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How to Encode Video to Flash With Command Line?

Flash Video MX SDK V2 is an application to create Flash (SWF), Flash video (FLV) and AAC/H.264 MP4 video from almost all video formats.

MX SDK consists of two interfaces: Command Line and COM, thanks to which it can be used under a great range of programming languages like: Visual C++, Visual Basic, .Net, ASP, Delphi, PHP, ColdFusion, etc.

This program is widely used in server applications to automatically convert videos in virtually any format to FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, SWF for a video sharing website construction like that of YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo!Video, Daily Motion, MySpace, etc. It is also widely adopted by multimedia applications for its video to FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, and SWF conversion.

Then, how does MX SDK V2 work? How to create an FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, and SWF with this SDK?

While with its set of functions like video editing for a better visual effect, text and image watermarking, Flash 8 encoding, Flash 8 alpha video encoding, processor locking, processor priority, interactive mode, and video cropping and trimming, etc, it is easy to command.

Then, how does MX SDK V2 work? How to create an FLV, AAC/H.264 MP4, and SWF with this SDK? As long as you are moving on following exactly what the “Help document” integrated in the program, you are sure to make it.

The following is a rough demonstration of conversion from myvideo.avi to myflv.flv.

Source video: myvideo.avi Path: D:Documents and SettingsyukiDesktop

Target flv:  myflv.flv Path: E:myflv.flv

Target SWF:myswf.swf  Path: E:myswf.swf

OK, start and run the application:

Type in the command: flashvideomx –s “D:Documents and SettingsyukiDesktopmyvideo.avi” “E: myflv.flv”, and press “Enter” to start the conversion.

Convert the output myflv.flv to myswf.swf:

Type in the command: FLV2SWF “E: myflv.flv” “E: myswf.swf”, and press “Enter” to launch the FLV to SWF conversion.

The command lines above are basically for conversion, and a lot of advanced functions can be realized by more command lines:

1. Convert a video file to FLV with the original dimension and frame rate:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv.

2. Convert a video file to FLV with settings of output dimension, video bit rate, frame rate, audio sample rate, audio bit rate and audio channel:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -vs 320×240 -vbr 400000 -abr 64000 -asr 22050 -ac mono -vfr 25

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv with 320×240 as dimension, 400kbps as video bit rate, 64kbps as audio bit rate, 22050Hz as audio sample rate, monophonic channel and 25fps as frame rate.

3. Add a LOGO image to the video:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -l “mylogo.jpg” -ls 100×100 -la_origin 0 -la_off 10:10 -lt 0:10000 -lt e-10000:10000

This command is to stretch mylogo.jpg to 100×100 in dimension and show the image when the video starts to play and last 10000 milliseconds, and show the image again when there are still 10000 milliseconds to the end of the video, and last 10000 milliseconds with the coordinate (10,10).

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -l “mylogo.jpg” -ls 100×100 -la_origin 0 -la_off 10:10

This command is to stretch mylogo.jpg to 100×100 in dimension and show the image from the beginning to the end of the video with the coordinate (10,10).

4. Add characters to the video:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -t “Text to show on video” -ta_origin 0 -ta_off 0:0 -lt 0:10000 -lt e-10000:10000

It is to show “Text to show on video” in the top left corner and show the characters when the video starts to play and last 10000 milliseconds, and show the characters again when there are still 10000 milliseconds to the end of the video, and last 10000 milliseconds.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -t “Text to show on video” -ta_origin 0 -ta_off 0:0

-tff “Times New Roman” -tf_style 0 -tf_size 24 -tfe 0 -tfc FF0000 -tfa 80

>It is to show the semi-transparent characters “Text to show on video” in the top left corner with “Times New Roman” as font, “24” as size, “FF0000” as color (red).

5. Sequence several videos into one file:

flashvideomx -s headervideo.avi -s myvideo.avi -s tailervideo.avi myflash

It is to connect headervideo.avi, myvideo.avi, and tailervideo.avi together and convert them to one file: myflash.flv

6. Replace the audio data in the video file:

flashvideomx -sv myvideo.avi -sa myaudio.mp3 myflash

It is to replace the audio data in myvideo.avi with myaudio.mp3, and then convert to myflash.flv.

7. No audio:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -i v

This command is to generate an FLV file without audio data.

