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Business Professionals: Are You Part Of The Download Audio Books Trend Yet?

Are you are a business professional? Then you are among the busiest of people in this world. They are often on the go during almost every waking hour and simply do not have the time they need to sit down and read a good book, let alone read a business book.

Typically, as you are a business professional you can have so many things going on all at once, it is difficult sometimes to even find time for family and friends let alone reading, which is where an audio business book comes in extremely handy.

If you have not started to download audio books from the internet you are missing a real treat. They are providing many business people with a great opportunity to use their time in a really effective way.

Today, your questions about audio books are answered. We will explain just how they can help the busy professional.

Can an audio business book help me manage my time?

Absolutely. With audio books, you are making the most of your time and effort. It takes a great deal of time to read a book page by page. How many people do you know that have the ability to read and drive at the same time? Is it really all that easy to eat and read at the same time? How about walking and reading or exercising and reading? None of which are particularly easy or even possible. So instead of having to take time out of your busy day for reading your book, now you can listen to an audio business book.

What formats do audio books come in?

What is great about audio books is that they cater to everyone, with the different varieties of formats available. For example, thanks to MP3 format you can download them to your MP3 player and listen while you walk, exercise, eat, and ride the subway or carry out almost any activity really.

With CD format, you can pop the CD into your portable CD player, your car CD player, or your home CD player and listen while you are on the way to work, doing your household chores, or exercising as well. The cassette format is still very popular today, but to download audio books has become so easy and fast, not to mention cheap that they are overtaking in the CD format in popularity.

How does an audio book help a professional?

Well, if you think about it, you often need to learn new skills and information that pertains to your business. Perhaps you have a client that speaks only a foreign language, instead of your native tongue. Well, there are audio books available that can help you learn a foreign language, all the while you are getting your work done, or making the most out of the little free time you get.

What types of audio books are there?

When it comes to the download audio books for business, there are many different varieties, such as foreign language, management, marketing as well as books on different programs, software, and techniques. A lot of research materials for projects and meetings can be found on audio books as well. An audio business book allows you to make the most out of your workday and personal time, which is something a busy professional does not get a great deal of time to enjoy.

Helen Wall is the author of this article. Visit to download audio books from an extensive range of titles from top publishers. Join the free newsletter now and get to know about the latest hot off the press titles, receive time limited special offers and discounts, before anyone else.

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Web Video Production for Business – A Simple Guide

It is now the beginning of 2009 and we, the ardent users of interactive technology are riding the crest of a Golden Wave of web video and corporate website video possibilities. I have no doubt that in a conceptually altered Chinese calendar this would be the ‘Year of the WebVideo’ in all its’ various forms and methods of deployment. Anyhow, i’ve been reading up on the subject and this is the impression i’m getting from people in the know.

Technology has again moved forward and new encoding procedures coupled with a general awareness of narrative have brought the great and fantastic possibilities of video, online and into the hands of the common man.

His or her under £150,000 gross operation is obviously crying out for an effective means of one on one communication and somewhere along the line I read that potential customers are 4 times more likely to become actual customers if your web presence is graced with the luminance of video. People buy off people! CEO’s everywhere have, for some time now been scrambling to put into place the most efficient systems and operations that will fully exploit this ardently touted paradigm shift in online visual expectancy.

The figures are all there. Findings in the American market have indicated that the number of consumers who actively engaged in the viewing of online video rose by 18% in the second half of 2006. A total of 3.7 billion streams having been watched. Male to female ratios stand close to even on a 52-48 percentage scale. Surprisingly in 2006 it was Yahoo Video that led the pack with around 21 million visitors a month.

MySpace came in a close second with around 20 million a month. So with the stats in mind I guess it wasn’t that surprising to see Google swallow up YouTube which was getting around 16 million faces a month.

According to Jack Flanegan, executive vice president of ComScore Media Metrix who, amongst other things provide detailed analysis of online consumer activity is quoted as saying: “Consumers clearly view video as one of the most accessible, interesting and entertaining sources of content on the web”. And, well…I completely agree. Video has an accessible grounding in reality, and… all things considered… there’s a thirst for it. We are all obsessed with peeping through the crack in the doorway, watching without ‘being watched’.

