Car Audio Stores for That Great Sounding Audio System

For the car lover there is nothing as satisfying as a car that has all of the latest accessories installed. With these various accessories you can get the premium service that you have always dreamed about. One item that many car owners want is a great sounding audio system. To find this you will sometimes need to go and visit multiple car audio stores.

As this can sometimes be a bother you can utilize the internet as a research mechanism. When you type in the words car audio stores your favorite search engine will display many different pages that are filled with links that you can access. Going into these links will reveal the various car audios these stores have in stock. You can use their warehouse or shop section to see the different car audio that you like.

Now even though you are initially going to do some research the internet may tempt you to buy some of their goods from these car audio stores. To avoid this you should know a few facts about different car audio systems. With this information you can get good items that will help your car audio to sound really clear and nice.

Once you have looked at the various car audios that you can buy you should check out a few car audio reviews to see what other customers have to say about the different car audios. Their comments can help you to avoid car audios that will give you many problems. These facts can really come in handy at the various car audio stores that you will need to visit.

So what should you do once you reach these various car audio stores? Well the first thing that you should do is to browse the various systems that are available. You should find a sales assistant who can help you out and answer various questions that you may have regarding the different car audios that you see. Among the many questions that you can ask should be the specifications of these car audios and the price range of each.

You should wait until you have reached a few more car audio stores before you decide what types of car audio system you wan to have installed in your car. Once you have brought your car audio system all that remains is to follow the instructions and install the system. As soon as the system is completely fitted in you should give this new car audio a test run and enjoy the great sound poring into your car.

Muna wa Wanjiru is a web administrator and has been researching and reporting on internet marketing for years. For more information on car audio stores, visit his site at car audio stores

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How to Insert Flash Video to Powerpoint and Convert Powerpoint to Flv

What is FLV video format?

FLV is the short term for Flash Video, a kind of video format that is accepted by many websites. Notable users of the flash video format include YouTube, Google video,, Yahoo video and My Space.

How to insert FLV into PowerPoint?

Now and then, you may find attractive videos in FLV format on the above websites such as YouTube. Want to embed them in your PowerPoint and share with others?

As FLV is a video format that PowerPoint doesn’t accept, before embedding a FLV video into PowerPoint, you should convert FLV movie to a video format that PowerPoint accepts such as MPEG, AVI, WMV and ASF. Below are three ways for you to do this:

1.       If the FLV video is on YouTube or MySpace, follow these steps:

Copy the YouTube or MySpace video URL >>

Go to (a free online conversion service), paste the URL in the conversion box >>

Select the output format such as AVI, MOV and MP4. Then click Start. The conversion process would be done automatically >>

When the conversion is done, download the output video to the local disk on your computer >>

Insert the video to PowerPoint ( PowerPoint -> Insert -> Movies and sounds -> Movie from File)


2.       If the FLV video is already on your computer, visit (a free online conversion service) and follow these steps:

Browse your local disk and select the FLV video needs to be converted >>


Select the output format you want, and click OK button on the right >>

When the conversion process is over, download the converted video to your computer >>

Insert the video to PowerPoint ( PowerPoint -> Insert -> Movies and sounds -> Movie from File)

3.       Use some conversion software to do this: If you have lots of FLV videos need to be converted, you can use some professional conversion tool to help you save your time, because many tools support batch conversion. You can try this one Video Converter. It can help you convert your FLV (YouTube) video to almost all other video formats.

After inserting Flash Video from popular video sites to your PowerPoint, have you ever thought you can also upload your PowerPoint to these popular video sites for wide sharing? You can click here to know more benefits of uploading PowerPoint to online-sharing websites.

As it has been mentioned above, YouTube, Google video,, Yahoo video and My Space all accept video formats in FLV. Before uploading your PowerPoint to these sites, you need to convert your PowerPoint to FLV first. Here are some tools you can use to convert your PowerPoint to FLV.

Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter, Wondershare PPT to Video: help convert your PowerPoint to almost all popular video formats such as FLV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV and MOV.

After converting your PowerPoint to FLV, the next step is to upload the converted video to these websites. It’s all that easy.

Choose the method you like to insert flash video to your PowerPoint, and convert your PowerPoint to FLV. Have more fun about it.

