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Is Now The Right TIme To Ride On The Audio Books Trend

Avid book readers can now “listen”to their books while they are commuting to work or to school! Learning while you are traveling! With the advancement in digital technology,book readers are now downloading their favourite books from popular audio bookstore to their iPods and other MP3 players and it has become the next hottest trend in US and UK.

The audio books industry is the next big thing to watch out for! In UK, over $124 million worth of audio books were sold in 2004 and in Germany, over $120 million in 2005. Experts say that this year the market is expected to rise by 20% in Europe, and audio books seem to be even more popular in the USA.

According to the report from digital trends,research firm iSuppli is predicting that shipments of MP3 players are expected to rise by nearly a factor of four from 2004 to 2009 which means total MP3 player shipments will expand to 132 million units in 2009.

What’s more! According to a recent survey, in the USA a person is driving an average of 1 hour and 13 minutes daily, which means over 440 hours a year for each driver, or 11 full-time work weeks. This is huge! Imagine how many things you could learn during this time by simply having your MP3 player with audio books at hand.

Audio books is going to be the next hottest areas in publishing thanks to their convenience and ease of use

But why are audio versions a convenient way to “read” a book?

Audio books is a fast and convenient way to bring fun and expression in our books. It also help people in the development of hobbies, and enriched their knowledge such as foreign languages and other hobbies. People can remember faster when it is narrated to them.

Audio books will greatly enriching our lives, both personally and professionally.

1) You can listen to an audio book anywhere and everywhere and you can even do other things at the same time. You can listen when driving to and from work, when walking the dog, cycling, working around the house or at the computer, exercising, and so on.

2) If you love reading but don’t have a enough time, It really saves a lot of time especially when you truly want to enrich your knowledge by reading many books but just simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a book. You can listen at home while you are doing your housework, cooking, commuting to and fro from work.

3) Audio books are good for older, ill or recovering people and can be a wonderful gift for someone in a nursing institution. There are inspirational, motivational and spiritual audio books that could keep them positive and motivated about life. A positive mental health has an amazing energy to heal physically.

4) Audio books is a miracle to blind or people with impaired vision and disabled people. Everyone should have the chance to experience to enrich their knowledge and enjoy the wonders of a good book.

The most important skill a child can ever acquire is probably the ability to read and improve their vocabulary and communications when they listen to audio books while following the story in the paper book Audio books has narration and sound effects and can certainly instill your child’s love for reading and expression.

You can select a vast range of audio books from the following categories:

Arts & Drama Biography Business Crime & Thrillers Fiction Foreign Language Study Health & Recreation History Humor Juvenile Misc Radio Shows Religion & Spiritual Self Help TV & Film!

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Business Professionals: Are You Part Of The Download Audio Books Trend Yet?

Are you are a business professional? Then you are among the busiest of people in this world. They are often on the go during almost every waking hour and simply do not have the time they need to sit down and read a good book, let alone read a business book.

Typically, as you are a business professional you can have so many things going on all at once, it is difficult sometimes to even find time for family and friends let alone reading, which is where an audio business book comes in extremely handy.

If you have not started to download audio books from the internet you are missing a real treat. They are providing many business people with a great opportunity to use their time in a really effective way.

Today, your questions about audio books are answered. We will explain just how they can help the busy professional.

Can an audio business book help me manage my time?

Absolutely. With audio books, you are making the most of your time and effort. It takes a great deal of time to read a book page by page. How many people do you know that have the ability to read and drive at the same time? Is it really all that easy to eat and read at the same time? How about walking and reading or exercising and reading? None of which are particularly easy or even possible. So instead of having to take time out of your busy day for reading your book, now you can listen to an audio business book.

What formats do audio books come in?

What is great about audio books is that they cater to everyone, with the different varieties of formats available. For example, thanks to MP3 format you can download them to your MP3 player and listen while you walk, exercise, eat, and ride the subway or carry out almost any activity really.

With CD format, you can pop the CD into your portable CD player, your car CD player, or your home CD player and listen while you are on the way to work, doing your household chores, or exercising as well. The cassette format is still very popular today, but to download audio books has become so easy and fast, not to mention cheap that they are overtaking in the CD format in popularity.

How does an audio book help a professional?

Well, if you think about it, you often need to learn new skills and information that pertains to your business. Perhaps you have a client that speaks only a foreign language, instead of your native tongue. Well, there are audio books available that can help you learn a foreign language, all the while you are getting your work done, or making the most out of the little free time you get.

