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Audio Books: How To Download Them To Your Mp3 Player Hassle Free

Are MP3-technology portable players only good for playing cool tunes downloaded from the net? Far from it. They offer an alternative and a convenient listening addition to audio books on tape or CD.

What used to take days or weeks of waiting for the mail carrier to deliver your audio books on tape or CD, it now takes no more than a few minutes. You can be listening to your favorite MP3 books straight away. And it’s going to get even better, easier and quicker, judging from the giant advances in audio and web technologies in recent months.

The hard-core audiobook listeners may take a while to “convert” from using tapes and CDs to an MP3 format. The sheer convenience, perfect control and the size choices MP3 players offer, the “change-over period” is likely going to be a short one.

So, if you are a budding MP3 book pioneer and want the latest portable audio technology conveniences, they are waiting here to serve you without having to spend a fortune or extra time to do it right.

To download audio books in MP3 format to your computer and over to your MP3 player, look at the exact steps you need to take to do it quickly and easily.

Just note the following instructions use Windows Media Player – Version 10 as an example.
Let’s assume you are already good at downloading files from the web onto your computer.
Let’s also assume that you already own an MP3 player, but don’t know how to do this transfer correctly yet.

1. If you are using an older version of Windows Media Player and need to upgrade, surf over to Microsoft and download it at Follow the installation instructions.

2. Download the MP3 books to your computer. It is a good idea to create a separate folder, say in “My Documents” folder and name it “My Audio Books”. It allows you to keep your audio book downloads all in one location. Done it? Good.

3. Now, connect your computer (switched on) to the MP3 player using the USB cable supplied with your player.

4. Once the connection between the two is live, your computer will show that it has found a new piece of hardware. If it doesn’t say this, just unplug everything in the above sequence and try again.

5. Is it working now? Okay. Open your Windows Media Player and open the audio book MP3 file you want to copy. This will open your audio book in the main display area of Windows Media Player.

6. Add the audio book to the Sync List of your Windows Media Player.

7. Go ahead and click on the Sync tab on the Windows Media Player. It brings you to a pull-down arrow menu on the left-side box of the Sync tab. Make sure you select the choice “Removable Disk (E)”, or the name of your MP3 player as the source where the audio book will be copied to.

8. Do you see a display with the choice to “Start Sync” right now? Great! Go ahead and click on it. Once you’ve done this, the Windows Media Player will let you know that it’s sending the audio book to your MP3 player.

9. As soon as the sync (or copying) of the audio book file is complete, you can check to assure it is on your MP3 player. See it there? Excellent. One more step to go.

10. To finish this process properly, ensure you click on your PC’s hardware icon (found in your system tray – in the right bottom corner – usually a small icon with a green arrow) to “Safely Remove Hardware”.

Don’t remove the USB cable until you get a clear signal saying “Safe To Remove Hardware”.

Removing the USB cable without following this step may damage both your computer and the MP3 player.

Are you using an older version of Windows Media Player? Even so, you can still follow the steps above. The only major difference is that instead of having “Sync”, you will have “Copy” in the menu. You can click on it and follow the same steps above to have your audio book copied to your MP3 player.

If you have a portable MP3 player that uses a drag-and-drop file method instead of Windows Media Player synchronization, then the steps are easy to follow. Simply connect your player to the computer as above. Open the player’s window by clicking on its name or on “Removable Disc (for example E or F) under “My Computer” icon.

Then, open the MP3 books folder (the location where you have them saved) in a separate window. Keep both windows open side-by-side. Now, left-click, hold and drag the audio files over to the open window of the portable player. Once you release the left mouse button, there will be a short file-transfer moment. Done? Now, your MP3 books are on your player, ready for you to enjoy listening to it.

So, can you play back the audio book from your MP3 player now? If you have followed the steps, you should hear the audio book playing on your MP3 player. If you have difficulties, you can watch an easy-to-follow video that shows you how to do it at .

Lu Smith shares with you hard-to-find Audio Books in too many categories to mention. Be our guest and download free MP3 Books right now.

