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Video Cash Explosion Review ~ Your Money-Making Video Niche Site Is Ready!

Is Video Cash Explosion worth getting? Or is it just another hyped up scam? The author of this product is Shannon Lueck, a stay-at-home mom with two young boys who have finally managed to figure out how to make Internet marketing work for her. She is well-known in creating successful “one-page money-making” video niche sites, that’s her specialty. I know her from a forum and she appears to be an honest individual who is also like to help others to succeed.

I have bought and gone through Video Cash Explosion, and I would like to do an in-depth review of this product in this article. I will tell you exactly what’s in it for you when you purchase this product, why do you need it, how can it benefit and help you earn money online.

Here are some facts about online marketing you need to know….

It’s no secret that videos are one of the top weapons for many successful online marketers these days. Videos are a lot more effective for delivering messages to your web visitors as people prefer to watch videos rather than read text documents or written words.

But, if you’re new in Internet marketing, perhaps you’re confused and may NOT know how to create videos let alone use them on your website. It may sound intimidating if you have to create videos and publish on your site.

If that’s how you feel right now, fret no more! Video Cash Explosion was specially created to take you by the hand and teach you how to create video sales sites that may have the potential to bring in residual income for you. If you do this right, it may take your online marketing success into the next level.

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of what will you get from Video Cash Explosion….

- It gives you the FORMULA to find the best selling products to promote

- It gives you a powerful KEYWORD TOOL that will help you pick profitable keyword phrases

- It teaches you step-by-step how to easily create a video

- It gives you a piece of software called “Push Button Video Cash” that will help you create and upload a website without needing to have any technical skill.

- It teaches you how to PROMOTE your website to achieve top placement within all the major search engines.

How does Video Cash Explosion help you make money? Does it really work? How much can you earn?

Let me tell you up front that there will be a small investment you need to make in order to use this system effectively. The investment mainly consists of hosting service ($10 per month) and buying domain name ($9 per year for a .com or $1.99 per year for .info). Of course, there are free hosting services but I don’t recommend you use them. If you’re serious about building a successful online business, it’s more professional to have your own domain name and hosting service.

Video Cash Explosion provides the tools you need to succeed but remember that the key to your success is YOU! The on-going effort on your part to create as many mini video niche sites (using the given tools and the steps outlined in the guide) is the one that will lead to generating some residual income for you.

No one can promise or guarantee the amount of money that you will make using the Video Cash Explosion system. It can be the best tool on earth but if you don’t play your part, you will NOT see any positive result. So, allow me to repeat this line again… “The secret to your success is YOU”.

My personal experience using this product has mixed results. Some of my video niche sites perform really well, others don’t. I realize that building mini video niche sites is a number game. The more sites you build, the higher your chance of success will be. Fortunately, Video Cash Explosion allows me to create these sites painlessly and quickly.


Video Cash Explosion is a quality product for creating one-page video niche sites that can be used to promote affiliate products or your own products. It walks you through everything from finding products to promote, selecting the right keywords, creating videos, uploading a website and promoting that website.

It’s a very decent product for those who prefer to create mini sites with videos rather than writing one articles after another like building a normal website or blog.

Video Cash Explosion Bonus Worth Almost $1,500 Click here to get your Video Cash Explosion and receive all our exclusive bonuses (worth almost $1,500) for FREE!  Go to Video Cash Explosion Bonus Page to take a look at all the bonuses you will get.

Download your Video Cash Explosion here and receive our Exclusive BONUS worth over $1,400 for FREE! I believe these bonuses can provide even more value for you and can help you to achieve success faster. So go and check them out while they’re still available! Want more tips on how to make money online for free? Then, follow the link and visit our site and blog. We share plenty of online success tips such as how to do market research, how to find products that sell, how to build your site, how to generate traffic, how to monetize your site, etc.

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Review of Google Video Internet Television and Video Distribution Site

Google Video, currently in beta, is the video distribution or internet television service being promoted by the world’s largest search engine Google. Like their major competitors in the internet video world YouTube, and Yahoo Video they offer anyone with an Internet connection the ability to upload video clips and share them with friends, family, and the world, all for free. Users are invited to leave comments and save videos directly to their own computers for playback in Google’s own video player.

For Content Producers

You can upload free or commercial videos and set prices and previews for commercially available videos. Google offers easy to use software for uploading your video and everything is available using your free Google account. You can make money by selling your content and can upload a huge amount of videos at the same time.


