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Tweaks to Speed Up Internet Streaming Video

The birth of “Guerilla Video” sites, such as, and have given users instant access to a plethora of free media files. Although streaming video technology offers instant access to video files, zero loading time is not always possible. There are many factors that attribute to your computer’s ability to start videos immediately. Other factors such as choppy PC video playback and slow video streaming also hinder your viewing experience. There are easy fixes to these problems. Sometimes choosing another site for the source of the video streaming or a lower quality version of the video can award you with instant play. These alternatives are not always available. However, there are a number of tweaks that help speed up your streaming video startup times, eliminate choppy PC video play and stop slow streaming video.

Before we start with the tweaks to speed up slow streaming video, lets get a basic understanding of streaming video technology in order to stop choppy video. Streaming video is a prerecorded video files that can be distributed as part of a live broadcast “feed.” The video signal is converted into a compressed digital signal and transmitted from a Web server. This server is able to be multicast the same file to multiple users at the same time. When you click on the on the video it is partially loaded before you can access it. This is known as “buffering”. This helps you to load and play the video instantaneously. Now lets take a look on how to cut down on buffering time, stop slow streaming video and eliminate choppy PC video playback .

Common Streaming Video Problems

Problem #1: Choppy PC Video Playback–Choppy video is usually a PC performance related issue. Here are a few things you can try to stop choppy playback and improve computer performance.

Solution A. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration—All media applications require different aspects of your computer’s hardware. Depending on the task, the requirements may change. Turning off hardware acceleration allows the application to set the requirements itself and not be forced to use one universal setting. Hardware acceleration has been to known to cause choppy PC playback, application crashes and slow streaming video problems.

You can eliminate the problem below:

1.Click on “Start”

2.Click “Control Panel”

3.Select the “Settings” tab and click on the “Advanced”.

4.Click on the “Troubleshoot” tab.

5.Disable the hardware acceleration completely by dragging the slider to the extreme left.

Solution B. Turn off Video Acceleration—The reason for this tweak is the similar to hardware acceleration. This act frees up resources in your media player and not your hardware. However you will need to decrease video acceleration in your chosen player. Some sites like don’t offer this option. However, Windows Media Player gives the ability to easily alter this problem, follow the steps below. Other players’ instructions will vary.

1. In Windows Media Player

2. Click the “Tools” menu tab

3. Click on “Options”

4. Select the “Performance” tab.

5. Move the Video Acceleration Slider to “None”

Solution C. Adjust your Windows Desktop Visual Effects—You computer will get a significance boost in speed. This tweak will also free up more resources for your media player and PC performance.

1.Click “Start”, and then click “Control Panel”.

2.Click “System” and Choose “Display”.

3.Find the “Advanced” tab and Click

4.Under “Performance”, Click “Settings”

5.Under “Visuals Effects”, you may choose from a list of options such as “Adjust for best performance” or custom. If you choose Adjust for best performance all the features will be unchecked.

For more performance tips check the “Ways to Speed Up Your PC” to free up more resources to stop PC choppy playback.

Problem #2: Slow and Constant Buffering—This problem can be attributed to two factors internet speed and your media player. You can tweak your PC setting in both areas to cut down on slow streaming video. Remember that each player has its own buffer settings. Below is an how to change buffer setting in Media Player.

Solution A. Adjust Buffer Settings– To change the default buffer settings in Windows Media Player, use the following steps:

1.Start Windows Media Player

2.Click the “View” menu

3.Click “Options”

4.On the “Advanced” tab, click “Streaming Media”(Windows Media)

5.Click “Change” to alter the buffer settings.

Remember that the higher you set the buffer the more of the clip will be loaded. The waiting time before you can see or hear the file will be longer, but there should be fewer interruptions once the clip begins to play.

Solution B. Use a Video Specific Proxy—A proxy allows for popular files to be loaded onto its servers. This eliminates the need for your computer to load the files. For example if you use the proxy,, you will not have to wait for your computer to download popular content because it may be already loaded in the server. This is a great way to stop slow streaming video.

These are just a few tips to eliminate choppy PC video playback and slow streaming video. However, there are more advanced ways to stop this problem. Depending on the site, there may be independent software developed specifically to speed up slow streaming video. Also, remember the general maintenance is a good way to avoid choppy PC video playback.