Video was built for this kind of mentality. There’s no way I would be writing this blog about some useless, defective communication format sent to the archives of history to hang out with smoke signals. Oh no, not me! I am here and now and so is online video, and in this here and now if you want to make some money through your online presence, WebVideos are the progressive medium you should employ.

Ditch the expensive call centers and put your customer service rep on your site in an interactive video display for first hand guidance. Why have a static image of your product when a WebVideo can shift more units. Go ahead, make that play for a full grasp of socially relevant media deployment, move forward, gain the edge. This is the 21st Century in the history of the fine beast that is man. What? You don’t have video on your website?

How to do you maintain peoples interest? Things must be so tough for you. How are you coping? Anyhow that’s what people were saying about websites and that soon caught on. Now look where we are. If the internet is just another room to peer into then it stands to reason that it’s gotta have a TV in the corner.

So how do you go about employing video on your website? What is the right format? More importantly, what should it look like? Obviously with the advent of new encoding procedures it has become incredibly easy for web deployment of video. At the forefront of this new wave of encoding is the On2 VP6 codec which is used primarily by Macromedia Flash 8 and up. The ‘flash player’ is freely available for download and is reportedly on 96% of all internet configured Windows & Macintosh computers. Which is pretty high as far as stats go. Java (84%), Windows Media Player (87%) and Apple Quicktime (59%) all trail behind.

Flash enables anyone to stream videos from their browsers cache at a fraction of the size of other formats thanks to the On2 VP6 compression. Also it has a whole different level of options for interactivity that none of the others have. With flash you can play a hundred videos through the same file without leaving the page and tag a form on the end of the video asking for comments. This is sure to keep people immersed in an interactive video experience. WARNING – Ideas not supplied. Well… not for free that’s for sure. Flash was built for the active medium of the internet and it’s flourishing.

Micro-sites or the huge rise of .tv sites are the high end of video usage for a lot of companies, but high end means high prices, maybe six grand upwards is not in your budget. The average business will probably find use for a handful of videos for an initial outlay of a couple of grand. Obviously there will be niche markets out there where the businesses will have to have video on their site and cannot function without it. Soon enough though it will all be like that. As prophetic as that sounds, I can only image this sort of thing snowballing. Remember the Golden Wave. Ride it and flourish. For if you don’t, it will drown you.

Anyhow, there are companies out there that will put together a 1 minute video for you for around £500, but i’ve seen these videos and from a professional standpoint I know they are operating on a second rate level. The obvious lack of perfectionist ideals and aspirations belongs only to the guy who amazes himself too easily. Another form of online video is the 30 second slot on the homepage. This is fast becoming the successor to the animated header.

The web has for the most part been a silent affair, with users choosing to listen to their favorite band whilst surfing away. Video is changing that and users are becoming used to a little noise. Over time the expectancy values will change and sound on every website will no doubt become a normal affair. This is why a 30 second, dynamic montage based intro will succeed.

Next up is the talking head which can run anywhere from between 20 seconds to 3 minutes long. The talking head can offer a much subtler welcome message and when combined with the use of graphic elements and transparent backgrounds it can still retain an element of entertainment. It has a keen simplicity that doesn’t overload the user and can be acquired for around a grand a minute and upwards, depending on your demands for graphics or titles.

Product or service explanations are very popular uses of the talking head by many companies from insurance to mobile phones. A sort of very subtle advert or showcase to watch at the users discretion. I mean why have bunch of still photographs taken from every conceivable angle when for a little extra cash you can have a 30 second video of someone showcasing the product.

No doubt the usual link to ‘enlarge image’ will change to something like ‘view product video’. A handful of these could be produced for around £500 a pop and considering the ‘click through’ rate you’re bound to make your money back shifting extra units.

All this of course is small change in comparison to what the majority of people are responding to. That my less than inebriated readers is of course, entertainment! By far the single most popular use of video ever. Billions of people, like fragmented herds of hedonistic swine, completely alienated from police state politics are lining up with baited breath for the latest ‘close shave’ video or some pair of seventeen year old girls trying their hand at singing Whitney Houstens’ “I Will Always Love You’. This is bedroom theatre at its’ greatest. This is where the mainstay of WebVideo opportunity lies.

