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Get More Out of Life – 6 Places Where you Should Listen to Audio Books

Technology is increasingly enriching our lives in ways which only a few years ago we would not have dreamed of. Who would have believed that not only would we slow down the destruction of trees and forests used for making paper and cardboard for hardcover and paperback books by developing the ability to “listen” to our books instead of “reading” them?

Seriously? Oh yes, through the introduction of audio books.

Audio books enable us to do other things at the same time, particularly physical activities for which we do not need our minds, for example household chores, walking the dog, working out, jogging etc. while still listening to the book.

More and more people are seeing the benefits of audio books and are buying their favorite books in this format.

If you are considering trying audio books but maybe still wonder about how and when you would ‘read’ them, here are 6 of places you can enjoy an audio book:

1IN BED – Sometimes we feel unwell or off colour and may just want to spend the day or a few hours relaxing in bed; or maybe we go to bed at night and simply want to lie till until drifting naturally off to sleep.

This is a great time to listen to an audio book: You have no bother with putting on the lights, holding the book, flipping through the pages or the effort of reading the book itself. You just lie there and relax while the entire book is read to you!

2IN THE KITCHEN – while doing household chores such as washing the dishes, general cleaning, or even preparing a meal. Many of us find these tasks somewhat tedious, certainly the chore of washing the dishes.

This is a great time to listen to an audio book because your hands are busy but your mind is receptive; instead of feeling listless and bored you can fill your mind with the pleasure of listening to a book of your choice.

3–GARDENING – Another mainly physical activity when much of the time e.g., weeding, mowing grass etc – we don’t have to tax our brains. You can also listen to audio books while gardening and have the pleasure of your book along with the satisfaction of getting the job done.

4EXERCISING or JOGGING – Weights, aerobics or simply jogging leave your mind wide open but your hands, legs and even your entire body busy. This is a great time to enjoy an audio book.

A lot of us tend to exercise, whether for minutes or even hours while their minds do nothing. But listening to an audio book during this time will ensure you don’t waste those periods of time.

Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone – exercising your body and mind at the same time!

5–COMMUTING – This may be in your car or the bus or train ride to work. Many people lose a great deal of time doing nothing while commuting to and from their jobs – and the sheer boredom of it can make them feel tired and irritable.

Why not use that time to listen to an audio book, especially one that develops your mind and/or improves your professional and business skills? Listening to audio books that improve your skills can significantly help you develop career; more useful than simply sitting there or even listening to music.

6AIR TRAVEL – You may not believe it, but there are people who spend more time in the air (or waiting in airport s!) than on the road. As with more traditional commuting, this can be wasted and frustrating time which can be put to good use.

If you are a regular or even an occasional air traveler, consider the enormous benefits you would get listening to audio books, especially those that can improve your academic or work related skills; or simply listening to a favourite novel. Great distraction for the kids too if they’re travelling with you……

These are just a few situations arising in many of our lives where audio books can provide entertainment and/or the opportunity to improve our professional skills; there are many others which you may well have thought of as you read this text.

From London, Nick now lives in Stockholm with wife Lena and Gunnar a Border Terrier. He likes to forest walk and is learning Swedish (from an audio book) He runs where you’ll find 8000+ audio books to download and links to a vast but little known network of free audio book websites. .Sign up to his email list or download an audio book and you’ll get the full list.

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Superbass Audio Opens With More Than 2000 Products In Its Catalog

Disk Jokeys is Spain have a reason to rejoice, for they can now get all the globally renowned brands of audio and DJ equipments sitting at their homes and that too at very affordable prices. Superbass Audio brings a wide range of hi-fi audio products and latest DJ equipments to cater the needs of modern DJs in Spain. Superbass Audio has over 2,000 products on the offer. The large product range that this company has in store has already made it popular among music enthusiasts withing a short span of time. Many of the popular DJs have got their equipments from this hi-fi musical store.

A major benefit that customers can have at Superbass Audio is that they can know about the various equipments and software that DJs in other countries are currently using. If you are looking for products from the popupar brands to those of Technics, Sennheiser, Serato and Traktor then Superbass Audio is the place for you. You can make your music even more attractive and stronger in appeal by mixing various digital music files and applying advanced software. DJs who work with computer assisted CD control can now get everything under the single roof. Whether you need high-end CD players, turntables, amplifiers, receivers and other advanced audio and mixing equipments can get everything at Superbass Audio, and that too well withing their budget. The company is based in Spain and is targeting the Spanish DJ community who are work with high quality equipments. If you are a professional DJ or intending to be one, you must have been importing those equipments by paying high duties. Now you can save and also get these products at Superbass Audio.