With Google providing the back end, it’s very fast, reliable, isn’t going anywhere, and will probably stay free forever. Users can download your video to their computers and via private reports you can monitor how many views and download your videos are receiving without that information being made public. The Google video upload tool is very effective for quicker video uploading. You can login using your existing google account and use regular urls in the description that automatically become links to wherever you want.


No ability for people to subscribe to your videos, so you can’t get regular content subscribers in the way you can with other video sites, like YouTube or Yahoo video. There are no user profile pages, just an option to view more videos from a particular user, There isn’t the same community you can experience on other video sites, with messages, profiles, etc.

100 Megabyte video upload limit, and longer delays for video to be verified then on competing sites. It can take up to a week before your video goes live. Google Video only has a top 100 list and a movers and shakers list, and categories. There are substantially less ways to sort vides then on competing sites, so there are less lists you can get your video on to get more visitors.

For Content Consumers


Very fast, with Google as a backend, the search function actually brings up relevant videos, so if you type in old videos of WWII that’s actually what you get back. Doesn’t go down, allows you download the video in different formats and you can put the movies on your video IPOD or PSP. You can get a few different converters and burn downloaded Google videos to regular DVDS.

Google also has a lot of relationships with major television stations and content producers, so it contains a large amount of useful full length movies, and a free content area that is backed by sponsors that has content comparable to regular or from regular broadcasting. (documentaries, films, stock footage).


No subscriptions, favorites, or other community features. You can’t view a user’s profile to learn more about who is posting the video or video. Very few ways to sort content besides searching for keywords or viewing the top 100.


It has comments and ratings, but with no profile pages, no groups, and no subscriptions the community is rather lacking on Google Video. Video comments are usually one or two sentences and similar to what you would find on competing sites.


Google video is a robust and ever changing video distribution site, backed by the most popular website in the world with the latest and greatest technology. It still has a lot of problems, but already contains a lot of high quality content and is a must for anyone who just wants to watch videos online. It’s not very good for networking and if you’re looking for more of a community to share videos with you’ll need to check out one of its competitors like YouTube.

Future of Google video

It’s still in beta, so it’s not certain, but you’ll be sure it’s not going anywhere and will have almost certainly end up with some sort of strong revenue model, maybe integration with Google Adwords in addition to paid content etc.

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Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes Review

If you have problems with previously digital video camera/camcorder such as

picture quality (lighting) use bulky battery charger, losing cords/memory cards, mess with disks/tapes heavy, not user friendly, don’t fully understand their complex and massive camcorder need a whole carrying case then you can consider buying this Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) as many customers highly recommended.


The Flip Video Ultra Series has two major parts i.e. the camera and the capability to manipulate and move the videos. It also comes with TV connector cable, batteries, wrist strap and velvet drawstring case that are perfect to prevent any dirt or scratches on the lens or LCD screen. Price and Quality: Flip Video Ultra Series is an excellent quality and inexpensive convenience product from Amazon with four favorite colors (white, orange, black, pink). Durable: The customers that have been using this Flip Video Ultra Series for about a year never have a problem with it. Size: Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorderis a little highly portable video recorder for casual use. The dimensions are only 1.2 x 2.2 x 4.2 inches and the weigh is 7.2 ounces, it’s very light. Portable: Flip Video Ultra Series is easily fit into your pocket and carries as a cell phone to capture the special moments wherever you go. User friendly: A tripod socket on the bottom is good for those that have trouble holding the Flip Video Ultra Series steady. Easy to Use: The Quick Start Guide can be read in 5 minutes then you will be able to use this camera. However, the end users especially senior citizens must have solid basic knowledge of installing software and file transfer. Recording time: With 2 GB flash drive (built-in memory) the Flip Video Ultra Series will record up to 60min (1 hour) and no memory card. Designed for everyone: It’s suitable for bloggers, artists, travelers, amateur filmmakers, lecturers, parents, students and everyone. Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) also a most memorable and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life. Record all your favorite moments: Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, holiday, BBQ, graduation, interview, video project, music concert, and other activities


Flip Video Ultra Series is powered by two AA Duracell batteries (included with the camera) and easy to be installed. It’s well designed and highly resistant to accidental opening. Good battery life.

Image Quality

The image quality of Flip Video Ultra Series is remarkably good resolution (640 x 480 VGA), no little pixel smudges. Exposure capability is excellent, for outdoors, from a sunny with wide contrasts to the rain/dark conditions, or indoor shots with decent light such as in the restaurant.


