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Video Software Conversion – Simple and Affordable Solution to Convert All Your Videos

Video software conversion is not just for the professionals in the arena. Any person can actually do video software conversion, so as long as you know the basics. Do not be intimidated by all the jargon that comes with converting videos. These technical terms may sound scary – codecs, extractions, bitrates, inputs, outputs, and containers, to begin with – but these are just terms. There really is no reason to be scared of them at all. To make things easier and less intimidating for you, here are some of the basics on video software conversion.

* Choose a program that converts videos according to your needs.

There is actually a fast way for you to do this. First off, you have to choose the file formats that you might be working with. AVI, WMV, and MP4 are some of the popular file formats to consider here. To acquaint you, here are some of the popular players in the market and the file formats they play respectively.

- A computer with Windows for its operating system: WMV or Windows Media Video
- A computer with Macintosh for its operating system: MOV and QT or QuickTime
- iPod: MP4 and MPEG-4
- PSP or PlayStationPortable: MP4 and MPEG4
- Creative Zen Media Player: AVI and WMV
- Microsoft Zune: WMV
- Archos Media Player: AVI and WMV
- DVD Burner: MPEG-2 and VOB
- Other Media Players or MP3 Players: AVI and WMV

If you have a media player, such as the iPod or Creative Zen, it is important to look at the player’s specifications section. You can also check out your guidebook for the video formats that your player supports.

* Understand the configurations.

The configuration of your settings is very important in video software conversion. Furthermore, it is important to know the basic terminologies here.

- CODEC: For the most part, file types are converted and compressed by using a coder-decoder algorithm, also known as a codec. Go for the codec that your portable device supports.

- VIDEO DIMENSIONS: When delving into video software conversion, it is important for your software to know the video dimensions of both the input and output videos. The standard 2.5-inch media player plays 320×240 videos. Your computer screen can fit a 640×480 video, while your TV set fits 720×480, if you are in the US.

- VIDEO BITRATE: Most programs carry a video bitrate of roughly 500 to 1500 kilobits per second or kbps. Video bitrate actually determines the quality of the video. 500 kbps is quite low already, but the video would consume less space. 1500 kbps, on the other hand, consumes more space but it gives you pictures of better quality.

- VIDEO FRAME RATE: Frame rate pertains to how many frames your movie goes through in a second. When conducting video software conversion, you should not touch this unless you know just what you are doing. If the video frame rate is improperly adjusted, your audio and video would not be synced properly as well.

* Enjoy the videos you have converted.

This should indeed be the last step to successful video software conversion. Once all of the conversions are completed, you can then move your files to your media device and start enjoying it!

This great software will help you get started whit video conversion, this tool will help you get started and make the process simple and easy even if you are not a professional video producer.

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