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How to Find & Download Audio Books your Ears Will Love you For!

Discovering a specific audiobook title or audio books on a particular subject or from a certain author is a perfect example of an areas which the Internet has made so much easier and quicker.

Even very obscure and specialist subject audio books can be located with relative ease – If you know how top go about it…Interviews with ex slaves from the post US Civil War south…Yes, they are there and you can get them if you want to listen in. By comparison mainline romamtic fiction, thrillers and business audio books (for example) are dead easy!

25 years ago if you were searching for a particular book you’d have had to visit a book shop or Library and might have spent hours searching through a huge collection of books, files and catalogues especially for rarer titles – with no guarantee of finding it, even with the assistance of the shop assistant librarian. And if it wasn’t in stock then hard luck you’d just have to wait.

BUT THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! Now you can simply use the Internet to find whatever information you want.

If you are looking for a particular audio book, you can just visit any of the major search engines like Google and type the book title you are looking for with the word “audio book” included. This will immediately steer you in the right direction.

Alternatively, you can get the particular audio book you are looking for by going directly to bookstore websites. Some of the best bookstores on the Internet include: Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble and franchisee’s of audio books to download specialist SpokenNetwork.

These online audio book stores have special facilities on their sites which will enable you to find the specific title you are searching for.

The procedure is very similar to using the search feature on your favorite search engine. However it is more focused and way faster, as it is searching only the database of the particular bookstore rather than the wider and less focused search across the entire database of websites.

To try it just visit any of these online audiobook stores and enter the title and/or author name you are looking for. If the site is one that does normal books and CDs etc. Also, if they sell products other than audio books be sure to include the term “audio book” in your search query.

If you exhaust these options and are unable to find that audio book that you are looking for, visit one of the many book forums on the Internet and ask for the advice of other book enthusiasts.

Or try communities like Squidoo, Hugpages and LiveJournal where enthusiasts for just about anything you can bimagine hang out and share..well anything! You’ll be astonished that there are many people out there who know a lot and are willing to share.

Going deeper than this there are also huge numbers of specialist websites with audio books, samples, interviews, spoken word and poetry on a simply giant range of subjects.

The example I gave at the start of interviews with slaves does exist. Others include out of copyright audio books, political transcripts by the million and endless amateur recordings of popular works some of which are superb. There are thousands of these sources and I have listed many on my site.

From London, Nick now lives in Sweden Lena his wife, and Gunnar a fluffy Border Terrier. He likes long walks which he combines with learning Swedish from audio books. He runs where you’ll find 8000+ audio books to download and links to a vast but little known network of free audio book websites. .Sign up to his email list or download an audio book and you’ll get the full list.

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5 Ways To Convert Powerpoint Presentations To Video

Benefits of PowerPoint
PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application which is very commonly used by lectures, businessmen, students, trainers, etc. It is easy to use and featured with a lot of functions to create interesting and dynamic slide presentations. This has made it widely accepted and utilized.

Benefits of Video
Video is powerful because it’s demonstrative, clearly depicting procedures, techniques or visual information such as charts and graphs. Most of all, video showcases charisma of live images and animations, allows for transparency and communication skills, which can lead to trust. It is also a good idea to make videos for special occasions as a way of watching them and reminiscing the good times.

 Benefits of converting PowerPoint presentations to video

-> Display your presentations in a more vivid way
-> With PowerPoint in video format, it is easy for uploading to blog and websites
-> Even there is no computer, you can also view your presentations
-> Videos can be uploaded to portable devices such as iPhone, iPod and Pocket PC

 5 Ways to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video (free ways and cost-effective ways)
Method 1: Upload your presentations to which is one of the world’s largest communities for sharing presentations. It can generate video for your presentations.
After uploading your presentations onto it, you can directly download the generated video onto your own computer, or embed the video to your blog.

But there are limitations to the presentations uploaded to it. Max size of the presentation is limited to 100MB; animations, video clips and other complex elements couldn’t be added; PowerPoint 2007 is not supported. Sometimes, objects inserted into the presentation may be modified after the uploading.