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Review of Google Video Internet Television and Video Distribution Site

Google Video, currently in beta, is the video distribution or internet television service being promoted by the world’s largest search engine Google. Like their major competitors in the internet video world YouTube, and Yahoo Video they offer anyone with an Internet connection the ability to upload video clips and share them with friends, family, and the world, all for free. Users are invited to leave comments and save videos directly to their own computers for playback in Google’s own video player.

For Content Producers

You can upload free or commercial videos and set prices and previews for commercially available videos. Google offers easy to use software for uploading your video and everything is available using your free Google account. You can make money by selling your content and can upload a huge amount of videos at the same time.


With Google providing the back end, it’s very fast, reliable, isn’t going anywhere, and will probably stay free forever. Users can download your video to their computers and via private reports you can monitor how many views and download your videos are receiving without that information being made public. The Google video upload tool is very effective for quicker video uploading. You can login using your existing google account and use regular urls in the description that automatically become links to wherever you want.


No ability for people to subscribe to your videos, so you can’t get regular content subscribers in the way you can with other video sites, like YouTube or Yahoo video. There are no user profile pages, just an option to view more videos from a particular user, There isn’t the same community you can experience on other video sites, with messages, profiles, etc.

100 Megabyte video upload limit, and longer delays for video to be verified then on competing sites. It can take up to a week before your video goes live. Google Video only has a top 100 list and a movers and shakers list, and categories. There are substantially less ways to sort vides then on competing sites, so there are less lists you can get your video on to get more visitors.

For Content Consumers


Very fast, with Google as a backend, the search function actually brings up relevant videos, so if you type in old videos of WWII that’s actually what you get back. Doesn’t go down, allows you download the video in different formats and you can put the movies on your video IPOD or PSP. You can get a few different converters and burn downloaded Google videos to regular DVDS.

Google also has a lot of relationships with major television stations and content producers, so it contains a large amount of useful full length movies, and a free content area that is backed by sponsors that has content comparable to regular or from regular broadcasting. (documentaries, films, stock footage).


No subscriptions, favorites, or other community features. You can’t view a user’s profile to learn more about who is posting the video or video. Very few ways to sort content besides searching for keywords or viewing the top 100.


It has comments and ratings, but with no profile pages, no groups, and no subscriptions the community is rather lacking on Google Video. Video comments are usually one or two sentences and similar to what you would find on competing sites.


Google video is a robust and ever changing video distribution site, backed by the most popular website in the world with the latest and greatest technology. It still has a lot of problems, but already contains a lot of high quality content and is a must for anyone who just wants to watch videos online. It’s not very good for networking and if you’re looking for more of a community to share videos with you’ll need to check out one of its competitors like YouTube.

Future of Google video

It’s still in beta, so it’s not certain, but you’ll be sure it’s not going anywhere and will have almost certainly end up with some sort of strong revenue model, maybe integration with Google Adwords in addition to paid content etc.

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Online Audio Advertising – How to Boost Your Internet Business With Online Audio Advertising

Online audio advertising is becoming more popular by the day. Internet marketers have realized that using audio can drastically increase conversion rates. You may have noticed that a large majority of sales pages (particularly relating to information products) utilize audio and/or video. This is no coincidence.

Good marketers split test their sales pages and have come to the conclusion that using audio simply makes the prospective buyer feel more at ease and forges a relationship that is not possible with text alone.

Online audio advertising relates not just to the audio on a sales page, but also to any audio used to attract visitors to that sales page. These can include podcasts, interviews and teleconferences as well as a variety of other strategies.

The aim of online audio advertising is to gain recognition, build trust and ultimately convert your listeners into buyers.

Producing audio for online marketing purposes is easy. You do not need an expensive, elaborate set up. Just a simple inexpensive microphone and some free software can do the trick for you.

Of course, if you wish to do fancy effects and editing, then you will need a more advanced set up. However, for the majority of uses, this will suffice. If you already use Camtasia to produce videos, then you can also use it for audio recording and production.

Many marketers realize the benefit that online audio advertising brings to their business, but feel that they do not have a great voice, or are ultimately just too shy to broadcast their own voice.

In this case, it can be ideal to hire a voice over person. Whilst the voice over person should not necessarily claim to be you (although this is possible), they can act as a partner in the business or simply as a professional guide.

This is a good option for those marketers who are not yet comfortable recording their own voice. Keep in mind, however, that by using your own voice you are gaining considerably more credibility amongst your audience.

The quality of your audio recording is extremely important. A low quality audio recording will give the impression that you are unprofessional. This will reflect badly upon your product and on you. You may even lose a large amount of sales solely due to a poor quality audio recording.