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Video Streaming: Where to Find Free Streaming Video

There are a number of people that probably do not realize how many places from which they are able to get free streaming video clips from around their home.  For many people, this may be a result of not knowing what the term streaming means.  Most people are aware that the term video refers to the pictures and images, sometimes moving and other times still, that are played out over a screen for individuals to view and absorb.  Sometimes videos are coherent and act out a scene, other times the videos are less obvious and their reasoning is less easy to understand.  However, where many people get lost is understanding what streaming is.

When a video is streamed, it is constantly sent from one source to another.  This enables the recipient to be able to receive the video whenever they want, and it is very convenient for the recipient since they are able to decide when they want to and when they do not want to view the streaming video that is offered to them.  Free streaming video is the type of video that is offered constantly to the individual from a source point, and it does not cost the individual anything to view the video that is streaming from the origin. 

The internet is a great source of free streaming video clips.  This is because there have been many sights set up to providing just this type of entertainment to individuals.  Some of the content is generic and other videos are much more specific.  As with other areas in the world in which videos are shown, there are specific genres when it comes to the free streaming video, and individuals looking for particular genres can usually find acceptable videos.  Some of the free streaming video clips are very short and others are very long.  Sometimes a website will host a whole slew of different types of free streaming video clips, but in other cases the video clips will be specific to one particular type of genre.  While some websites may host videos that have been put together by amateurs, there are some that will only host videos that are more professionally made.  The television is also a great example of free streaming video, since basic cable channels are almost always broadcasting, or streaming, and they do not cost money for those who wish to watch the programs on those channels. 

Some platforms offer free streaming video and streaming video that is not free.  Both the internet and the television are great examples of these platforms.  Some websites will either charge per video or a membership fee, as a flat charge for viewing some of the streaming video.  At the same time, there are some channels on the television that viewers will have to pay for before they can watch it.  Regardless of whether or not individuals pay for any of their streaming video, some of the streaming video offered on the platforms will be free for them to view on a regular and consistent basis.

Nicholas Tan has been involved in Article Writing, providing Free Articles, Internet Marketing, SEO, Adwords, & Adsense for more than 5 years and designs and develops websites. Submit your free articles and get your articles noticed! Get your Free Articles here! Submit Articles! We provide free articles and information. Check us out at Free Articles!

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Brilliant Ideas For Using Free DJ Sound Effects

Are you a techno chick who wants to turn your bedroom into a dancing platform? Okay, it might not always be possible to do so; however do check out some of the interesting ways on how to use free DJ sound effects to make your websites, blogs and myspace profile a dancing platform for your site visitors.

Looking for brilliant ideas for using free DJ sound effects? Help is here. You might have always wanted the heart-thumping track that you heard the other day from the club. Well, now you can have it and conveniently embed it into your website.

The trick to using free DJ sound effects is to get one that you can tweak and edit such that you can make your very own dance track. Since dance tracks usually consist of repetitions and mostly sound effects, it would be interesting if you are able to use your creative juices and make full use of the DJ sound effects to make your very own masterpiece.

What you can do is to first grab as many DJ sound effects as possible. You might have thoughts of using Kazaa or Limewire to illegally download these DJ sound effects, but my advice to you is not to do so. This is firstly because the illegal downloading of tracks is wrong, and that you are increasing your chances of getting in trouble with the law. Secondly, peer-2-peer (P2P) network sites, Kazaa and Limewire do not allow you to have a preview of the tracks and as such, you will have a hard time downloading the DJ sound effects that you are looking for.

So what you can so instead is to head on to royalty free music websites and download your DJ tracks or sound effects. The good thing about royalty free sound effects is that you will not have to worry about getting in trouble with the law. Unlike copyrighted tracks, these royalty free sound effects can be used many times over. You are the proud owner of these sound effects and as such use them as much as you like.

Use music editing software to make the necessary changes like looping and music cropping. Learn how to make full use of your music edit software to make the most out of these free DJ sound effects.

Upon creating your desired dance track, get ready and embed them into your very own blogs, websites and myspace profile.

Be the groovy chick and awe everyone with your very own dance track!

A groovy chick will also need a groovy computer. So, what you can do is that with the very same sound effects that you have downloaded, use them on your computer’s desktop. Listen to the computer jingle when an error messages pops up. Change the sounds when the computer starts up or when it shuts down. Change the way your computer looks and sounds!