Well… where does this leave the average website I hear you bleat? Simple. Format popularity has very specific impacts on everyday habit and culture. Just look at how far the viewing screen itself has come in all its’ varying forms. The impact entertainment video has on the web is perfectly aligned with a certain expectancy. Users grow through saturation of an idea to expect an element of it in all aspects their everyday lives.

The majority of the world still have boring day jobs and they still yearn for excitement and entertainment. The more saturated we become with online video entertainment as it stands the more demanding we will become. Static websites will always be around because some things need to be static, but hey… if it can be brought to life it better be, cause otherwise i’m outta yer. Boring!!!

The web may well be conceptually as a whole a fascinating work of art, but individual sites are but a mere brush stroke on a gigantic canvas of information. There are a lot of people in the world, maybe 7 billion in all and a few billion of these have internet ready computers, a thirst for entertainment, short attention span and a pocket full of cash to spend on anything that can hold their interest long enough to get their bank card out. If you haven’t got video on your website in one form or another, well… what have you got?

After an early career in the Steel industry Mark studied Graphic Design at his local university. He then went on to work for a number of years as creative director of Mannenberg Ltd. Here he managed all creative output from Nationally based magazines to website design and other aspects of the design canon.The past few years has seen him work as a freelance Graphic Designer for various clients. Mark is a founding members of WebVideos. To find out more please visit:

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Making Video Marketing Work For Your Business

There’s something a little sneaky about video marketing. This method that currently has so much impact in the online world has the ability to come off more like entertainment than a form of advertising, but it works! How many marketing methods are truly able to pull this off? As the ultimate tool to connect with customers in a unique and creative way, video marketing has proven to be a powerhouse when it comes to increasing traffic and the all important return-on-investment.

Perhaps you have never considered video marketing for yourself or have just thought the method was out of your league; now may be the right time to try your hand at something that is producing massive results for IMers-both the veterans and the newbies.

The popularity of video is evident in YouTube video traffic numbers alone. More than 1,000,000 videos are viewed on YouTube each and every day. The amount of time people spend watching these videos is significant, and it you may be easier than you think to get your videos viewed by your target market.

In addition to the sheer traffic videos attract, another benefit to video marketing is its cost effectiveness and ease-of-use once you get the hang of it. You also have the freedom to make the kind of video you want to make. You can go all out and do something very wild and crazy and creative to get the attention of viewers, or you can produce videos that are information-packed and provide an educational service to your customers. The choice is yours, but ultimately the purpose of video marketing is the same as the purpose of blogs, articles and advertisements: TRAFFIC.

With your videos, you are essentially establishing a connection with potential customers, giving them a taste of who you are and what your business is all about. Many marketers believe it’s much easier to create such a connection through video rather than through the written word or even a flashy advertisement. The reason? Today’s customers are very visual, and they like to be entertained, which is why videos fit the bill quite nicely.

Where do you begin with video marketing?

If you are trying to get your video marketing efforts off the ground, you may find it helpful to go with a system to help you step-by-step. Traffic Geyser is one program that guides you through the process involved in the creation, distribution and promotion of your videos. It can be of great benefit to have all you need for your video marketing efforts through one easy-to-use site and system.

However, if such a program isn’t in your budget, it is also possible to find what you need online quite often for free. From video marketing tips and strategies to free tools to help you create and distribute your videos, some solid research will help you to come up with what you need to use video marketing effectively.

While for some marketers the video creation process is most challenging, for others it is coming up with ideas and a purpose for the actual video that provides a stumbling block. If you are stumped for ideas when it comes to your videos, consider some of these:

- Pump up your customer list by offering free informational videos in exchange for their contact info.
- Use videos to provide buzz and excitement for a specific product launch.
- Produce videos that can add value to your site with an educational video series or another way to provide a service to your site visitors.
- Help your visitors get to know who you are through introducing yourself in a video.
- Pitch your product or service with a creative video or two.