Some other similar online PowerPoint sharing sites such as auhtorstream and slideboom also support generate video for the presentations uploaded. The advantage is that you don’t need to download any programs onto your computer and they are all free. If your presentation’s size is not too big, and there are only texts and pictures in your presentation, you can have a try at these sites.

Method 2: Use Camtasia which costs $299 to record your presentation and then generate a video
Step1: In the Task List, select Record PowerPoint.
Step2: Open a PowerPoint presentation to record.
Step3: Select the recording options from the PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar. Click the Record button.
Step4: The presentation opens in presentation mode. A Camtasia Studio dialog opens in the lower right corner of the screen. Click the Click to begin recording button.

Step5: Progress through the PowerPoint presentation slides. To stop the recording before the last slide, press <ESC>. To stop the recording at the end of the presentation, click Stop recording.
Step6: Enter a file name and location and click Save. The presentation recording saves as a Camtasia Studio recording file.

Advantages with this method: The program can capture slide timing, animations, sound effects, webcam video and any applications displayed on screen during the presentation. You can also record your own narration while the screen-capture process is being carried out.

Disadvantages: This program eats huge system resources. If the configuration of your computer is not so good, animations may become laggy or even lost.

Method 3: Convert PowerPoint presentation to video with Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter
When searching free PowerPoint to video in Google, this product came into my sight. After testing, I think it may be the easiest way in all these 5 ways to achieve what we want to do and with a good quality.
Step1: Download this PPT2Video Converter and install it on your computer.
Step2: Launch the program. Click Import button to choose the presentation you want to convert, choose an output format for the video you want to generate. And then click Start button to start the conversion process. (This program can convert presentations to video in MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV and MOV.)

Step3: Upload the video to blogs or websites such as YouTube.

Method 4: Use Windows Movie Maker to create a video for your presentations
Windows Movie Maker comes with all Windows XP and Vista installed computers. With this method, it may time consuming and animations in your presentation would be lost after the conversion.
Step1: Save your PowerPoint slide show as “PNG” images.

Step2: Import the images to your Windows Movie Maker.
Step3: Select all the imported images and then add them to Storyboard.

Step4: Add video effects to the slides (Optional)
Step5: Save the slide show as Movie File.

Method 5: Make a QuickTime movie on Mac
Export your presentation as a QuickTime movie “PowerPoint Movie”. Then you can save your presentations to MOV video file. Way to do this: click File -> Make Movie
But in this way, sounds and animations couldn’t be retained. If you are using keynote, just export your presentation to QuickTime file directly.

Take the advantages of PowerPoint and video. Convert your presentations to video. Share your presentation with more people and create a more convenient way to view your presentations.
Concentrated to give you the best solution of PowerPoint to Video, PowerPoint to DVD
Tips and Tricks of PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD

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Is Now The Right TIme To Ride On The Audio Books Trend

Avid book readers can now “listen”to their books while they are commuting to work or to school! Learning while you are traveling! With the advancement in digital technology,book readers are now downloading their favourite books from popular audio bookstore to their iPods and other MP3 players and it has become the next hottest trend in US and UK.

The audio books industry is the next big thing to watch out for! In UK, over $124 million worth of audio books were sold in 2004 and in Germany, over $120 million in 2005. Experts say that this year the market is expected to rise by 20% in Europe, and audio books seem to be even more popular in the USA.

According to the report from digital trends,research firm iSuppli is predicting that shipments of MP3 players are expected to rise by nearly a factor of four from 2004 to 2009 which means total MP3 player shipments will expand to 132 million units in 2009.

What’s more! According to a recent survey, in the USA a person is driving an average of 1 hour and 13 minutes daily, which means over 440 hours a year for each driver, or 11 full-time work weeks. This is huge! Imagine how many things you could learn during this time by simply having your MP3 player with audio books at hand.

Audio books is going to be the next hottest areas in publishing thanks to their convenience and ease of use

But why are audio versions a convenient way to “read” a book?

Audio books is a fast and convenient way to bring fun and expression in our books. It also help people in the development of hobbies, and enriched their knowledge such as foreign languages and other hobbies. People can remember faster when it is narrated to them.

Audio books will greatly enriching our lives, both personally and professionally.

