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How to Get Top Search Engine Rankings in Your Video Marketing

In order for you to get your videos to rank high on the search engines, you will need to do a bit of market and keyword research. “But that’s boring!” Well, to some people it will be boring, but if you do the work once, you may be able to multiply your business in size overnight. With one of my local businesses, I did my video marketing so well that some people couldn’t find any of my competitors when searching on the internet. They could only find me and my videos! In this instance, my business really did multiply in size overnight. So doing your market and keyword research will pay off. So, for your video marketing you will need to use one of the various keyword research tools that are available to you across the web. The best keyword research tools are the ones that will give you an estimate of the number of searches your keyword phrases gets each month.

You have to realize that you are NOT going to get a top 10 ranking with your video for keyword phrases that are searched thousands of times each day. The secret to search engine rankings with your videos will be to target less competitive keyword phrases. You will want to go for the #1 and #2 spots for less competitive long-tailed keywords.

At first you will want to get these spots for keywords that may only get 5 or 10 searches each day. This can be fairly easy to do since you may be the only person on the web who has optimized a video/web page/ or article for that keyword phrase. After you get your feet wet with the easier keyword phrases, you will then want to try and get top 10 rankings for a number of different phrases that get even more searches.

So here’s step #1: Pick your target keyword phrase. Once you have picked this target keyword phrase, you will want to then pick other relevant keyword phrases that you can include as tags for your video. For most video sharing sites, you will be allowed to provide about 6 tags, and this will be plenty in order to optimize your video. Have your target keyword phrase be one of your tags and make sure your other 5 tags are very similar.

Step #2 is most important step: Create the perfect title. One of the main reasons that this can be so difficult is because you want to have your best keyword phrases in the title, you want your title to be appealing to viewers, and you can only make your title a certain length on many video sharing sites. Here’s how to make this work: You will at least want your target keyword phrase somewhere in the title. It is easy to do this once, but it is hard to include it a second time while still making the video title sound great. Sometimes what works the best is to include your target keyword phrase along with the other similar keywords you have made into tags.

In order to make your title appealing to viewers, you will want to study great headlines that capture your attention. Many of the most effective headlines include a “how to” approach and include a benefit. Using my article title as an example, you can see that I use the “how to” approach to catch my reader’s attention. The benefit included in my title is that you can get your videos ranked high in the search engines. You wouldn’t be reading this article, if you didn’t want to obtain that benefit.

Step #3 is to create a great description for your videos. Video sharing sites and the search engines appreciate good descriptions because it’s one of the only things they can use to rank your videos. Since you want to build links across the web and eventually have your video viewers visit your site, you will want to include your website at the beginning of the description. You will then proceed to create a description which will include some of the keyword phrases that you are using to optimize your video. Keep in mind that you are writing this description for a human rather than a robot. It is possible to include great keywords in your descriptions while still making it easy to read. Don’t mess up by overdoing things and giving your viewers the impression that you have made this video just to rank high in the searches.

Step #4 is to upload your videos to various video sharing sites. There are software programs that you can use that will allow you to upload each video to multiple sites instead of one. This not only will give your videos more exposure on other popular sites, but it has also been proven to get your videos ranked higher. For example, your video may not get a top ranking that was put on YouTube, but that same video may get the top ranking because it became extremely popular on a site like Revver.

Our final step is to continue to make videos. Even if you follow all of these steps perfectly, your video may still never make it to the top. But, if you make a few videos that are similar but different, that target the same keyword phrases, then that video might eventually make it to the top. I have videos that have thousands of views that aren’t optimized very well. I also have videos that are optimized “perfectly” for the search engines that don’t get nearly as many views. The trick here is that you really never know when your video will climb to the top, so optimize correctly to better your chances of making it to the top, and then continue to create more videos because the more you make, the more exposure you will get for you and your business.

Daniel Pereira is an expert at driving free traffic to your website. For 2 free eBooks, free weekly conference calls, and a free mini course, just head on over to . You can also visit “The Free Traffic Blog” at for more free information.

