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How to Encode Video to Flash With Command Line?

Flash Video MX SDK V2 is an application to create Flash (SWF), Flash video (FLV) and AAC/H.264 MP4 video from almost all video formats.

MX SDK consists of two interfaces: Command Line and COM, thanks to which it can be used under a great range of programming languages like: Visual C++, Visual Basic, .Net, ASP, Delphi, PHP, ColdFusion, etc.

This program is widely used in server applications to automatically convert videos in virtually any format to FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, SWF for a video sharing website construction like that of YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo!Video, Daily Motion, MySpace, etc. It is also widely adopted by multimedia applications for its video to FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, and SWF conversion.

Then, how does MX SDK V2 work? How to create an FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, and SWF with this SDK?

While with its set of functions like video editing for a better visual effect, text and image watermarking, Flash 8 encoding, Flash 8 alpha video encoding, processor locking, processor priority, interactive mode, and video cropping and trimming, etc, it is easy to command.

Then, how does MX SDK V2 work? How to create an FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, and SWF with this SDK? As long as you are moving on following exactly what the “Help document” integrated in the program, you are sure to make it.

The following is a rough demonstration of conversion from myvideo.avi to myflv.flv.

Source video: myvideo.avi Path: D:Documents and SettingsyukiDesktop

Target flv:  myflv.flv Path: E:myflv.flv

Target SWF:myswf.swf  Path: E:myswf.swf

OK, start and run the application:

Type in the command: flashvideomx –s “D:Documents and SettingsyukiDesktopmyvideo.avi” “E: myflv.flv”, and press “Enter” to start the conversion.

Convert the output myflv.flv to myswf.swf:

Type in the command: FLV2SWF “E: myflv.flv” “E: myswf.swf”, and press “Enter” to launch the FLV to SWF conversion.

The command lines above are basically for conversion, and a lot of advanced functions can be realized by more command lines:

1. Convert a video file to FLV with the original dimension and frame rate:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv.

2. Convert a video file to FLV with settings of output dimension, video bit rate, frame rate, audio sample rate, audio bit rate and audio channel:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -vs 320×240 -vbr 400000 -abr 64000 -asr 22050 -ac mono -vfr 25

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv with 320×240 as dimension, 400kbps as video bit rate, 64kbps as audio bit rate, 22050Hz as audio sample rate, monophonic channel and 25fps as frame rate.

3. Add a LOGO image to the video:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -l “mylogo.jpg” -ls 100×100 -la_origin 0 -la_off 10:10 -lt 0:10000 -lt e-10000:10000

This command is to stretch mylogo.jpg to 100×100 in dimension and show the image when the video starts to play and last 10000 milliseconds, and show the image again when there are still 10000 milliseconds to the end of the video, and last 10000 milliseconds with the coordinate (10,10).

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -l “mylogo.jpg” -ls 100×100 -la_origin 0 -la_off 10:10

This command is to stretch mylogo.jpg to 100×100 in dimension and show the image from the beginning to the end of the video with the coordinate (10,10).

4. Add characters to the video:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -t “Text to show on video” -ta_origin 0 -ta_off 0:0 -lt 0:10000 -lt e-10000:10000

It is to show “Text to show on video” in the top left corner and show the characters when the video starts to play and last 10000 milliseconds, and show the characters again when there are still 10000 milliseconds to the end of the video, and last 10000 milliseconds.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -t “Text to show on video” -ta_origin 0 -ta_off 0:0

-tff “Times New Roman” -tf_style 0 -tf_size 24 -tfe 0 -tfc FF0000 -tfa 80

>It is to show the semi-transparent characters “Text to show on video” in the top left corner with “Times New Roman” as font, “24” as size, “FF0000” as color (red).

5. Sequence several videos into one file:

flashvideomx -s headervideo.avi -s myvideo.avi -s tailervideo.avi myflash

It is to connect headervideo.avi, myvideo.avi, and tailervideo.avi together and convert them to one file: myflash.flv

6. Replace the audio data in the video file:

flashvideomx -sv myvideo.avi -sa myaudio.mp3 myflash

It is to replace the audio data in myvideo.avi with myaudio.mp3, and then convert to myflash.flv.

7. No audio:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -i v

This command is to generate an FLV file without audio data.

8. No video:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -i a

This command is to generate an FLV file without video data.