Even if video marketing is foreign territory, don’t let the unknown intimidate you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to increasing your traffic potential and sales using video. Even a newbie to the IM world can develop a video of worth to potential customers. Now is the time to get involved in this video marketing wave. If you don’t, someone else will, and they may just take your customers.

To learn more about video marketing and Traffic Geyser visit TheWebReviewer.

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Video Games Suppliers or Video Games Distributors For Business?

Video games suppliers were already doing business in the internet without video games distributors during the early years of the video game business in the internet. During those early years there were only two players in the video games business: the video games suppliers and the video games retailers. The video games retailers were only those who had website stores and sold video games to online clients supplied to them by suppliers.

Originally, suppliers of these video games were usually the marketing department of the company that made the video games. As the competition for the production of new video games and its marketing heated, affiliated companies involved in the manufacture of video games began to realize that they can save more if they just concentrate in video games production and let other middlemen do the marketing for them. A perfect example of leverage and delegation for sure!

This concept gave birth to the wholesale distributorship of video games. Soon, wholesale video games distributors were already the ones supplying the video games need of both the online and offline retail outlets.

With this set up, wholesale distributors will purchase from the video games suppliers or maker of the video games the finished products and will be the ones to distribute them to their respective retailer outlets at wholesale prices. Depending on their arrangement with suppliers, the cost of marketing tools like stickers, leaflets, posters and even TV and print media ads will either be shouldered by supplier or wholesale distributor.

Some knockout differences between the two and things you should know about how they conduct their business most of the time. In Terms of Ownership: Suppliers are usually the sales department of a firm engaged in the production or bulk distribution for some companies for video games.

Originally, they were supposed to be tasked the marketing and distribution of their products, but to save on cost, they are now mainly the servicing department for privately owned wholesale distributors who would purchase their products in bulk orders and distribute them to online and offline retailers at wholesale prices. Thus, suppliers are owned by the manufacturer of goods while distributors are privately owned firms that buy goods in bulk from the supplier.

In Terms of Function: In most cases, video games distributors have exclusive contracts with suppliers that would make distributors the only firm to market the video game products of their company. As such, suppliers will have only to sell direct to the wholesale distributors.

On the other hand, wholesale distributors will be the one who will function to market the products they bought from the suppliers. Their distribution of the video game products will include both online and offline retail.

In terms of effort, it is the wholesaler distributor who is tasked with the burden in making sure that the video games will be popular with players. But in terms of profit, he also has the most to gain because of the volume of transaction that he handles among the video game retailers that he supplies.

In a sense, video game distributors have the freedom to be retailers as an additional option to maximize profitability while video game suppliers would be more than happy seeing their products well marketed by video game distributors. So what is better for you may be the next question you may ask perhaps?

Finding Video Games Distributors is one of the business components Joaquin serves as reference source, e-commerce coach and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the acquirement of in-demand Video Games Suppliers

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5 Great Ideas to Market Your Business With Video

Successful online marketing requires that you keep your marketing and website fresh. One of the best ways to do this is with new and innovative, and interactive, marketing techniques.  Currently, one of the growing mediums is the use of video to interact with and engage potential clients.  Here are 5 great ideas to use this fantastic medium.

1. Give away free video tutorials

What’s better than visiting a website that can show you how to do something useful?  For example, imagine that you have a website that sells mediation supplies. Cushions, altars, music, books etc…one great marketing video idea is to provide your website visitors with a quick video demonstrating how to use a product you sell on your website.  Even better would be to create a video that demonstrates a popular meditation technique.

Another example might be a website that sells information about pet training.  The video could be an image of an expert using a superior training technique to train their dog or bird an interesting or useful trick.  For example, teaching a dog to sit might be useful but demonstrating how to teach your dog to grab a beer from the refrigerator might me more interesting and exciting.  It all depends on your target market and their needs.

2. Video testimonials on your website.

Credibility is extremely important to a business.  If you’re considered an expert in your field, product or service, you don’t have to seek customers, they seek you.  Credibility can be enhanced by a variety of tools including but not limited to testimonials.

