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Video Cash Explosion Review ~ Your Money-Making Video Niche Site Is Ready!

Is Video Cash Explosion worth getting? Or is it just another hyped up scam? The author of this product is Shannon Lueck, a stay-at-home mom with two young boys who have finally managed to figure out how to make Internet marketing work for her. She is well-known in creating successful “one-page money-making” video niche sites, that’s her specialty. I know her from a forum and she appears to be an honest individual who is also like to help others to succeed.

I have bought and gone through Video Cash Explosion, and I would like to do an in-depth review of this product in this article. I will tell you exactly what’s in it for you when you purchase this product, why do you need it, how can it benefit and help you earn money online.

Here are some facts about online marketing you need to know….

It’s no secret that videos are one of the top weapons for many successful online marketers these days. Videos are a lot more effective for delivering messages to your web visitors as people prefer to watch videos rather than read text documents or written words.

But, if you’re new in Internet marketing, perhaps you’re confused and may NOT know how to create videos let alone use them on your website. It may sound intimidating if you have to create videos and publish on your site.

If that’s how you feel right now, fret no more! Video Cash Explosion was specially created to take you by the hand and teach you how to create video sales sites that may have the potential to bring in residual income for you. If you do this right, it may take your online marketing success into the next level.

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of what will you get from Video Cash Explosion….

- It gives you the FORMULA to find the best selling products to promote

- It gives you a powerful KEYWORD TOOL that will help you pick profitable keyword phrases

- It teaches you step-by-step how to easily create a video

- It gives you a piece of software called “Push Button Video Cash” that will help you create and upload a website without needing to have any technical skill.

- It teaches you how to PROMOTE your website to achieve top placement within all the major search engines.

How does Video Cash Explosion help you make money? Does it really work? How much can you earn?

Let me tell you up front that there will be a small investment you need to make in order to use this system effectively. The investment mainly consists of hosting service ($10 per month) and buying domain name ($9 per year for a .com or $1.99 per year for .info). Of course, there are free hosting services but I don’t recommend you use them. If you’re serious about building a successful online business, it’s more professional to have your own domain name and hosting service.

Video Cash Explosion provides the tools you need to succeed but remember that the key to your success is YOU! The on-going effort on your part to create as many mini video niche sites (using the given tools and the steps outlined in the guide) is the one that will lead to generating some residual income for you.

No one can promise or guarantee the amount of money that you will make using the Video Cash Explosion system. It can be the best tool on earth but if you don’t play your part, you will NOT see any positive result. So, allow me to repeat this line again… “The secret to your success is YOU”.

My personal experience using this product has mixed results. Some of my video niche sites perform really well, others don’t. I realize that building mini video niche sites is a number game. The more sites you build, the higher your chance of success will be. Fortunately, Video Cash Explosion allows me to create these sites painlessly and quickly.


Video Cash Explosion is a quality product for creating one-page video niche sites that can be used to promote affiliate products or your own products. It walks you through everything from finding products to promote, selecting the right keywords, creating videos, uploading a website and promoting that website.

It’s a very decent product for those who prefer to create mini sites with videos rather than writing one articles after another like building a normal website or blog.

Video Cash Explosion Bonus Worth Almost $1,500 Click here to get your Video Cash Explosion and receive all our exclusive bonuses (worth almost $1,500) for FREE!  Go to Video Cash Explosion Bonus Page to take a look at all the bonuses you will get.

Download your Video Cash Explosion here and receive our Exclusive BONUS worth over $1,400 for FREE! I believe these bonuses can provide even more value for you and can help you to achieve success faster. So go and check them out while they’re still available! Want more tips on how to make money online for free? Then, follow the link and visit our site and blog. We share plenty of online success tips such as how to do market research, how to find products that sell, how to build your site, how to generate traffic, how to monetize your site, etc.

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Monster Video Sharing Site List and How to Use it

Let’s say you have made your first “great” video. You have critiqued it, massaged it and perfected it. You feel good about it.

Now what?

If you want to increase traffic to your website, create backlinks to your site.

(Backlinks are one-way links pointing to your site from other sites. The search engines put a great deal of importance on these. Backlinks say to the world, your website is worthwhile. . . after all, other sites point to it.)