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Viral Marketing Tips: How to Create a Great Viral Video

It’s one of the biggest accomplishments you can do with video: Getting people to think that your video is so great that they want to share it with the world! So, what are some of the great examples that we can look to? Well, the first one that I think of right off of the top of my head is the video on YouTube called “Numa Numa.” Now, I have no idea what Numa means, but it was one of the few emails that someone sent me with a video that I actually saw and enjoyed. It has surpassed the 13 million views mark and I think that this video is hilarious, plus for some reason I really like the song.

Another great viral video that comes to mind is the video “Hahaha.” That is the one with the baby sitting in his highchair that is laughing hysterically while his father makes a high pitched “boing” sound. At the time that I am writing this article, it has about 70 million views on YouTube.

Now, those two videos are great examples, but if you are an internet marketer reading this article, then what you really want to know is how to create a great viral video that isn’t just about babies or grown men acting funny. What you want is your expertise to be shared with everyone else. Well, lucky for you, I do have a couple of viral marketing examples that have accomplished this feat. These are examples of great viral content from people who weren’t necessarily doing something funny.

One of my personal favorites is the StomperNet Going Natural 2 video. Now, this video hasn’t exactly been put on a bunch of social networking sites, and that is due to the fact that it is about 1 hour long. BUT! This video still is a great example of a great viral video. This is because this video reveals a whole lot of information that many people would normally charge you hundreds of dollars for. It was like the eBook “Million Dollar Emails,” but in video form. If you aren’t familiar with this eBook, then just so you know, this was an eBook compiled by Yanik Silver that is one of the greatest examples of a successful viral eBook.

Now, both of these resources, the StomperNet video and Yanik’s eBook are both free in most cases (sorry if you paid for Yanik’s book by the way, many people share it for free). Both of these resources are so great that I still refer to them at times. I have opened my copy of Yanik’s eBook and have read from it various times over the past year. Also, I have watched the StomperNet video at least a few times.

So, now it’s time to answer the question on how to make a great viral video. First of all, you already know that if tons of people think that your video is funny, then your video might already go viral. The bad thing is a funny video isn’t going to make you any money. A funny video can make you a little famous, but it isn’t going to pay the bills. Your only hope with funny videos is to try and create tons of them with the hopes of becoming a famous comedian or something.

So, what is the way to make a viral video that will also generate some income? If you are going to make a great viral video that isn’t funny, then it has to be great and preferably new information that you are going to share with everyone. It needs to be stuff that you would normally see people sell, but for your own reasons, today you are giving it away for free. It needs to be like the StomperNet video or Yanik’s book. And if people really think that the info you are giving away for free is worth a good amount of money, then they will gladly share it with everyone else providing you with the viral marketing you were looking for.

Daniel Pereira is an expert at driving free traffic to your website. For 2 free eBooks, free weekly conference calls, and a free mini course, just head on over to . You can also visit “The Free Traffic Blog” at for more free information.

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Use Video Marketing to Enhance Your Online Image

Today the fast Internet download times make it easier than ever for Internet marketers to use video presentations to promote their websites. All you need is a talking head, a camera, some video editing software and access to the Internet.

You can make a short video with a digital video camera, or a simple web cam, or even on your cell phone. Next you can edit it on your computer and upload it to the Internet. Video sharing websites such as have made the process of uploading and sharing video clips something that is easy for anybody to do.

The beauty of all this is that once you have invested in the equipment (camera, computer, editing software, Internet connection) there is virtually no other expense. YouTube, for example, is free to join and lets its members upload their video clips free of charge.

At its most basic, all you have to do is point your camera at your face, switch on the camera and start talking! This approach to marketing is both cheap and effective. The simple, informal “talking head” type of presentation is exactly the style that some of the top Internet marketers use to promote their businesses on video. If you are not sure what you should do or say, all you need to do is to head over to and start viewing Internet marketing videos to get some good ideas for your own presentation.

But before you zoom off to YouTube, here are a few tips to get you started on your viral video marketing career…

1. Keep your video clip SHORT and Dynamic!

You can say in just three or four minutes what it would take several hundred words to explain. However, you must stay very focused if you are to keep your audience’s attention. Keep them entertained by all means, give them some useful information and above all make it dynamic.

