List of Top Video Search and Video Sharing Websites

There are a number of video search engines which provide the consumers an access to the best video content from all over the world. A video search engine is the same as any other search engine, inasmuch as the search engine spiders crawl the web pages looking for video content to index.

Basically the search engine spiders can capture video information either from externally hosted websites. There are a number of new generation video search engines which also offer an ability to upload the video to their own website. In some of the advanced engines it is also possible to search video by the codec used in the video. So if you want some content to fill up that new monstrous 160GB iPod Classic of yours, the video search based on file format would help you find the proper content without having to bother about any transcoding.


Video Search Engine: Blinkx is the best choice for video search by far. This is because it does not rely on the meta data to index the video files. All of us know that meta data can be easily tampered by any person with the time and will to do so. Therefore Blinkx uses voice recognition and visual analysis to classify and categorize the video content. Blinkx has over 12 million hours of video, all that you would need in a lifetime.


Video Search is another popular video search engine which allows the users to search for video content. It takes advantage of the data in the media RSS enclosure and allows for quick searching which is reflected in the fact that Yahoo web search is also able to return great results.


Video Search can be considered another powerful video search engine. It is backed by the excellent search engine algorithms developed by Google for its web search and image search. Google Video service allows users to search and upload videos to its own website as well as to that of YouTube Video: YouTube, since Google recently purchased You Tube which is one of the biggest hosts of video content.


Ever since its acquisition of Truveo Video Search Engine Truveo video search, AOL Video has also become one of the prominent video search engines which crawls almost all the popular video locations.

With all these video search engines ready to serve you, you can rest assured that if a video is publicly accessible on the web, you can easily find it using these engines.

Here are some additional Video Search Engines and Sharing Sites – Also take a look at our Directory of Video Sites:

Video Search Engines:

Blinkx TV Singing Fish A.Vista Video Windows Live VideoSearch for Video MySpace Video Veoh Metacafe ClipBlast Blip TV ClipShack Purevideo Brightcove

Video Sharing Sites

Eyespot Grouper Jumpcut Ourmedia Revver Video Egg Vimeo vSocial YouTube

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