The actual lens of Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) is recessed and protected by either a glass or plastic cover. It shows no susceptibility to being easily scratched. However, if it appears held in place by a metal fitting and the lens cover becomes damaged, I’m sure it could be replaced. On the back of the Flip Video Ultra Series is a 1.5″ transfective screen that you can see even in quite bright daylight.

Audio Quality

The sound quality of Flip Video Ultra Series is excellent for recording voices. The built-in microphone is sensitive. It will pick up and record nearby voices even whispers without distortion and it won’t pick up too much background noise. In a very loud environment, the mike captured both highs and lows surprisingly well.

Recording, Playback and Delete the Video:

Start up time from turn on to recording is only 2-4 seconds. It’s easily to set a time and date to the gadget when initially start it up then each video automatically has the date as the initial name. One button for record/stop prevents accidental starting and stopping. If you have problems with the red button, use the tip of your thumbnail to press it. Flip Video support said the record button is being redesigned for future models so that this problem is no longer. The play button is on the left of the 4-way and delete button is on the right.


You can zoom in and out by pressing the + (plus) on top of the red button and – (minus) signs on top of and below the red button. It has only 2x digital zoom, so you have to close to the subject but not too close up the detail such as words/logos, it will get the various degrees of blurry.

Video Editing Built-in Software

The new version of Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) software has been updated on December 21, 2007 with no issues. The simple Flip Video Ultra Series software is able to do some minor editing, file organization, download clips into the computer, crop beginning/end, upload clips to the web/email, string clips together to make a longer movie and make photos from videos. Also, included a “Help” feature.

You can also convert video files, watching your videos on TV as well as on the computer, quick emailing the video, DVDs made, and publish online to YouTube, AOL video, personal site, or any video sharing website and share them instantly with your family and friends.

Flip Video customer support will take care of any problems.

Phone support is 24/7 and they will answer the phone within a minute or two. If you email them, you will receive a response after a few hours. You can also read other product review about Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes.

Sujanti Djuanda has written reviews about electronic, music, computer, real estate etc

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Video Cash Explosion Review- Is It Worth The Money Or Is It Another Scam?

Visit Official Video Cash Explosion Review Site For More Information and to Read Further

***First we pose the question…***

What Is Video Cash Explosion?

Video Cash Explosion is an Internet Marketing Product created by marketer Shannon Leuck. I had the opportunity to get the product in my hands and write an honest review about it. Let’s just say, it is NOT just an Internet Marketing product. It does something much more! Furthermore…

The Videos Cash Explosion product by Shannon Leuck is a 2-in-1 product. It includes the Video Cash Explosion video series along with the Push Button Video Cash Software.

As we know, as the internet evolves and becomes more densily populated, internet marketers have to adapt to change in the way they promote products. These days, video has become a very popular and high converting way to promote internet products. Simply because, these days potential customers don’t like reading printed material and would rather watch a video that can be presented to them. This is what Video Cash Explosion can help you do. Video Cash Explosion teaches you in a step-by-step format through a series of videos on how to promote affiliate products or products of your own through the simple insertion of videos in your sales pages. When I say “step-by-step” format I literally mean step-by-step. The author of Video Cash Explosion, Shannon Leuck, literally shows you these steps in her training videos of how to make the video for a product, how to insert it in your website (uploading it), and all the things you need to learn to make your website literally explode and have your videos bring cash straight to your bank account.


Video Cash Explosion will launch March 12, 2009 @ 12pm Eastern Time

***Next question we can ask…***

What Is Included In Video Cash Explosion?

Video Cash Explosion Comes With The Following Items:

Video Cash Explosion Quick Start Guide 8 Videos Video Script Template Video Presentation Template Push Button Video Cash Sofware Program Word For Word Transcription For Each Of The 8 Videos

***Who is the author of Video Cash Explosion and Where Did She Come From**

Who Is Shannon Lueck?

Shannon Lueck is a Full-Time Internet Marketer. She is a mother of two kids and I’m sure a wonderful wife. For 6 years, she spent online trying to figure out what she can do to get income full-time while living at home so she can spend more time with her family.

Like any other Internet Marketer who shows dedication in their business, Shannon succeeded in the world of Internet Marketing by making a couple bucks a day online. However, that didn’t satisfy her as the money she was making online wasn’t enough to quit her job and spend more time at home.