Being someone who stands out sure doesn’t hurt sometimes. It’s time to bring your groove over to your blogs and websites and let the world know who is the grooviest chick in town!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Are Free Sound FX Sites Doing Things Legally?

Recently, there have been a number of cases involving sound effects companies that are offering “free” sound effects as an enticement for people to sign up for their free accounts. Often times this is in order to harvest email addresses and names for marketing purposes or to sell lists to other marketing companies. The problem is that some of these sites are using copyrighted materials illegally. When companies do this they are not only neglecting their customer’s rights to privacy, but also placing them in potentially precarious legal dangers from the rightful copyright owners.

The issue has often risen from people who are either tired of buying sound effects legally, or who just don’t understand the legal implications and then post blogs on the web, solicit their friends and colleagues, and get people to search their computers for sound effects and then upload them to their newly developed, free sound effects site. Their intentions may be perfectly innocent, giving producers access to a wide variety of sound fx in one centralized location, but the real problem is that most of these uploaded sound effects are copyrighted and subject to the same copyright protections as music, movies and everything else.

There have been cases where people download sounds from these free sites to use in jobs for their paying clientele. Only later to get embarrassing and potentially career ending complaints, letters and law suits from their clients, who in turn have recently been contacted by the copyright owner’s attorney for copyright infringement. Not only can this devastating affair make you and your company look unprofessional, it is highly irresponsible as well. Nobody wants to be reflected poorly in professional circles, and in the highly sensitive environment of copyright law and the legal issues surrounding digital media, companies are coming down harder and people are treading lighter than ever before.

This is why it is important to make sure that the sound effects you are using have been obtained legally and with the appropriate licenses. There are many sites out there that offer sound effects legally. Some of these sites are free, others will charge a nominal fee, and still others may create sounds specifically for you that are licensed only to you. It is true that most of the time if you want a really high quality sound effect you will most likely have to pay for it, but the fee is usually small, ranging anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, and more often that not it is completely worth it!

If you do want something custom built for you, you will probably pay more for it, but this sound will be licensed only to you and your production and will most likely never be available to the general public, unless releasing it was part of your sound effects/Foley creation agreement or if some one steals it and publishes it illegally.

Your best option is to play it safe. Most of the time the sounds you acquire from legitimate sources will be much higher quality anyway and will thus make your production sound much sweeter!

Adam Benson is the CEO and head engineer of Sleep Deprived Productions. SDP specializes in Video and Audio Effects and Post-Production. To learn more check them out at

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Where To Get Sound Effects Free Download

Sound effects are great add-ons to websites and projects. Some might find these sound effects quite a hassle to add, while others think that sound effect are just mere irritants. However, many have overlooked that fact that great sound effects will help to differentiate between the normal, mundane looking websites with the outstanding and spectacular ones. Why let your website become an ‘average Joe’ in the World Wide Web, when you can make it look and feel amazingly different just by using good sound effects?

But of course, not everyone is blessed with a good budget and we all know that websites and projects already require quite a large sum of money to undertake. So, when you are tight for cash, should you still consider adding great sound effects to further enhance your work? The answer is definitely yes, with a big capital Y.

Here is the trick: Most people get their ideas from songs or movies etc and when they are choosing the kind of sound effects that they want, they will usually look for the kind of sound effects that are copyrighted from these songs. But these are copyrighted material after all, so there is no way you can use these songs, unless you are willing to pay for the license. This is definitely not the practical way out.

So, the next step will be to search for any form of FREE downloads. There are plenty of them on the Internet, but the problem as you will soon find out is that these downloads simply sound terrible. Just because they are free, they tend to sound cheap and adding them into your projects will definitely not be a good idea at all.

What you can do however, is to search for royalty free sound effects download. The reason why people love to use royalty free tracks is because these tracks are one in a million. Like a music track? Then download it and it will be yours for use. If you are looking for music sound effects that are somewhat similar to the Batman theme, then you can also find one that is royalty free!

