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Using Free Sound Effects Download To Enhance Your Projects

To use or not to use? That can be a daunting question that most project managers might ask themselves. If you are a webmaster and are creating a new website for your client, it can be pretty challenging to decide whether or not you should embed free sound effects into the website. There are of course several points to note if you wish to do so. For example, whether it will affect the time it takes for the page to load, and whether the sound effects will be appropriate for the website. While you might still be pondering with this, read up on how using free sound effects download can help to enhance your mundane looking project into a spectacular one.

There are plenty of reasons for using free sound effects in your projects. It is just part of our human nature to be attracted to things like music and actions and that is also the reason why advertisements that appear on pop ups tend to work better than the ones that are just plastered over a website. So, in a way, using free sound effects will help to get people’s attention the very moment they enter your site.

The only critical part to using these sound effects is choosing the right ones that suit your website’s identity. Sound effects form your websites’ and projects’ identity. For example, if you are setting up a new website that is meant for kids, then most probably some adorable cartoon sound effects would fit in well. You can also choose to experiment with various other sound effects and see how you can you them interchangeably between pages.

The only thing that you have yet to figure out is choosing the most reliable website where you can get all your sound effects from. This can be quite a challenge as not all the sound effects that are available off the Net would sound as good as you thought they would be. Some of the sound effects might have been recorded and re-recorded many times over, hence affecting the sound quality. If this is the case, then you are definitely going to have a pretty tough time choosing the right kind of sound effects for you.

Otherwise, you may choose to use Limewire or any other Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network site. But the only problem is that most of them do not allow any form of previewing and some of these sound effects are just trash and they do not sound good at all.

What thousands of people have been doing to solve this problem is to use royalty free sound effects. Are you new to this? Well, basically anything that is royalty free can be downloaded and used over and over again many times without the need to worry about any copyright laws. This is definitely the best thing about royalty free sound effects. Use it, cut it, loop it and make it sound totally different. It is rightfully yours. This is definitely not the case for the copyrighted tracks that you might have wanted, for example the Superman music theme.

And not to mention there is abundance of royalty free sound tracks out there for you to use, so there is no way someone is going to have the same track as yours!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Use Video Marketing to Enhance Your Online Image

Today the fast Internet download times make it easier than ever for Internet marketers to use video presentations to promote their websites. All you need is a talking head, a camera, some video editing software and access to the Internet.

You can make a short video with a digital video camera, or a simple web cam, or even on your cell phone. Next you can edit it on your computer and upload it to the Internet. Video sharing websites such as have made the process of uploading and sharing video clips something that is easy for anybody to do.

The beauty of all this is that once you have invested in the equipment (camera, computer, editing software, Internet connection) there is virtually no other expense. YouTube, for example, is free to join and lets its members upload their video clips free of charge.

At its most basic, all you have to do is point your camera at your face, switch on the camera and start talking! This approach to marketing is both cheap and effective. The simple, informal “talking head” type of presentation is exactly the style that some of the top Internet marketers use to promote their businesses on video. If you are not sure what you should do or say, all you need to do is to head over to and start viewing Internet marketing videos to get some good ideas for your own presentation.

But before you zoom off to YouTube, here are a few tips to get you started on your viral video marketing career…

1. Keep your video clip SHORT and Dynamic!

You can say in just three or four minutes what it would take several hundred words to explain. However, you must stay very focused if you are to keep your audience’s attention. Keep them entertained by all means, give them some useful information and above all make it dynamic.

2. Don’t Beat About The Bush: Use Repetition To Good Effect.

Do not beat about the bush or go round in circles or keep repeating what you have just said ad infinitum.

Stay in control of your information. Let people know that you will tell them something important later on to keep them watching, by all means, but do not string out or pad out your presentation just to keep them dangling. People do not dangle on the Internet – unless you hook them in fast, they disappear!

