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Audio Books: How To Download Them To Your Mp3 Player Hassle Free

Are MP3-technology portable players only good for playing cool tunes downloaded from the net? Far from it. They offer an alternative and a convenient listening addition to audio books on tape or CD.

What used to take days or weeks of waiting for the mail carrier to deliver your audio books on tape or CD, it now takes no more than a few minutes. You can be listening to your favorite MP3 books straight away. And it’s going to get even better, easier and quicker, judging from the giant advances in audio and web technologies in recent months.

The hard-core audiobook listeners may take a while to “convert” from using tapes and CDs to an MP3 format. The sheer convenience, perfect control and the size choices MP3 players offer, the “change-over period” is likely going to be a short one.

So, if you are a budding MP3 book pioneer and want the latest portable audio technology conveniences, they are waiting here to serve you without having to spend a fortune or extra time to do it right.

To download audio books in MP3 format to your computer and over to your MP3 player, look at the exact steps you need to take to do it quickly and easily.

Just note the following instructions use Windows Media Player – Version 10 as an example.
Let’s assume you are already good at downloading files from the web onto your computer.
Let’s also assume that you already own an MP3 player, but don’t know how to do this transfer correctly yet.

1. If you are using an older version of Windows Media Player and need to upgrade, surf over to Microsoft and download it at Follow the installation instructions.

2. Download the MP3 books to your computer. It is a good idea to create a separate folder, say in “My Documents” folder and name it “My Audio Books”. It allows you to keep your audio book downloads all in one location. Done it? Good.

3. Now, connect your computer (switched on) to the MP3 player using the USB cable supplied with your player.

4. Once the connection between the two is live, your computer will show that it has found a new piece of hardware. If it doesn’t say this, just unplug everything in the above sequence and try again.

5. Is it working now? Okay. Open your Windows Media Player and open the audio book MP3 file you want to copy. This will open your audio book in the main display area of Windows Media Player.

6. Add the audio book to the Sync List of your Windows Media Player.

7. Go ahead and click on the Sync tab on the Windows Media Player. It brings you to a pull-down arrow menu on the left-side box of the Sync tab. Make sure you select the choice “Removable Disk (E)”, or the name of your MP3 player as the source where the audio book will be copied to.

8. Do you see a display with the choice to “Start Sync” right now? Great! Go ahead and click on it. Once you’ve done this, the Windows Media Player will let you know that it’s sending the audio book to your MP3 player.

9. As soon as the sync (or copying) of the audio book file is complete, you can check to assure it is on your MP3 player. See it there? Excellent. One more step to go.

10. To finish this process properly, ensure you click on your PC’s hardware icon (found in your system tray – in the right bottom corner – usually a small icon with a green arrow) to “Safely Remove Hardware”.

Don’t remove the USB cable until you get a clear signal saying “Safe To Remove Hardware”.

Removing the USB cable without following this step may damage both your computer and the MP3 player.

Are you using an older version of Windows Media Player? Even so, you can still follow the steps above. The only major difference is that instead of having “Sync”, you will have “Copy” in the menu. You can click on it and follow the same steps above to have your audio book copied to your MP3 player.

If you have a portable MP3 player that uses a drag-and-drop file method instead of Windows Media Player synchronization, then the steps are easy to follow. Simply connect your player to the computer as above. Open the player’s window by clicking on its name or on “Removable Disc (for example E or F) under “My Computer” icon.

Then, open the MP3 books folder (the location where you have them saved) in a separate window. Keep both windows open side-by-side. Now, left-click, hold and drag the audio files over to the open window of the portable player. Once you release the left mouse button, there will be a short file-transfer moment. Done? Now, your MP3 books are on your player, ready for you to enjoy listening to it.

So, can you play back the audio book from your MP3 player now? If you have followed the steps, you should hear the audio book playing on your MP3 player. If you have difficulties, you can watch an easy-to-follow video that shows you how to do it at .

Lu Smith shares with you hard-to-find Audio Books in too many categories to mention. Be our guest and download free MP3 Books right now.

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Incredible New Flash Video Player From

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MyTubeX provides more information and applications which allows you to manipulate Youtube video, Ifilm video, etc and put them directly on your site through a stylish flash video player, visit us today!

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Choosing the Best Audio Book Player

One of the things that will help you enjoy your audio book to its fullest potential is to invest in a good audio book player. Portable media devices are good tools for listening to your audio books, but audio book players are specifically designed for listening to audio books. An audio book player typically includes features that make listening to your book just as enjoyable as reading your favorite book.

Many people still enjoy the original format of audio books on tape. Even with modern technology, audio books on tape provide conveniences that other players do not provide. Listening to an audio book on cassette eliminates the problems of skipping and losing your place, so people can enjoy listening to their favourite book while jogging or exercising. Others may listen to books on tape in their cars because they are the most convenient option for enjoying a book during those long daily commutes.