8. No video:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -i a

This command is to generate an FLV file without video data.

9. Get thumbnail picture:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -gp mypic.jpg -gp_size 120×120

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv, and generate a random mypic.jpg in size 120×120 as the thumbnail picture.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -gp mypic.jpg -gp_size 120×120 -gpt 60000

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv, and generate pictures in mypic.jpg with the size of 120×120 in dimension in the given 60000 milliseconds.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi myflash -gpw 10:mypic??.jpg -gp_size 120×120

This command is to convert myvideo.avi to myflash.flv, and capture 10 pictures in 120×120 dimension as: mypic01.jpg, mypic02.jpg, …, mypic10.jpg.

10. Convert the video to FLV with time trimming:

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi -st 0:300000 myflash

This command is to convert myvideo.avi with 300000 milliseconds from the starting point of the video into myflash.flv.

flashvideomx -s myvideo.avi -st 0:300000 -st e-300000: 300000 myflash

This command is to convert the two video parts in myvideo.avi to myflash.flv. One is the part from the start point to the 300000ms point. The other part is the one from the point 300000ms before the end point to the end point.

Flash Video Converter series including Flash Video MX Pro, Flash Video MX SDK V2, Flash Video MX Std, and DVD to Flash Converter are professional video to Flash conversion and editing programs, serving excellently for your video delivery online, web design, video blog building and individual personal home page construction etc.

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7 Questions you Need to Ask Before Buying Flash Streaming Audio Software

Are you looking to add audio to your web site? There is plenty of choice regarding easy to use flash streaming audio software. I have reviewed over 20 products and they are all fairly easy to use and all cost less than $100. But there are some small differences to these programs which could cause you problems if you make the wrong choice. After reading this report you will be able to buy your streaming audio software knowing you have made the right decision.

So hear are a few questions to ask yourself before you buy your flash streaming audio software.

1. What is your audio going to consist of, voice, music?

2. How long is your audio going to be? 30 seconds? 30 hours?

3. How many visitors are you expecting on your web site per month?

4. Do you want your visitors to be able to download your mp3s?

5. What type of controls/buttons do you want?

6. Do you want to automatically add background music tracks?

7. can you edit the html on your web site?

I will go though each question to explain why this should affect your decision.

1. Do you require HiFi sound, or you go to simply put your voice on your site? The higher the quality the larger the file is going to be. Only one product provides a HiFi option and that is MP3 Sound Stream HiFi Audio Stream. Most other programs allow you to select the quality of the audio.

2. Will you be using short voice tracks of a few minutes? If your track is longer you will need a program that does not embed the mp3 file into the Flash file (swf). Large swf files will take a long time to load but if the mp3 is separate the button will load quickly and the mp3 will start to stream almost instantaneously.

3. If you are using long audio tracks and have a high number of visitors your hosting company may charge you for extra band width or even cut off your web site. For example, if you have one audio track of 30mb in size and you have 10,000 visitors listening to it this would take 300gb of bandwidth. So if you are considering putting large audio files on your site check with your hosting company first. You may wish to consider using a subscription service like Audio Generator as this could work out cheaper than extra bandwidth charges.

4. If you want your visitors to be able to download your mp3 files so they can listen to them later, on their computer or mp3 player, then using a program that has the mp3 embedding in the flash file means you will need to upload an extra copy of the mp3. Programs with embedded mp3 files are useful if you DON’T what your visitors to download your audio file.

5. Some programs supply a wide choice of button styles and colours, other just give one button style. Make sure you are happy with the styles available.

6. If you want to easily add background music some programs have this built in. Other programs you will need to use audio editing software to mix in the background music.

7. If you are using an online website builder or free blogging service you may not be able to add audio to your web site. Check with your provider to see if you can edit the html code and upload swf and mp3 files

Once you have considered all these questions take a look at the comparison chart at and you will find the right streaming audio software for you.

Roger Weavers has been working in the computer industry since 1983 and has been involved with Internet marketing since 1997. He has a number of successful web sites from Web design and promotion to Spanish real estate.
Add Flash Streaming Audio To

Your Web Site in Minutes

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How to Insert Flash Video to Powerpoint and Convert Powerpoint to Flv

What is FLV video format?

