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Drive Traffic With Videos

One of the most effective ways to get amazing hits on your website is to drive traffic with videos. When you drive traffic with videos to your website, you open a whole new world of potential customers. The traditional use of key words and key phrases for SEO, or search engine optimization is still important, but when you add video to the mix, your landing page hits will increase exponentially. It is easy to drive traffic with videos too, given all the technological advancements in the last decade. It’s also a cost effective marketing tool as well. Anyone with an internet business needs to consider the amazing effects that come when you drive traffic with videos.

We are a visual society and nowhere is that more apparent than on the internet.  Just about everyone who has a program to drive traffic with videos to their website is successful. That is cbecause people would rather have messages delivered to them via sight and sound rather than reading text and looking at still pictures. The excitement of video has been and always will be a great draw for the curious. Consumers want to be entertained while they are being pitched for products and services and when you drive traffic with videos to your website, you give them exactly what they are looking for. This is the first step to gaining their confidence and affecting a purchase.

Video also fosters legitimacy and when you drive traffic with videos to your website, the image is one of professionalism and trustworthiness. These are two very important concepts for selling anything at all. Luckily, because of technological advances, producing and presenting professional looking videos is fast, easy and cost effective. Video production software, media player and fast internet connections have made the production distribution and viewing of videos a no-brainer. But, you still want to use someone who knows the business to produce your website videos. Use someone who understands how to drive traffic with videos.

We can help you drive traffic with videos. Our website will show you why you should have a program to drive traffic with videos to your website and how to produce a professional traffic driving video quickly and effectively. We will show you how to use video SEO to best promote your site and how to drive more people to your landing page. Visit our website at and get started.

The article is contributed by a professional content writer, having experiences of working in different industries. For further information on drive traffic with videos and Online Video Advertising solutions please visit at

James Coe is an Internet entrepreneur. He uses a number of ways to increase targeted web site traffic . To learn about using Internet Videos for your business visit

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The Trend Towards Hard Drive and Usb Sound Effects Collections

The trend in distribution of sound effects is toward distributing sound effects collections on hard drives or USB drives. By doing this, publishers are compiling a greater variety of formats and much higher quality sound effects then in the past.

An example of a hard drive collection is the Series 6,000 Hard Drive produced by long time sound effects producer Sound Ideas. The hard drive comes with more than 20,000 sound effects with all sound effects in digital broadcast WAV file format. Sound effects on the Sound Ideas Hard Drive can be selected in multiple formats such as 24 bit / 48 kHz, 16 bit/ 48 kHz, or 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz. At the same time, every WAV file is embedded with metadata (information about the file) that allows for easy searching of sound effects through asset management software such as Pro Tools or Itunes. The digital hard drive also contains enabled metadata from the Sound miner Toolset for easy searching of the productions.

In summary, a collection such as this could have never been compiled on CDs or DVDs in the past as it would have taken up way too much space! The Sound Ideas Series 6000 hard drive series contains the following:

• The “original” “General” Series 6000 CD collection which contains more than 7,500 sound effects from 40 different CDs with sound effects such as Animal & Birds, Construction, Crowds, Household, Military and much more.

• The second in the series, Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension I which contains a wide variety of in demand sound effects from 20 different CDs digitally recorded.

• The third series, Series 6000 Extension II, which contains sound effect collections such as snowmobiles and huge variety of modern telephone sounds. All together approximately 10 CDs of the most comprehensive professional sound effects.

• The third, Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension III which provides the Series 6000 Hard Drive with an endless variety of terrain vehicles and amazing selection of guns and weapons.

• The next Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension IV which has a collection of airplane sound effects, water, rain and other liquid sound effects.

• The Sound Ideas Extension V which features selections of airplanes, motorcycles and trucks.

• The Series 6000 Extension VI adds 10 CDs and more than 2,500 sound effects once again. Many sounds such as vintage airplanes, crowd sounds to whoopee cushions.

• The Sound Ideas Series Extension VII adds sound effects such as unique “hits & impacts” with 10 more CDs and 2,000 more sound effects.

The trend to large hard drives and USB storage sound effects is going to continue as it makes for easier handling of large collection of sound effects. When you are looking for a hard drive sound effects collections look at the quality of the recording, the search software and whether the files come in multiple formats. This in summary will give you a great start on how to differentiate and compare some of the hard drive and USB collections.

The Sound Effects Shop is a worldwide distributor of the publishers of Sound Effects for the post production, broadcast, motion picture industries. Here you can also find Sound Effects CD for personal or professional use.

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List in Yahoo Free And Drive More Traffic With Audio Blogs

Traffic remains one of the lifeblood of any online business. There are basically two categories of traffic generation: free traffic and paid traffic.

In paid traffic, you have to pay someone to bring the traffic to you. For example, if you’re running a Google Adwords campaign for a selected group of keywords, when someone searches for that keyword, sees your ad and clicks on it, you’ll have to pay for that click. This can easily amount to a huge sum of money at the end of the month, as most Google advertisers have found out.

Besides Google Adwords, other form of paid advertising include classified ads, banner advertising, ezine ads, solo mailings and so on.

Results vary depending on the experience of service provider and the advertiser himself. For example, if you’re running your own Google Adwords campaign, you’ll

have to tweak and filter keywords that work for you and those that don’t.

Of course if you have more budget you might outsource the tasks of managing your Google Adwords campaigns to some company so as to free up your time for other marketing activities.

Besides paid traffic, there are also strategies you can use to drive traffic to your site, without costing you any money; hence the term ‘free traffic’. Some free traffic generation strategies include press release, article writing, ad swaps and so on.

One of the newer ways to drive traffic which I believe is widely under utilized is through the use of audio blogs. The focus of this article then is on how to generate more free traffic using audio blogs.

But first, what exactly are ‘audio blogs’?

Audio blogs are just like any other blogs save for one difference – they have more audio mp3 files posted. When you click on these audio links, depending on the setup of your computer system, your system will start to download the files and automatically play them on your PC.

There is one big secret that most people don’t know about when it comes to Audio blogs. The secret is this: You can actually get a backdoor listing in Yahoo for free with Audio blogs.

By submitting your audio blog to Yahoo audio search, your blog will get indexed by Yahoo search engine. This means your site or blog will now appear in Yahoo search results, helping to drive more traffic to your site.

Secondly, you can also submit your audio blogs to blogs and podcast directories. These are specialized directories that organize blogs and categorise them according to their topics. Listing your audio blog in these directories will expose your site directly to your intended target market.

Thirdly, you can also submit your audio blogs to iTunes directories. iPod remains one of the most popular mp3 devices in the market with strong following in US and overseas. The iTunes is an application that allows you to download, buy, organize

your music among other things. By submitting your audio blog to iTunes, you can gain access to tens of thousands of people who are searching for downloadable content in that topic.

Fourth, some people just prefer audios over plain text. With audio, you can listen to it on the go: in your car, in the gym, at the kitchen while cooking and so on.

In other words, audio will help you capture the segment of the market where articles or any written work does not work as well.

With all these benefits, online business owners should consider using setting up and running audio blogs to drive more traffic to their site. Is it hard to set up an audio blog? Actually, it’s easier than you think, especially if you are a member of AudioNicheBlogs

Brandon Hong is a leading internet marketer and author. He has helped and trained many business owners to grow their business using advanced strategies like blogs, rss as well as creating multiple passive online income streams.

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