You will want to post the video to several video sharing sites, to magnify the video’s effect. Each time someone watches your video, you get another linkback ping . . . wow! Be sure you use your keywords in the description of the video. Also, start your description with your full URL, including the http: etc. This will help people find your video.

Make sure that you look at several videos on each site so that you can determine whether your video will fit on their site. For example, if your video is about “Eating Healthfully”, don’t expect to place it on a site dedicated to news. Many videos are how to types. HowCast doesn’t accept videos that don’t fit this Do not post to a video sharing site that is too diverse from what your video is about. Who on that site will watch it?

Fill in the profile information portion of the video sharing site that tells about you, shows your picture, your likes and dislikes, favorite books and hobbies. Your profile information helps people to see you as a whole person. If people want to learn more about you, they will look at your profile. Potentially, they will be in line with you in some way and perhaps want to create a sharing relationship, or other mutually beneficial link to you.

Don’t forget to post to your video to the social networking sites like, Mixx, Propeller, Reddit and others. Some won’t let you put your video on their site, but you can still put your article on their site. Your article is a summary of what the video is about. Your article will point them to your video which is hosted on your site.

This technique needs a little more explaining:

1. Post your video on your blog
2. Write an article, to accompany your video, using the appropriate keywords that describe your video. (Remember, the search engines, at this time, cannot look at your video to see what it is about . . . you will have to tell them in your article.)
3. Post your article on the social networking sites, mentioning the video.
4. Point them to your article and video which resides on your website.

Video Sharing Site List
Google Video Google Page Rank
Google Video 9
Blip 8
BrightCove 8
MotionBox 8
PhotoBucket 8
Yahoo Video 8
YouTube 8
UncutVideo(AOL) 7
DailyMotion 7
Esnips 7
iFilm 7
MetaCafe 7
Myspace 7
Revver 7
Vimeo 7
HowCast 6
Crackle 6
Break 6
Buzznet 6
EyeSpot 6
Flixya 6
Grouper 6
GoFish 6
JumpCut 6
Kwego 6
LiveVideo 6
Lulu 6
Multiply 6
MyHeavy 6
OurMedia 6
PutFile 6
SoapBox(MSN) 6
StupidVideos 6
Veoh 6
VMix 6
VidiLife 6
ZippyVideos 6
CastPost 5
ClipShack 5
Doty 5
DoveTail 5
Famster 5
ManiaTV 5
MeraVideo 5
Openvlog 5
Porkolt 5
Sharkle 5
VideoWebTown 5
Vsocial 5
VidMax 4
Apanatube 3

In summary, in this article we covered:

* Your website needs backlinks.
* Search engines put great weight on backlinks.
Get more backlinks by posting your video on many video sharing sites.
* Make sure that you look first to see what type of videos and demographic they are targeting.
* It will take some extra time, but make sure that you fill in the information in the profile section. Your profile information helps people to see you as a whole person.
Social networking sites like Digg are good too…don’t forget them. uses videos and articles to make learning to market on the web enjoyable. Many secrets are revealed that will help you be successful. If you want more information about bumping up your traffic, click here

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Review of Google Video Internet Television and Video Distribution Site

Google Video, currently in beta, is the video distribution or internet television service being promoted by the world’s largest search engine Google. Like their major competitors in the internet video world YouTube, and Yahoo Video they offer anyone with an Internet connection the ability to upload video clips and share them with friends, family, and the world, all for free. Users are invited to leave comments and save videos directly to their own computers for playback in Google’s own video player.

For Content Producers

You can upload free or commercial videos and set prices and previews for commercially available videos. Google offers easy to use software for uploading your video and everything is available using your free Google account. You can make money by selling your content and can upload a huge amount of videos at the same time.


With Google providing the back end, it’s very fast, reliable, isn’t going anywhere, and will probably stay free forever. Users can download your video to their computers and via private reports you can monitor how many views and download your videos are receiving without that information being made public. The Google video upload tool is very effective for quicker video uploading. You can login using your existing google account and use regular urls in the description that automatically become links to wherever you want.


No ability for people to subscribe to your videos, so you can’t get regular content subscribers in the way you can with other video sites, like YouTube or Yahoo video. There are no user profile pages, just an option to view more videos from a particular user, There isn’t the same community you can experience on other video sites, with messages, profiles, etc.