1) You can listen to an audio book anywhere and everywhere and you can even do other things at the same time. You can listen when driving to and from work, when walking the dog, cycling, working around the house or at the computer, exercising, and so on.

2) If you love reading but don’t have a enough time, It really saves a lot of time especially when you truly want to enrich your knowledge by reading many books but just simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a book. You can listen at home while you are doing your housework, cooking, commuting to and fro from work.

3) Audio books are good for older, ill or recovering people and can be a wonderful gift for someone in a nursing institution. There are inspirational, motivational and spiritual audio books that could keep them positive and motivated about life. A positive mental health has an amazing energy to heal physically.

4) Audio books is a miracle to blind or people with impaired vision and disabled people. Everyone should have the chance to experience to enrich their knowledge and enjoy the wonders of a good book.

The most important skill a child can ever acquire is probably the ability to read and improve their vocabulary and communications when they listen to audio books while following the story in the paper book Audio books has narration and sound effects and can certainly instill your child’s love for reading and expression.

You can select a vast range of audio books from the following categories:

Arts & Drama Biography Business Crime & Thrillers Fiction Foreign Language Study Health & Recreation History Humor Juvenile Misc Radio Shows Religion & Spiritual Self Help TV & Film!

Check out New York’s best selling audio books here at the most talked about Merlion Audio Bookstore –
Find out how you can start your own audio bookstore and tap on the two billion dollar audiobook market in

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Orange County Video Production: Why it is the Best

Orange County video production is a service which you can trust. This is because when it comes to corporate video production, Orange County video production will give you the excellent finished product you expect. Orange County video production will be able to deliver the best service and affect the target audience of your choice in the right ways. Orange County video production will be able to deliver the right tone when it comes to messaging, so it comes as no surprise why the best videos mostly come from Orange County video production offices.

If you want your company to produce a corporate video that is way above the standards, you should choose an agency that comes from Orange County video production offices. Most agencies that work with Orange County video production are able to deliver the goods and have very stringent and strict measures. They always double check their output to increase its reliability and ability to affect the audience in a positive manner.

This is done by the Orange County video production offices when they test the finished products on a pilot audience. The Orange County video production office will gauge the reactions of the members of the audience and have them filled out a survey form. This survey form will tell the Orange County video production workers if there are some measures they need to apply in order to make the video even better than it already is.

Most video production offices do not practice this, but such is fairly common among Orange County video production offices. They focus on the key ethos as well as the foundation of your company to be able to come up with a good video. Orange County video production offices work hand in hand with your office to know you inside and out. This is their most powerful weapon because they know that as soon as they know you inside and out, they can transform this corporate personality into a working video.

Moreover, most Orange County video production offices greatly appreciate (if not immediately require!) feedback from their clients. Orange County video production offices are very strict when it comes to professionalism and quality of service. They are constantly trying to improve their name in the industry and would go against any measure in order to do so. If you would look very closely, you will notice that most Orange County video production offices have garnered for themselves a lot of awards as well as accreditations that commend their work in this industry. This is already an indicator of professionalism and quality.

And of course, Orange County video production offices are very aware of the budget of their clientele. With rates that start at very affordable to very “big shot” in nature, Orange County video production offices have a package which you could surely like. Finances are never an issue because they will strive to give you their one hundred percent best effort and let you become a walking endorser to other people.

Orange County Video Production and video marketing including corporate video production, training video production, commercial production, sales training videos, instructional videos, demonstration videos, Internet videos and video SEO. Visit

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Sony Audio Systems

Think about it, when you go buying your much awaited music system, which are the brands you first seek? That’s right. Sony features top most in your much sought after names for music systems. A world leader in all kind of electronics, music systems are one of the most popular products of this globally favorite company.

Sony offers a wide range of audio systems that deliver rich sound and great music quality. They have different kinds of products satisfying every need of all the audiophiles to the hilt. Sony’s audio systems can basically be divided into three broad categories-Home Audio, Portable Audio and Car entertainment systems. Their diverse range of music systems includes high power HI-FI systems, stereo systems, surround sound systems, car audio systems, and even wireless multi room audio system for iPods.

