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Create Video Cvs With Powerpoint and Get a Job Now

The global financial crisis has increased world unemployment by an estimated 20 million women and men.  In the New Year 2009, ton of people are thrown in the job hunting. In order to find a job in this time of economic stress, we are required to be more confident, more skilled in the job hunting with our competitor.  The resumes or the CVs (CVs are used throughout most of the world, while resumes are the common format in America), as the first impression to the employers, are the key for impressing the HR managers. So, create a resume or CV with our creative idea is very intelligent, one of these creative ideas is creating a Video resumes (CV).

Video resumes (CVs) have actually been around for more than a decade. As Time magazine reported this year, some businesses were offering video resumes (CVs) in the United States in the mid-90s. Because there are many disadvantages on Video resumes (CVs), just like it was hard to create, difficult to edit, large for storing and too long to view.  Video resumes (CVs) are not popular in those years. But now, with the advent of broadband, cheap recorders, DVDs and hard drives with more grunt than we dreamed of just 10 years ago, video resumes (CVs) started to gain ground, you can see the data below:

“New research from career publisher Vault Inc found that 89% of American employers would watch a video resume (CV) if it were submitted to them, although only 17% have seen one. More than half said they believe such CVs will become a common addition to future job applications”

OK, now we know that the video resumes (CVs) are popular these days, but the problem is that not every can create a video CVs smartly.  When we need to edit our video resumes (CVs) it is very inconveniently. How can we avoid these problems?
 Most Windows users are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. It is probably the most common and easiest to use “Digital Presentation” by combining text, images, charts and graphic elements in a slide format. Besides, after inserting sounds, animations and video clips in PowerPoint, the resume is not a dynamic presentation but a dynamic movie which is more attractive to the employers, so we can create our video resumes (CVs) with PowerPoint.

As the advantages I mentioned above, we can use PowerPoint to create video resumes (CVs) to avoid the disadvantages from the traditional way. Using PowerPoint to show your job experience and your skills is the smart way because we don’t need professional video editing skills when creating our Video resumes (CVs). And, if you want to edit your CVs, a PowerPoint program is enough.

More attentions when deliver video resumes (CVs).
1. Contact the employers first to make sure they accept the video resumes (CVs) if possible.
2. The video resumes (CVs) cannot be too long (usually in 3 minutes) because the employers are always very busy.
3. Convert PowerPoint to video formats like mp4 or WMV to make sure that the Video resumes (CVs) can be shown in an intact way. Or convert PowerPoint to DVD, and you can mail it to employers or someone who are interested.
Tool to convert PowerPoint to video: PPT to video
Tool to convert PowerPoint to DVD: PPT2DVD 
4. Get more chances by uploading video resumes (CVs) to the recruitment sites and find the most famous Career and Social Networking Sites as below.

Julia White

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Viral Marketing Tips: How to Create a Great Viral Video

It’s one of the biggest accomplishments you can do with video: Getting people to think that your video is so great that they want to share it with the world! So, what are some of the great examples that we can look to? Well, the first one that I think of right off of the top of my head is the video on YouTube called “Numa Numa.” Now, I have no idea what Numa means, but it was one of the few emails that someone sent me with a video that I actually saw and enjoyed. It has surpassed the 13 million views mark and I think that this video is hilarious, plus for some reason I really like the song.

Another great viral video that comes to mind is the video “Hahaha.” That is the one with the baby sitting in his highchair that is laughing hysterically while his father makes a high pitched “boing” sound. At the time that I am writing this article, it has about 70 million views on YouTube.

Now, those two videos are great examples, but if you are an internet marketer reading this article, then what you really want to know is how to create a great viral video that isn’t just about babies or grown men acting funny. What you want is your expertise to be shared with everyone else. Well, lucky for you, I do have a couple of viral marketing examples that have accomplished this feat. These are examples of great viral content from people who weren’t necessarily doing something funny.

One of my personal favorites is the StomperNet Going Natural 2 video. Now, this video hasn’t exactly been put on a bunch of social networking sites, and that is due to the fact that it is about 1 hour long. BUT! This video still is a great example of a great viral video. This is because this video reveals a whole lot of information that many people would normally charge you hundreds of dollars for. It was like the eBook “Million Dollar Emails,” but in video form. If you aren’t familiar with this eBook, then just so you know, this was an eBook compiled by Yanik Silver that is one of the greatest examples of a successful viral eBook.