2. Don’t Beat About The Bush: Use Repetition To Good Effect.

Do not beat about the bush or go round in circles or keep repeating what you have just said ad infinitum.

Stay in control of your information. Let people know that you will tell them something important later on to keep them watching, by all means, but do not string out or pad out your presentation just to keep them dangling. People do not dangle on the Internet – unless you hook them in fast, they disappear!

So, save the repetitions for your summing up in the last 30-60 seconds of the video. Use the summing up section to repeat the important points clearly and concisely. By all means repeat website and email addresses clearly at the end of your presentation.

3. Take advantage of the viral potential of video sharing.

The beauty of using videos to promote your business on the Internet is their viral marketing potential. Videos can be easily embedded into blogs, websites, and social networking sites. Links to videos can also be sent by e-mail or posted as syndicated web content on RSS feeds. If your video clip packs a punch you may well find it spreading your message across the Internet like a virtual virus.

4. SEO Your Video!

Make sure you optimize your video clip for the search engines. When you upload a video to video sharing sites like you can add some text information such as the title of your video, a brief description of the video content, and some meta tags. Be sure to include some keywords in those fields so as to get your video registered on text-based search engines.

You can include keywords in the URL for the video to help the video search engines locate it.

Much more could be said on the subject, but if you follow these four simple steps you will be well on your way to becoming an expert “talking head” and viral video marketer.

Darrell Howell is an Internet Marketer and Blogger. Check out his Blog at Sign up for a free Internet Marketing Newsletter here.

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Increase Website Traffic: How to Boost Web Traffic With Article and Video Marketing

There are numerous ways to increase website traffic. This article focuses on 2 of the most effective methods – article marketing and video marketing.

But before you start doing these 2 techniques, or any other promotional methods to increase website traffic, you might want to just focus your time and effort on things that you like to do, or tasks that you have a natural talent for… unless you’re starting out on a tight budget.

If you find that you have a weakness or you don’t particularly like doing a specific activity, then you should consider outsourcing it to other people.

Focusing on your strengths and delegating mundane tasks to others will help you in attaining your desired results at the soonest possible time.

Increase Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with ideas, or you don’t have a passion for writing, article writing could be outsourced to a qualified writer who understands the market or industry you’re involved with. If not, confirm if the ghostwriter can do the much-needed research to be able to write the type of articles you require.

If you have a tight budget, you might consider doing it yourself initially until you’re earning a comfortable income to hire freelance writers.

Of course, if you love writing (meaning you don’t regard it as a task but as an enjoyable pastime), then writing is something you can do. After all, nothing can give more satisfaction than making money while doing something you enjoy.

Since article marketing is a powerful promotional tactic to increase website traffic with steady, long-term results, you should consider doing it either by yourself or by outsourcing.

After writing the articles, submit them to article directories. Now, instead of submitting your articles manually, some people recommend using article submission services or software. They can easily submit your content to hundreds, if not thousands, of article directories with just a few clicks of a button.

Article submission services usually charge you either by submission, or every month or quarter. Some of them offer you lifetime memberships for a one-time fee.

Using article submission services or software can be cheaper than hiring someone to manually submit your articles, but the disadvantage is that you’re not sure if they’re only submitting to sites that are reputable and trustworthy.

In case they submit to “not-so-good neighborhoods,” then getting a lot of backlinks from such sites would be useless; it may even prove to be harmful in the eyes of the search engine because getting thousands of backlinks all at once might send a red flag.

A great alternative is to simply gather a quality list of the most reputable, high page rank sites. Then you can hire a student or part-time worker to do the article submissions to these high quality sites.

Increase Website Traffic Through Video Marketing

Another method to increase website traffic is through video marketing. By creating and publishing your videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube and Yahoo Videos, you get to have extensive online coverage when it comes to authoritative video publishing.

I recommend that you do the video yourself, especially if you’ll be appearing in the video, as this creates a personal touch. A favorite tool for producing videos is the bargain video production camcorder called “The Flip”. With the Flip camcorder you just record the video you want to show online, plug it in your PC or laptop computer, and press a few buttons to release and share to the public.

But if you absolutely can’t do the video yourself due to extreme shyness, or if you’re unsure if your voice is good enough, then you could outsource the video creation. However, take note that you may need to invest a hefty amount if you want to outsource the creation of a high-quality, attention-grabbing video.