Let me just ask you this question, which would you spend $500 on, a product you thought was a good product or a product you knew was a good product because relevant and quality testimonials, success stories, and endorsements were available for you to review?  Personally, I’m much more likely to spend my money on a product with evidence to back it up.  Video is a useful tool to provide this credibility.

For example, you can ask customers to send in video testimonials, create a contest out of it to make it more fun.  Now it’s both a marketing campaign and an excellent credibility tool.  You can also take the time to visit some of your biggest fans and record testimonials.  Case studies and success stories are extremely motivational. They enable your prospective customer to not only see how successful they can be but to also connect with your customer on a personal level.  Speaking of connecting with your customer on a personal level, let’s move to the next great way to use video.

3.  Video welcome message.

Many businesses are enhanced by connecting on a personal level with your customer.  For example, if you’re selling a consulting service, a coaching service, or any type of product or service that helps people improve their personal lives, it can be extremely beneficial to share some of yourself  with them.  An easy way to do this is to connect with them via a video welcome          message.

It doesn’t have to be long, just a 60 second spot where you’re sincerely welcoming them to your site and inviting them to take the steps they need to improve their lives.  It provides reassurance that you’re a real and genuine person and encourages them to take the next step whether that is to make a purchase, make an appointment or simply to inquire and ask for more information.

4. Interview an expert.
Interviewing an expert is an excellent tool to draw traffic to your website.  You can offer the interview as a free giveaway in exchange for their email address. You can promote the interview as a limited time offer when they make a purchase.  You can simply use the interview with an expert as a way to improve your company’s credibility.  There are many, many uses for a video interview with an expert.  You can even use a portion of it to create a video advertisement.

5. Create an advertisement.
Advertising is a great way to market your business and video makes it easy.  You can create an ad and post it on YouTube.  You can also create a You Tube video and embed it on your site or pay others to post it on their site.  When creating a video advertisement, there are a few things that sell well.  They are:

· Humor.
· Talent
· Celebrities
· Special effects
· Animal/pet tricks
· Cute kids
· Spoofs

The key to any advertisement is to make sure it is both memorable, unique, and that it communicates the benefits of your product.  A good video advertisement will be forwarded and shared amongst fans thus generating a viral effect.

Videos must be quality or they will hurt your image rather than enhance it.  There are numerous tools available on the web to create quality videos.  YouTube is one of the most commonly used.  This is because it is fairly simple to use.

The steps to create a YouTube video are:

To first make your video.  In order for your video to be viewable via YouTube, it video has to be taken with a digital device like a digital camcorder, a digital camera, or a cell phone.  I’ve taken movies of my dog with my cell phone and depending on your cell phone’s camera, they can be very good quality.

To upload it from a digital camera or camcorder, it is important to know that any video uploaded into YouTube must be less than 10 minutes long, smaller than 100MB, and in an acceptable format, .AVI, .MOV, .WMV, and .MPG file formats.

Once you have your video in the right format, simply get online and go to the YouTube site.  Click “Upload Videos” in the upper-right-hand corner of the page and enter the video’s title, description, tags, and category to make it easy for people to find your video, and forward to others.  Set your video to Public Click the “Upload a Video” button and then select the file you want to upload by clicking the “Browse” button.

That’s it. You have now created a highly interactive and viral marketing tool that you can use to build your business.

Jeremy Gislason is a leading expert on membership sites, marketing and online business. Check out the world’s leading client and content management system to skyrocket your sales at

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Who Uses Web Videos to Promote Business

After learning a little about web videos for advertising, you may be asking yourself just what type of businesses are taking advantages of this medium? The answers are just about everyone who understands the concept of entertainment in advertising.

Just about every business that has a website on the internet is now adding some sort of video advertising to their sites. This includes car dealerships, travel agents, real estate agents and even manufacturers. They realize that they get the attention of a viewer right away if a video comes onto the screen instead of a simple advertisement.

Department stores are also beginning to use video advertising on the internet not only on their websites, but also on internet advertising engines such as Google. It simply captures the attention of a potential buyer more than just a plain photo.

Imagine that you have a website that sells T-shirts, for example. A person goes to your website and sees a variety of T-shirts that are for sale. These are often pictured in photos either by themselves or on models. The prices are included, along with an ordering form. Most websites have a search option so if someone is looking for a particular T-shirt, they can find it easier.