What types of audio books are there?

When it comes to the download audio books for business, there are many different varieties, such as foreign language, management, marketing as well as books on different programs, software, and techniques. A lot of research materials for projects and meetings can be found on audio books as well. An audio business book allows you to make the most out of your workday and personal time, which is something a busy professional does not get a great deal of time to enjoy.

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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Mp3 Audio Books – Traditional Mediums of Knowledge


Today, we shall apprise you with the world of MP3 Audio books. To begin with, an audio book implies a recorded spoken program that does not contain music. The growing popularity of portable music players like the iPod has given a push to the audio books market. The MP3 audio books include a set of literature that is recorded in a digital form. This digitally recorded form is subsequently downloaded into an MP3 player. These info-packed audio books are available at a very affordable price in different genres. Quite often, an audio book is created using the text-to- speech software.

MP3 Audio books are fast replacing the traditional mediums of knowledge like audio cassettes with study material from books, magazines and other reference sources. One can easily use a portable audio player to record and store the MP3 books. What’s more, one can even play and re-play them any number of times whilst commuting from and to one’s work place. One can listen to these MP3 files while remaining on the move as in one can listen to them at any time and from any place. One can listen to an MP3 audio book using his computer, mobile phone, Personal Digital Assistant, Compact Disc MP3 portable player, Play Station Portable, an iPod or even a DVD player.

These MP3 audio books are specially useful for educating young children. It has been observed that many times children tend to forget what they are taught in the classroom. Regular use of these digital books can aid them to recall their lessons in a short period of time without any hassle. These days more and more number of parents are using these digital devices to teach their children in a fun-filled way. In addition to this, a number of schools are using these digital books to teach blind students with unbelievable positive results.

Many self-help audio books ranging from public speaking to learning the art of meditation are available in the market. A huge number of online stores are selling mp3 audio books to the customers on a variety of subjects. The Audio Books have received wide public appreciation.

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The History Of Audio Books

It’s really amazing that you can get the exact value listening to an audio book while doing your normal chores as you would reading it.

Certain experts even say information sinks in more when we are not paying direct attention to them.

But when did this audio book phenomenon really start? In other words, what’s the history of audio books?

From all indications, audio books look like a very recent invention, right?


It is very easy to make the assumption that audio books are a recent invention because of the mention of CDs, downloadable digital formats, MP3s, PDAs and other technological jargons each time audio books are discussed. But audio books started a long time ago.

To know how long audio books have been, it is pertinent to understand exactly what audio books are.

Forget about any other jargon you have heard, audio books are simply books that are recorded to be heard, instead of read.

That being the case, such recordings of books in audio formats have been around for a very long time. If you want to be specific, it is safe to say they were first introduced over half a century ago.

It could even be longer, if you include the Library of Congress recordings made especially for the American Foundation for the Blind and distributed free throughout the U.S.

However, according to Robin Whitten, the editor and founder of the only magazine which is dedicated solely to the audio book industry:

Audiofile–, Caedmon (now a subsidiary of Harper Collins Publishers) can be credited to have started the recordings of literature as far back as 50 years ago.

Going further, he said Caedmon was just a small company way back then in New York, which started recording the audio of great authors and poets of the 1950s. Specifically, he said one of the earliest recordings were by greats such as Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, Fitzgerald and Robert Frost.

What happened then was that they were simply recorded while doing their own works and made as vinyl records.

But these early recordings can arguably pass off for the first collection of audio books ever.

However, the transition of these book recordings into audiocassette tapes didn’t happen until the late 1970s up to the 1980s. From thence, it blossomed until audio books in audiocassette tapes came to be accepted by all and sundry.

For whatever reason however, the audio book phenomenon didn’t really kick off until the 1990s.

And with the transition from audiocassette technology into CDs, more people have become interested in audio books.

With the advent of the Internet and its paraphernalia, audio books have now transited from vinyl records, audiocassette taps and CDs into downloadable digital formats that can be listened to with a desktop computer, laptop computer, PDAs, etc.

If you are still interested in “going back in time” you can get the original book recordings that started this audio book industry.


Not really.

Some of those early 1950s analog recordings by Caedmon which were performed by the greats of those days can be purchased today on the Internet.

For example, recently I was able to browse the Internet thoroughly and found the original recording of “The Lord of the Rings” as read by J.R.R. Tolken.

You can find that classic you have always dreamt of in audio book format if you search hard enough on the Internet.