Video marketing provides some excellent SEO benefits to increase website traffic. Google owns Youtube, so you can expect Google to favor Youtube videos in their search results if you put in the right keywords.

Don’t just upload to Youtube though. Upload your videos on other video-sharing sites too like Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, AOL Videos, Metacafe, Revver, and Veoh, among others. You may use a free video submission service like to submit your video simultaneously to all your selected video-sharing sites.

To have higher chances of your video ranking in the search engines for your keyword, put your keyword in the title of the video, and then put all related keywords in the tags.

If your video gets popular, getting to increase your website traffic should be a breeze. Just test it and see how effective it is.

Leverage Your Articles By Turning Them To Videos

Are there other ways to monetize your articles aside from submitting them to article directories? Sure! You can turn your articles into videos. You could either use camtasia and record the powerpoint version of your article as a video, or you can speak directly in the video as if you’re giving helpful advice.

Did you also know that you could create a powerpoint version of your articles and submit them to Just make sure the url you put in the presentation is posted in a non-promotional way (either in the beginning or end), as slideshare prohibits us to do any marketing; but you can still get exposure to your site in a non-obvious and acceptable way.

Hope these methods help increase your website traffic and skyrocket your profits.

Discover the most profitable ways to make money online and increase online traffic using the very techniques, knowledge and tools that have made internet marketers millions of dollars at

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PLR Audio – Ideas For Your Marketing

Audio on websites has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It may have to do with business owners taking the phrase “content is king” and running with it- to the extreme. They avalanche their websites with text. As a result, visitors often look around for ways to make their consumption of information easier. Audio is their answer.

Knowing this, you can easily make audio part of your marketing strategy. You can even use Private Label Rights audio to do it! Does that sound hard? It isn’t. On the contrary, it’s probably one of the easiest things you can do for your website.

How can you turn PLR audio into a marketing device?

Treat it like you would any other PLR content. Confused? Don’t be.

PLR audio is similar to other types of PLR content in that you have to repackage and modify it to use on your website. Of course, the changes to the PLR content are what can bring in money for you.

You may be asking what you could possibly do with audio…

How about…

• Transferring it to a CD?
• Breaking it into bits and offering it as podcasts?
• Making it part of audio books?
• Using it in e-courses?
• Attaching it to newsletters?
• Connecting it to AdSense?

You can do all of this and more with PLR audio. It can help you make money too, if you charge for the finished product or use it to bring in more conversions.

Basically, if you target people in your niche and provide them with what they want to hear, you’ll be well on your way to making your business a success.

But how?

Here’s an example: if you target a group of people who want to listen to courses about fishing, you could offer audio courses…on the condition that they provide their email addresses and subscribe to your newsletter. When they do that, you’ll have their contact information and can continue to market other products to them. See how that works?

Using audio can improve just about any website, but for online businesses, they can mean the difference between a prospect and a customer. Prospects are always looking for that certain something that sets a business apart from its competitors. They want to know who offers more and who puts more effort into running their business and keeping customers satisfied.

Having audio on your website will send the correct signal. It shows that you’re willing to provide different formats of content for customers are technologically savvy and care about your prospects’ time.

Believe me when I say that your customers will appreciate the choice between an audio format and regular text. Everyone is looking to save time and prospects love it when you provide them with a way to do it.

So get on the PLR audio train and start making your way down the railroad to success. It’s up to you to choose formats and pick what you see along the way, but the end of the journey is always the same- conversions and sales!

Looking for private label audio? Get free lifetime access to a huge library of hard-to-find plr audio, private label rights products and articles at

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Making Video Marketing Work For Your Business

There’s something a little sneaky about video marketing. This method that currently has so much impact in the online world has the ability to come off more like entertainment than a form of advertising, but it works! How many marketing methods are truly able to pull this off? As the ultimate tool to connect with customers in a unique and creative way, video marketing has proven to be a powerhouse when it comes to increasing traffic and the all important return-on-investment.

Perhaps you have never considered video marketing for yourself or have just thought the method was out of your league; now may be the right time to try your hand at something that is producing massive results for IMers-both the veterans and the newbies.

