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How to Rip Dvd, Convert Video and Convert Youtube Video to Psp

It is no doubt that PSP is an excellent game player. However, it is not playing games all the time; you can use it to do a ton of other cool and (highly useful) things when you’re not in the game mode. Thanks to its pretty big screen compared to other portable video players, PSP is a nice gadget for watching videos as well. So the following tutorial focuses on how to rip DVD movies and TV shows, convert video files and convert online YouTube/Google videos to MP4 format for playback on Sony PSP.

The only tool you need is Clone2Go DVD to PSP Converter. Unlike other DVD to PSP converter programs, this DVD to PSP converter combines the following main features into one program:


Convert video to PSP

Download online YouTube/Google video

Convert downloaded YouTube/Google videos or local FLV videos to PSP

Note: Clone2Go DVD to PSP Converter is not free. It does cost USD29.95 to register the full version. And there are numerous DVD ripper and video converter programs that can convert DVD’s and videos to PSP compatible video formats. However, if you want to avoid the trouble of finding so many free programs and don’t mind paying a small sum of money, the all-in-one Clone2Go DVD to PSP Converter would be the best choice for you.

First, let’s take a look at the main interface of Clone2Go DVD to PSP Converter.

And below are the highlights of how to use Clone2Go DVD to PSP Converter.

1. Add DVD movies or TV shows

Insert the DVD disc into the disc drive, click the Open DVD button to import it if you are going to enjoy the DVD movie on your PSP. Or if the DVD movie is saved as a folder on your computer, you need to click the Add Video button to locate that folder, which is composed of two separate folders: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. From the VIDEO_TS folder, select the .vob file to import and then click OK.

2. Import video files

You can also import videos stored on your PC by clicking the Add Video button and then click OK. The supporting formats are shown as follows:

3. Download YouTube or Google videos

If you want to enjoy online YouTube or Google videos on your PSP, click the YouTube button on the main interface. In the pop-up window, copy and paste the URLs of the YouTube/Google videos one by one.

There will be a list of the added YouTube/Google videos, which will be downloaded automatically one by one. And the downloading status is clearly shown on the list. After the status of all of them indicates Completed, you can tick whichever videos you want to watch on your PSP.

After the DVD’s, videos or YouTube/Google videos are imported, you can preview it on the main interface. If you only want a clip of the DVD/video, you can drag the Start to trim and Stop to trim button to get the certain segment.

4. Choose a proper profile

From the drop-down list of Profile, you can select the most appropriate profile:

Now you can click the Start Encode button to starting ripping DVD movies or TV shows, converting videos or converting YouTube/Google videos for your PSP.

5. Transfer videos to PSP

Since it is very complicated to transfer videos from PC to PSP. Here, I’d like to introduce a totally freeware called PSP Video Manager. You can download it to help you directly transfer videos to PSP or export PSP MPEG-4 videos located in your PSP to your PC without manually renaming PSP MPEG-4 files.

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Technology Surrounding the Audio Bible

Through the miracle of technology, the audio bible now brings the uplifting message of God’s Word to people who, for a variety of reasons, are unable or unwilling to devote time to reading. The mp3 audio bible and other recent technological advances in recording and playing back audio files make this possible. Utilizing the audio bible CD, audio bible mp3, and online download audio clips of bible passages has helpped to make communicating the Word of God across many broad regions and to a variety of people a much more user-friendly option.

People living in under-developed countries sometimes do not have access to education on a universal basis. This means that not everyone will have been taught to read. This no longer needs to be an impediment to sharing God’s Word with them when they can listen to the Bible instead. There are audio Bible downloads that are now offered in over 250 different languages. No one person, no matter how devoted, would be able to master that many languages to the point where they could communicate effectively in every one. Now there is no need to, because by utilizing this amazing digital technology you can bring the Bible to many people groups, even if you do not have mastery of the native languages of the land.

A compact disc, or CD, is a disc that is used to store digital data. Electronic data is compressed and stored on the disc as series of tiny encoded pits crafted into the top layer of the CD. The disc is read by a CD player, which uses a semiconductor laser to shine a beam through the bottom of the CD, which then picks up the different heights and valleys on the disc and translates it into data that can be read by the player or computer

An mp3 file can compress even more data than a CD, and also has the ability to be easily stored on a computer and read. Mp3 refers to MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. This type of file compresses the data held in an audio recording yet does not lose the sound quality of the original uncompressed recording. It essentially gets rid of extraneous sounds that are beyond the normal hearing range for a human, which helps reduce the total amount of data. Next, it records the data that remains in a very efficient way, so that there are no duplications of data entered. If data is used repeatedly in a sound track, the original instance of the recorded data is referred in subsequent instances when it is needed, thereby eliminating any extra references to it, and allowing the data to be compressed considerably.

Mp3 files can be downloaded onto a computer for listening, or they can be placed upon a tiny mp3 player, which is about the size of a lipstick holder. God’s Word, in all its digital glory, can be easily played while you work out or commute, or it can be played across the world to people in their own languages, so that all can benefit from its power and teaching.

Susan Slobac uses the recent technologies available for the audio Bible. The audio Bible has been of great benefit to her. Using audio clips of bible passages in her Bible study program, she reports that the MP3 audio downloads and audio Bible CD has helped bring a renewed interest to her Bible study program.

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