If you are unsure of how to record a high quality recording, then this can also be outsourced. There are many great audio production specialists online who are willing to work for a small amount of money. Hiring one of these people can save you time, headaches and increase your conversion rate.

Online audio advertising is going to become more prominent as the years go by. Many sites now play an audio file as soon as the site loads. The benefits of this are debated, so it is wise to give your visitors the option to play the recording as they wish. You will find that most people will be willing to listen to your audio, provided it is interesting and clear.

Discover a breakthrough audio management software to provide downloadable or streaming audio for your visitors and members. With this, you can provide your members with great content, or simply create a music store-style site with paid and free access. For more info, go to:

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Internet Video Marketing: The Newest Online Trend

Since email marketing has become somewhat of a difficult marketing venue, due to spamming, it was only a matter of time before a new way to market emerged: Internet video marketing. Internet video marketing, at present, is the best marketing tool available because our culture is visually oriented.

If given the option, most people would choose to watch a small video clip as opposed to reading boring Web content. When done properly, video marketing can be a very effective tool that will help you grow your business and increase sales to a point where you are happy. Just remember, effective doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

One of the biggest Internet video marketing mistakes is making a video just to make a video. The Internet is not the place for a “monkey see monkey do” mentality. This will do more harm than good. There is a lot more to an effective video campaign than just putting together a video so you have something to add to your website.

When Internet video marketing is used properly and effectively it can be a great tool to help improve your lead generation and sales. Some Internet websites have reported that streaming videos have increased their conversion rate by as much as 33%. A statistic this good cannot be ignored.

One of the main advantages of using videos for marketing, is that a video gets to the point much quicker than the traditional text format approach, so don’t make your customers sit through a 30-minute video on the history of your company, chances are they aren’t interested.

However, Internet video marketing is not as easy and clear-cut as writing a blog post or a news story. Here are some tips and tricks so that you can use Internet video marketing to its fullest potential; reaping the rewards of increased sales and improving your leads.

Don’t take the video you just made, put it into a video directory and wait for the video to bring prospects to you. It doesn’t happen that way. If marketing was that simple there would be less time spent doing it. It is important to optimize using more than just the video search engines. Utilize the content search engines; they are there, so use them.

Name your video. It is highly unlikely that your video will show up in the search engine if its name is “” rather than something like “” Use keywords in your video title and description. Your video will be found much easier by the search engines in order to index it properly.

Make your video short, zippy and professional. It should only take you 2-3 minutes to say what it would take someone 10 minutes to read on a website. If you grab a customer’s attention within the first 30 seconds there is a good chance they will watch the entire video. It also increases your chance of making a sale.

If you are linking to your video from other pages on your website, use anchor text. Anchor text, which is the visible text in a hyperlink, carries a lot of weight when it comes to search engine algorithms because the linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. Include RRS feeds allowing viewers to subscribe.

RSS feeds are an automatic way for your customers to receive content, as opposed to having to do a manual check. Double-check to make sure that the video file you submit has the proper extension. A good marketing video with the wrong extension will not lead to an increase in sales if your potential customers can’t view it.

Submit your internet marketing videos to the venues computer turn to for videos, such as YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! Videos. One great benefit to submitting with one or all of these is that your video will be hosted for free, keeping your website bandwidth for your customers. Currently with 6.1 million YouTube registered users; that is a lot of potential customers in one place you have the ability to reach.

Online marketing is being redefined by video marketing. Businesses are communicating with their customers in ways that weren’t heard of 10 years ago. Yet in another few years, it is quite likely that new ways of marketing will be developed and used, possibly even replacing the newest trend of today: Internet video marketing. But until that time comes, learn the basics of how to video market successfully and enjoy the ride to the top.

From waiting tables to millionaire at 29, Mike Dillard, is a professional marketer who has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of his attraction marketing techniques. Sign up for his free on-line boot camp at:

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How To Increase Targeted Online Traffic To Your Web Site Leveraging Free Internet Video Streaming Services

One of the most significant milestones on the web this year has been the popularity of the use of videos on the Internet. There are a number of free services that enable Internet users to easily upload and store videos on the Internet for free. These videos can then be broadcast (streamed) free over the Internet, to be viewed and shared by other users.

We will look at a simple but often overlooked way to help you get potentially loads of traffic to your web site using Internet videos.

But first let’s establish the background to the phenomenon and why it is important for you.