Now, both of these resources, the StomperNet video and Yanik’s eBook are both free in most cases (sorry if you paid for Yanik’s book by the way, many people share it for free). Both of these resources are so great that I still refer to them at times. I have opened my copy of Yanik’s eBook and have read from it various times over the past year. Also, I have watched the StomperNet video at least a few times.

So, now it’s time to answer the question on how to make a great viral video. First of all, you already know that if tons of people think that your video is funny, then your video might already go viral. The bad thing is a funny video isn’t going to make you any money. A funny video can make you a little famous, but it isn’t going to pay the bills. Your only hope with funny videos is to try and create tons of them with the hopes of becoming a famous comedian or something.

So, what is the way to make a viral video that will also generate some income? If you are going to make a great viral video that isn’t funny, then it has to be great and preferably new information that you are going to share with everyone. It needs to be stuff that you would normally see people sell, but for your own reasons, today you are giving it away for free. It needs to be like the StomperNet video or Yanik’s book. And if people really think that the info you are giving away for free is worth a good amount of money, then they will gladly share it with everyone else providing you with the viral marketing you were looking for.

Daniel Pereira is an expert at driving free traffic to your website. For 2 free eBooks, free weekly conference calls, and a free mini course, just head on over to . You can also visit “The Free Traffic Blog” at for more free information.

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Create Your Audio Cds From Mp3 Files

Digital files like music files are now popularly stored in digital systems like computers. The computer as a storage system requires a certain format from the music file that will be stored and mp3 format is the most widely used format. People choose to store database of music using the mp3 format in their computer. However, like any other file creating mp3 backup is also essential. Mp3 backup creation can prevent file crashing, file corruption and other troubles you wouldn’t want to happen in the first place. So what needs to be done then? Back up your mp3 files by converting the files into audio CDs.

The Answer: Creation of Audio CDs from MP3 Files

Since converting your mp3 files or your music files into an audio CD is essential and the most convenient way and smartest way to do. Though the converted audio CD can serve as the backup files of your mp3 files, it is still more appropriate to say that the mp3 files converted into audio CDs is not exactly the real process of making backup files.

This is why there is a need for CD burning software that is being used to burn or create an audio CD along with the CD writer drive. How is CD burning or creation of audio CD from mp3 files done? To make it simple, you as the user just have to compile your mp3 playlist that contains the mp3 files or music of your choice. Then, you will store the music files with the help of the CD burning software.

What are the burning procedures in creating your audio CDs from mp3 files?

Before you even get disoriented, you should be aware first that the burning procedures are easy and undemanding. To start with the burning procedure, the mp3 files like your music need to be converted into another format file called compact disc audio or CDA. However, and for the record the CDA conversion process happens internally which means it is run by the software program. The display result of the CDA operation is not shown for the sake of the user, you just have to be aware of it.

Nero: the Most Popular CD Burning Program for MP3 to Audio CD Conversion

And for the most popular CD burning program, Nero is always on top of the list. Nero is always the choice of many users because of its capabilities to take over all burning procedures, including unknown conversion processes and options for customization intended for advances users. An example of the Nero customized options is its simplified audio editor. The audio editor can offer advanced options that consist of noise reduction, stereo widening, file splitting, and sound equalization.

For the record, not all CD burning software can offer the same advanced features since other situations require manual processing prior to CD burning. Other software is employed like the audio editing software to do the manual operation. But the good thing about this is that, software other than Nero burning program is made available online. In fact, beneficial editing functions for mp3 files actually lead to the so called normalization process.

The Normalization Process: Another Essential Procedure in Audio CD Creation

The normalization process involves the smoothening out of the volume spikes that exist in various tracks contained in the CD. Normalization guarantees the loudness and sound variation of music or mp3 files when played. The results of the editing procedure need to save in WAV format which in turn will be burned in the CD.

There are times that mp3 files can be stored or burned into another format known as compact disc recordable or the CD-R format. Though CD-R format can be applied by the users, certain digital systems, especially the advanced and modern CD players, do not support the form. The incompatibility of the CD-R format will not let the files like music files to be played at all.

MP3s Don’t Necessarily Require Various CD Formats

Though it is not fundamental to convert mp3 files into a new and different format, the files can be burned directly to audio CDs without undergoing any conversion process. So if the WAV format will be executed, there will only be 10 songs as compared to 120 songs that will be saved when mp3 files will be stored and compressed in just a CD via CD burning. The stored files in the audio CD format can be played using other digital players because the CD format is compatible with both CD and DVD formats.