Concentrated to give you the best solution of PowerPoint to Video, PowerPoint to DVD

Tips and Tricks of PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD

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Send Your Videos To Youtube

Are you interested to download all the videos you’ve made to the home page of YouTube? YouTube is a site which is often referred to as a website for sharing videos. It allows Internet users like you to upload and share videos they have made. With many members and visitors to the site, or who showed the video on YouTube videos are likely to get your videos to thousands of points of view! If this is your first time to download a YouTube video on the site, May you wonder how to do it. The good news is that upload videos to YouTube is a relatively simple process. YouTube not only gives you step by step instructions on how to download videos, but also gives you tips to download video, tips for not only allow videos to download, but also provides advice to help improve their quality . If you have used YouTube before, if only to see the videos, you probably already know that you need to have an YouTube account, you can begin downloading and sharing your videos. The record for a YouTube account is not only free but also easy. You only need to answer some personal questions. For example, you are asked your name, postal code, country of residence, email address, birth date and gender. When you submit the registration form will be sent a verification email. Once you’ve followed the instructions in this email, you should be able to start uploading videos to YouTube right now. Before uploading your video on the YouTube website, you will need to get on your computer. Once you have done, will be reviewed. This can be done with a software films. If you want to change its source code before sending it to YouTube, the time has come. When editing your video on YouTube or save, YouTube encouraged to develop a. Divx o. Xvid file. It also suggests to make sure the sound is in the file. Mp3. Once you have recorded the official video of the team, you can start downloading on the website YouTube. The first step is to make sure you are logged into your YouTube account. Once you click the Publish videos, links, at the top of the website YouTube. You are directed to a page where you are asked to describe your video. YouTube asked to be descriptive as possible. Once you have entered as much information about your video as you can, you must click on the link of a file. This lets you select a file on your computer, the file containing the video recorded recently. Once you have selected the video, the video starts to load automatically, after confirming their actions. Speaking of the processing load is the amount of time it takes to transfer the videos on the YouTube site May vary. The large video file, the longer it will take to download your video on the YouTube site. In all honesty, YouTube said it may take a few minutes, but it could take an hour. Besides the size of your video file, the type of Internet connection that also has an impact on load times. For example, if you have an Internet connection, it will take longer to get your videos to be if you have DSL or cable Internet. YouTube said that within twenty-four hours of your video is uploaded, the video should be placed in the right category, as well as YouTube video appears in the search. This is where your videos will begin to see the majority opinion, since many Internet users search for videos that match their interests.

We provide you with many free tips on Health, Beauty, Weight Loss and Fitness, come in and learn, Beautify yourself. Free Beauty Tips Video Conferencing Information For You

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Downloadable Audio Books – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Digital Formats

There are some disadvantages to having audio books available in so many different formats, such as tapes or CD. It is much more desirable to have downloadable audio books in digital formats, as these eliminate the problems that come with buying them on CD, such as cost, delivery time and physical storage. The opportunity to purchase downloadable audio books in digital format is much more convenient and less costly than buying books on tape or CD.

Pros of Downloadable Audio Books in Digital Format

You get audio books immediately when downloaded

They are much cheaper

You can get the latest produced audio books

Cons of Audio Books in CD or Cassette Format

The cost is higher

You have to wait for them to come in the mail

They take up physical storage space

There are far more advantages to buying an audio book online where you can download it immediately. You can get an audio book right away as opposed to waiting for it to be produced on cassette tape or CD. It is much more convenient, easy to do, costs less for you and the producer, as well as saving you time as you do not have to wait for an audio book to come in the mail. You can listen to it on various devices (PDAs, MP3 players, on your computer, and more) where and when you want to and as soon as it downloads.

However, it does take time to find an audio book, especially if you are searching for one in particular. You might find that it is not available at your favorite online audio book store and have to search elsewhere. Also, if you have a slow internet connection, it can take a long time to download an entire audio book. You might choose to download it at your office, local cafe or library.

Even with these minor disadvantages, they can all be solved. You can check out other online audio book stores, or even do a search of your own with your favorite search engine. However, if you do not know the name of the author or the title of the audio book, your search will certainly take a bit longer than it would if you already know them.

Even with these disadvantages, buying your downloadable audio books at an online store is still more desirable than buying your audio book on cassette or CD. The pros certainly outweigh the cons in getting your online audio books in a downloadable digital format.

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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Enjoy Your DVD and Video With the New Sony Devices: Psp3000, Xperia X1 and Walkman!

Enjoy your DVD and Video with the new Sony Devices: PSP3000, XPeria X1 and Walkman!