So, save the repetitions for your summing up in the last 30-60 seconds of the video. Use the summing up section to repeat the important points clearly and concisely. By all means repeat website and email addresses clearly at the end of your presentation.

3. Take advantage of the viral potential of video sharing.

The beauty of using videos to promote your business on the Internet is their viral marketing potential. Videos can be easily embedded into blogs, websites, and social networking sites. Links to videos can also be sent by e-mail or posted as syndicated web content on RSS feeds. If your video clip packs a punch you may well find it spreading your message across the Internet like a virtual virus.

4. SEO Your Video!

Make sure you optimize your video clip for the search engines. When you upload a video to video sharing sites like you can add some text information such as the title of your video, a brief description of the video content, and some meta tags. Be sure to include some keywords in those fields so as to get your video registered on text-based search engines.

You can include keywords in the URL for the video to help the video search engines locate it.

Much more could be said on the subject, but if you follow these four simple steps you will be well on your way to becoming an expert “talking head” and viral video marketer.

Darrell Howell is an Internet Marketer and Blogger. Check out his Blog at Sign up for a free Internet Marketing Newsletter here.

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Using a Sound Effects CD to Enhance Your Productions

Whether you are looking to enhance your production, add some reality to your amateur film or include a little zing to your website, using sound effects from a sound effects CD is a common way to do it. A sound effects CD is used in a variety of applications, but mostly you’ll find they are used to create realistic atmospheres for a motion picture, podcasting or some kind of film production.

While there are a variety of sound effects CD producers, there are three or four sound effects CD considered to be the professional sound effects CD producers in the industry for applications such as podcasting, film production and radio production; Sound Ideas, The Hollywood Edge, Sound Vision, and the BBC. An important item when choosing a professional sound effects CD is that it comes with MetaData. MetaData is essentially a description of the sound effect. When it comes to indexing and searching for sound effects, the MetaData is there to make sure you can find the sound effect you are looking for!

Further, if you want true feature film quality production, it’s also important that your sound effect CD comes in Red Book Audio format. Red Book Audio Format is the standard format a normal CD player will play. Sound effects CDs in Red Book Audio Format will produce their files in WAV format, with WAV sound effects being of much higher quality sound then MP3 sound effects. Why do so many people still look to sound effects? The main reason is “Foley”! OK, you ask, what is Foley? Foley is the process of adding background sound effects and noises to a film so that the film sounds everyday realistic. The many background sounds you hear (sounds other than the dialogue) during a feature film is what makes it so realistic! It’s a critical part of what deciphers an amateur production from a production film.

Productions are increasingly being produced by amateur producers without big feature film budgets. This has caused a spike in Foley being increasingly done by using digital libraries of stored sound effects which can be added to the film without having to painstakingly record the sounds oneself. Having the ability to comb through thousands of libraries of sound effects in a sound effects CD or a library of CDs, producers (both amateur and professional) are able to make fairly realistic productions without having to rent actors to re-enact certain aspects of a film in order to record realistic sounds (typical of only of big budget films).

Without Foley, films usually end up sounding unrealistic. That is because during our day to day conversations, you will hear hundreds of sounds in the background. Without these background sounds in a film, the film sounds more like a high school play where you’ll hear the dialogue, but that’s it. While getting the dialogue correctly captured is the first part, there are plenty of little sounds in the background like a lawnmower mowing, a car driving past, kids laughing and playing, dogs barking, all that make a film feel like we are really there. In the end, sound effects libraries and sound effects CD make the production come to life and give us all the additional sounds that you didn’t know you needed.

The Sound Effects Shop is one of the largest Sound Effects Libraries which have a collection of professional sound effects and royalty free music for post production, broadcast and motion picture industries. Here you can select various types of Sound Effects CD for personal and commercial use.