Janet Rusky is an upcoming author who runs one of the best audio book stores on the internet where 7000 titles divided in hundreds of categories are available for immediate download.

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Buy Audio Books Online: Join the Revolution That is Currently Taking Place is perhaps the best place from where you ought to buy audio books online, because here you can find books on romance, history, literature and a whole lot of other categories as well. So, if you are looking for a book such as King’s Oak that has been written by Anne Rivers Siddons, will provide you with an excellent option. To help you in buying the right audio books online, Audible provides a small description about the book and this in turn will help you make up your mind as to which audio book to buy and decorate the bookshelves in your home.

Audiobooksonline.Com Is A Good Source

Another good option as far as buying audio books online goes is to check out Among several categories for you to choose from there are biographies, fiction, comedy, children’s, classics, non-fiction, crime and bestsellers as well as business. You can be sure that whatever your interest is this is one place from where you will be able to buy audio books online that will surely suit all of your needs.

It is places such as Audible and Audiobooksonline that makes the buying process very simple as they will provide you with an easy ordering system and along with a wide range of audio book selections to choose from; it is little wonder that people generally start to gravitate to these sites whenever the urge overcomes them to buy audio books online.

For those who have an unbridled passion for reading and who also have very little time to spare in order to read their favorite novels or books, audio books are surely the best solution for their reading requirements. Places such as Audible and Audiobooksonline have gathered together the best selection of audio books – is it on CD, tape or even ready to download – and so you will easily be able to buy audio books online from them and then use your ears to listen to the narration of the book even whilst driving, doing normal household chores or even whilst performing exercises.

The fact of the matter is that even if your little one wants to read Horrid Henry or you want to enjoy a gripping crime thriller; buying audio books online makes perfect sense; not only will your child stay busy and out of trouble, but you can also feel the excitement as the action unfolds over the speakers of your Mp3 player or audio system.

If you have savored the enjoyment of being able to listen to audio books online, you will no doubt have become a convert to this new form of reading. It follows that you will also try and convince your friends and family members to also follow suit. The fact of the matter is that once you have bought audio books online you will always be able to find the time to go through your favorite novel – even while being busy with other chores. So, why waste time pouring over pages of a paperback; join the new revolution that is taking place today and find a new and rich world of entertainment in the audio book.

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Behind the Scenes Creation of Audio Books

Many people have discovered the joys of listening to their favorite fiction authors on audio book, but not many realize the great detail and behind the scenes preparation that goes into the recording and production of an audio book. The total length of the audio book versions of the immensely popular “Harry Potter” series, for instance, is 117 hours and four minutes. According to officials at Listening Library, the Random House division that publishes the audio books, it would take five days to listen straight to all seven books. The final audio book in the series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” alone, s 21 hours, 38 minutes long and consists of 17 CDs or 12 audio cassettes. The narrator for all seven “Harry Potter” audio books is English actor Jim Dale, who has won Grammy awards for his performances of more than 200 characters in the fiction series. He holds the record for creating the most voices in an audio book in the Guinness Book of World Records. Recording audio books is tricky, says Dale, who only saw his material two or three days before his recording was to begin. And he never knew where the story was going as he never got the chance to read the entire book before he started. On a good day, Dale read the audio books at a rate of 18 to 20 pages an hour, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with several breaks to protect his voice. It usually took ten days to complete the audio book recordings. The published print version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is 784 pages, and it required almost two and a half weeks to record the audio book. The publishers kept digital files of all the voices Dale used so that he could recreate them for each audio book. But he had to take into the account the aging of the main characters Harry, Ron and Hermione, who started out as 10 and 11 in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and who are now 17 and 18 in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” For new characters, Dale used a tape recorder to record one or two sentences in a new voice and noted the place in the text. At the studio he would rewind until he found the right voice and play it back to refresh his memory before recording the audio book. The producers were great sticklers to being absolutely verbatim to the text of the audio books, and Dale admits there were many mistakes, especially when he stumbled on words not on the author’s list. He would have to record it in context in several ways to account for every possible pronunciation. “If she says ‘someone laughs, ha, ha, ha, and I do four ha’s,’ I am stopped and told, ‘Just do three,” says Dale. is a web-based company that provides fictional stories in the form of audio books for easy, daily download to email, cell phone, and other electronic media.

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Take Advantage of Audio Books For Better Time Management

Many of my friends, regardless of whether they are working or busy at home taking care of kids, never have the time to sit down and read their favourite book.

