Create Video Cvs With Powerpoint and Get a Job Now

The global financial crisis has increased world unemployment by an estimated 20 million women and men.  In the New Year 2009, ton of people are thrown in the job hunting. In order to find a job in this time of economic stress, we are required to be more confident, more skilled in the job hunting with our competitor.  The resumes or the CVs (CVs are used throughout most of the world, while resumes are the common format in America), as the first impression to the employers, are the key for impressing the HR managers. So, create a resume or CV with our creative idea is very intelligent, one of these creative ideas is creating a Video resumes (CV).

Video resumes (CVs) have actually been around for more than a decade. As Time magazine reported this year, some businesses were offering video resumes (CVs) in the United States in the mid-90s. Because there are many disadvantages on Video resumes (CVs), just like it was hard to create, difficult to edit, large for storing and too long to view.  Video resumes (CVs) are not popular in those years. But now, with the advent of broadband, cheap recorders, DVDs and hard drives with more grunt than we dreamed of just 10 years ago, video resumes (CVs) started to gain ground, you can see the data below:

“New research from career publisher Vault Inc found that 89% of American employers would watch a video resume (CV) if it were submitted to them, although only 17% have seen one. More than half said they believe such CVs will become a common addition to future job applications”

OK, now we know that the video resumes (CVs) are popular these days, but the problem is that not every can create a video CVs smartly.  When we need to edit our video resumes (CVs) it is very inconveniently. How can we avoid these problems?
 Most Windows users are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. It is probably the most common and easiest to use “Digital Presentation” by combining text, images, charts and graphic elements in a slide format. Besides, after inserting sounds, animations and video clips in PowerPoint, the resume is not a dynamic presentation but a dynamic movie which is more attractive to the employers, so we can create our video resumes (CVs) with PowerPoint.

As the advantages I mentioned above, we can use PowerPoint to create video resumes (CVs) to avoid the disadvantages from the traditional way. Using PowerPoint to show your job experience and your skills is the smart way because we don’t need professional video editing skills when creating our Video resumes (CVs). And, if you want to edit your CVs, a PowerPoint program is enough.

More attentions when deliver video resumes (CVs).
1. Contact the employers first to make sure they accept the video resumes (CVs) if possible.
2. The video resumes (CVs) cannot be too long (usually in 3 minutes) because the employers are always very busy.
3. Convert PowerPoint to video formats like mp4 or WMV to make sure that the Video resumes (CVs) can be shown in an intact way. Or convert PowerPoint to DVD, and you can mail it to employers or someone who are interested.
Tool to convert PowerPoint to video: PPT to video
Tool to convert PowerPoint to DVD: PPT2DVD 
4. Get more chances by uploading video resumes (CVs) to the recruitment sites and find the most famous Career and Social Networking Sites as below.

Julia White