Compact discs have also had an impact on the audio book industry. For people who do not have an MP3 player that they can use to take their files with them, CD audio books are the next option. This format allows listeners to easily skip and repeat certain sections of the book. Unlike cassette tapes, you cannot simply stop a CD and resume listening from the place it was stopped. Listeners have the option of “pausing” the book, but if the CD player is running on batteries this will quickly drain its power.

With the innovations of internet technology, the ideal audio book player is an MP3 player or any other portable media device with large memory capabilities. Downloads of audio books in digital format are often large, so it takes a large memory to store even a few of your favorite books. The most popular MP3 players are iPods. Audio book players, specifically made for enjoying audio books, are quickly becoming popular as well. With these devices, you can bookmark particular pages or sections so that you can resume listening at the last place you left off. An audio book player is also compatible with a greater number of the audio books available for download. iPods are typically only compatible with audio books downloaded from the iTunes service.

Audio books are a convenient and popular way to enjoy your favorite books. Their growing popularity has added demand for new advances in technology to appreciate them. While audio books on tape are considered old-fashioned, some people still prefer this method for playing their audio books. Downloads, however, have surpassed both cassettes and CD audio books because of the ease of accessibility. Digital formats are also more cost-effective and space-efficient, which is an important thing to keep in mind. Before investing in a new audio book player, evaluate your specific needs in order to choose the best player for your lifestyle.

Mike Selvon is the owner of various niche portals. Our audio books portal is a great resource for more information on audio book player.

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The Ideal Audio Book Player – Individual Suitability

So you have got the bug and have fallen in love with listening to audio books. Aren’t they just brilliant as you can listen to them absolutely anywhere, at home, while doing your gym workout and on the way to and from work. Anyway now that you have become an audio book disciple the main problem you have to address is what type and style of player suits your particular lifestyle and budget.

If you intend to spend most of your listening time in the comfort of your own home then you could quite easily use the CD player in your sound system. If you want to listen to audio books while you are driving in your car then you would be best off using the in-car CD player.

Some audio book devotees still hold on to old technology and prefer to listen to their chosen books on the old fashioned cassette player although these days getting quality audio book recordings on this medium is becoming much harder.

There is much debate about which is the “best” medium for listening to your audio books, however, I believe the practical approach is to look for a player that suits your own individual requirements and budgets.

An old friend of mine who is one of the earliest devotees to audio books has a very extensive collection of “vintage” audio book cassettes and plays them on an equally old cassette audio book player. Even though there has been many technical advancements like digital playing devices as well as the newer audio book formats that can be downloaded online, this friend much prefers to listen to his audio book recordings in a cassette format. I suppose that for him its just like people who still cling to their LP records and resist buying cassettes and now CD’s – as the saying goes ‘each to their own’ as everyone has their own preferences.

If you are just starting out on your audio book experiences (or if it is an important part of your education) then working with just any player is not going to give you the level of listening pleasure you are looking for.

Since the introduction of such devices as MP3 players, these have become the preferred option for the vast majority of audio book listeners. There is a wide selection of MP3 players to suit every level of budget. You can choose many different brands, sizes and styles to fit with your individual requirements. It is important to note, however, that not all MP3 players can play audio books to the required optimal specifications of that book.

Some important facts to consider when determining if your MP3 player is suitable to take on the role as your audio book player include the following:

The MP3’s conversion rate: The ideal rate for your MP3 player should be above 16KB so as to deliver the right clarity of sound.

The MP3’s memory capacity: Here it is crucial that your chosen player has an adequate amount of Gigabytes. As many audio books can run for quite a long time, often up to 10 hours, the complete recording will not fit onto a player with a capacity of less than 1 Gigabyte.

The MP3’s maximum volume: Whilst the level of loudness you intend to play your audio books at is generally a matter of preference or tolerance, most MP3 players are unable to play an audio book at a sound level that is able to compete with outside noise. MP3 players are great for playing with music where the nuances are not as delicate as the spoken word. If this is a problem with your Mp3 audio book player then you should opt to wearing a covered headphone rather than the ear-plug style.

The MP3’s software: When choosing a suitable player you should consider whether the player’s software allows you to go back to a particular chapter if you suddenly run out of batteries and the player stops. Also does your player have an organized system of sorting through an audio book’s different chapters.

These are all very important features that your audio book player should have. A word of warning – ask for a ‘test listen’ before buying an audio player and don’t forget take an example audio book with you to test it with rather than a music disk.

