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Today there are many low priced easy software editing programs available.A high quality program will allow you to create a mix of music for a power point presentation, an internet radio program or a website.With the right program you can record internet radio programs, podcasts or different types of streaming audio. These types of software programs allow you to take your favorite songs or any audio clips from CD’s, DVD’s, audio files, or from video so you can listen to them on your computer or portable players.Audio editing programs allow you to change file formats as an example from MIDI to MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG file.If you have damaged audio recordings or LP’s you can restore these with the type of audio editing program that will filter out background or static noises.These types of software programs contain many diverse editing tools such as the ability to edit tag or media information as well as cut and paste options.Features to Consider:All editing software programs support different, editing tools, burning capabilities and formats. Therefore there are several features and options to consider when shopping for a audio editing software program.First you must determine exactly what it is you want to do with an audio editing software program. Do your interests range in restoring sound to a file, audio for a website, making a CD of your band’s music editing sound for your MP3 or ipod or perhaps you want to steam audio.The program you choose should be very user friendly. Check for whether the program has the preset effects and filters in drop down menus, mouse zooms or icons, right click edits etc. You will want fast recorders so they can search for streaming audio and sound cards automatically.Research the type of technical support that is provided by the software manufacturer. Audio editing can be difficult for the beginner so make sure that FAQ’s, help pages, direct contact with a technical support individual, email address for customer service, user forums etc. are available.There are many filters, effects and tools available on the market today. Beginners will want to look for programs that provide a large range of preseteffects along with filters. The person with experience will want to shop for an audio editing software program that supports a high level of manipulation by going through a mixer or different types of processors or a 10 band equalizer.A good program will provide copy, paste record, play etc. But there are several programs that go beyond the normal essential editing tools taking you to next level of providing processors, equalizers, mixers, filters, preset effects, and analyzing capabilities such as spectrogram and waveform.A high quality program will record audio from a sound card, a downloaded CD or from files.It can be very useful to have a program with burning software this way you can use your DVD or CD burner to save the edited files.Shop for a program that is compatible in the fact that it can convert several different kinds of file formats such as WMA, AIFF (Apple), WAV, and of course MP3 files.One does not need to be a sound technician or professional mixer to learn how to develop good quality audio editing or how to restore sound tasks. All it takes is a wise decision on the purchase of an audio editing software program.Top Audio Converter Software Imtoo Audio Maker – found at AVS Audio Tools – found at

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