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7 Questions you Need to Ask Before Buying Flash Streaming Audio Software

Are you looking to add audio to your web site? There is plenty of choice regarding easy to use flash streaming audio software. I have reviewed over 20 products and they are all fairly easy to use and all cost less than $100. But there are some small differences to these programs which could cause you problems if you make the wrong choice. After reading this report you will be able to buy your streaming audio software knowing you have made the right decision.

So hear are a few questions to ask yourself before you buy your flash streaming audio software.

1. What is your audio going to consist of, voice, music?

2. How long is your audio going to be? 30 seconds? 30 hours?

3. How many visitors are you expecting on your web site per month?

4. Do you want your visitors to be able to download your mp3s?

5. What type of controls/buttons do you want?

6. Do you want to automatically add background music tracks?

7. can you edit the html on your web site?

I will go though each question to explain why this should affect your decision.

1. Do you require HiFi sound, or you go to simply put your voice on your site? The higher the quality the larger the file is going to be. Only one product provides a HiFi option and that is MP3 Sound Stream HiFi Audio Stream. Most other programs allow you to select the quality of the audio.

2. Will you be using short voice tracks of a few minutes? If your track is longer you will need a program that does not embed the mp3 file into the Flash file (swf). Large swf files will take a long time to load but if the mp3 is separate the button will load quickly and the mp3 will start to stream almost instantaneously.

3. If you are using long audio tracks and have a high number of visitors your hosting company may charge you for extra band width or even cut off your web site. For example, if you have one audio track of 30mb in size and you have 10,000 visitors listening to it this would take 300gb of bandwidth. So if you are considering putting large audio files on your site check with your hosting company first. You may wish to consider using a subscription service like Audio Generator as this could work out cheaper than extra bandwidth charges.

4. If you want your visitors to be able to download your mp3 files so they can listen to them later, on their computer or mp3 player, then using a program that has the mp3 embedding in the flash file means you will need to upload an extra copy of the mp3. Programs with embedded mp3 files are useful if you DON’T what your visitors to download your audio file.

5. Some programs supply a wide choice of button styles and colours, other just give one button style. Make sure you are happy with the styles available.

6. If you want to easily add background music some programs have this built in. Other programs you will need to use audio editing software to mix in the background music.

7. If you are using an online website builder or free blogging service you may not be able to add audio to your web site. Check with your provider to see if you can edit the html code and upload swf and mp3 files

Once you have considered all these questions take a look at the comparison chart at and you will find the right streaming audio software for you.

Roger Weavers has been working in the computer industry since 1983 and has been involved with Internet marketing since 1997. He has a number of successful web sites from Web design and promotion to Spanish real estate.
Add Flash Streaming Audio To

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Questions and Answers of Audio Books

In as much as the audiobook phenomenon isn’t too new, there are still lots of people that don’t know certain things about it.

I must confess that I was also ignorant about certain aspects of audiobooks myself.

During my early days of audiobooks, I had to ask certain questions and today I hear a lot of people asking the same such questions.

Who knows, you might also have such questions and you really want to find the answers to them.

If yes, then below are some of these questions and their answers:

What is an audiobook? An audiobook is simply a book in audio format. Instead of receiving a physical hardcover or paperback book that you have to read, you will be able to have someone reading the book to you when you download the audiobooks online in MP3 format.

What is an MP3 audio book? MP3 is simply a compression technique that makes it possible for reduction to be made to audio books so that they use less space (sometimes as little as 80%) compared to that of cassettes or CDs.

How can MP3 audio books be played? MP3 audio books can be played on any new version of CD players that support the MP3 technology – mostly those that can accept a 4.75 diameter disk. They can also be played on any PC that has Microsoft’s Windows Media Player or other related music software such as Real Media Player. Lastly, they can also be played on any mp3 player such as Creative Zen or Apply iPod.

What is an unabridged audio book? An unabridged audio book is one that was narrated word for word. In such an audio book, nothing was removed from the printed book. It has the exact content with that of the printed book, albeit in audio format.

What is an abridged audio book? An abridged audio book is one that is shortened and doesn’t contain the exact word for word narration as the printed book. Instead, it contain the main and most important points of the original book. In short, it is more concise and straight to the point.