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3 Helpful Steps to Create Audio Products

One of the fastest growing arenas of Internet marketing is audio products. Almost every online marketer can now offer audio products in the form of CDs and MP3s as a part of their product offerings, due to the better quality and reasonably priced technology developments.

Audio products run the gamut from “talking” your ezine, to podcasts, to CDs to teleseminar recordings. Using audio in marketing is becoming a popular and profitable means of presenting products and information and it is also an opportunity for internet marketers to create mid-level and higher-level products.

1) Preparation

Audio products need to be chockfull of high-quality information that your prospects and customers will value. It is important that you do some research beforehand to find out exactly what your clients need and want.

Research can be done online, by doing surveys, by making phone calls, by partnering with other experts, and by reading books and papers on your topic. You can also bring in people to provide some outside knowledge to add more high-quality information to the CDs or MP3s you create.

When you choose topics that are of interest to your customers and clients, you are helping to pick profitable topics. This will make it easier to have people see the value in your audio products and hand over their hard-earned money to buy it.

Do not disappoint them – load your audio products with useful, relevant, and valuable content. Offer them solutions to their pressing issues or share with some of your expertise to help teach them.

2) Creation

Take the time to write out an outline of your audio product before recording a single word. You need to organize your thoughts into a clear script for your audio. Include all the major points you plan to cover along with the sub-points that support them.

You want to make your audio products sound interesting and keep people’s attention. When you write your script, use a conversational tone and be warm, upbeat, sincere and friendly.

Use the same language you would if you were sitting across from a friend. You can also include attention-getting quotes, facts or figures. Asking questions – whether rhetorical or not – will help keep your listeners’ attention, as well as including stories and anecdotes.

Remember that people learn best when they are engaged and interested. Write your audio script with this in mind.

Take time to rehearse before you ever record a word. Become comfortable with the materials you will present, and work on your control of both the speed and the volume of your voice. Be sure you are accurate in you pronunciation – especially of people’s names and any website links.

3) Production

One of the strengths that audio products offer is the chance for people to feel they know you better and faster by hearing your voice – as opposed to just reading your words. Remember to relax and use an informal, friendly, everyday speaking style. Pay attention to the volume of your voice – you want people to be able to hear you clearly but you don’t want to deafen anyone!

Don’t speak in a monotone and ensure you inject enthusiasm and excitement into your voice. If you’re not passionate about what you’re talking about, then you can’t expect your listeners to feel much either.

Don’t skimp when it comes to your audio gear. Set the goal of producing only high-quality, professional audio products for your internet marketing business. Conduct research on all equipment and tools before you buy. Check online for product comparisons and then go see for yourself. You will be amazed at the difference in quality a few more dollars can mean to your recording efforts.

Don’t release any audio product until you have reviewed it, edited it, and you are sure that all aspects of your final CD or MP3 are professional and of the best quality you can do.

Follow these suggestions and help make your audio marketing as impactful and memorable as possible for your prospects and clients.

Jody Gabourie, The Small Business Marketing Coach, teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to take action with their marketing in order to get more results and more profits. To learn all about her unique “done-for-you” ebooks called Ready Made Marketing Plans

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How to Create a Podcast From Audio Tape

How To Create Podcast Media From Audio TapeThe digital revolution has rendered many of to a state of utter confusion when it comes to dealing with older/analog audio technologies. A good number of us are still utilizing the familiar old tape deck to record our audio, but then become absolutely befuddled when it comes time to transfer that audio into the digital environment. I always get this picture in my head of my clients standing there with RCA audio cables – staring blankly at their computer – wondering how to get the audio from the source to the destination.This tutorial is meant to help out those confused masses. I will preface the tutorial by saying that this is by no means the ideal way to create podcast media. However, people should stick to what they’re comfortable with. If that’s audio tape – then by all means – go for it! Maybe someday you’ll invest in a good MP3 recording device – but until then – it’s no biggie.So – let’s get started.Equipment/Hardware Needed

Standard Audio Cassette Player. I highly recommend using a good quality walkman – for it has the ideal output port on it built in. I do not recommend using your home stereo cassette deck for this procedure – because your deck most likely has either RCA outs (absolutely no good) and a 1/4″ plug (if you’re lucky.)
A 1/8″ to 1/8″ Mini Plug connector. You know the little plug connector that’s at the end of your headphones? This cable has two of those – one on each end. You can purchase these cables at pretty much any electronics store. (If you must use your home stereo deck – and if it comes with a 1/4″ plug jack – you can probably find a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter along with the cord.)
Good sound card for your computer with an “line in” jack (looks just like the audio out jack . If you’ve purchased your computer within the last few years – you most likely already have an audio card sufficient for this process.) Familiarize yourself with the location of the card, and find the “line in” jack.Software Needed