The reason models are depicted in T-shirts is to make the product more attractive. More people are apt to purchase a garment featured on a striking model than an average person or on a mannequin. This is simply another way people are visual. They imagine themselves as the model in the T-shirt and feel that they will also look this way once the garment is acquired.

Now imagine you have this same website but decide to implement video advertising as part of your campaign. Instead of clicking on to a website that just depicts a bunch of models in T-shirts, you have a video where a model is wearing the T-shirt and talking about how much she loves her T-shirts from your company.
Or, you decide to go the humor route. A video depicts an unpopular, geeky kid wearing a white shirt with a pencil protector in the pocket and getting his books knocked out of his hands at school. He says something like “I’ve had enough of this, I’m getting myself over to XXX T-shirt company!”

The next clip shows the same student wearing one of the T-shirts and surrounded by a bevy of women. He winks at the camera and says, “XXX T-shirt changed my life – they can change yours, too.”

Corny? Yes. But entertaining and memorable. As a matter of fact, the more humor or unusual aspects you can add to your video, the more people will remember it. They may even like it so much that they post it on their blog or on “You Tube.” Then you get even more advertising for your business. For free.
Travel agents are quickly discovering that video is the way to go when it comes to advertising on the internet. More and more travel agencies are not just depicting photos of exotic places, but videos of the attractions that can be seen when visiting these places. People feel as though they are taking a trip. They sometimes call this a “virtual tour” and it is really quite effective. A virtual tour takes the viewer on a mini vacation all from their home computer. They get to see highlights of the wonderful sights, the hotels, the beaches and a lot of people enjoying themselves. This sparks their imagination. They envision themselves on the tour and it makes them want to visit as well. The more someone knows about the positive aspects of a particular tour, country or vacation spot, the more apt they are to want to book a vacation to this destination.

Speaking of virtual tours, we have already talked about real estate agents in a previous article. Many real estate companies are now adding video advertising to their websites. Instead of just seeing photos of a home, they see the entire home, just as they were touring it.

In addition to large businesses and professionals using video advertising on the internet, musicians are learning the value of this technology to promote their music and bands. Music videos came out in the 1980s and were frequently depicted on MTV. This was a very popular concept, but soon became very competitive. More and more money was being used to make a more “creative video” for the band. Bands who had creative videos depicting models or something unusual were selling more music than other bands who did not have the capital to create such videos.

In the 1980s, video cameras cost over $1,000. And if you wanted the video to look professional, you had to hire a director and some actors. The music videos of the 1980s were actual commercials for a particular artist or a band. And they cost a lot of money to produce.

Today not only professional musicians advertise by video on the internet, but amateurs as well. Video cameras no longer cost over $1,000. They are easy to use and the content can easily be downloaded into a personal computer. It is just as easy to upload a video into your webpage as it is to upload a photograph or some music. This allowed amateur musicians to began promoting their bands on the internet. On MySpace, for example, there are thousands of artists doing this. They do not even have to pay for their MySpace page. It is free. They simply have to have someone film their act with a camcorder, upload it to their site and they are advertising for free on the internet. It sure beats the old days of recording demos for thousands of dollars and trying to find someone on the radio to play them.

Individuals who have something unique to sell are also using video advertising on the internet. They can do this with little or no expense if they choose a venue like You Tube. You Tube allows anyone who is a member to upload their videos for others to see. The more clever the video, the better chance of it being discovered. If you want to draw people to your website, mention it in your funny video and put it on YouTube. Millions of people use this website every day. The videos are often either e-mailed to friends or put on blogs and other spaces. Suppose you have invented a special item to sell. You have a patent but have no idea how to sell it. You have a website and are trying to promote it, but are not having much luck. You can advertise on television, but it costs a fortune; even on cable TV.

Maybe you can come up with a funny video that will draw people to your website that involves your product. You can post this on your site and then wait for people to discover the ad. You can also place it on such video websites as YouTube.

