Three ways to convert popular video to Flash video (FLV)

Which kind of website is the hottest nowadays in Web 2.0? Of course it is the video sharing website, such as Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo! video…The content of this kind of websites is of all kinds of things, but the same thing of these websites is that they all use Flash as their video media format, or rather flash video (FLV).

FLV is a brand new streaming video format. It makes use of the widely used platform on the Internet – Adobe Flash Player, and incorporate video into the Flash animation. FLV enables your videos can be viewable to 98% of all Internet users and bring great convenience to the broadcasting of Internet video.

To add FLV to web pages, you need to convert your video to FLV, and make a flash video player on your website to control the playback of the FLV files. Now I introduce three ways to convert video to FLV.

1. Moyea Video4Web Converter
This Video4Web Converter is a Freeware and professional tool to convert all popular video to flv, video to mov, mp4, 3gp and 3g2. It can change the values of the video for brightness, contrast, and volume. You may also trim and crop the video to fit your particular requirement.

2. Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder
Starting with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, it had already supported FLV decoding, but I suggest you use the latest version Flash 8. This version has an independent FLV conversion tool: Flash 8 Video Encoder. This encoder also provides a lot of video settings to meet your need.

3. Online converter
This method is famous to a lot of Internet users. You can convert your videos from your computer hard disk, or from online videos using different protocols (http, ftp, rtmp…) to FLV with the online converter.
But this method is not recommended to convert video, especially for some important video files. For there are several reasons:
Reason 1: It will take more time to convert videos compared with some desktop converters.
Reason 2: It requires that you are in a good internet connection. If the connection speed is slow, the convertion will be very slow or just stop.
Reason 3: The quality of the resulting video is not ensured, various problem is possible, such as audio and video is not synchronized, or only the audio is converted by not does the video…

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