An Internet Marketing expert, Micheal Cheney, mentored her. As she was being mentored by Michael, her income had skyrocketed using this Video Cash Series when she would promote affiliate products. She is the success where now she averages over $180 per day. Maybe even more at this time.

Using the same system she used to make extra money online. She is providing that same blueprint in step-by-step video series course on how she succeed using her system. On top of her Video Cash Explosion product, she is also including the Push Button Video Cash Software where most of the work is automated just as how many people like it these days since it reduces the amount of time and labor you will need to put onto your business.

Today, Shannon Leuck is a very experienced Internet Marketer who we can learn from and is a very good case study for success in the Online Business World. She probably went through the same methods trying to make money online which is why her product, Video Cash Explosion,  can help you make money and get it to gradually grow. Just remember, this is not a get-quick-rich-scheme. It takes some time and dedication to start making money where you will quit your day job. But, if you put the dedication into it, you can acheive that goal faster.

***One may ask, is it worth the money?***

Is Video Cash Explosion A Scam? Is It Worth the Money?

After reviewing Video Cash Explosion and reviewing the product. Anyone can come to the conclusion that Video Cash Explosion Is NOT a Scam. It is a great video series course where it will help you make a good income online using the techniques of Shannon Leuck by promoting affiliate products or products of your own through the use of videos instead of sales letters. The whole Video Cash Explosion concept originates from Michael Cheney “Video Cash Cannon” tactic as Micheal Cheney mentored Shannon Leuck where she used the same methods to make what she makes online now and quit her day job as this makes her very good income online as she can spend more time with her family at home.

Visit Official Video Cash Explosion Review Site For More Information and to Read Further

Mohamed Datoo is online marketer who reviews many information and software products based on internet marketing

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Audio Book Rental Clubs Review

Audio Book Rental Clubs – Getting Your Membership Started

Do you love books but somehow never have the time to sit down and read them? The introduction of audio book rental clubs means that there are no more excuses – you can listen to your favorite novel and still perform the other million necessities that are required in your busy life. There are many audio book rental clubs to choose from so it is advised that before you jump in and sign up you should do your own mini audio book club review. Most clubs will provide you with a free section whereby you can listen to a novel and sample the style of audio that is on offer. After you have sampled the audios from a few different clubs your next logical step is to select the one that best suits your needs and sign up for a formal membership.

There are usually two types of audio book clubs; The first offers the option of choosing your preferred format and physically renting the audio book, or secondly you can listen to the download through the internet. You decide whether you wish to keep the book, or simply rent it for the set period of time (which is obviously the cheaper option). For the busy lifestyle that we lead today the audio book rental clubs are fast becoming an invaluable resource. If you listen to an audio book at least once a day then this is usually a good indicator that you are ready to take the plunge and join an audio book rental club.

Audio Book Rental Clubs – Which One Is Right For You?

By understanding your audio book needs, requirements and habits you will be better equipped to choose the audio book rental clubs that are right for you. Once you are armed with this information then seek out the club or clubs which best suit your needs. Over the past couple of years there has been an enormous amount of money spent on developing this industry and both the audio book download and rental services have become indistinguishable from each other, with both services offering what the other offers.

The customers of the audio book rental clubs have, over time, become more discerning about the service that they require and would prefer to have the freedom of either renting books, or perhaps buying the download to add to a collection. When these clubs were originally formed there was a restriction of choosing one of the other, however, this is no longer the case. When choosing which audio book rental club you are going to join it is important that you firstly consider how you view audio books – are you looking to add to your collection or simply wanting a one-off rental.

The audio book clubs are the perfect choice if you wish to start a collection. If you’re always on the road or prefer to not collect things, then renting out would be your best option. Either service can give you the option to buy or rent so the next things that you need to take into consideration would be the regularity that you intend to listen to your audio books.

There are audio book rental clubs that offer packages based on your listening habits. These plans tend to offer a degree of flexibility so you are not locked into a subscription that is no longer suitable for your needs. There are plans that even reward you if you rent or download more books than what is specified in your agreement. Great savings can be made with these rewards and are usually in the form of a rebate or a price reduction on future purchases.

Pricing should also be seriously considered when you are researching and performing your audio book club review. The price to rent an audio book is usually slightly cheaper than the download option and varies depending on which audio book rental club you join. Take all these things into consideration before committing to a particular audio book rental club that way you will be happy with your commitment and your listening experience will be much more enjoyable.

If you would like more information on audio book rental clubs and the products that are on offer then go to Audio Books Retreat

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