FLV is the short term for Flash Video, a kind of video format that is accepted by many websites. Notable users of the flash video format include YouTube, Google video,, Yahoo video and My Space.

How to insert FLV into PowerPoint?

Now and then, you may find attractive videos in FLV format on the above websites such as YouTube. Want to embed them in your PowerPoint and share with others?

As FLV is a video format that PowerPoint doesn’t accept, before embedding a FLV video into PowerPoint, you should convert FLV movie to a video format that PowerPoint accepts such as MPEG, AVI, WMV and ASF. Below are three ways for you to do this:

1.       If the FLV video is on YouTube or MySpace, follow these steps:

Copy the YouTube or MySpace video URL >>

Go to (a free online conversion service), paste the URL in the conversion box >>

Select the output format such as AVI, MOV and MP4. Then click Start. The conversion process would be done automatically >>

When the conversion is done, download the output video to the local disk on your computer >>

Insert the video to PowerPoint ( PowerPoint -> Insert -> Movies and sounds -> Movie from File)


2.       If the FLV video is already on your computer, visit (a free online conversion service) and follow these steps:

Browse your local disk and select the FLV video needs to be converted >>


Select the output format you want, and click OK button on the right >>

When the conversion process is over, download the converted video to your computer >>

Insert the video to PowerPoint ( PowerPoint -> Insert -> Movies and sounds -> Movie from File)

3.       Use some conversion software to do this: If you have lots of FLV videos need to be converted, you can use some professional conversion tool to help you save your time, because many tools support batch conversion. You can try this one Video Converter. It can help you convert your FLV (YouTube) video to almost all other video formats.

After inserting Flash Video from popular video sites to your PowerPoint, have you ever thought you can also upload your PowerPoint to these popular video sites for wide sharing? You can click here to know more benefits of uploading PowerPoint to online-sharing websites.

As it has been mentioned above, YouTube, Google video,, Yahoo video and My Space all accept video formats in FLV. Before uploading your PowerPoint to these sites, you need to convert your PowerPoint to FLV first. Here are some tools you can use to convert your PowerPoint to FLV.

Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter, Wondershare PPT to Video: help convert your PowerPoint to almost all popular video formats such as FLV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV and MOV.

After converting your PowerPoint to FLV, the next step is to upload the converted video to these websites. It’s all that easy.

Choose the method you like to insert flash video to your PowerPoint, and convert your PowerPoint to FLV. Have more fun about it.

Concentrated to give you the best solution of PowerPoint to Video, PowerPoint to DVD

Tips and Tricks of PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD

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Three ways to convert popular video to Flash video (FLV)

Which kind of website is the hottest nowadays in Web 2.0? Of course it is the video sharing website, such as Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo! video…The content of this kind of websites is of all kinds of things, but the same thing of these websites is that they all use Flash as their video media format, or rather flash video (FLV).

FLV is a brand new streaming video format. It makes use of the widely used platform on the Internet – Adobe Flash Player, and incorporate video into the Flash animation. FLV enables your videos can be viewable to 98% of all Internet users and bring great convenience to the broadcasting of Internet video.

To add FLV to web pages, you need to convert your video to FLV, and make a flash video player on your website to control the playback of the FLV files. Now I introduce three ways to convert video to FLV.

1. Moyea Video4Web Converter
This Video4Web Converter is a Freeware and professional tool to convert all popular video to flv, video to mov, mp4, 3gp and 3g2. It can change the values of the video for brightness, contrast, and volume. You may also trim and crop the video to fit your particular requirement.

2. Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder
Starting with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, it had already supported FLV decoding, but I suggest you use the latest version Flash 8. This version has an independent FLV conversion tool: Flash 8 Video Encoder. This encoder also provides a lot of video settings to meet your need.

3. Online converter
This method is famous to a lot of Internet users. You can convert your videos from your computer hard disk, or from online videos using different protocols (http, ftp, rtmp…) to FLV with the online converter.
But this method is not recommended to convert video, especially for some important video files. For there are several reasons:
Reason 1: It will take more time to convert videos compared with some desktop converters.
Reason 2: It requires that you are in a good internet connection. If the connection speed is slow, the convertion will be very slow or just stop.
Reason 3: The quality of the resulting video is not ensured, various problem is possible, such as audio and video is not synchronized, or only the audio is converted by not does the video…

Stephen Miller is an expert in web multimedia development who concentrated to give you the best solution of flash video player for web –

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How to Create Flash Video (FLV) to Enhance Online Auction with eBay and Yahoo

With the number of online auctions growing daily, how can you improve the success of your auctions? Auction Flash Video (FLV) is the answer. Now you can explain what the selling item is, why people will want it, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity. Auction video greatly enhances your item listing and sales volume.