Audio Recording Software with noise-reduction filters. I recommend Audacity – as it’s free and pretty simple to use.Once you have all of the equipment, it’s time to get started.Transferring the audio from Tape to ComputerStep 1:Connect the tape deck to the computer by plugging one end of the connector cable into the headphones jack of the walkman, and the other end of the connector cable into the “line in” jack of your computer’s sound card.Step 2:Install your audio processing software (Audacity.)Step 3:Launch Audacity, and look for the input pulldown menu. It’s on the top right of the screen. Click the tab and select “Line In”.Step 4:Adjust the volume of your walkman to be medium/low. Rewind the tape and press Play.Step 5:Press “Record” in Audacity’s interface and check the levels of the audio being brought in. If the levels are too high (hot) your audio will be distorted. You will know if the audio is “hot” by if the levels trip too far to the right. If so, either adjust the volume from the walkman, or the audio input levels in the software to compensate.Step 6:After finding the perfect recording level, you’re ready. Rewind the tape again. Press “record” in audacity, and press “play” on your walkman.Step 7:Review your audio. If you’re happy with it, save it, and begin to tweak it with the noise reduction software.Step 8:Save your audio file as .mp3 format.You’re done!Now your audio is ready to be included/posted to your podcast.If you need a good podcast host I recommend They have unmetered bandwidth, great tech support, and a lot of tutorials to teach you how to make a podcast.Good luck!

John Pritchard is the happy father of two daughters, living in Charlotte, NC.

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How to Create Flash Video (FLV) to Enhance Online Auction with eBay and Yahoo

With the number of online auctions growing daily, how can you improve the success of your auctions? Auction Flash Video (FLV) is the answer. Now you can explain what the selling item is, why people will want it, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity. Auction video greatly enhances your item listing and sales volume.

The development of the web shows that the Flash Video provides that platform for matching video and the Internet. With the advent of the file format, Flash Video (FLV), and with the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player, you might expect that thousands of compelling websites are integrating video with data, content, and interactive controls to create rich experiences for peoples who visit your cyber space.

With the latest Flash Video technology to process video clips, convert them to FLV format and create links for your use on online auctions, we are aiming to revolutionize the way auction users sell items by providing a way to merchandise their products, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity.

We propose that you can find ways to make yourself creative and distinguish yourself and your products. We encourage you to create a personalized “About Me” video to help build trust and connect with your auction customers, which is to deliver your message in a personal way that is powerful and different. Explained in this article is the solution for common auctioneers.

As auctioneer, you might be experienced with the application of Flash video, or you are a newbie, Flash Video MX from Moyea will help you create customized Flash video content for your online auction and presentation with Yahoo, eBay, etc.

We know that including photos in auction descriptions usually boosts sales, but rolling out soon is something that can just vault us to the next level of seller credibility, and this is SWF or FLV.

Initially developed as a video to Flash converter, the current version of Moyea Flash Video MX is now empowered with the strong functionality to edit the generated FLV file or SWF file for advanced users, such as business presenters, web designers, instructors, etc. With this program, you can obtain personalized Flash Video file for online auction from the original video file in the common formats, such as AVI, WMV, etc.

This article is to demonstrate to you how Moyea Flash Video MX could help you to personalize your video files for posting on the eBay, Yahoo, and other auction websites. This article is not designed as a tutorial and thus a step by step how-to is not included here. For further information and the wonders of this new version of Flash Video MX, please explore the member sites of Moyea Software at

1. Import Files.
This is the main interface of the Moyea Flash Video MX.

2. File Settings
After importing the source video file into the program, click Next, and you can adjust the settings of video and audio for the end Flash video. In this step, the program allows you to insert your favorite or specialty video into the beginning or at the end of the source file.

3. Output Settings
In the step of Output Settings, you have the options of Export settings, Player settings and Miscellaneous.

The Export settings is about the output file format: a single FLV output file; a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV. Meanwhile, you have the access to generate a thumbnail file as an icon to post on the web, and generate an HTML file to play back the end SWF file.

The Player settings is all about setting the style and mode of the control bars for the player. If you have selected to generate a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV, you can select the relevant control bars to go along with the file.