If you are a fan of Traktor DJ Studio software and use it to elate your performance to a very high level then you will be happy to know that all Traktor products including their latest release are available at Superbass Audio. Traktor Scratch Pro, the product that provides supreme audio quality and a high performance, greater reliability, operation and exit setup is available here at very attractive prices. Traktor Scratch Pro has a host of creative features whereby Djs of all styles and genres can produce music that cannot be produced by the traditional equipments. While operating this product you can keep your method practical while the Audio 8 DJ interface allows controlling the vinyl easily. It also has a pair of multi-core cables “Instant Connect” and a time code.

The products from Sennheiser, a favorite brand for high quality microphones and headphones among the Spanish Djs, is also available at Superbass Audio. If you prefer working with advanced vinyl emulation software then you cannot have anything better than Serato, the New Zealand based software company that specializes in audio production and performance tools. You can find their products at Superbass Audio too. Another world famous audio equipment company that DJs always prefer is the Japanese Technics, and Superbass Audio brings their products to the Spanish local market as well. The company is dedicated to establish itself as one that offers low prices and excellent services to its customers. So next time you need a high quality audio equipment or software, get in touch with Superbass Audio.

Cesar is an entrepeneur and professional Dj for 10 years ago, founder of Superbass Records, one of the main vinyls records shop in Spain. Find more information at –

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List in Yahoo Free And Drive More Traffic With Audio Blogs

Traffic remains one of the lifeblood of any online business. There are basically two categories of traffic generation: free traffic and paid traffic.

In paid traffic, you have to pay someone to bring the traffic to you. For example, if you’re running a Google Adwords campaign for a selected group of keywords, when someone searches for that keyword, sees your ad and clicks on it, you’ll have to pay for that click. This can easily amount to a huge sum of money at the end of the month, as most Google advertisers have found out.

Besides Google Adwords, other form of paid advertising include classified ads, banner advertising, ezine ads, solo mailings and so on.

Results vary depending on the experience of service provider and the advertiser himself. For example, if you’re running your own Google Adwords campaign, you’ll

have to tweak and filter keywords that work for you and those that don’t.

Of course if you have more budget you might outsource the tasks of managing your Google Adwords campaigns to some company so as to free up your time for other marketing activities.

Besides paid traffic, there are also strategies you can use to drive traffic to your site, without costing you any money; hence the term ‘free traffic’. Some free traffic generation strategies include press release, article writing, ad swaps and so on.

One of the newer ways to drive traffic which I believe is widely under utilized is through the use of audio blogs. The focus of this article then is on how to generate more free traffic using audio blogs.

But first, what exactly are ‘audio blogs’?

Audio blogs are just like any other blogs save for one difference – they have more audio mp3 files posted. When you click on these audio links, depending on the setup of your computer system, your system will start to download the files and automatically play them on your PC.

There is one big secret that most people don’t know about when it comes to Audio blogs. The secret is this: You can actually get a backdoor listing in Yahoo for free with Audio blogs.

By submitting your audio blog to Yahoo audio search, your blog will get indexed by Yahoo search engine. This means your site or blog will now appear in Yahoo search results, helping to drive more traffic to your site.

Secondly, you can also submit your audio blogs to blogs and podcast directories. These are specialized directories that organize blogs and categorise them according to their topics. Listing your audio blog in these directories will expose your site directly to your intended target market.

Thirdly, you can also submit your audio blogs to iTunes directories. iPod remains one of the most popular mp3 devices in the market with strong following in US and overseas. The iTunes is an application that allows you to download, buy, organize

your music among other things. By submitting your audio blog to iTunes, you can gain access to tens of thousands of people who are searching for downloadable content in that topic.

Fourth, some people just prefer audios over plain text. With audio, you can listen to it on the go: in your car, in the gym, at the kitchen while cooking and so on.

In other words, audio will help you capture the segment of the market where articles or any written work does not work as well.

With all these benefits, online business owners should consider using setting up and running audio blogs to drive more traffic to their site. Is it hard to set up an audio blog? Actually, it’s easier than you think, especially if you are a member of AudioNicheBlogs

Brandon Hong is a leading internet marketer and author. He has helped and trained many business owners to grow their business using advanced strategies like blogs, rss as well as creating multiple passive online income streams.

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