The development of the web shows that the Flash Video provides that platform for matching video and the Internet. With the advent of the file format, Flash Video (FLV), and with the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player, you might expect that thousands of compelling websites are integrating video with data, content, and interactive controls to create rich experiences for peoples who visit your cyber space.

With the latest Flash Video technology to process video clips, convert them to FLV format and create links for your use on online auctions, we are aiming to revolutionize the way auction users sell items by providing a way to merchandise their products, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity.

We propose that you can find ways to make yourself creative and distinguish yourself and your products. We encourage you to create a personalized “About Me” video to help build trust and connect with your auction customers, which is to deliver your message in a personal way that is powerful and different. Explained in this article is the solution for common auctioneers.

As auctioneer, you might be experienced with the application of Flash video, or you are a newbie, Flash Video MX from Moyea will help you create customized Flash video content for your online auction and presentation with Yahoo, eBay, etc.

We know that including photos in auction descriptions usually boosts sales, but rolling out soon is something that can just vault us to the next level of seller credibility, and this is SWF or FLV.

Initially developed as a video to Flash converter, the current version of Moyea Flash Video MX is now empowered with the strong functionality to edit the generated FLV file or SWF file for advanced users, such as business presenters, web designers, instructors, etc. With this program, you can obtain personalized Flash Video file for online auction from the original video file in the common formats, such as AVI, WMV, etc.

This article is to demonstrate to you how Moyea Flash Video MX could help you to personalize your video files for posting on the eBay, Yahoo, and other auction websites. This article is not designed as a tutorial and thus a step by step how-to is not included here. For further information and the wonders of this new version of Flash Video MX, please explore the member sites of Moyea Software at

1. Import Files.
This is the main interface of the Moyea Flash Video MX.

2. File Settings
After importing the source video file into the program, click Next, and you can adjust the settings of video and audio for the end Flash video. In this step, the program allows you to insert your favorite or specialty video into the beginning or at the end of the source file.

3. Output Settings
In the step of Output Settings, you have the options of Export settings, Player settings and Miscellaneous.

The Export settings is about the output file format: a single FLV output file; a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV. Meanwhile, you have the access to generate a thumbnail file as an icon to post on the web, and generate an HTML file to play back the end SWF file.

The Player settings is all about setting the style and mode of the control bars for the player. If you have selected to generate a SWF file embedded with a FLV or a SWF file linked to a FLV, you can select the relevant control bars to go along with the file.

The Control Bar includes the options of Control bar settings, Navigation on click, Navigation at end, Pause mode, Replay, Big play button, Preloader, and Advanced settings. You could preview the effect by clicking Float:

The Misc step includes the options of adding text or caption and logo as watermark for the FLV or SWF file, as well as setting the background color and video effect:

4. Beginning and End
In this step, you have the access to modify the FLV or SWF file with the movie beginning and movie end according to your particular needs, including to various effects for the beginning and end.

5. Convert
After completing the above four-step settings, you can go on to the tab of Convert to start encoding the Flash video file.

Moyea Flash Video MX offers the functions to edit and customize the source video of presentations or auctions to cater to your promotion needs and to enhance your business opportunities.

With Moyea Flash Video MX, a few clicks is enough to personalize your video files, and you can then make them perfectly match the Internet. Even though you are a newbie and are not familiar with authoring Flash, you can equally turn your creative ideas into reality and create immersive, rich experiences that fuse the video together with data, graphics, sound and dynamic interactive controls to demonstrate your product item online and add to your credibility.

FLV Software supply powerful FLV tools to offer ideal solutions on how to convert FLV to movie formats for iPod, PSP, Zune, cell phone, and how to encode FLV and edit FLV using by FLV to Video Converter, Flash Video MX, FLV Downloader, FLV Player, SDK series, etc.