The popularity of video is evident in YouTube video traffic numbers alone. More than 1,000,000 videos are viewed on YouTube each and every day. The amount of time people spend watching these videos is significant, and it you may be easier than you think to get your videos viewed by your target market.

In addition to the sheer traffic videos attract, another benefit to video marketing is its cost effectiveness and ease-of-use once you get the hang of it. You also have the freedom to make the kind of video you want to make. You can go all out and do something very wild and crazy and creative to get the attention of viewers, or you can produce videos that are information-packed and provide an educational service to your customers. The choice is yours, but ultimately the purpose of video marketing is the same as the purpose of blogs, articles and advertisements: TRAFFIC.

With your videos, you are essentially establishing a connection with potential customers, giving them a taste of who you are and what your business is all about. Many marketers believe it’s much easier to create such a connection through video rather than through the written word or even a flashy advertisement. The reason? Today’s customers are very visual, and they like to be entertained, which is why videos fit the bill quite nicely.

Where do you begin with video marketing?

If you are trying to get your video marketing efforts off the ground, you may find it helpful to go with a system to help you step-by-step. Traffic Geyser is one program that guides you through the process involved in the creation, distribution and promotion of your videos. It can be of great benefit to have all you need for your video marketing efforts through one easy-to-use site and system.

However, if such a program isn’t in your budget, it is also possible to find what you need online quite often for free. From video marketing tips and strategies to free tools to help you create and distribute your videos, some solid research will help you to come up with what you need to use video marketing effectively.

While for some marketers the video creation process is most challenging, for others it is coming up with ideas and a purpose for the actual video that provides a stumbling block. If you are stumped for ideas when it comes to your videos, consider some of these:

- Pump up your customer list by offering free informational videos in exchange for their contact info.
- Use videos to provide buzz and excitement for a specific product launch.
- Produce videos that can add value to your site with an educational video series or another way to provide a service to your site visitors.
- Help your visitors get to know who you are through introducing yourself in a video.
- Pitch your product or service with a creative video or two.

Even if video marketing is foreign territory, don’t let the unknown intimidate you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to increasing your traffic potential and sales using video. Even a newbie to the IM world can develop a video of worth to potential customers. Now is the time to get involved in this video marketing wave. If you don’t, someone else will, and they may just take your customers.

To learn more about video marketing and Traffic Geyser visit TheWebReviewer.

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Discover The Amazing Profit Pulling Power Of Marketing With Audio

Audio is a great tool for your lead generation and relationship building, and it also makes a relatively easy-to-produce info-product that you can use to generate revenue. If you have a service business, especially any service that is very personal or intimate, or if it’s very important that your prospects trust you and really feel comfortable with you before they would consider becoming your client, then audio would be a great asset to your marketing mix.

Audio adds the human factor to your business and, as we all know, people do not do business with businesses, they do business with other people. By using audio, you become a “real person” instead of a total stranger and you start the rapport building process.

With audio, you can convert most prospects into customers. In general, audio is much more entertaining than, say, a brochure or a sales letter, so it allows you to elicit more of a response from your prospects. Because you’re tapping into the listener’s senses, your prospect becomes more engaged in your message. As you know, it’s impossible to convert a prospect into a customer if he’s not receiving your message, and audio delivers your message in a more intimate way. Studies show that people remember only 20% of what they read but they’ll remember up to 70% of what they hear. If you want your prospects to act on your message, they’ll need to remember it!

Audio also allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition. Because even though audio is easily available to even the smallest businesses, most companies are still not taking advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. So by adding audio into your own marketing mix you’re really differentiating yourself from the others in your industry.

You can use your audio, whether it’s a CD or a podcast or web-based, as a means of introducing yourself to your prospects, and explaining the products and services you offer. If you offer a product or service that is technical or somehow requires training for your customers, audio is a great way to provide this training, or this in-depth information. It’s much more personal than a written instruction manual, and it can also be used in conjunction with a written manual.

According to educational psychologists, up to half of the population learns best by listening. Now consider this: according to those same educational psychologists, learning is increased exponentially with repetition. So when you’re using audio to present any technical aspect, your prospects can listen to it over and over again, and this repetition aids in learning. And since you, in effect, are the one who taught them, you become the expert.