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its name Sony is derived from Sonus, the Greek goddess of sound. Indeed, Sony has contributed too much to beautiful sound – music. More and more technology were applied to Sony products and enjoy music with it becomes more convenient and fashionable.

On August 20, 2008, a revised PSP design, model 3000, was announced at a press conference in Leipzig. Based on the Slim & Lite (PSP-2000) design, the PSP-3000 features an improved LCD screen, a built-in microphone, and expanded video-out. Offering the highest-level contrast ratio, response time, and wider color gamut possible on a portable LCD screen, the new PSP is capable of displaying movies and photos in more natural and vibrant colors on its high 480×272 resolution 4.3 inch wide screen. The new LCD screen adopts an anti-reflection technology, which enables users to see the screen more clearly in well-lit places, even when used outdoors. So you may enjoy videos everywhere. The PSP3000 video support MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC LC) and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (AAC LC).

The newly released Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is convergence of Multimedia entertainment and Mobile Web Communication. It has a 3.0 inches TFT touchscreen with shades of 65K internal screen colours and gives a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This let the users to play games and watch video clips on its wide screen easily. The video resolution support 640×480 pixels and video format support MPEG-4. The music format support: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eACC+, WMA (including protected WMA). With its 400 MB of internal storage, users may store abundant videos and music in the phone. Multimedia entertainment with this phone become more convenient.

Eighteen months after Apple raised the bar in the music-player market with its video iPod, Sony has unveiled its first digital video Walkman. The new Walkman video players offer great video resolution and brightness, along with high-quality sound and an extended battery life. They come with Sony’s EX series in-ear-buds with 13.5 mm drivers that passively block out ambient noise and help create a better listener experience. Sony’s clear audio technologies are also included and significantly improve sound quality when playing back digital music files. The devices have a standard user interface that makes it easy to enjoy songs, videos or pictures. It support MP4, M4V video formats and MP3, WMA, AAC-LC audio formats.

To enjoy videos and music on these players, another useful software is essential.
Nidesoft is outstanding and professional software producer for multimedia conversion between all popular video and audio files, between DVD and all popular portable players.
Now it has launched a series of new software for enjoying videos and music with Sony products. The Nidesoft DVD to Sony Xperia Converter is excellent DVD tool which could help you to convert DVD to the PSP3000, the new released Sony SmartPhone XPERIA X1 and Sony Walkman. It supports the profiles of all Sony products, even the latest profile of PSP3000.
get more information and download it here:
It is easy to use, after download it, only the follow three steps were needed.
Step 1: Insert the DVD disc into the DVD Drive. Click the Open DVD button, browse your computer, find the DVD folder of the movie, open it and selsect tiles and chapters you want.    
Step 2: Click the “profile” button and select the format. Here you may easily find the profile of Sony product on the top.
Step 3: Click the “convert” button to start the conversion.        
In few minutes, the conversion will be completed and you may get the videos and music for your Sony players from DVD. Now, you may enjoy videos and music with your Sony player.

Note: visit the nidesoft official website, you may found another software Nidesoft DVD to PSP Converter, which has the same function of converting DVD files to Sony PSP, Sony Phone and Walkman while cheaper than Nidesoft DVD to Sony XPeria Converter. you may get it here:

On the other hand, if you want to get video and music from other video files not DVD, you may need this softeware. Nidesoft Sony XPeria Video Converter is excellent movie converter tool for Sony product, especially the new released XPERIA X1. The source files could be converted include almost all the video formats: MPEG, VOB, MP4, MOV, ASF, AVI, 3GP, WMV, RM, FLV, YouTube, WAV, AAC, etc.. Thus, you may convert all other videos into your Sony player with this powerful software.
get more information about it and download here:
download it, you also need only three steps to finish the conversion.
Step 1: Install and run Nidesoft Sony Xperia Video Converter. Click “add” button to import your video from your computer. Nidesoft Sony Xperia Video Converter supports batch conversion, so you can import multiple files at one time.
Step 2: click the “Format” drop-down list to select the right format for your Sony player.
Step 3: click the “convert” button and start the conversion. The conversion will be finished in a short time and then you may enjoy videos.
Notes: you can customize the output video according to your will by a few clicks on the right. You can set the video size, choose the crop mode to cut off the black edges, set the video and audio quality.

With the development of technology, these hardware and software developed quickly. This has greatly improved our life. Enjoy music anytime and anywhere makes our life more colorful and wonderful. Let’s just enjoy our lives, enjoy our days!

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