What is a dramatized audio book? A dramatized audio book, as the name implies, is a dramatized “play-life” version of the printed book, with usual full cast, music and sound effects.

How can I find the audio book I would like online? You can visit audio book store and search for the particular title you need.

What are the more popular online book store available? There are a few online book stores with huge collections, please do a search using keywords “Audio Book store” from your favorite search engine

Are these audio book expensive? On the contrary, they are cheaper as there is no physical product or delivery. Most online book store allow user to download it directly.

To check out how you can listen to some of the #1 best seller books, visit
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Audio Books And Recorded Books: Do You Know The Answers To These Questions

You’ve heard of audio books, or recorded books before, haven’t you? Many people, even the ones who use them daily, remain tongue-tied when it comes to answering correctly the following questions.

Why? My guess is that audio books in general are so convenient to use. Many of us prefer to venture into the scenes of an audio book without delay more willingly. Spending our precious time researching every detail about its creation remains a distant “maybe”.

On the other hand, there are a few details about recorded books you want to know.
What for?
’Cause knowing them makes it easier for you to navigate around audio books with more confidence. Your improved “shopper’s education” to make the right choice is worth it.

I admit I used to be unaware of even the basic terms about audio books myself. So, I asked questions to get answers.

Guess what? I’ve found them. And I’d love to share them with you so you can save time researching the same questions. If you’d like to know the answers to the following basic questions about audio books, keep on reading.

What’s an audio book?

An audio book is a book in audio format. It is a “fun replacement” for a physical hardcover or paperback book you’d read from cover to cover. Instead, you grab-n-read books on CD, books on tape, or MP3 books versions.

What formats do audio books come in?

You can get recorded books on tape, books on CD, and MP3 books. From an old-fashioned cassette player to modern and sleek MP3 players, audio books keep you company on-the-go where traditional book reading is simply unsuitable.

What’s an MP3 book?

MP3 books are still audio books. But a clever compression technique reduces the file size to take up less recording space. Besides that, MP3’s are portable and easily downloadable. Storing them is a breeze when compared to piling up stacks of cassettes or CD’s.

How can recorded books in MP3 format be played back?

You can play MP3 audio books on any MP3 portable player. You can also play them on your home PC (need to have Windows Media Player or similar). Playing MP3’s on a laptop or MP3-enabled cellular phones is the latest trend. If you don’t have an MP3 player, but have a CD player, you can burn MP3 files to a CD using your computer. You’ll need special software to do that. Search Google for “free software to burn CD’s” :) .

What does “unabridged audio book” mean?

Good question. An “unabridged” audio book is narrated (or told) word for word. It’s the printed book equal in audio format. Nothing’s missing. Nothing’s added. As a result, they are longer than “abridged” versions.

What’s an “abridged audio book” version then?

It’s similar to the printed original, but shorter. The word-for-word narration from the previous example is not exact. “Abridged” also means shortened, cut. Keep that in mind if you are looking for the original version.

What are “dramatized audio books”?

Dramatized audio books are stage-like, “play-life” versions of printed books. You get all the bells and whistles: full cast, music and sound effects. Some people prefer it; some would rather get a simple, told version by an experienced narrator.

Is there a difference between having the author of the physical book tell the audio version, or is it better to have a professional narrator do the job?

Some authors are gifted for both writing and telling their own book. Others are better off leaving it to professional “voice-over calibers”. If you can, listen to a sample of the recorded book that catches your interest. It’ll help you decide if the narrator resonates with you. Some people swear that half the beauty of an audio book is the voice-over quality.

Where’s a good place to start for a novice interested in recorded books?

An excellent place to start is to pick up a favorite story you already know about, but would like to “read” as an audio. About the length, pick “abridged” audio books to start with to cut down on time they take to play back. Once you become more skilled with recorded books, you got to check out “unabridged” editions as downloadable audio MP3 books as soon as you can.

Once a beginner, Lou Smith shares the riches he’s found in Audio Books. He offers you a special invitation to get free Recorded Books as gifts now. You can listen to MP3 books as well.

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