Using royalty free sound effects in your projects would spare you from the fear of being in trouble with the cops. The reason is simply because these tracks can be used over and over and over again over, indefinitely many times! You can even tweak it and make it shorter or loop it to make it sound like a full 3-minute song. As these tracks are royalty free, you as the purchaser will have the right to use it as you wish without any restrictions.

There are also other places for you to download free sound effects such as Limewire or any other P2P (peer-to-peer) networks where music files are shared. But the problem with this is that you will not be able to view the tracks before downloading and you will realize that you will end up with a dozen or more lousy sound effects.

Why waste your time and effort when you can actually have the close-to-real thing easily using royalty free music. And not to mention, you will not need to worry about the quality of these tracks or sound effects, as you will be surprised that some of them are actually composed by experienced music directors and composers.

Royalty free music is cheap and easy to get too. You will be assured of a full 100 percent satisfactory listening pleasure if you use royalty free music.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Using Free Movie Sound Effects For Your Projects

Are you looking for fresh ideas on how to make your projects as appealing as possible? It is about time to get yourself used to the idea of using free movie sound effects for your projects. Sound effects are great add-ons to any media material that you are able to find. From the Internet, videos, websites and even television, the use of sound effects have always been a popular way to make viewers relate to the media presentation. Imagine the difference when you see a gun fired by the James Bond, but with no sound effect at all. It will barely give you an impression that the gun has been fired. A gun-firing sound effect will thus make the entire shooting scene more realistic and hence bringing the audience closer to the action.

But before you start downloading movie sound tracks and movie sound effects for your latest project, check out some of the important points to note. When using free downloaded tracks or sound effects for your project, be sure to use tracks that are not copyrighted. Examples of copyrighted tracks and sound effects are the ones like Batman theme and songs that you hear over the radio. These kinds of songs and sound effects are not supposed to be used and downloaded for free. Although it might be tempting to get ‘freebies’ off the Net, the consequences can be pretty tough on you if you are caught with illegal downloading.

So, in order to protect yourself and your project, make full use of free movies sound effects that can be downloaded from royalty free music websites. Royalty free music tracks are tracks that can be downloaded and edited to death. It doesn’t matter what you do to these royalty free tracks. You as the downloader and purchaser are entitled to make all the tweaking and editing you’ll need to bring out the desired effect. And no, you no longer need to worry about getting caught by the cops. These sound effects are rightfully yours.

While it might be very tempting to use the Batman sound track for your project, you are strictly forbidden from doing so. However what you can do is to get a royalty free track that sounds similar to the Batman theme and use it. Otherwise, you can just freely mix the royalty free music around with sound effects to result in something totally original and new.

As aforementioned, adding sound effects will help to attract the attention of the audience. However, too much of it might make the whole project look too candid. For more ideas on how to use your sound effects correctly, do check out Japanese variety shows that use great sound effects to bring out the desired effect of fun and laughter.

If you are still wondering about the other kinds of sound effects that you can use for your projects, you can try looping sound tracks or sound effects such that they form a 3 minute full song. Try downloading the sounds of a waterfall splashing onto a wall and loop it over many many times until you get it to run for 3 minutes full. You can also try experimenting with other sound tracks or movie sound effects to create your very own masterpiece.

Have a fun and creative time creating your very own movie sound effects!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Creative Ways Of Using Free Gun Sound Effects

Sound effects play a crucial role in every media that you hear and see on a daily basis. From movies, television and websites, the sound effects that are used in these media will help to piece information together for our brain to understand, just like how we see a gun and watch it fire. If there is no gun sound effect, then we will feel that the gunshot is fake or simply redundant.

This is the reason why gun sound effects are required no matter how inappropriate it might seem to you. Just imagine cartoons characters in action. Cartoons are great sources of ideas on how to go about using sound effects. Whether it is just for laughs or for real, sound effects that are used at the right moment can bring out the desired effect.

Our brain processes information using the 5 senses and most of the time; these 5 senses cannot work alone. This simply means that at least 2 senses are required in order for the brain to process something. So for example while we know that James Bond is holding a gun, we wouldn’t be able to feel the impact until the gun is fired. If the gun is fired but no sound is produced, than our brain would register it as a meaningless ‘firing’ and somewhat redundant as the brain is unable to tell or sure whether the gun has been fired.