9. Get thumbnail picture:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -gp mypic.jpg -gp_size 120×120

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv, and generate a random mypic.jpg in size 120×120 as the thumbnail picture.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -gp mypic.jpg -gp_size 120×120 -gpt 60000

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv, and generate pictures in mypic.jpg with the size of 120×120 in dimension in the given 60000 milliseconds.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -gpw 10:mypic??.jpg -gp_size 120×120

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv, and capture 10 pictures in 120×120 dimension as: mypic01.jpg, mypic02.jpg, …, mypic10.jpg.

10. Convert the video to FLV with time trimming:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi -st 0:300000 myflash

This command is to convert myvideo.avi with 300000 milliseconds from the starting point of the video into myflash.flv.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi -st 0:300000 -st e-300000: 300000 myflash

This command is to convert the two video parts in myvideo.avi to myflash.flv. One is the part from the start point to the 300000ms point. The other part is the one from the point 300000ms before the end point to the end point.

Flash Video Converter series including Flash Video MX Pro, Flash Video MX SDK V2, Flash Video MX Std, and DVD to Flash Converter are professional video to Flash conversion and editing programs, serving excellently for your video delivery online, web design, video blog building and individual personal home page construction etc.

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Select Planet Audio for That Great Sounding Music

Our lives are filled with many different technological advances. One of the better inventions that was designed was that of music. Now since we love to listen to music there are lots of companies that can give us great sounding music. One such company is that of Planet Audio.

This company has many great innovations that you can use. To see the many products that you want you should see what their web site has in stock. In addition to this information you will find that Planet Audio can provide this same service at their dealers and their showrooms. Now visiting their showroom or even their website will reveal the many products that you can use as upgrades.

With the selection of good quality upgrades Planet Audio systems will let you see just how great music sounds on these systems. So having found the best types of audios that Planet Audio can provide you with, you will generally be able to buy the Planet Audio that you can afford. So now that you have decide to buy your brand new car audio from Planet Audio you should check the various items that are in stock.

The best way to preview the types of products that Planet Audio can provide you with is to see what the internet has in the way of information. You will find many links that will show you various places where you can get good quality new and second hand Planet Audio systems. You should look carefully at the many items that you can buy from their showroom without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Another way to see the other products that Planet Audio has is available on the website, from here you can see the many links that will lead you to some of their great new items. You should also see the various accessories that will help your audio system to give you great sounding music. Having chosen a few accessories and noted down the prices you can decide which of the many Planet Audio systems will be gracing the inside of your car.

As you make your choice you will need to find out what Planet Audio has in its policy towards returns and what their warrantee period is. This information is critical if you find any defects in the Planet Audio that you have purchased.

Therefore don’t delay in finding this crucial information. Now that you have your new Planet Audio in your sights and close to taking it home, you can begin to imagine the many delightful hours that you will have listening to music on your Planet Audio while you are traveling.

Muna wa Wanjiru is a web administrator and has been researching and reporting on internet marketing for years. For more information on Planet Audio, visit his site at Planet Audio

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The Cons To Make Their Own Videos On Youtube

Are you interested in making your own videos to upload to YouTube? If a large number of YouTube members do so, you May want to seriously consider before making your decision. As well as sharing YouTube videos with the rest of the YouTube community can be, there are certain drawbacks or disadvantages of doing so. Only some of the most popular are briefly discussed below. Perhaps the more important to do your own video on YouTube is that you really do not know who will eventually see. Many YouTube videos authors do not necessarily know that anyone can watch your videos. YouTube gives internet users, even those who do not bother to register for a YouTube account, the ability to watch videos on your website. Yes, the good news is that the video can be seen by thousands of people, but how many people really want to see their videos on YouTube? This is certainly an issue we want to ask before making the first video from YouTube. One of the reasons it is desirable to determine in advance if you really want to share your videos with the world because once you do it May be too late. YouTube allows authors to remove the video from their videos on the site, if you change your idea of having a video online. Although this is the good and the deletion occurs immediately, you May already be too late. Many Internet users are able to copy or save videos that are online, including YouTube videos. When the video falling into the wrong hands, May you never go away, as you can find it in another area of the Internet. Or other disadvantage of making their own YouTube videos is that you know most of the foreigners. The amount of information to learn about you depends on the type of video you submit to YouTube. For example, a stranger to see your video on YouTube May be able to learn more about you if you posted a video blog, if you posted a comedy parody made with friends. That is why we must not only think or not to publish a video on YouTube, but you should also think about their safety. Keep in mind the security on the Internet, such as not disclosing too much personal information, is an excellent way to enjoy YouTube without dangers. As you probably know already, you need to have some elements in order to upload videos to the YouTube site. If you plan to just make videos for YouTube, you need a video recording device. The good news is that there are a number of devices that can be used, including camcorders, cell phones and webcams. You must also have the video editing software on your PC, allowing you to revise or even edit your YouTube videos before posting. If you have an older computer, you May have to buy a software for editing film, but many new computers come with these types of programs already installed. Although May seems a large number of disadvantages or drawbacks to make and share videos on YouTube, there are actually a number of advantages to do so. One of these advantages is that it is easy to do. Once you have your video installed on your computer and edit, if you want to do it, the upload process is really easy. In fact, YouTube explains the process of loading a simple, step by step. Even if you do not have much experience using computers, should be easily able to load one of your YouTube videos. If you want to send a video on YouTube, after carefully thinking about your decision to do so, you must sign up with YouTube for a free account. This not only share your videos with the Internet community, but also allows you to rate videos that can be viewed online or discussions with other YouTube members.