100 Megabyte video upload limit, and longer delays for video to be verified then on competing sites. It can take up to a week before your video goes live. Google Video only has a top 100 list and a movers and shakers list, and categories. There are substantially less ways to sort vides then on competing sites, so there are less lists you can get your video on to get more visitors.

For Content Consumers


Very fast, with Google as a backend, the search function actually brings up relevant videos, so if you type in old videos of WWII that’s actually what you get back. Doesn’t go down, allows you download the video in different formats and you can put the movies on your video IPOD or PSP. You can get a few different converters and burn downloaded Google videos to regular DVDS.

Google also has a lot of relationships with major television stations and content producers, so it contains a large amount of useful full length movies, and a free content area that is backed by sponsors that has content comparable to regular or from regular broadcasting. (documentaries, films, stock footage).


No subscriptions, favorites, or other community features. You can’t view a user’s profile to learn more about who is posting the video or video. Very few ways to sort content besides searching for keywords or viewing the top 100.


It has comments and ratings, but with no profile pages, no groups, and no subscriptions the community is rather lacking on Google Video. Video comments are usually one or two sentences and similar to what you would find on competing sites.


Google video is a robust and ever changing video distribution site, backed by the most popular website in the world with the latest and greatest technology. It still has a lot of problems, but already contains a lot of high quality content and is a must for anyone who just wants to watch videos online. It’s not very good for networking and if you’re looking for more of a community to share videos with you’ll need to check out one of its competitors like YouTube.

Future of Google video

It’s still in beta, so it’s not certain, but you’ll be sure it’s not going anywhere and will have almost certainly end up with some sort of strong revenue model, maybe integration with Google Adwords in addition to paid content etc.

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The 7 Biggest Reasons Why Using Audio On A Web Site Is A Must

Is your beautifully designed and professionally developed site helping you in meeting your sales targets? Is your PR 4+ site getting enough signups? No? There is only one reason; your site misses audio. Use audio buttons on your website and keep your sales’ graph rising!

Audio buttons are the small buttons that add audio to a web site. They are used on sites, in e-zines, sales letters and newsletters to communicate with customers. Yes, that is the key point: to communicate with the customers!
These things are by the way quite simple to add and can do wonders for You. Web audio is such a great marketing tool. More and more webmasters are using it because no web graphics and sales copy can compete with real voice, especially when it comes down to marketing.

There are several reasons why you must use streaming audio in your online marketing campaign. In my opinion the most significant are following:

1 – Audio buttons increase sales. Business works on trust and reliability. And nothing is more reliable and guaranteed than your words. That’s why web audio buttons are considered an effective sales promotion tool. Greeting message on site, talking e-mails, and audio testimonials ultimately results in new buyers and increasing sales.

2 – Audio messages have more significant effect on visitors than text messages. It has been proven by research that 70% of the Internet users remember audio messages. If your site lacks this feature, it means you are missing sales.

3 – Streaming audio messages are the best way to increase e-zine subscriptions. In online marketing, getting signups for a newsletter is a great sales boosting strategy. And audio in your site servers this purpose very well. Get audio buttons to your site and watch your sales rocket.

4 – Audio buttons save time. Writing too much text requires time and the visitors might not even read it. Record your sales message in audio format and people will love it!

5 – The Wow factor. Amaze your visitors with your voice. Currently, only 5% of the sites are using web audio. When a visitor will hear your voice, it will appear new to him/her and will leave a good impact on him.

6 – Audio messages are the best way to keep visitors at your site for a longer period. When a prospect spends more time on the site, he will know more things about you product or services. Thus, he or she is more likely to turn into a buyer.

7 – Web audio is very simple use. In fact, it is even fun to play with it – and yet it takes you business to the next level.

So as you can see there are several reasons why you need to use audio on your website. It does great things to your business no question about it. Start using it today!

Aaron Raduly – developer of AudioStream Elite, a brand new solution for utilizing streaming audio on any website without paying any monthly fee. Don’t pay big dollars every month like we used to. Visit right now!

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Where and How to Use Audio on Your Site in 6 Steps

Streaming audio has a variety of uses that can help you win more customers and increase your profits.

Some of the most powerful ways you can use streaming audio on your site are for:

Welcome Messages

A personal introductory message about yourself, your business, and your products can help orient customers, create transparency into your business, and build trust between you and your customers.