Have you ever dated on the internet? Guess what? You are advertising yourself. You are adverting yourself in the hopes of finding a perfect mate. Many people put false photos of themselves on these sites and many internet daters have grown leery of some of the ads. Yet internet dating is big business. In today’s busy world, few people have time to go out and meet a special someone. So many people are taking advantage of the internet dating world.

Some internet dating sites offer their clients a way to communicate with another individual through video instead of just plain text. For a small fee, they can post a video of themselves on the site and talk about their likes, and dislikes. In addition to just seeing a photo, a person who is interested also gets to hear a voice and finds out a little bit more about the person he or she is thinking of contacting. It is very difficult to ascertain what a person is like from a photograph. They may have a voice that sounds like Mickey Mouse and really gets on your nerves. Or they may have an engaging smile and a sexy voice that you really find attractive. This person may look similar to many others who have turned up as your “match,” but chances are, you will watch the video and, if you like what you see, you will be more inclined to contact the individual. They will seem like a real person to you, instead of a photograph and text profile.

Car dealerships are another business that is using video technology to advertise on the internet. Car dealerships have always been known for their “over the top” approach to advertising. They sometimes run specials depicting happy customers getting great deals, or they show a video of a car being driven down the road and being able to make great turns. This cost them much less than advertising on television.

No matter what business you are in, video advertising on the internet can help you attract more customers, gain more exposure for your company and generate new leads and sales. Best of all, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to use. We will discuss how you can do this in a later article.

Sam Stevens has designed and managed web sites for over 10 years. Get noticed today and learn how to add video to web pages when you check out The material found here is an excerpt from the book Video Marketing Profits. Expand your general online marketing effort and skills by visiting today!

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Online Audio Advertising – How to Boost Your Internet Business With Online Audio Advertising

Online audio advertising is becoming more popular by the day. Internet marketers have realized that using audio can drastically increase conversion rates. You may have noticed that a large majority of sales pages (particularly relating to information products) utilize audio and/or video. This is no coincidence.

Good marketers split test their sales pages and have come to the conclusion that using audio simply makes the prospective buyer feel more at ease and forges a relationship that is not possible with text alone.

Online audio advertising relates not just to the audio on a sales page, but also to any audio used to attract visitors to that sales page. These can include podcasts, interviews and teleconferences as well as a variety of other strategies.

The aim of online audio advertising is to gain recognition, build trust and ultimately convert your listeners into buyers.

Producing audio for online marketing purposes is easy. You do not need an expensive, elaborate set up. Just a simple inexpensive microphone and some free software can do the trick for you.

Of course, if you wish to do fancy effects and editing, then you will need a more advanced set up. However, for the majority of uses, this will suffice. If you already use Camtasia to produce videos, then you can also use it for audio recording and production.

Many marketers realize the benefit that online audio advertising brings to their business, but feel that they do not have a great voice, or are ultimately just too shy to broadcast their own voice.

In this case, it can be ideal to hire a voice over person. Whilst the voice over person should not necessarily claim to be you (although this is possible), they can act as a partner in the business or simply as a professional guide.

This is a good option for those marketers who are not yet comfortable recording their own voice. Keep in mind, however, that by using your own voice you are gaining considerably more credibility amongst your audience.

The quality of your audio recording is extremely important. A low quality audio recording will give the impression that you are unprofessional. This will reflect badly upon your product and on you. You may even lose a large amount of sales solely due to a poor quality audio recording.

If you are unsure of how to record a high quality recording, then this can also be outsourced. There are many great audio production specialists online who are willing to work for a small amount of money. Hiring one of these people can save you time, headaches and increase your conversion rate.

Online audio advertising is going to become more prominent as the years go by. Many sites now play an audio file as soon as the site loads. The benefits of this are debated, so it is wise to give your visitors the option to play the recording as they wish. You will find that most people will be willing to listen to your audio, provided it is interesting and clear.

Discover a breakthrough audio management software to provide downloadable or streaming audio for your visitors and members. With this, you can provide your members with great content, or simply create a music store-style site with paid and free access. For more info, go to:

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Why Market Your Online Business With Audio?