Home Audio Systems

The Hi-Fi audio system by Sony offers great quality music with powerful audio enhancement features. The Hi-Fi systems come in two types- Micro Hi Fi and Mini Hi Fi systems. While the micro Hi-Fi systems offer multiple music formats, the mini Hi-Fi systems are small enough to fit in any place you feel like having a party.

These players have multiple CD/DVD changers, FM tuners and may or may not include cassette players. These players are high wattage devices giving powerful sound and support multiple music formats like MP3, WMA, AAC etc. They also have modes like song shuffle, repeat or program. You can also attach any flash memory device to them to listen to your collection with a more powerful experience. The home audio range of Sony is not just great on sound but also has swanky good looks and striking style to them. They are designed to steal your hearts and come with optional features like wooden speaker cabinets, top CD loader etc.

Portable Audio Systems

There was a time when a Sony walkman was a must have for every college student or every frequent traveler or well, just everybody. Now let’s face the fact, the age of the walkman is long gone and today’s ruling kings are the MP3 players. Well, Sony is not the one to miss the pulse of the time and has a vast assortment of MP3 Players, CD walkman and even radio sets that only come in cool style and looks but also provide features and sound challenging any other top brand.

Car Entertainment Systems

As more and more of our cities are changing into global metros and our metros being the busy, traffic crazy metros, we find ourselves spending more and more time in our cars driving them around and driving ourselves nuts. Isn’t it just more sensible then to have a good audio system installed in our chariots (Read cars) so that we have something to soothe down our nerves while driving?

Sony has some very good answers to this prayer of ours in the form of their top of the line car audio systems. For in car audio entertainment, Sony is providing with Xplod series of CD players that also support other formats of audio discs so that your choice of music is never restricted. With these players, you can very well have a car party in your driveway with as many friends as you want!

Sony Audio Systems are one of the best around and come with amazing sound enhancing features, surround sound, equalizer, support multiple music formats and deliver the most enriching music experience you could get. When it comes to audio systems, Sony turns out to be really the best.

Vinnit Alex is a well known author and has written articles on Ipods, Consumer Electronics store, Dell, online shop and many other subjects.

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Top How-to Videos Sites This site is an amazing collection of all the How-To videos that are spread all over the web. They make it very easy to find all the videos in one place. The editorial content of pick of the day is also very much worth a daily visit 5min is a place to find short video solutions for practical questions and a place for people to share their knowledge.any solution can be visually explained in no more than 5 minutes.Great video production and credible experts. Fun to watch and easy to follow instructions. The video content on the site takes a variety of formats that include informative “How To” and “Ask The Expert” films that guide you, step-by-step, .The “How To” format delivers easy-to-follow, bite-size tutorials on a wide range of topics from cleaning tips and sport, to relationship advice and recipes.Highly educational professional videos. It’s the world’s most popular place to find clear instructions on how to do just about everything and so are there videos.Small but growing list of informative how-to videos embedded onto the site.It has an impressive and diverse array of content Another great resource for how-to-do the videos are broken down by steps. Easy to use .The videos are very informative and clear.Video quality is good.Great site for instructions and learning. ExpertVillage offers the largest choice of professionally produced and researched videos, to answer your everyday questions with answers you can trust.In addition to the scores of educational and informative videos, Expert Village has interactive community features that allow visitors to provide video reviews as well as have a user-to-user Q & A session— where members can ask a question about a topic and then have the community contribute helpful answers. useful how-to videos and guides wherever.Great site for instructions and learning.Large collection of How-to videos on a variety of subjects Learn how to do something by watching online videos. Thousands of free video lessons and tutorials from all over the web.Free video-based courses. SuTree is a knowledge community and top place for instructional & educational videos on the net now. TVLesson is a educational community that lets you learn.. Great place to Discover fresh lessons, secret tips.Excellent, well organized site. A great place to get how-to info in a hurry Site full of interesting tutorial user-generated videos.Great place for educational videos learning videos.

I am student, doing CA.I love to make research.I have recently made a website for best funny video sites on the net.

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anodynes are the answer!