Site Maps

Tell customers where they can find things on your website and direct them to important parts of the site where you want them to go (towards your product).

Quick Tips

Share inside tips and tricks with your customers that will enhance their online experience. Over 80% of customers will click on a link to a tip because they know it offers useful information that will save them time.


You can provide quick and easy instructions to your customers by placing audio buttons on your site. Explain what you want them to do and they will listen. Assurances Study your site statistics to see which page(s) customers are seeing before they leave your site.

Is there something on the page that may make customers hesitant to continue, such as a subscription form or a payment link? An audio clip explaining your payment process or privacy policy can help you reassure nervous customers and put their fears to rest.

A testimonial with a photograph is more credible than a testimonial without one. If you have a photograph and use an audio message, you will be greatly increasing the power of those testimonials. Prospective customers will feel even more confident about buying your product or service. Teleconferences and Seminars Streaming teleconferences and seminars can attract customers interested in the topic (and hopefully in your product or service) as well as those who, due to geographical or time constraints, were unable to attend.

Thank You Messages

Audio in emails or on order confirmation pages is a good way to personally thank customers for buying from you. It will help you build customer loyalty and increase the chance of repeat sales.

Building Trust

Offer an audio statement of your guarantee. Or, even better, record a personalized audio introduction to your bonus. Some merchants claim that this helps build trust and credibility as the visitor gets to better identify the ‘real’ person behind the site.

No matter how you use streaming audio on your website, you must have a well prepared message and good delivery. Keep your voice animated and use a conversational style rather than a formal tone. Your voice is what humanizes you and what your customers relate to. Above all, just be confident and be yourself!

Don’t Forget To Do This When Using Audio… Refer to the checklist below before you finalize your streaming audio message:

1. Keep your message short and to the point. Don’t waste time with long audio. Introduce yourself and your site, make your pitch, point customers in the right direction, and then stop.

People have short attention spans so you don’t want to overload them with too much information. Instead, you can break apart long audio and use it in relevant pages throughout the site.

2. Speak at a normal volume. You don’t want to speak too loudly when recording your audio. The sound could get distorted or it may seem as though you’re shouting. Speak at a normal tone and customers can always increase the volume if necessary. It’s therefore a good idea to have a volume scroll bar among your audio buttons.

3. Let customers control playback. Don’t assume your customers want to hear your audio right away and launch it as soon as they arrive on a page. You never know where they are accessing from or what other sounds they may already have going on in the background. Simply invite customers to click and you’ll be surprised by the surprisingly large number who are driven by their curiosity and will click on your link.

4. Include a Play, Pause, and Stop button. Sometimes customers don’t have time – or the desire – to listen to your entire message. And sometimes they need to listen to it one more time to catch something they missed. Let customers take control and put a play, pause, and stop button on your audio.

5. Include a picture. Customers like to see something while they’re listening. Include a picture of yourself above your audio buttons so they have something to look at and can match your face with your voice. This will help you add a personal touch.

6. Listen to your audio before it goes up on your site.

These little streaming audio tips will help you win more customers and increase your profits.

Bjorn Brands is a successfull enterprenuer who transitioned from having his own building company to a great online business. Check out his site and see for yourself how his FREE course can help you do the same at

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How To Increase Targeted Online Traffic To Your Web Site Leveraging Free Internet Video Streaming Services

One of the most significant milestones on the web this year has been the popularity of the use of videos on the Internet. There are a number of free services that enable Internet users to easily upload and store videos on the Internet for free. These videos can then be broadcast (streamed) free over the Internet, to be viewed and shared by other users.

We will look at a simple but often overlooked way to help you get potentially loads of traffic to your web site using Internet videos.

But first let’s establish the background to the phenomenon and why it is important for you.

The popularity of Internet videos have really sky rocketed in the recent few months.

Consider these figures. In 2005, there were very few free video hosting web sites. Yet, in the month of August 2006 alone, according to a comScore Media Metrix report, there were approximately 6.98 Billion online videos that were streamed by Internet users in the United States alone.

More interestingly, the average US Internet video user consumed 63.3 streams during August 2006 or approximately 2 streams every day.