The popularity of Internet videos have really sky rocketed in the recent few months.

Consider these figures. In 2005, there were very few free video hosting web sites. Yet, in the month of August 2006 alone, according to a comScore Media Metrix report, there were approximately 6.98 Billion online videos that were streamed by Internet users in the United States alone.

More interestingly, the average US Internet video user consumed 63.3 streams during August 2006 or approximately 2 streams every day.

For marketers, businesses or even the Government or non-profit organizations, this opens up a whole new possibility of getting in touch with their desired audience, in a content rich, interactive way that has never been possible before.

The huge number of online videos streamed every month should not come as a surprise, given the popularity of Google, MSN, Yahoo, You Tube and My Space web sites. These are some of the most popular sites in the world and each of them have incorporated a video service in their offerings in the recent months.

Traffic or Internet users are the fuel that helps generate revenue for most of these businesses. The revenue is earned by monetizing the traffic with targeted advertising.

You Tube the video hosting service was founded in February 2005, but famously bought by Google for $1.65 Billion dollars in October 2006. Although it seems like a large amount to pay, it was in fact a very strategic move by Google.

Based on the comScore report, for the month of August 2006, Fox Interactive (owned by News Corporation, which bought My Space) had 20.1% share of the total US video streams, followed by Yahoo with 11.8% share and then You Tube with 9.9% share of the streams. Google video was in fact in a distant 7th position with only 1.5% share.

Purchasing You Tube has enabled them to be a real challenger to Yahoo & Fox Interactive in the US market for Internet Video.

If we look at the numbers beyond the US, that is on a global basis, over 100 million videos were streamed on a daily basis by You Tube. This is a mind boggling number.

We are going to see more innovations in this area in the very near future from all the major players. All indications are that the popularity of Internet videos are likely to rise further.

So what might this mean for you, if you are a business, person or organization that would like to tap into and take advantage of this huge trend? Because this is so new, not many large corporations have figured out how to take advantage of the medium.

Most of the free video hosting and streaming services require you to register online and open an account (for free). You can then upload your video to the web site. You will be asked to provide a name for the video and then key words that describe the video. This is so that the videos can be categorized and also found by other users (your target audience). If you have your own web site, make sure this is mentioned in the video.

You can upload the video to a number of different free services. Why would you do this? To reach the widest possible audience for your marketing message, of course.

An interesting outcome of this is that in some cases this may drive huge amounts of traffic to your web. This is because, if your video becomes popular and there are other sites linking to it or it is being virally forwarded by the users, the search engines begin to take notice of your web site.

A case study in which a top 10 position in the search engines was achieved in under 24 hours using Internet videos to boost rankings is provided in a video at There is also a service here that takes one through the process of creating Internet videos, even if all you have is audio. You can create a simple slide show with a voice-over to create very effective, compelling videos.

If you wish to create full motion Internet videos, the process can quite straight forward and inexpensive.

Remember that the Internet videos do not need to be flashy, nor long or elaborate. The objective is to keep them clear, simple and easy to understand. Communication of the features and benefits that your product or service provides, differentiation or how it is different from other products or services that your competitors provide is important.

Finally, remember to include the unique value proposition that you have for your customers (ie. The reasons why your prospects should buy from you, rather than anyone else).

If you already have a digital video camera then you can start creating your video straight away. Your video camera will need some kind of direct connection to your computer. This can be by connecting either to the USB or FireWire ports. Some of the new Video Camera have the ability to record on a DVD straight away. In this case you can simply copy the contents of your DVD to your computer.

If you have an analog video camera, you can still create the required digital videos by using a converter.

Once you have video in digital form in your computer, simply log in to the account of the free video streaming service and upload your video. Ideally you can get wider distribution by uploading them to a number of different services in relevant category.

However uploading each video one by one to each service can be quite time consuming. The service mentioned earlier in the article can help you with this, with a single upload and multiple distributions.

Your video is now ready for viewing and sharing. Sit back and enjoy the traffic.

James Coe is an Internet entrepreneur that runs a number of sites. He uses a number of ways to increase targeted web site traffic including the traffic geyser method

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Share my way of free download videos and songs into video player from Internet

Share my way of free download videos and songs into video player from Internet

When I come to some other community like, I always see someone ask the same question: How to get videos or free download videos from Internet into their iPod, iPhone, Sansa, PSP or some other popular players. Right now I own an iPod Touch 2. With my funniest iPod I enjoy my favorite movies like Gone with Wind, Ironman, The Dark Knight etc and other 180 songs. So you may wonder how did I get so much beautiful movies and songs into my player. In the below I will share my experience with you so that you can get video and songs you want in your portable player.

