Outreach Efforts Using Audio Bible Study Programs

You may not even realize it but there are audio Bible Study programs going on all over the world. Audio Bible study is one way that scholars and students are making use of the audio Bible. Audio Bible Study brings the Word of God to people who cannot read, the majority of the world’s population at present. The Bible on audio CD allows missionaries and local pastors to share the treasures of the Bible to all who would like to hear about them. The audio Bible on CD is also being used worldwide as an aid to literacy.

One of the first steps a missionary or pastor might take is to begin an audio Bible listening group. The Word of God is presented in a language familiar to native speakers, and it begins to work on the hearts of the listeners.

This often leads to the building of new churches. People then come to the churches to listen to the audio Bible and continue after with discussions of what they have heard, in order to build their faith.

Listening to the Bible also helps new believers to memorize passages from it. Those living in a predominantly oral culture respond to dramatic readings of the Bible, and audio Bibles are available in dramatized versions, with sound effects, music and staged readings.

Some places in the world do not have the luxury of reliable power. This might put a damper on hearing the audio Bible, because without a power source electronic equipment will not run. However, improvements have been made in this area with the application of recent scientific digital technological advances. There are now solar-powered CD players that will play the audio Bible CD without the need for any local energy at all, allowing the audio Bible to reach into indigenous areas that might otherwise have not been blessed with God’s Word.

If you are learning how to read, it helps speed the process by listening to what you are trying to read being spoken as you attempt to read it. The audio Bible is used in this manner to help improve literacy skills of people all around the world. Over half the world’s population cannot read, so audio Bibles are being used as one method of sharing God’s Word, and are also used to help improve reading skills.

Illiteracy is even a problem in the United States, where many do no reading at all after graduating from high school or college. This can hamper spiritual growth, if a congregation is simply not reading the Bible. One way to overcome that obstacle is an audio Bible program that allows listeners to listen to the entire New Testament in forty days while spending only 28 minutes a day at this endeavor. Because the audio Bible also comes in an MP3 player format, it can go with you to the gym or on your commute, so that in spare moments you can catch up on your Bible study.

Susan Slobac works with her Church in an outreach program for those who are illiterate. Using audio Bibles she conducts a weekly audio Bible study. She has found that using the audio Bible on CD is an effective way to reach out to others and relies on the outreach tool of the Audio Bible.