With that in mind, we have to take note of the different important uses of gun sound effects and how to use them effectively to bring about the desired effect. But before you get started, you have to know about some of the websites where you can get free gun sound effects that you can use to embed them into your blogs, websites, movies or even music.

If you are looking for free gun sound effects, you can depend on royalty free tracks to give you an ample supply of it. You might have initial thoughts of downloading these sound effects from Kazaa or Limewire, but the thing about them is that they do not allow previews. As such, you will end up with more than a dozen useless tracks. Sites that offer royalty free sound effects usually allow you to preview the tracks before downloading them. This means that you are no longer wasting time trying to download the right kind of gun sound effects for your website or movie.

Once you gotten the desired sound effects, it is time to put them to great use. Time to squeeze your creative juices out! What you can first do is to mix around your gun sound effect with other sounds or songs to create a completely new track that can go along with your website. If you are creative enough, you can even create your very own orchestrated sounds and make it sound entirely original. All these will definitely require some kind of practice and experiment though.

Otherwise, you can also use them as computer sound effects. If you are a fan of James Bond movies, than how about the sound of the fire of the gun every time an error message pops up? You can also create your own Windows theme along with these gun sound effects and share them with others online. Amaze them with your creative inventions.

Using it as your cell phone’s ring tone will also be a good idea. Just remember to switch it to silent mode in the next meeting or you will end up getting hot stares from your superiors.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Using Free Sound Effects Download To Enhance Your Projects

To use or not to use? That can be a daunting question that most project managers might ask themselves. If you are a webmaster and are creating a new website for your client, it can be pretty challenging to decide whether or not you should embed free sound effects into the website. There are of course several points to note if you wish to do so. For example, whether it will affect the time it takes for the page to load, and whether the sound effects will be appropriate for the website. While you might still be pondering with this, read up on how using free sound effects download can help to enhance your mundane looking project into a spectacular one.

There are plenty of reasons for using free sound effects in your projects. It is just part of our human nature to be attracted to things like music and actions and that is also the reason why advertisements that appear on pop ups tend to work better than the ones that are just plastered over a website. So, in a way, using free sound effects will help to get people’s attention the very moment they enter your site.

The only critical part to using these sound effects is choosing the right ones that suit your website’s identity. Sound effects form your websites’ and projects’ identity. For example, if you are setting up a new website that is meant for kids, then most probably some adorable cartoon sound effects would fit in well. You can also choose to experiment with various other sound effects and see how you can you them interchangeably between pages.

The only thing that you have yet to figure out is choosing the most reliable website where you can get all your sound effects from. This can be quite a challenge as not all the sound effects that are available off the Net would sound as good as you thought they would be. Some of the sound effects might have been recorded and re-recorded many times over, hence affecting the sound quality. If this is the case, then you are definitely going to have a pretty tough time choosing the right kind of sound effects for you.

Otherwise, you may choose to use Limewire or any other Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network site. But the only problem is that most of them do not allow any form of previewing and some of these sound effects are just trash and they do not sound good at all.

What thousands of people have been doing to solve this problem is to use royalty free sound effects. Are you new to this? Well, basically anything that is royalty free can be downloaded and used over and over again many times without the need to worry about any copyright laws. This is definitely the best thing about royalty free sound effects. Use it, cut it, loop it and make it sound totally different. It is rightfully yours. This is definitely not the case for the copyrighted tracks that you might have wanted, for example the Superman music theme.

And not to mention there is abundance of royalty free sound tracks out there for you to use, so there is no way someone is going to have the same track as yours!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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How To Use Royalty Free War Sound Effects Creatively

Do you like the war sounds from The Medal Of Honor? Well, if you are crazy over such war-related computer games, than you might be interested with what this article has got to offer you. There are now ways to download these war sound effects to turn your own room into an exciting war zone.