Welcoming Sponsored Reviews :)

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Video Joiner for Mac – join multiple videos into big one on Mac os

Video Joining Software for Mac Key Functions

Mac Video Editor can be used as video joiner software to add multiple video formats to be joined and combined to one file in comprehensive video formats including DVD, VCD, SVCD, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/PSP AVC, MOV, RM, ASF, FLV, SWF, etc.

Mac Video Editing Software Key Features Fully supports Intel® Pentium D Dual-Core Processor and AMD Athlon™ 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor. Preview is supported for you to preview the original files and the output files. With the video joiner function of the video editing software mac, you can add many kinds of video formats at one time, and the output file must be one of the input formats. For example, you’ve added four video files with different formats AVI, MPEG, 3GP, WMV in video editing for mac software, and then you’re supposed to join these files to one file from formats above. When joining all your files, you could set the Video Size, Frame Rate to get the perfect impression. The video edit software allows you to set the resize method to make the output video file letterbox, pan and scan, full screen, or keep original size in video files joining. The video splitter function can help you split video file manually and automatically. And if you prefer to split automatically, you could specify it to split by time, by size, and split averagely. With the video cutter function, you can set the begin-point and end-point super accurately. Video Editor for Mac offers low priority conversion in background mode for you to custom your video editing to get the best performance. AfterDone action is provided to help you designate the status after all your tasks are finished, e.g. do nothing, shut down automatically, keep dormancy status, stand by, or end this program. The video editing software offers different kinds of skins for you to choose to ensure your satisfaction. Supports multi-language.

Step by Step tutorial on how to join video into bigger one with Video Joiner for Mac

Step-by-Step guide:

Step1: Free download Mac Video Joiner and install in your computer.

Download Intel Version Download Power PC Version

Run this Video Joiner for Mac

Choose button to add videos into the playlist, see the picture above.

You can add multiple videos with different formats. The software can join videos for mac and convert between video to one format.

Check “Merge into one file” showed on the image above and select the output format and folder, then the program is prepared for joining these videos.

Click button and the Video Joiner for Mac will start joining and converting.

Video Joiner for Mac can join multiple video files into one with no quality loss. Try it by yourself.

Video Joiner for Mac is also a video converter for mac, can convert video files from one format to another format and convert video to audio for Mac OS X users. It supports all video popular formats indcluding flv, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, AVI, Mpeg TS/TP (for HD Video), etc.

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Video Cash Explosion Review ~ Your Money-Making Video Niche Site Is Ready!

Is Video Cash Explosion worth getting? Or is it just another hyped up scam? The author of this product is Shannon Lueck, a stay-at-home mom with two young boys who have finally managed to figure out how to make Internet marketing work for her. She is well-known in creating successful “one-page money-making” video niche sites, that’s her specialty. I know her from a forum and she appears to be an honest individual who is also like to help others to succeed.

I have bought and gone through Video Cash Explosion, and I would like to do an in-depth review of this product in this article. I will tell you exactly what’s in it for you when you purchase this product, why do you need it, how can it benefit and help you earn money online.

Here are some facts about online marketing you need to know….

It’s no secret that videos are one of the top weapons for many successful online marketers these days. Videos are a lot more effective for delivering messages to your web visitors as people prefer to watch videos rather than read text documents or written words.

But, if you’re new in Internet marketing, perhaps you’re confused and may NOT know how to create videos let alone use them on your website. It may sound intimidating if you have to create videos and publish on your site.

If that’s how you feel right now, fret no more! Video Cash Explosion was specially created to take you by the hand and teach you how to create video sales sites that may have the potential to bring in residual income for you. If you do this right, it may take your online marketing success into the next level.

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of what will you get from Video Cash Explosion….

- It gives you the FORMULA to find the best selling products to promote

- It gives you a powerful KEYWORD TOOL that will help you pick profitable keyword phrases

- It teaches you step-by-step how to easily create a video

- It gives you a piece of software called “Push Button Video Cash” that will help you create and upload a website without needing to have any technical skill.

- It teaches you how to PROMOTE your website to achieve top placement within all the major search engines.

How does Video Cash Explosion help you make money? Does it really work? How much can you earn?