Work can tire you out as well and by the time you sit down, you just want to lie on your bed and start dozing off.

Many of us buy a lot of books but never had the chance to complete reading the book and some did not even have the chance to take the book out from the shopping bag even!

Does it sound familiar to you? We simply cannot find time to sit down and read a good book. This is not a good excuse and we all know it.

Have you ever wondered why the successful people are always busy and yet accomplish more things than the average man? Their secret lies in good time management. They maximize the use of their time even while they travel, jog or do other repetitive menial tasks that require less mental power.

During these times, they practice active listening to enrich themselves using audio books. How is this possible?

We can explain it by the analogy of riding a bicycle. When you are an experienced cyclist, you do not constantly think about how your legs should move and how your hands will turn. All these limb movements simply happen naturally, as if your subconscious mind is in control. You conscious brain can work on something else in this respect.

Audio books, being portable, fit in well with our modern day busy lifestyles. With an audio book, the narrator does the reading while the listener immerses himself in the information presented to him over voice and can still do other things. Indeed, it is multitasking in action!

In fact, audio books do offer other advantages over normal hardcover or paperback books. An obvious benefit is that they are more cost effective to produce than hardcover and paperbacks. Nature conservationists love books in audio format because it puts forth their notion to save more trees and keep planet Earth better than it is today.

Unlike reading a book which requires lighting, listening to an audio book can be done in the dark. This is ideal for settings where no lights are available or turning on lights might cause disturbances to those around you e.g. in air flights, camping tents and bedrooms at night. Just imagine your spouse can have her good night sleep while you can still enjoy what the audio book you are listening and keeping you awake has to offer.

While there is no great deal of time saved if you compare selecting the exact track you want to listen to flipping through several pages in the case of hardcover or paperback books, this functional feature should not be overlooked. It is only in darkness that one realizes its benefit lies in the ease of accessing the desired content to listen.

And how about a change in the way you tell bedside stories to get your kids to sleep? With an audio book you can simply play it for them until they fall asleep. Try it, you can possibly save the time you spend reading to your kids each night before they sleep!

Audio books that are specifically created for children are more fun than your reading can be. You probably were not trained to talk like the big bad wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood, right? But most of the narrators of children’s audio books were trained to read in ways children love.

I can go on and on telling you the benefits of audio books as a way to make effective use of your “dead” time. If you just a minute to visualize this…

With audio books you can now save that extra time you spend reading a chapter on your favorite motivational book each morning before you leave for work. Apart from saving extra time, you are gaining extra knowledge in the process.

You can simply put it on to play while you prepare for work or even play it in your car on your way to work.

No wonder children, adults and even oldies have fallen head over heels in love with audio books. Why shouldn’t they? You should as well.

Not only that, with the incredible advantage of listening to your favorite book instead of reading it, the popularity of audio books has now gone through the roof. There are now more and more book titles with audio book versions. Audio books are becoming a lucrative market for many working professionals, students and parents.

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Downloadable Audio Books – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Digital Formats

There are some disadvantages to having audio books available in so many different formats, such as tapes or CD. It is much more desirable to have downloadable audio books in digital formats, as these eliminate the problems that come with buying them on CD, such as cost, delivery time and physical storage. The opportunity to purchase downloadable audio books in digital format is much more convenient and less costly than buying books on tape or CD.

Pros of Downloadable Audio Books in Digital Format

You get audio books immediately when downloaded

They are much cheaper

You can get the latest produced audio books

Cons of Audio Books in CD or Cassette Format

The cost is higher

You have to wait for them to come in the mail

They take up physical storage space

There are far more advantages to buying an audio book online where you can download it immediately. You can get an audio book right away as opposed to waiting for it to be produced on cassette tape or CD. It is much more convenient, easy to do, costs less for you and the producer, as well as saving you time as you do not have to wait for an audio book to come in the mail. You can listen to it on various devices (PDAs, MP3 players, on your computer, and more) where and when you want to and as soon as it downloads.

However, it does take time to find an audio book, especially if you are searching for one in particular. You might find that it is not available at your favorite online audio book store and have to search elsewhere. Also, if you have a slow internet connection, it can take a long time to download an entire audio book. You might choose to download it at your office, local cafe or library.

Even with these minor disadvantages, they can all be solved. You can check out other online audio book stores, or even do a search of your own with your favorite search engine. However, if you do not know the name of the author or the title of the audio book, your search will certainly take a bit longer than it would if you already know them.

