Why Should You Listen to Download Audio Books?

There are many different types of audio books around these days, literally something for everybody. Whether you prefer to be engrossed in a spooky tale, a romantic love story, a side-splitting comedy or a gritty crime story, there are thousands of audio books that you can choose from.

There is a lot of difference between reading and listening. Listening makes you feel that you are there and you can enjoy the story more. Perhaps, listening to audio books can bring out the best in books compare to watching films that based on the same books. You can relate to stories in books better using your imagination, something that cannot transfer from books to films (acting, directing, and mostly censoring of films make films somewhat distort from their original books.) If you have never tried an audio book, you really should give it a try!

In some ways, audio books are even better than traditional books. If you want to buy a particular book, you have to traipse around the shops trying to find it or order it on the phone or online and then sit at home awaiting the postman. With an audio book, you can download it immediately. You can decide what book you want to listen to and be listening to it within minutes. You can relax, shut your eyes (something else you can’t do with a conventional book!) and be absorbed in the story. Many audio books feature sound effects so you feel like you are really there.

You can play audio books over and over again and it does not get scruffy like a conventional paper book. An audio book can tell a story much better than a printed book. Imagine hearing a book being read by its author who is reading his words like they were meant to be heard. The characters really come to life in an audio book. If you lend someone a book, you might not get it back. To lend someone an audio book, you just need to copy it onto CDs or a DVD.

You could enjoy the biography of your favorite actress whilst walking the dog or washing the floor. You could listen to a gritty crime drama while driving home from work or in your house. You can relax wherever you are and enjoy your audio book and you can listen in total privacy on your headphones.

There are many other types of audio books apart from fiction. You can learn a foreign language, for example, using an audio book. A conventional book does not explain properly how a word is supposed to be pronounced. You could brush up on some Greek phrases for your vacation this year or learn some handy French or Spanish. Listening to a native speaker pronounce those words and phrases is a million times better than reading them in a book and guessing the right pronunciation.

If you fancy giving up smoking, losing weight or increasing your willpower, there are hypnosis audio books available and they have been scientifically proven to work. You might want to consider audio books for your children so you can either listen to the story together or have lights out early and let them drift off to sleep while listening to their favorite fairy story or exciting adventure.

When you have finished downloading your book, you can play it on your computer speakers, transfer it to your mp3 player or burn it on to a CD for yourself or as a great gift for someone you love. That is how versatile download audio books are.

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