I get all the videos and songs from Internet. There are many free resources on Internet that you can download. I usually download movie and music from those famous video website such as Youtube, Google video, Yahoo video. There are also many other free website for you to download videos such as Hulu, MySpace, Reuters, Metacafe, Break, Dailymotion, iFilm, Music, StreetFire, etc. Of course you may select videos according to your interest. For example, you can get more videos about International news, financial information and trading products information on On you may get more TV shows and movies from NBC, FOX and many other networks and studio, but Hulu videos are currently offered only to users in the United States. For metacafe, I like the short entertainment video on it, which is really funny. Youtube, Yahoo and Google display a wide variety of video content, you may search movie clips, TV clips, music videos you want and free download it into your computer.

Ok, after surf on Internet, now you must harvest lots of videos in your computer. Next you need to transfer these videos into your portable player. You may find that most of your videos are flv format files. So you need to transfer your videos with a flv video converter. What I use is [url=]Nidesoft FLV Converter[/url], probably the best flv converter available. You may free download its trial version on its official website to have a try.
The free trial version can convert video for 2 minutes, you may free try it first. If you like it you may go to its official website to buy it for full version.
[url=]Download Nidesoft FLV Converter[/url] (free trial version) and install.
Then you may transfer your videos from computer into portable player in the below step by step way.
Step 1: open the program, click “continue trial” to begin.
Step 2: add your flv files into the program:
click the “add” button and select your downloaded flv videos from your computer. Of course, you may select several video files and convert them at one time. You may also preview your video on the right screen: select video and then press the play button then you will view your video.
Step 3: Click “format” drop-down list to select format of your videos. Here I suggest you select format according to your player. For instance, I select “iPod Touch Video MPEG-4 (*.mp4)” for my iPod Touch videos. If you want to convert videos into Xbox, then you should select “Xbox 360 Video – Windows Media Video (*.wmv)”.
Step 4: Click “convert” button to start conversion. Then process would be completed in few minutes, then drag them into your player and enjoy.
Besides video, you could also get cool ringtone for your iPhone, Palm, Blackberry and other mobile phone in this way. Free download music videos on Internet, then extract audio from the flv video file with Nidesoft FLV Converter in the above way, but pay attention to the output format, here you should select a audio format supported by your mobile phone such as “MP3 – MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)”.

Ok, that’s all my way and you could have a try. Below are some problems I have encountered. Maybe you will have the same problems. Here are my solutions:
Q: Does the software contain virus? Is it safe to install and uninstall?
A: I download the software from its official website and install it in my computer. For nearly two month, I have never found any virus. So I am very sure it is safe. However if you downloaded it from somewhere else on the web then I am not sure. Probably malware/spamers have uploaded it onto sites to snag people. So always make sure you download things from their original website, or from a trusted location like, and always run antivirus and scan stuff you are installing.

Q: What tools should I use to download videos from Internet?
A: There are many free video downloader you may get on Internet. For example, you may go to to free download Youtube video, Google video and Break video. can do the same job. Just google it you may find different downloaders to download different videos.

Q: Some movies are split into several clips by uploader, and I want to merge those video clips into one whole movie. How to do that?
A: You can do it with while convert your flv videos. After add your videos on the flv converter, select your videos, click the blank box before “Merge into one file”, then those video clips will convert into one video.

Q: What is flv? Sometimes I met some special flv files that could not played on my player, why?
A: Flv is a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player. It is widely used on Internet, notable users of flv format include YouTube, Google video, Yahoo! Video,, metacafe and many other providers. Beside the commend flv format, there are other four new flv files format including f4v, f4p, f4a, f4b. Flash player does not check the extension of the file, so these special formats could not played on your player.

Q: How to do with those special flv format files, are there any special players or other solutions?
A: In fact this FLV Converter could also work as a super flv player. You may preview the flv movie before convert. And with the powerfule decoder, it could decode all kinds of flv format, including those special formats. After add your flv file, you just need to select your flv files then click the play button to preview your videos on the right screen.

Ok, those are all the information I want to share. Now you may follow my way to get videos and ringtones for your iPod, Iphone, PSP, Zune, Sansa, mobile phone and all other popular players. If you still have questions, post here!

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