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Incredible New Flash Video Player From

(USA ~ September 22, 2007) Are you someone that wants to have the ability to add video from up to five of your absolute favorite video websites, and the ability to create an unlimited playerlist? offers you the resources to get and organize your favorite videos from top sites; whether you want to post from dailymotion, ifilm, metacafe, myspace, or youtube video, you can easily compile your player list and display them in a single, attractive flash flv player! is fun and easy to use: visitors can register for an account, look for their favorite youtube videos or ifilm videos, as well as Myspace, Metacafe and Dailymotion, and place them into an awesome looking streaming video player on a website!

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t add your favorite youtube videos and ifilm videos to your website thanks to the resources offered by allows you to add your favorite videos to a playlist through a user-friendly drop and drag application. Then you put the code for the streaming video player on your site and instantly you are displaying youtube videos and ifilm videos! What’s even more amazing about that streaming video player is that you never have to re-paste the code again – no matter how many times you alter your playerlist! That’s right; a single code insertion on your website is all that is required – unlike other video players, the flash flv player allows you to change your video listings with automatic updating features!

The hardest part about using the flash flv player from is searching through youtube video, ifilm video, metacafe video, myspace video and dailymotion video options to find your favorite films! Now you have a way to display videos with style; get a flash flv player that allows you to change the appearance of the skin and make your website appealing to the visitor’s eye with a flashy, sharp looking streaming video player! Video is the hottest tool on the web for drawing traffic to a website and now allows you to post videos on your site with amazing ease – change the player list anytime you like and have new video on your website all the time!

“Before finding, I had a heck of a time posting video to my site and sometimes I couldn’t post youtube videos to my site at all! After signing up with I love my new video player – it makes things so much easier on me!

-Thanks!” -M. Kellogg, Michigan, USA- is an easy to navigate, simple to use web application. Sign up and register for a free account at, and get instant access to the most innovative streaming video player on the Internet today! After account activation, start choosing your playerlist and find out just how easy it is to post your favorite youtube videos and ifilm videos! Diversify your video displaying abilities by using a flash video player that allows you to truly express yourself. There’s no need to struggle with codes, and no need to choose just one of your favorite videos anymore – lets you choose multiple videos so that you can have true freedom in self-expression! offers a flash video player that is compatible with an array of video hosting sites and web applications. It takes only a few minutes to sign of for an account to see just how simple the application is to utilize. Once you try, you’ll not only be amazed by the application’s simplicity, you will appreciate the program so much, you’ll never rely on another flash video application again!

MyTubeX provides more information and applications which allows you to manipulate Youtube video, Ifilm video, etc and put them directly on your site through a stylish flash video player, visit us today!

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Expose secret truth, reviewing several video to flash converters roundly

For those e-friends who are often fond of expressing themselves by dint of network video, there must be existing a very troublesome problem that is a lot videos they upload can’t be viewed by others because the viewers don’t have the proper video player. Therefor, I will do a view of several pop video to flash converters in 2009, hope this will benefit e-friends who want to convert video to flash. But there are so many video to flash converters(encoder), I just search them in google optionally and found hundreds, some are never heard of before, so I have no idea of how is the effect of these video to flash converters(encoder). This made me at loose ends when I begun to select, but I made up my minds to do this review perfectly. After fast investigation, I picked 4 video to flash converters for this review. Since time is hasty, some software which also can convert video to flash excellently may be ignored, please understand.


The reviewed software:

Product name size accredit support OS POP index Geovid video to flash converter 5.3MB share Windows2000/xp/vista 8 Alive video to flash converter 9.8MB share Windows2000/xp/vista 8.5 Kibisi flash converrter 5.7MB share Windows 2000//XP/98/95 9 Wondershare video to flash encoder 6.4MB share Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP/ Vista 10


Review of practical function:

1.Geovid video to flash converter:


Brief summary of test: Geovid video to flash converter is an easy to use program for converting your AVI,ASF,MOV,MP4… digital video to Flash format, but the interface and function is too simple, you almost cant set any parameter to control the conversion effect. The only virtue is the conversion speed is fast.


2.Alive video to flash converter:


Brief summary of test: This software is very similar to Geovid video to flash converter on the interface, but Avile video to flash converter is more consummate.
1).its interface is extendable.
2).it provides more setting parameter in the “options”, including video frame rates, bitrates, frame size…
But the picture of the converted video is so blurry, I cant lay it on with a trowel.