There are plenty of ways on how to make full use of free war sound effects. But before you even get started, you will definitely have to know how to get your very own free sound effects. You might have thoughts of using Kazaa or Limewire to illegally download these war sound effects, but my advice to you is “Don’t. Firstly, this is because illegal downloading is wrong and you are just increasing the chances of yourself getting in trouble with the law with every download. Secondly, peer-2-peer (P2P) network sites, Kazaa and Limewire do not allow you to have a preview of the tracks and as such, you will have a hard time downloading the war sound effects that you want.

This calls for royalty free sound effects!

Royalty free sound effects are sound effects that can be downloaded and used over and over again without having the need to worry about the men in blue running after you. As the proud owner of the royalty free sound effects, you are entitled to tweak them and edit them to your heart’s content.

But how to use royalty free war sound effects creatively such that people will be impressed by your work?

What you can do is to explore some of possible media whereby embedding music would not be too much of a hassle. Some of the more popular ideas would be on websites, blogs, videos, project, Myspace profiles and amazingly even on a computer desktop!

Before you start, learn to choose the appropriate kind of war effects. There are 101 websites available for you to choose from. So just search for “get war effects”. Try to get a few of different kind of sound effects. Upon doing so, try your best to mix and match these sound effects together such that they sound exactly like a scene from the battlefield. The sound of oil tanks exploding, sounds of the mine bombs ticking, and the sound of a sergeant commanding his troops. Mix these sound effects around using music software.

Once you finalize your war ’soundtrack’, you are ready to embed it into your websites, blogs and videos.

The more interesting part is to embed these war sound effects into your desktop themes. Make the computer ‘explode’ with every error message that pops up. Time to change those boring “ping” sounds to something more action-packed!

You can also use these sound effects for your cell phones. Since most of these sound effects are saved in the mp3 format, you will have no trouble at all transferring sound effects between mediums.

Use these war sound effects wisely and learn how to maximize their sound potential by discovering new ways in which you can use to make your projects such more meaningful, special and leaving your audience awe-stricken.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Ipod Owners Enjoys Free MP3 Audio Book Downloads

Many people are surprised to learn that there have been audio books available since the 1930s when the first music book recording was made and released. Some eighty years later, people are enjoying the ability to listen to “books on tape,” although they are rarely on tape anymore. In fact, in this digital age, a free MP3 audio book that can be downloaded to an iPod is probably the most sought after type of music book these days.

Even though audio books had been available for a number of years, they really gained in popularity in the late 1970s when the Sony Walkman became so popular. This small cassette tape player made it possible for people to easily take recorded material with them in a convenient way that had never before been popular.

Then, about a decade later, the compact disc was introduced and suddenly the newest and best music and audio books on CD became more popular. While you can still buy an audio book on CD today, most people prefer to get their music books in MP3 format.

There is no doubt that a little searching will produce a wide array of free MP3 audio book downloads from a number of websites. However, it is pretty unlikely that if you are looking for a brand new audio book release of a recent bestselling book that you’ll find it as a free download. Those new and popular titles will be available for sale though, and many via a download after purchase.

In some instances, an author, or their publisher, will offer a free MP3 audio book version of the work to customers who purchase the printed hardcover book. This can be a valuable incentive to the customer and also an effective advertising and marketing strategy that is particularly helpful when a brand new author is trying to gain a name and reputation.

Many times, an independent author who does not have their own publisher will build a website to promote a new book that they have written and will offer the free MP3 audio book as a bonus when the customer buys their printed book or their e-book. This can also be a good way to drive up sales or to launch a new website because people are always attracted to the potential to get something for free and most people consider an music book download to have a lot of value, especially if it is on a topic about which they are interested.

There are a number of websites these days that have vast libraries of MP3 music book downloads that cover just about any topic that have ever been written about. Some of these sites are membership websites and when you register as a free member or purchase a paid membership to their site, many will provide their new members with free MP3 audio book selections as a part of their membership.

You can also find many free MP3 audio book downloads by searching the websites of the various large public libraries. Also, there are some specialized websites that have undertaken projects of collecting a vast number of works that are now in the public domain and they have made e-books and audio books available for people to download either for free or by making a small donation to help with the costs of running the website.

Mike Selvon portal offers free articles on audio books. Find out more about the free mp3 audio book, and leave a comment at the audio book reviews blog where a free gift awaits you.

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