You can use audio to present your client testimonials. You can have a full CD of client testimonials, or you can include audio testimonials on your web site. Similar to testimonials are audio product reviews. We’ve been using audio testimonials for a few years now, but even more powerful than testimonials is the audio product review.

You can also use audio to present tips, or frequently asked questions, and it’s a great branding tool. Plus, it’s portable, so your prospects can take your marketing message with them. They can pop your CD into their car stereo or download your mp3 onto their ipod. Distribution is very easy.

By using audio as a marketing vehicle you can free up your time and reduce the number of hours you work. Audio allows you to automate your sales process, because you create your presentation one time and it gets delivered over and over again. You make multiple copies of your CD or upload an mp3 to your web site and the audio is distributed to tons of different customers. And each time, it’s a very personal, rapport-building presentation.

Another way audio allows you to leverage your time is because it helps filter out your prospects. Through your CD or your mp3 not only are you presenting your marketing message, but you’re also presenting yourself. Your prospect gets to know you on a more personal level and he can then decide if you and your services are a good fit for his needs. The prospects who respond to your audio message already feels a bond with you – you don’t need to waste a lot of your time trying to personally convince your prospect. He’s already made up his mind by listening to your audio. So you end up with more time to work with prospects who are, in a sense, pre-qualified.

In general, adding audio to your marketing mix helps:

* reinforce your brand

* create “top-of-mind” awareness of your products and services

* intensify your exposure with your prospects

* increase impulse purchases

* provide greater reach than display ads

* free up staff by presenting your sales and marketing messages an unlimited number of time

Ready to take advantage of this great marketing medium? Be sure to request a copy of my free Quick Start Guide To Using Audio In Your Marketing Mix.

Karen Scharf offers several whitepapers, free reports and checklists, including her FREE Quick”>”>Quick Start Guide to Using Audio in Your Marketing Mix. Download your copy at”>”>

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Viral Video Marketing Your Way To Success

The definition of a viral video is basically a video clip which gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through e-mail, IM messages, blogs and other media sharing websites. Brick Marketing’s viral video marketing is a service that combines the creation of a viral video and online video marketing.

Viral video marketing is a super way to build your online brand, visibility, among a host of other online business benefits. Take some lessons from the big guys about how to use video marketing the right way, it’s about more than just traffic.

The amateurs like “Brookers” and “Lonelygirl” publish their video clips for fun and notoriety, and the big corporations like Nike, Warner Bros, and MTV2 produce and publish them in order to drive traffic to their web sites and sell more of their products or services. Because the advertising cost relatively inexpensive. And it produces results.

Todays youth now spend more time online that watching television. It’s all about pageviews and favourites and bookmarks and links on blogs. Your YouTube video can assume viral status and be passed on via emails and blogs. Even be spotted on Facebook walls. Since the audience themselves decide whether or not your video is worthy enough to become viral or not. You better make sure it is. That is where StudioX comes in.

This piece also includes a best practices rundown by Justin Kirby, managing director of viral marketing company DMC, who did the planning, seeding and tracking for this campaign. The creative was produced by Maverick Media.

People aren’t just watching video online, either. They’re taking it with them by downloading video clips to their handheld devices like the video iPod and Sony’s video game console, the PlayStation Portable. Now cell phones have the ability to watch YouTube videos.

For the online entrepreneur (the web site owner seeking to make money online) the purpose of your you tube video is to bring traffic to your site. The You tube video site is a phenomenon which has taken the internet by storm and unless you’ve been off in a far away place, you will not doubt have seen one of the many videos which have been popularized by the site such as Tyson the roller-skating dog. Did you know that You Tube gets twice as much traffic as Google. That means that you tube alone, gets one million hits a day.

Do a video contest because everyone else is. This online-video “contest” fad will continue, and it will become more difficult to activate consumers to promote your product. Do a search for “video contest” on Google and you’ll see four or five different ads for contests.

