What You Should Know About Surround Sound Speaker

Are you a music lover? Do you want a change in the conventional sound? Do you want to experience the sound coming from every corner of your room? Then you should know about surround sound. Surround sound normally gives you such an effect that you will feel that the sound is coming from every corner of the room, though it is played in front of you.

Surround sound is becoming more and more popular every day. This particular kind of sound is being used mainly in the cinema halls. It gives you a more realistic effect of the film. But apart from cinema halls, it is available for your music system too. How? It’s simple. You can have this effect with the help of a surround sound speakers.

To know more about surround sound, we first need to understand how a surround sound speaker works. The speakers are located in various positions of the room. They receive multiple audio channels. The whole program is located in one source. When the source starts playing, the sound tracks being decoded simultaneously.

Surround sounds have different formats. They are, Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic II X, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, Dolby True HD, True Surround XT, and DTS-ES etc. There are a variety of Surround sound speakers.

Front right and front left speakers

These two speakers are most important in the surround sound system. All the major sounds come from these two speakers. For such importance most of the manufacturing companies keep an eye on these two speakers especially. They always try to make it powerful and high quality. These speakers are very much used in CD players, home theatres etc.

Center channel speaker

It is a small size speaker. It is normally placed below or above the TV set. It delivers the dialogues of the TV or cinema. It makes the dialogues clear. This speaker is shielded magnetically. So they are not able to harm the TV set. Normally the mid range frequencies are being handled by this speaker.

Rear channel speaker

This speaker is placed according to the seating arrangement of the listener. The speaker models also define the placement arrangement of this speaker. For instance, in a 5.1 surround sound set up, there are two such speakers and they are placed right behind the listeners. Four speakers are allotted for the 6.1 version. Here, two speakers are placed behind the head of the listener and two on either side of the listener.


Subwoofer is a very important part of surround sound speaker. The subwoofer produces extremely low frequencies. It will be a great help for you, when you are watching an action movie or listening to a music that consists a lot of percussion. It also produces deep bass. Subwoofer is omni directional and so it can be kept anywhere in the room. It is very essential for a home theatre.

Surround sound speaker have lots of benefits. Listening to music or viewing a cinema becomes very delicious because of this kind of speaker. It makes the movie and music more realistic. In short, this speaker is actually giving a new dimension to the new age sound.

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