3.Kibisis flash converter


Brief summary of test: Kibisis is a complete Video to Flash Converter. Kibisis allows you to encode standard video and audio files into low bit rate Flash movies. In addition, kibisis provides multitudinous setting parameter and video edit functions, all of this make it more perfect than others:
1).Provides flash video setting parameter such as size, frame rate, smoothness, quality….
2).You can edit your video by video effects like brightness, contrast …
3).You can add hyperlink, text to your own flash.
But I can’t understand why it runs so slow like a snail and I almost blow up finally.


4.Wondershare video to flash encoder


Brief summary of test: Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder is an excellent video to flash converter to convert video MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 and even HD video as M2TS, TP, TRP, TS to flash FLV, SWF. I summed up 4 its main attached function below:
1).Batches convert & merge several video files into one
2).Provide 12 beautiful flash players
3).Add hyperlink, text, image to your own flash.
4).Easy-to-use with intuitive interface
In addition, there are also some flaws existing in the conversion process, but these are innocuous flaws so I don’t list them here.


Final word, summary of this test:

Generally speaking, coming up from the 4 video to flash converter I tested, wondershare video to flash converter stands out in this review, its interface and general function is more outstanding. Of course, when I tested these conversion software, some ones are there just to make up the number and hope readers will be perceptive of the slightest.


If this benefits you, welcome sharing this with your relatives and friends.


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4 ways to convert video to flash FLV


This guide will talk about 4 ways to convert routine videos to flash FLV,some free,some cheap,somne expensive …I hope you have not any problem of converting video to FLV after reading the article about 4 ways fot converting video to flash flv.

A third video to flv converter or encoder:

There are many powerful video to FLV Converter tools to convert video to FLV in the market.For example wondershare video to flash encoder, Xilisoft FLV Converter,Aimersoft video converte etc are recommended as good video to FLV Converter worth to try. Today I’ll take wondershare video to flash encoder,one of the fastest video to flv converter as an example,which can convert MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 and even HD video as M2TS, TP, TRP, TS to flash with many attached functions


As shown in the picture below: “load files”–>”set output format”–>”start converting”,then you will get your video to FLV files.
Free download wondershare video to flash encoder today!

In addition,wondershare video to flash encoder provides powerful edit function:
1). Afford you to trim video length, crop black video sides, adjust aspect ratio and customize output file size and picture quality to an ideal effect.
2). Choose your lovely flash player from 12 beautiful Flash player templates. You can add image, text, hyperlink as watermark on your output flash to cast onto blog, personal space, or websites. Many of our users add text hyperlink into flash to promote their websites, blogs, etc.

Using to convert video to FLV.

Nowadays,flash video FLV is the leading format applying web-video like YouTube,google video,yahoo video ect. When you add your routine video such as .wmv ,.mpeg,.mov… YouTube will convert them to FLV automatically and then play your video in their wensite. So we may use this for converting video to flv:


1.Upload your non-flash video to YouTube;(But the lack is that Youtube only accepts.wmv .mpeg .avi ect,if you have other format,you cant use this method.)

2.Download the video from Youtube and you will get flash video.(But the lack is that you cant endit your video.)

Using Flash 8.0 to convert video to flv.

Starting with Flash MX 2004,this software had already supported FLV format. But penman advises you to use the lastest edition Flash 8.0 to convert video to flv. The editon owns a unaided to flv converter:Flash 8.0 video encoder. Click system menu “process”?”Macromedia”?”Macromedia flash8.0 video encoder”.

Using on-line video conversion pro to convert video to flv.

This method is known by a mass of net friends, on-line video converter can convert yout media files frome yout hard disk, by url/stream (http,ftp,mms,rtsp) or directly from,, Dailymotion, LiveVideo, MetaCafe, …


But I don’t advise you using this tool to convert video to flv,specially some important video files.why?
1).The video clips’ size will be limited when using the on-line video converter ;
2).What is worse,the conversion quality is not ensured.and this will destroy your video .for example,the audio and picture are not in-phase when the conversion finish.


Finally,if you really wanna use the on-line video converter,you can google “online video convertrer” and you will get a lot.

Related guides:

How to convert dvd to flv

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