Even with these disadvantages, buying your downloadable audio books at an online store is still more desirable than buying your audio book on cassette or CD. The pros certainly outweigh the cons in getting your online audio books in a downloadable digital format.

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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Listening To Audio Books: Yesterday And Today

I am sure that you have heard that listening to something when you are sleeping, increases your chances of retaining that information.

That can be true, because when you are sleeping (or otherwise not really paying attention to what you are hearing), your subconscious is doing the work of taking in the information. Your conscious mind knows right from wrong and files information into different categories. However, your subconscious is completely different. It will take in the information no matter what is right or wrong.

A large number of people believe that the audio book was a very recent invention, but it is not! The Royal National Institute For The Blind created the first audio book in the 1920s. They were listened to on those old record players that you might see in a museum. They have a large horn and a crank handle. Back then, you had to turn the handle in order for the record player to be played and listened to. The audio book has come a long way since then.

You can now listen to audio books on CDs, MP3s, on your PDA and more. You can download an audio book and pay for it on the Internet in as little as a few minutes.

So, what exactly is an audio book?

Well, in the most simplest of explanations, audio books are just books that are meant to be listened to instead of read. Someone has to record his or her voice in a studio in order to create an audio book.

Audio books have been around for a very long time, first introduced in England in the 1920s! However, if we go even further back in time, there were audio books created by the Library of Congress in the United States. The Library of Congress was specifically created for the American Foundation for the Blind. Those audio books were distributed free of cost throughout the United States.

Believe it or not, there is one magazine published that particularly focuses on the audio book industry Audiofile, with Robin Whitten as the Founder and Editor of the magazine. According to Robin Whitten, Caedmon, which is now a subsidiary of Harper Collins Publishers,can be credited with having started the recording of literature as far back as fifty years ago.

Caedmon was a small business in New York that began recording the audio of authors and poets in the 1950s. Some of the most popular recordings at the Caedmon were of Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Fitzgerald, and others. In Caedmon, these authors recorded their own pieces of work and created records to be played. The precise history of the audio book can be argued and is a little controversial.

Of course, records turned into audio book cassette tapes during the sixties, seventies and eighties. However, the audio book gained popularity in the 1990s more than ever.

With the convenience and ease of the Internet, audio books have come a long way, from LPs, records and cassettes to CDs, MP3s, and PDAs. However, you do not have to listen to recently recorded audio books just because the formats have greatly changed over time. You can find and listen to old versions of audio books, even some of the first audio books ever created!

Copyright: Helen Wall

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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Audio Books- Freedom to Read Anywhere, Anytime

Do you have enough time to read a book? NO, you are too busy to read. These days everyone feel that they just don’t have enough time to read a book. By the time they crawl into bed they can’t even spend another 30mins trying to stay awake in order to read-– whether it is for entertainment or for learning.

A good solution for such problem is – Audio Books.

Listening to audio book is pleasant because it is so much easier and more fun to do so. Moreover, it doesn’t take as long to listen to a book as it would to read it. Audio books are attracting even more fans because famous narrators are lending their voices to read them.

You save heaps of time because you are able to listen to an audio book anywhere and everywhere – and the best part is you can do something else at the same time. Think of all the possibilities – you can listen while driving to and from work, cycling, doing errands around the house, while exercising – the list is endless.

The popularity of audio books has now gone through the roof. The simple reason is we can use audio books for better time management. Downloading audio titles is easy and quick. You don’t need to wait for the shipment to arrive or find a particular book at the bookstore.

Audio books can be downloaded straight away from the internet. All you need to do is go to a niche website, find the audio book you want and simply click the buy button to download the file. Many times, you can even download for free. Depending on the size it takes some time to download… but in all it should not take more than a few minutes.

You can immediately access audio books and download the files onto your computer, digital mp3 player, IPOD or mobile phone. When you download audio books, you can listen to the “spoken word” right from your own personal computer or you can save the audio book file to a CD. The CD can be played anywhere. In addition, the internet allows you to easily search and locate specific titles of interest or to browse your favorite book categories.

Many people find that once they begin listening to audio books, they become addicted. There are now hundreds of thousands of titles in audio format. Audio books are becoming a lucrative marketplace for many working people, children and parents.

Paul Proctor has been in Internet marketing for 14 months and before was a confirmed Geek, veterinary surgeon and audiophile! Here is one of his website from where you can not only download faster but also get superior quality audio books. For more information click here:

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