For marketers, businesses or even the Government or non-profit organizations, this opens up a whole new possibility of getting in touch with their desired audience, in a content rich, interactive way that has never been possible before.

The huge number of online videos streamed every month should not come as a surprise, given the popularity of Google, MSN, Yahoo, You Tube and My Space web sites. These are some of the most popular sites in the world and each of them have incorporated a video service in their offerings in the recent months.

Traffic or Internet users are the fuel that helps generate revenue for most of these businesses. The revenue is earned by monetizing the traffic with targeted advertising.

You Tube the video hosting service was founded in February 2005, but famously bought by Google for $1.65 Billion dollars in October 2006. Although it seems like a large amount to pay, it was in fact a very strategic move by Google.

Based on the comScore report, for the month of August 2006, Fox Interactive (owned by News Corporation, which bought My Space) had 20.1% share of the total US video streams, followed by Yahoo with 11.8% share and then You Tube with 9.9% share of the streams. Google video was in fact in a distant 7th position with only 1.5% share.

Purchasing You Tube has enabled them to be a real challenger to Yahoo & Fox Interactive in the US market for Internet Video.

If we look at the numbers beyond the US, that is on a global basis, over 100 million videos were streamed on a daily basis by You Tube. This is a mind boggling number.

We are going to see more innovations in this area in the very near future from all the major players. All indications are that the popularity of Internet videos are likely to rise further.

So what might this mean for you, if you are a business, person or organization that would like to tap into and take advantage of this huge trend? Because this is so new, not many large corporations have figured out how to take advantage of the medium.

Most of the free video hosting and streaming services require you to register online and open an account (for free). You can then upload your video to the web site. You will be asked to provide a name for the video and then key words that describe the video. This is so that the videos can be categorized and also found by other users (your target audience). If you have your own web site, make sure this is mentioned in the video.

You can upload the video to a number of different free services. Why would you do this? To reach the widest possible audience for your marketing message, of course.

An interesting outcome of this is that in some cases this may drive huge amounts of traffic to your web. This is because, if your video becomes popular and there are other sites linking to it or it is being virally forwarded by the users, the search engines begin to take notice of your web site.

A case study in which a top 10 position in the search engines was achieved in under 24 hours using Internet videos to boost rankings is provided in a video at There is also a service here that takes one through the process of creating Internet videos, even if all you have is audio. You can create a simple slide show with a voice-over to create very effective, compelling videos.

If you wish to create full motion Internet videos, the process can quite straight forward and inexpensive.

Remember that the Internet videos do not need to be flashy, nor long or elaborate. The objective is to keep them clear, simple and easy to understand. Communication of the features and benefits that your product or service provides, differentiation or how it is different from other products or services that your competitors provide is important.

Finally, remember to include the unique value proposition that you have for your customers (ie. The reasons why your prospects should buy from you, rather than anyone else).

If you already have a digital video camera then you can start creating your video straight away. Your video camera will need some kind of direct connection to your computer. This can be by connecting either to the USB or FireWire ports. Some of the new Video Camera have the ability to record on a DVD straight away. In this case you can simply copy the contents of your DVD to your computer.

If you have an analog video camera, you can still create the required digital videos by using a converter.

Once you have video in digital form in your computer, simply log in to the account of the free video streaming service and upload your video. Ideally you can get wider distribution by uploading them to a number of different services in relevant category.

However uploading each video one by one to each service can be quite time consuming. The service mentioned earlier in the article can help you with this, with a single upload and multiple distributions.

Your video is now ready for viewing and sharing. Sit back and enjoy the traffic.

James Coe is an Internet entrepreneur that runs a number of sites. He uses a number of ways to increase targeted web site traffic including the traffic geyser method

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About Free Video Download And The 6 Features Of A Good Free Video Download Site.

It is always a happy moment for some of us when it comes to the end of a Friday. This is because we are going to relax from that excruciating week. I personally chose to relax by watching my favourite video (Music video, movies) or playing a video game. Are you like me or just almost like me?

If yes, you know that it is expensive to pay those video rental fees at your video rental store. Not so?

For years, I faced this same situation until I decided that I should look for an alternative to paying those monthly fees to the video rental store so that I can get to take my favourite movies home every friday. Plus on top of the monthly membership fee, I had to pay per movie/video that I was taking home.