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How to Create Flash Video (FLV) to Enhance Online Auction with eBay and Yahoo

With the number of online auctions growing daily, how can you improve the success of your auctions? Auction Flash Video (FLV) is the answer. Now you can explain what the selling item is, why people will want it, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity. Auction video greatly enhances your item listing and sales volume.

The development of the web shows that the Flash Video provides that platform for matching video and the Internet. With the advent of the file format, Flash Video (FLV), and with the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player, you might expect that thousands of compelling websites are integrating video with data, content, and interactive controls to create rich experiences for peoples who visit your cyber space.

With the latest Flash Video technology to process video clips, convert them to FLV format and create links for your use on online auctions, we are aiming to revolutionize the way auction users sell items by providing a way to merchandise their products, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity.

We propose that you can find ways to make yourself creative and distinguish yourself and your products. We encourage you to create a personalized “About Me” video to help build trust and connect with your auction customers, which is to deliver your message in a personal way that is powerful and different. Explained in this article is the solution for common auctioneers.

As auctioneer, you might be experienced with the application of Flash video, or you are a newbie, Flash Video MX from Moyea will help you create customized Flash video content for your online auction and presentation with Yahoo, eBay, etc.

We know that including photos in auction descriptions usually boosts sales, but rolling out soon is something that can just vault us to the next level of seller credibility, and this is SWF or FLV.

Initially developed as a video to Flash converter, the current version of Moyea Flash Video MX is now empowered with the strong functionality to edit the generated FLV file or SWF file for advanced users, such as business presenters, web designers, instructors, etc. With this program, you can obtain personalized Flash Video file for online auction from the original video file in the common formats, such as AVI, WMV, etc.

This article is to demonstrate to you how Moyea Flash Video MX could help you to personalize your video files for posting on the eBay, Yahoo, and other auction websites. This article is not designed as a tutorial and thus a step by step how-to is not included here. For further information and the wonders of this new version of Flash Video MX, please explore the member sites of Moyea Software at

1. Import Files.
This is the main interface of the Moyea Flash Video MX.

2. File Settings
After importing the source video file into the program, click Next, and you can adjust the settings of video and audio for the end Flash video. In this step, the program allows you to insert your favorite or specialty video into the beginning or at the end of the source file.

3. Output Settings
In the step of Output Settings, you have the options of Export settings, Player settings and Miscellaneous.

The Export settings is about the output file format: a single FLV output file; a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV. Meanwhile, you have the access to generate a thumbnail file as an icon to post on the web, and generate an HTML file to play back the end SWF file.

The Player settings is all about setting the style and mode of the control bars for the player. If you have selected to generate a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV, you can select the relevant control bars to go along with the file.

The Control Bar includes the options of Control bar settings, Navigation on click, Navigation at end, Pause mode, Replay, Big play button, Preloader, and Advanced settings. You could preview the effect by clicking Float:

The Misc step includes the options of adding text or caption and logo as watermark for the FLV or SWF file, as well as setting the background color and video effect:

4. Beginning and End
In this step, you have the access to modify the FLV or SWF file with the movie beginning and movie end according to your particular needs, including to various effects for the beginning and end.

5. Convert
After completing the above four-step settings, you can go on to the tab of Convert to start encoding the Flash video file.

Moyea Flash Video MX offers the functions to edit and customize the source video of presentations or auctions to cater to your promotion needs and to enhance your business opportunities.

With Moyea Flash Video MX, a few clicks is enough to personalize your video files, and you can then make them perfectly match the Internet. Even though you are a newbie and are not familiar with authoring Flash, you can equally turn your creative ideas into reality and create immersive, rich experiences that fuse the video together with data, graphics, sound and dynamic interactive controls to demonstrate your product item online and add to your credibility.

FLV Software supply powerful FLV tools to offer ideal solutions on how to convert FLV to movie formats for iPod, PSP, Zune, cell phone, and how to encode FLV and edit FLV using by FLV to Video Converter, Flash Video MX, FLV Downloader, FLV Player, SDK series, etc.

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