Let me tell you up front that there will be a small investment you need to make in order to use this system effectively. The investment mainly consists of hosting service ($10 per month) and buying domain name ($9 per year for a .com or $1.99 per year for .info). Of course, there are free hosting services but I don’t recommend you use them. If you’re serious about building a successful online business, it’s more professional to have your own domain name and hosting service.

Video Cash Explosion provides the tools you need to succeed but remember that the key to your success is YOU! The on-going effort on your part to create as many mini video niche sites (using the given tools and the steps outlined in the guide) is the one that will lead to generating some residual income for you.

No one can promise or guarantee the amount of money that you will make using the Video Cash Explosion system. It can be the best tool on earth but if you don’t play your part, you will NOT see any positive result. So, allow me to repeat this line again… “The secret to your success is YOU”.

My personal experience using this product has mixed results. Some of my video niche sites perform really well, others don’t. I realize that building mini video niche sites is a number game. The more sites you build, the higher your chance of success will be. Fortunately, Video Cash Explosion allows me to create these sites painlessly and quickly.


Video Cash Explosion is a quality product for creating one-page video niche sites that can be used to promote affiliate products or your own products. It walks you through everything from finding products to promote, selecting the right keywords, creating videos, uploading a website and promoting that website.

It’s a very decent product for those who prefer to create mini sites with videos rather than writing one articles after another like building a normal website or blog.

Video Cash Explosion Bonus Worth Almost $1,500 Click here to get your Video Cash Explosion and receive all our exclusive bonuses (worth almost $1,500) for FREE!  Go to Video Cash Explosion Bonus Page to take a look at all the bonuses you will get.

Download your Video Cash Explosion here and receive our Exclusive BONUS worth over $1,400 for FREE! I believe these bonuses can provide even more value for you and can help you to achieve success faster. So go and check them out while they’re still available! Want more tips on how to make money online for free? Then, follow the link and visit our site and blog. We share plenty of online success tips such as how to do market research, how to find products that sell, how to build your site, how to generate traffic, how to monetize your site, etc.

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Business Professionals: Are You Part Of The Download Audio Books Trend Yet?

Are you are a business professional? Then you are among the busiest of people in this world. They are often on the go during almost every waking hour and simply do not have the time they need to sit down and read a good book, let alone read a business book.

Typically, as you are a business professional you can have so many things going on all at once, it is difficult sometimes to even find time for family and friends let alone reading, which is where an audio business book comes in extremely handy.

If you have not started to download audio books from the internet you are missing a real treat. They are providing many business people with a great opportunity to use their time in a really effective way.

Today, your questions about audio books are answered. We will explain just how they can help the busy professional.

Can an audio business book help me manage my time?

Absolutely. With audio books, you are making the most of your time and effort. It takes a great deal of time to read a book page by page. How many people do you know that have the ability to read and drive at the same time? Is it really all that easy to eat and read at the same time? How about walking and reading or exercising and reading? None of which are particularly easy or even possible. So instead of having to take time out of your busy day for reading your book, now you can listen to an audio business book.

What formats do audio books come in?

What is great about audio books is that they cater to everyone, with the different varieties of formats available. For example, thanks to MP3 format you can download them to your MP3 player and listen while you walk, exercise, eat, and ride the subway or carry out almost any activity really.

With CD format, you can pop the CD into your portable CD player, your car CD player, or your home CD player and listen while you are on the way to work, doing your household chores, or exercising as well. The cassette format is still very popular today, but to download audio books has become so easy and fast, not to mention cheap that they are overtaking in the CD format in popularity.

How does an audio book help a professional?

Well, if you think about it, you often need to learn new skills and information that pertains to your business. Perhaps you have a client that speaks only a foreign language, instead of your native tongue. Well, there are audio books available that can help you learn a foreign language, all the while you are getting your work done, or making the most out of the little free time you get.

What types of audio books are there?

When it comes to the download audio books for business, there are many different varieties, such as foreign language, management, marketing as well as books on different programs, software, and techniques. A lot of research materials for projects and meetings can be found on audio books as well. An audio business book allows you to make the most out of your workday and personal time, which is something a busy professional does not get a great deal of time to enjoy.

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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