Let’s face it, keeping your marketing mix fresh can be a real challenge.  You’ve done the article marketing thing.  You’ve planned email marketing campaigns, promotions, joint ventures, linking, ebooks, advertising, giveaways, and maybe even direct mail.  What’s left?  What can you do to interact with your customers, engage and excite them, and encourage traffic and promotion?  The answer?  Audio marketing.

Here’s how audio can enhance your online business marketing plan.

Marketing with audio enables you to personally connect to your audience.  Ever turn to the last page of a book to see what the author looks like?  I do that all the time.  What about visiting a web page and searching the about us page so you can learn a little bit about who runs the business?  I do that too and I’d like to think I’m not just a voyeur and that I am like most people and I want to connect a little bit with the companies I shop from and interact with.

When you provide an audio on your file, you give visitors the opportunity to hear your voice and connect with you for a few seconds.  You can use your audio file to say hello, to tell them a little bit about yourself and why you created your company or to jump right into a sales pitch and tell folks why your product or service will change their lives.  When they hear it from you, they may be more likely to believe it.

One suggestion when you’re creating your audio file is to consider making listening to it optional. I only say this because many people surf online when they’re not really supposed to.  Maybe their at work or at the library or even at home while they’re watching television and the last thing they want is to click on your site and have your voice, as wonderful as it is, break the silence.  It’s a dead giveaway to their boss that they’re not working and it can be irritating if they’re surfing in a quiet location.

When you include an audio file on your business website, consider your visitors and maybe add a button they need to click on to listen to it.  Another option is to test which works better, an audio that begins 30 seconds after they’ve arrived on your site or an audio they have to click on.  That way you know you’re meeting your customer’s needs.

Another reason to use audio is that it is a fantastic medium to offer free products like an audio tutorial. A free MP3 is an excellent trade for an email address.  Additionally, there are now many information based websites that offer tons of written content and also tons of audio tutorials.  Visitors can click on the links to listen to the material and learn, they can download it to their computer to listen to later or they can transfer the audio file to their MP3 player and listen to it when they’re in the car.  They can also share it with friends and increase the exposure of your company.

Audio tutorials are excellent however what about audio books, audio reports, recorded interviews, recorded workshops and more.

Audio is incredibly cost effective.

In fact, there are many tools on the web that make creating an audio file and embedding it on your website virtually cost free. Audio programs like Audacity, which is an open source program, enables you to record telephone interviews or conference calls and save them as MP3s.  You’ll need a few tools like a simple converter but they generally cost less than $50.00.

Additionally, it only costs you to produce the file once but you’ll be using it hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of times.  AND when you create an audio file in the form of a CD giveaway the production costs are extremely minimal.  That being said, the majority of people prefer digital audio files which is more cost effective for you.  One thing to consider when creating an audio file is that it needs to be quality.  If people cannot hear you or understand you, or they’re hearing your dog barking in the background, then you’re going to lose credibility and the effect you’re going for.

One of the benefits of audio is that it is easy to convert print into audio.  For example, let’s say you have a report that has done well as a content piece, transferring it into an audio file is as easy as speaking into a microphone.

When recording print copy, it is important to make sure you sound natural.  A great way to do this is to read it aloud a few times to get the hang of the copy and then ad lib.  Read the copy like you’re talking to a friend.  Add contractions, pauses, and even a joke or two where appropriate.  If you’re not comfortable with this task or the project just isn’t turning out how you want it to, consider hiring a voice to record the copy for you.

It is also really easy to take an audio file and transfer it into a print product.  For example, you can interview an expert and market that audio, have it transcribed and sell the transcribed product or give it away as a separate promotion.  Your only cost is the cost of transcription – about $15/hour.

Podcasts are growing by leaps and bounds, now you can easily reach your audience weekly via your voice, rather than via email Ezines.  Podcasts are viral and can be shared and recommended by fans and they’re an excellent, cost effective way to communicate with your audience on a regular basis.

There are so many reasons to use audio to market your business.  It’s cost effective, easy to use, interactive and it enables you to communicate directly with your customers on a more personal level. It’s a great tool.  Include it in your marketing plan today!

Jeremy Gislason is a leading expert on membership sites, marketing and online business. Check out the world’s leading client and content management system to skyrocket your sales at

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