The David Chappelle video contest is a good example of a nice idea with some executional flaws. First, it didn’t initially promote the contest on its own website because it wanted to focus people on buying the DVD. Second, it petered out. Contest winners weren’t announced and insufficient media budget promoted the contest. To give you an idea of how abused contests are getting, there was a summer promotion for a mayonnaise manufacturer looking for videos about may recipes.

However their are numerous ways to monetize viral videos. From contextual ad programs like Adsense, Yahoo Publishers Network and Chitika to affiliate programs and product sales “revenue sharing is just one aspect of earning money through the use of online video.

Viral video marketing is the gift that keeps on giving. Internet video marketing is going to be the next big thing in SEO. The “on-demand” characteristic of video marketing is another great benefit. Why video marketing is the most powerful and effective method to earn profits The truly simple steps to get setup in a flash and add videos to your web pages Why you’re suffering, even if you don’t know it, if you’re only using other advertising and promotion techniques. The big reasons why video marketing is so effective and how you can capitalize on them and so much more.

Viral videos are those videocam recordings that get spread around the internet like wild fire. Without anyencouragement, people share a video clip with everyone they know. And within days, thousands of people have seen the video clip.

Facebook: Share, share, share. Other ideas include creating an event that announces the video launch and inviting friends, writing a note and tagging friends, or posting the video on Facebook Video with a link back to the original YouTube video.

Look at the evolution from where the internet first started. It started out with everything being free. Natural search was first starting. You could actually go to the top of a natural search engine within a day or two of launching a site and start getting traffic almost immediately.

Kevin Nalts is one of the most-viewed YouTube comedians with more than 650 short online videos seen more than 25 million times. By day he’s a Marketing Director at a Fortune 100 company, and he speaks, writes and consults in the area of online marketing and viral video.

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Internet Video Marketing: The Newest Online Trend

Since email marketing has become somewhat of a difficult marketing venue, due to spamming, it was only a matter of time before a new way to market emerged: Internet video marketing. Internet video marketing, at present, is the best marketing tool available because our culture is visually oriented.

If given the option, most people would choose to watch a small video clip as opposed to reading boring Web content. When done properly, video marketing can be a very effective tool that will help you grow your business and increase sales to a point where you are happy. Just remember, effective doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

One of the biggest Internet video marketing mistakes is making a video just to make a video. The Internet is not the place for a “monkey see monkey do” mentality. This will do more harm than good. There is a lot more to an effective video campaign than just putting together a video so you have something to add to your website.

When Internet video marketing is used properly and effectively it can be a great tool to help improve your lead generation and sales. Some Internet websites have reported that streaming videos have increased their conversion rate by as much as 33%. A statistic this good cannot be ignored.

One of the main advantages of using videos for marketing, is that a video gets to the point much quicker than the traditional text format approach, so don’t make your customers sit through a 30-minute video on the history of your company, chances are they aren’t interested.

However, Internet video marketing is not as easy and clear-cut as writing a blog post or a news story. Here are some tips and tricks so that you can use Internet video marketing to its fullest potential; reaping the rewards of increased sales and improving your leads.

Don’t take the video you just made, put it into a video directory and wait for the video to bring prospects to you. It doesn’t happen that way. If marketing was that simple there would be less time spent doing it. It is important to optimize using more than just the video search engines. Utilize the content search engines; they are there, so use them.

Name your video. It is highly unlikely that your video will show up in the search engine if its name is “” rather than something like “” Use keywords in your video title and description. Your video will be found much easier by the search engines in order to index it properly.

Make your video short, zippy and professional. It should only take you 2-3 minutes to say what it would take someone 10 minutes to read on a website. If you grab a customer’s attention within the first 30 seconds there is a good chance they will watch the entire video. It also increases your chance of making a sale.

If you are linking to your video from other pages on your website, use anchor text. Anchor text, which is the visible text in a hyperlink, carries a lot of weight when it comes to search engine algorithms because the linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. Include RRS feeds allowing viewers to subscribe.

RSS feeds are an automatic way for your customers to receive content, as opposed to having to do a manual check. Double-check to make sure that the video file you submit has the proper extension. A good marketing video with the wrong extension will not lead to an increase in sales if your potential customers can’t view it.