If you would like more information on Audio Book Players then go to Audio Books Retreat

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Share my way of free download videos and songs into video player from Internet

Share my way of free download videos and songs into video player from Internet

When I come to some other community like, I always see someone ask the same question: How to get videos or free download videos from Internet into their iPod, iPhone, Sansa, PSP or some other popular players. Right now I own an iPod Touch 2. With my funniest iPod I enjoy my favorite movies like Gone with Wind, Ironman, The Dark Knight etc and other 180 songs. So you may wonder how did I get so much beautiful movies and songs into my player. In the below I will share my experience with you so that you can get video and songs you want in your portable player.

I get all the videos and songs from Internet. There are many free resources on Internet that you can download. I usually download movie and music from those famous video website such as Youtube, Google video, Yahoo video. There are also many other free website for you to download videos such as Hulu, MySpace, Reuters, Metacafe, Break, Dailymotion, iFilm, Music, StreetFire, etc. Of course you may select videos according to your interest. For example, you can get more videos about International news, financial information and trading products information on On you may get more TV shows and movies from NBC, FOX and many other networks and studio, but Hulu videos are currently offered only to users in the United States. For metacafe, I like the short entertainment video on it, which is really funny. Youtube, Yahoo and Google display a wide variety of video content, you may search movie clips, TV clips, music videos you want and free download it into your computer.

Ok, after surf on Internet, now you must harvest lots of videos in your computer. Next you need to transfer these videos into your portable player. You may find that most of your videos are flv format files. So you need to transfer your videos with a flv video converter. What I use is [url=]Nidesoft FLV Converter[/url], probably the best flv converter available. You may free download its trial version on its official website to have a try.
The free trial version can convert video for 2 minutes, you may free try it first. If you like it you may go to its official website to buy it for full version.
[url=]Download Nidesoft FLV Converter[/url] (free trial version) and install.
Then you may transfer your videos from computer into portable player in the below step by step way.
Step 1: open the program, click “continue trial” to begin.
Step 2: add your flv files into the program:
click the “add” button and select your downloaded flv videos from your computer. Of course, you may select several video files and convert them at one time. You may also preview your video on the right screen: select video and then press the play button then you will view your video.
Step 3: Click “format” drop-down list to select format of your videos. Here I suggest you select format according to your player. For instance, I select “iPod Touch Video MPEG-4 (*.mp4)” for my iPod Touch videos. If you want to convert videos into Xbox, then you should select “Xbox 360 Video – Windows Media Video (*.wmv)”.
Step 4: Click “convert” button to start conversion. Then process would be completed in few minutes, then drag them into your player and enjoy.
Besides video, you could also get cool ringtone for your iPhone, Palm, Blackberry and other mobile phone in this way. Free download music videos on Internet, then extract audio from the flv video file with Nidesoft FLV Converter in the above way, but pay attention to the output format, here you should select a audio format supported by your mobile phone such as “MP3 – MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)”.

Ok, that’s all my way and you could have a try. Below are some problems I have encountered. Maybe you will have the same problems. Here are my solutions:
Q: Does the software contain virus? Is it safe to install and uninstall?
A: I download the software from its official website and install it in my computer. For nearly two month, I have never found any virus. So I am very sure it is safe. However if you downloaded it from somewhere else on the web then I am not sure. Probably malware/spamers have uploaded it onto sites to snag people. So always make sure you download things from their original website, or from a trusted location like, and always run antivirus and scan stuff you are installing.

Q: What tools should I use to download videos from Internet?
A: There are many free video downloader you may get on Internet. For example, you may go to to free download Youtube video, Google video and Break video. can do the same job. Just google it you may find different downloaders to download different videos.

Q: Some movies are split into several clips by uploader, and I want to merge those video clips into one whole movie. How to do that?
A: You can do it with while convert your flv videos. After add your videos on the flv converter, select your videos, click the blank box before “Merge into one file”, then those video clips will convert into one video.

Q: What is flv? Sometimes I met some special flv files that could not played on my player, why?
A: Flv is a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player. It is widely used on Internet, notable users of flv format include YouTube, Google video, Yahoo! Video,, metacafe and many other providers. Beside the commend flv format, there are other four new flv files format including f4v, f4p, f4a, f4b. Flash player does not check the extension of the file, so these special formats could not played on your player.

Q: How to do with those special flv format files, are there any special players or other solutions?
A: In fact this FLV Converter could also work as a super flv player. You may preview the flv movie before convert. And with the powerfule decoder, it could decode all kinds of flv format, including those special formats. After add your flv file, you just need to select your flv files then click the play button to preview your videos on the right screen.

Ok, those are all the information I want to share. Now you may follow my way to get videos and ringtones for your iPod, Iphone, PSP, Zune, Sansa, mobile phone and all other popular players. If you still have questions, post here!

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