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Enjoy Education With Audio Books


An audio book is a recording of commercially available printed material. It is an alternative form of books. The education systems are constantly innovating and modifying the way lessons are taught. The challenges of physically handicapped (like blindness) people are now minimised with the emergence of new education strategies. Audio book is one of them. These are actually books that are read aloud and recorded. Through this kind of book, an illiterate person can also enjoy the content and get the knowledge. Audio books are generally distributed on CDs, cassette tapes, downloadable digital formats and most recently, some digital formats.

Authors and publishers now recognise the advantages of transforming published book into audio books. Some book publishers even predicted that these format of books would exceed the sales of paperback books or e-books one day. Why this is so, is understandable when you consider the benefits of these books. The main advantages are,- (1) For many people, listening to an audio book is more entertaining and exciting than reading a printed book. (2) Downloading these books are quick and easy. (3) For the book publishers, recordings can be duplicated easily and downloadable books will never run out of stock. (4) These books are affordable Many audio book clubs provide audio book download and rental service at low cost. (5) The parents can listen together with their kids and have fun. An audio book can be the best alternative of a bedtime story.

Publishers and producers use compact disc, cassette tapes, or the online portal as medium of audio book. Currently, CDs have dominated the audio book format. It is so because CDs are now on the paradigm when it comes to audio technology. The cassette tape format currently takes about 40% of the audio books sold and purchased through the market, according to the estimates. But the fastest growing segment of format type for audio book is the downloadable type. The downloadable books are the most convenient format because the book is stored online or virtually.

Sometimes, audio books manufacturers also hire famous celebrities to read out the contents. This is based on thinking that several people would appreciate it more and would be more interesting. Finally, aside from being academically useful, it can also be used to teach people.

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How Audio Books Can Help You Get The Best From Your Workout

There’s no doubt about it. Audio books have made life a whole lot easier.

For those of us who like to workout to stay in great shape, audio books can help us achieve this with less stress.

No longer should you engage in workouts just listening to music or to the radio. Now, with audio books, you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Below are exact ways in which you can use the power of audio books to maximize your workout.

One – there are educative audio books that will show you more beneficial ways of staying in shape. Many people who workout don’t even know the right ways to do so. Instead of guessing it, there are great audio books that will help you out.

No matter how much you think already know about working out, there are audio books out there that will teach you much better ways.

Some of these workout related audio books come with calming music in the background, thereby making you stay focused and attentive during the workout.

Two – audio books during workouts help to take your mind away from the physical activity. Instead of concentrating on the pain of the workout, you will be concentrating on the message contained in the audio book.

This will allow you to stay longer when working out. If you usually jog for, say 10 minutes, with an interesting audio book you will be able to increase the jogging time to, say 30 minutes or more.

Three – there are specific audio books that talk about the importance of staying in shape and looking great. Such audio books can be great during workouts.

They help to give you more reasons why you should stay at it working out, instead of giving yourself excuses why you shouldn’t.

For example, audio books by motivational experts such as Anthony Robbins who was previously overweight, but now has lost weight and looks great, can influence you on the need to workout, even when you don’t feel like it.

These books will help you to understand why you should workout to lose weight and realize that if Anthony Robbins could do it, you can do it too.

Four – for those who might want to give up their exercise when it gets difficult, an inspiring audio book during exercises can influence and motivate you to keep at it.

So, if you have always had a problem with sticking with your workout, get some great workout related and motivational audio books, such as Anthony Robbins “Awaken The Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power”.

Not only will these helpful audio books help you mentally, they will help you stick to your workout plan. And eventually you will look great physically and feel great mentally.

Janet Rusky is an upcoming author who runs one of the best audio book stores on the internet where 7000 titles divided in hundreds of categories are available for immediate download.

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