The Control Bar includes the options of Control bar settings, Navigation on click, Navigation at end, Pause mode, Replay, Big play button, Preloader, and Advanced settings. You could preview the effect by clicking Float:

The Misc step includes the options of adding text or caption and logo as watermark for the FLV or SWF file, as well as setting the background color and video effect:

4. Beginning and End
In this step, you have the access to modify the FLV or SWF file with the movie beginning and movie end according to your particular needs, including to various effects for the beginning and end.

5. Convert
After completing the above four-step settings, you can go on to the tab of Convert to start encoding the Flash video file.

Moyea Flash Video MX offers the functions to edit and customize the source video of presentations or auctions to cater to your promotion needs and to enhance your business opportunities.

With Moyea Flash Video MX, a few clicks is enough to personalize your video files, and you can then make them perfectly match the Internet. Even though you are a newbie and are not familiar with authoring Flash, you can equally turn your creative ideas into reality and create immersive, rich experiences that fuse the video together with data, graphics, sound and dynamic interactive controls to demonstrate your product item online and add to your credibility.

FLV Software supply powerful FLV tools to offer ideal solutions on how to convert FLV to movie formats for iPod, PSP, Zune, cell phone, and how to encode FLV and edit FLV using by FLV to Video Converter, Flash Video MX, FLV Downloader, FLV Player, SDK series, etc.

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How to Create Youtube Videos

Previously, the term Internet was directly perceived as the best area to conduct research. But the Internet’s use has rapidly grown in no time that it is now also considered as one of the best avenues for entertainment.

YouTube, over the years has gained online popularity and it is now considered the primary form of online entertainment. It has gathered not just millions of viewers but also subscribers since Youtube also allows its visitors to publish their own videos online. Unfortunately, not everyone can seize this opportunity since not everyone is aware of how to create videos.

Things You can Enjoy As You Learn to Create Your Own YouTube Videos

YouTube is now a popular means of online advertisement. Try to explore YouTube and you can see a lot of charity advertisements. This is also used by people who are aiming to achieve online popularity. Meanwhile, there are also some people who use it to get in touched with their community. News about current and social events may be found in there. You can actually define your purpose in uploading the videos you want on this website.

One thing is for sure, once you have learned how to create your own video, you would always love to upload one. People who upload videos on YouTube are actually of different ages, the young and the old ones—they both know how.

Focus More on the Content than on the Technicalities

When learning to create your videos, remember not to extremely soak yourself on the technicalities. Remember that the most important aspect of your video is the idea. Consider more of your video’s content. It is true that there are actually several users who overlook this aspect as they pay too much attention on the technical details. Of course, it is just apt to do that although it is YouTube that manages most of that matter. In fact, YouTube is said to be the one to offer the easiest procedure on uploading videos anyone can ever find on the Internet.

Steps In Creating Videos

1. Gather all the tools you may need. To create your own Video is to definitely make your own video. Primarily, you have to get a standard device for video recording such as webcam or camcorder.

2. Identify the type of content you want to deliver. You can create any kind of videos— from your favorite TV shows to all other information that you want to share. Whatever it is, remember that there can be thousands of viewers who can view your video therefore it is most important to deliver a quality one. If you were to upload videos with some foul language or any objectionable content, remember to post a warning so as not to offend other viewers.

3. Set a limit on your video’s length. Make sure to limit the running time for your video. YouTube only allows a video that can last for 10 minutes. Similarly, the file size needs to be considered. Your video must not exceed into a hundred megabytes in file size. Get yourself familiarized with the policies in the Terms of Use Agreement, to make sure that you are not violating any rule.

Creating YouTube Videos Has Actually No Limitations Now, you don’t have to be upset if your video lasted for more than 10 minutes. You can still upload them by splitting them up into several parts. You may also do as many videos as you want. All the features and benefits are offered free. Sign up to become a member is all you need to do.

Membership on YouTube is also for free of charge. The sole purpose of the sign up process is to keep your information along with your videos identified. This is important because there are a lot of people who are uploading their videos and the site does not want to risk the privacy and security of its users. So then, after you sign in you should be able to see a link to permit you to make and upload the content of your video. Simply follow the directions and you will be able to post your own video. And if your connection is fast enough, expect to see your video online after a few minutes.

All in all, Youtube is a great way to upload videos for whatever purpose you may have. Learning Youtube does not end in creating and uploading videos. You, as a member, should always be responsible and accountable for the type of videos you upload to make every user’s time more enjoyable.

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