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Recording Technologies Used for Audio Bible Podcasts

New scientific high-technology recording devices are used to bring the Word of God to people who might not otherwise have any way of hearing God’s Word. The result of this scientific technology on the Word of God is the audio Bible. There are various formats in which you will find the audio Bible available, including a Bible on audio CD and audio Bible mp3 formats, as well as Internet distribution by podcast. This technology also brings another benefit: it is highly portable, requiring only a small digital sound system connected to a computer. This means that recording of the Bible can occur anywhere in the world. The result of this ease of mobility is that there can be recording centers where the audio Bible is recorded in hundreds of different indigenous languages. People worldwide, who might not have any other means for reading and understanding the Bible, can now be exposed to the power of God’s Word in an audio bible mp3 version, which they can hear.

Digital recording provides clear, crisp audio, and is a preferred method for capturing the sound required for an audio Bible. There are basic techniques used for capturing a an audio Bible recording. A speaker reads the Bible into a microphone, which produces an analog signal. Then this signal is sent from the microphone to an analog to digital converter. This component’s job is to convert the analog signal into a binary code. This code is then sent through a bundle of transmitters, usually wires connected to the computer in the form of cables, and eventually ends in storage on the computer, often on a hard drive or a CD burner.

The beauty of digital recording is that any mistakes can be taken out by simply removing the exact part of the code stored on the computer, which makes for much more precise editing and cleaner sound as a result. During the editing process, music and sound effects can also be added, and are, in order to produce a final audio Bible version that is dramatized, and more compelling to listen to. You can have speakers from anywhere in the world recording their part of the final version, then sending it via the Internet to the mixing center, where all of the parts are combined together and edited to result in the final version of the audio Bible. Speakers who come from oral cultures can relate to drama very well, and this is an important aspect of the recordings that make the audio Bible so influential.

Lasers are used in the recording and playback of CDs. The laser burns tiny holes onto the CD’s surface. This allows a CD or DVD player to distinguish between parts of the disc that allow reflected weak laser light to permeate through holes and parts of the CD surface that do not, resulting in a reading of the digital data and playback through a speaker so that you can hear it. These are some methods used for audio Bible production, to share God’s Word worldwide.

Susan Slobac has worked professionally with audio recording technologies focused on audio Bible translations. In particular, she has been involved with a number of groups in recording audio Bible podcasts and believes strongly in making the audio Bible online a tool for ministry work. Due to the ease use Susan recommends the audio Bible mp3 and the Bible on audio CD for a variety of uses including audio Bible study sharing Bible stories with children.

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Using Sound Fx in Podcasts and Video Games

There’s a trend towards more professional podcasting and video games by using impactful sound FX and implementing professional sound design in podcasts and video games. We would suggest that there are in essence are three main categories of sound FX people looking for in producing podcasts: cartoon sound FX, explosion sound FX and movie sound FX.

Cartoon sound FX can be a popular choice because of their instant recognition. Cartoon sound FX instantly triggers memories from shows and associate their podcast with a professional show. Secondly, explosion sound FX is used to maximize impact on the listener in a podcast. Sound FX in this category normally is items such as auto crashes, explosions, building crashes, earthquakes, house explosions.  The point being that they surprise the listener and get the listener’s attention. An example of explosion effects is the Impact Effects 2 CD by Sound Ideas who have created some of the largest variety of explosion sound FX.

Thirdly, movie sounds FX are generally used by people who are looking to use sound FX for Foley. Your wondering what is Foley? Foley is process of adding background sound FX to a story line, film production, or this case, podcast. Movie sound FX can contain almost anything but are often taken from digital libraries from previous sound designers who have gone through the painstaking process of recording individual sound effects for their films. Some film producers, example being in Bollywood, might rely almost solely on digital libraries of sound FX for their productions.

Today, at the same time, sound FX are taking a new turn in technology with video game producers. Sound FX is being in video games using something called positional audio. Positional audio utilizes complex calculations to determine how loud or quiet a sound effect should be in a video game depending on the distance of the player from the originating sound. For example, a first person shooter game would hear a gunshot much quieter if it was across the street then if the gun was shot right next to him or her. This is making sound FX design much more dynamic then has been historically. With video game productions become more main stream than many movies, sound design for video games has become just as important as in feature films.

If you don’t have actually sound FX how can you create them? Can you create them yourself? Many sounds FX are replicated with everyday items you can find in your house. For example, a heartbeat effect might be replicated by a plastic trash can lid! The popping out of the plastic lid creates a controllable “pumping” sound that might be used. Or, in order to create a sound effect of something dramatically freezing, one can record brushing the bristles of a wire brush brushing firmly against something metal, like a steel drum. As the brushes come closer it gives you the effect of rippling freezing ice. Recording a slithery snake effect might be when you take a wet sponge and drag it across a rubber surface. Creating sound FX can take some creativity!  In essence, adding sound FX to your podcasts can be a great help for a professional effect on the listener, sometimes you just need to get a bit creative!

The Sound Effects Shop is a worldwide distributor of the world’s largest publishers of sound effects and also have Sound FX Libraries for the post production, broadcast, motion picture industries and royalty free music. Here you can select various types of Sound FX for personal and commercial use.

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