Submit your internet marketing videos to the venues computer turn to for videos, such as YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! Videos. One great benefit to submitting with one or all of these is that your video will be hosted for free, keeping your website bandwidth for your customers. Currently with 6.1 million YouTube registered users; that is a lot of potential customers in one place you have the ability to reach.

Online marketing is being redefined by video marketing. Businesses are communicating with their customers in ways that weren’t heard of 10 years ago. Yet in another few years, it is quite likely that new ways of marketing will be developed and used, possibly even replacing the newest trend of today: Internet video marketing. But until that time comes, learn the basics of how to video market successfully and enjoy the ride to the top.

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Include Video Marketing in Your International Marketing Mix

The popularity of online video has been on the increase for several years, and there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau said today that advertisers spent 18.2% more in the first quarter of 2008 than they did the same time last year. And this is during a recession. During the same time, television advertisement have decreased by a little over 10%.

Why? Because the advertisers know that online advertising is getting to the target audience and people are watching.

For your international marketing plan, video is one of the best way to engage an audience in countries where you don’t have an office. The costs is low, the market penetration is targeted and if you are going to be using translations, there are ways to be sure that your viewers get to see your video in their native language.

How many time have you seen a television commercial and not understood it?

Online video lets you communicate with your client through different senses, emotions and on different levels.

The senses are obvious, sight and sound. The same senses that are touched as on TV, but your audience has usually selected to watch your video. On TV there is no choice.
The different emotions that you can touch with a video are limited only by your imagination.
Different levels images, music, text, speech and any combination of these that you create.

These different senses, emotions and levels are similar to how a child learns. Through the repetition of things they see, the spoken word, music and visual text. If you have seen a child watch the same video again and again (and again), you can begin to understand how video can become an important part of your international marketing mix.

With online video, your international clients can see your product or service again and again, until they understands exactly what you do, or what you sell. Since video is made to be replayed in work perfectly with the way people learn. Just like children.

Exciting Commercials?

Think about old fashioned print marketing and the standard text or banner internet advertisements. Can you remember the last time that you saw a print advertisement and it really got your blood pumping? It was such a great advertisement that you called a friend to tell them to look at that magazine page? On the other hand, when was the last time you sent someone a video link, or had one sent to you? If you have a computer, the video was probably sent more recently than the magazine page number.

Large Audience, Low Cost

With online video you can also reach a huge audience at a low cost. If you already have a web site or a blog you can advertise your own video for free. There are services online, like DailyMotion, that let you post videos for free. There are companies that let you upload a video at their site and they broadcast it to 20 or more video sites. The return on your investment for international video marketing can be astounding.

You can easily make a video clip and post it on video-sharing websites for free. All you need is a digital camera. There is free software that lets you play with special effects on your video. Your video can also be used exactly as it is, making it come across as more authentic.
According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau half the US population will watch video online next year, and those numbers are increasing. Also remember that the US is only a fraction of the international community. Again, just talking the US, it has been estimated that 20 billion videos will be watched online during the summer of 2008. 9 Billion!

Some Guidelines For International Acceptance

A video clip should not be more than three minutes long. This is a statistic often quoted, based on the length of time people will watch a video. If you must have a longer video, make sure that you tell your viewer in advance how long it will take to watch the video. Another option is to make a video series.

These four point are very important to getting your video seen when loaded on a public site:

Make the description of your video specific
Relate the title to your business
Use your keywords – in the title if you can
Load your video in correct category

An effective way to spread your videos is to have a contest where you invite your visitors to do something for a prize. The winners are awarded a prize or a reduction in price on a service that they have not taken yet. and their videos can be featured on your business website. This will have everyone talking about it and the relevant people linking to it!

Advertise your video in your other marketing material you send to your clients, for example by including a link in your email signature. Include links to your website and product pages in the video. Blog about the video and send other bloggers a link to the video. Google has a blog search service that allows you to select the language. Use these ideas to drive your video to international acceptance.

Engage your foreign audience using online video as part of your international marketing plan. The costs remains low and we are at the earliest point of this boom and innovation has just begun. It has been said that only 65 years after Gutenberg made the printing press did someone think about numbering pages. We are still before page numbering for the internet and international video marketing.

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