What did I do to get away from this situation? I went to google and typed in “free video download”

I was very happy when my search returned 358,000,000 results. “Wow, that is a great number” I said to myself, not knowing that I was in for the worst experience of my life. Don’t get discouraged here, as this experience has turned out to be the best move I made for my life and entertainment.

With the above number, I thought that there are that number of websites where you can get free video download or some thing related to a free video download.

So given that fact that there are many free video download software programs available to download free music videos and video games online,before you use one of those free video download programs you may want to know what you need to look for.

As I stated above,I have joined many free video download sites and I have got the good and the bad experience about them. So here are the 6 things you should look for in a free video download website.

1- There should be no monthly fees or any per video download fee. If any site claims to offer free video downloads and then asks you for any monthly fee of any sort, I recommend that you steer clear of it. However, the best free video download sites will ask for a one time monthly fee just to help them maintain there services and sources for all these videos for you. That is acceptable. From my experience these are the sites that actually give you the real videos you want of high quality.

2- Quality of the videos downloaded: This is some how related to the above point. From my experience,free video download sites that do not ask for a membership fee usually provide low quality videos, some blurred and the likes. You see the most popular video site youtube, there are many videos, it is free to join but what about the quality of the videos you get?

3-Download limits: There should be no download limits what so ever. Most sites limit the amount of videos you can download per day, some per hour and others per session. These are not good and I would not reccommend that you join them.

4-Your safety and the safety of your computer or machine. What I mean here is that you should be worry of most free video download sites. Most have the capacity to infect your computer with viruses, adware and spy ware. For your security and the safety of your machine, you should stay away from these. How do you know that this site will infect your machine with viruses and adware? That is a million dollar question,but my answer is that look for the recommendation of some one who has been there, seen it and experienced it. I have joined many of such free video download sites and I provide a review at my website as you can see in my resource box.

5-How about the number of videos available for you? I think we would all need the site to have as many videos as possible. It would be no good for you to join a site that has only 10 million videos when you can get one with over 100 videos.Look out for such and it is usually listed at the home page of that website where you get to join and become a member of the website.

6-What is in it for you?: You should ask your self this question. By this I mean the variety you get. While most websites will offer one type of videos such as music videos, others will give you access to music videos, movie videos, video games and other software that you can download. I gues it would not be good and valuable for you to join a site that fearures more variety of services and videos for you than the opposite. That would be the best move.

Well,there are many other things I can talk about here such as the customer support, the download speed and many more. But I hope the above can give you a small hint of what you should look for in a free video download website.

M.Planet Lubowa has been a member of several free video download websites. Read his experience with the sites and his honest review of a free video download site And Free Video download Blog

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How to put video on your web site?

What is FLV and why choose FLV video format?

FLV (Flash Video) is a proprietary file format used to deliver video over the Internet via Adobe Flash Player (formerly known as Macromedia Flash Player) version 6, 7, 8, or 9.

Recently FLV video format is the preferred and most popular video format for web video delivering. A number of notable Websites, such as Youtube, Google video and Reuters, use FLV format. FLV video is supported by all popular browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera…) and viewable on different operating systems (MacOS, Windows, and Linux). You just need a SWF file working as a media player with screen and playback controls, and embed Flash video in (or link it to) the SWF player to display the video on your web page.
Useful Software

Video Encoder for Adobe Flash JW FLV Player Free FLV Player

Host the video on your own site
If you don’t want your video to be watermarked by Youtube or other video hosting website, you should convert your video yourself, and host the converted FLV video yourself. And you can specify the conversion settings freely (such as bitrate, sample rate, frame rate), so that you can get the FLV video with better quality.
Choose an appropriate Flash video converter and Flash video player

There are a number of video to FLV converters which you can find on the Internet ranging in price from free to over $100, such as Riva FLV converter (free), Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash ($45), Geovid Video to flash Converter ($99.95), Flash Video MX Pro($89), Flash Video Studio(49.95), Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 ($249), Some converters can only convert video to FLV format, not providing Flash video player which is a SWF file you must have to play Flash video on the Web. You can create a Flash video player yourself using Flash authoring tool, or you can download a free Flash video player directly (JW FLV Player is recommended). And some Flash video converters provide Flash video players. For example, the software Video Encoder for Adobe Flash I chose here, enables users to configure the conversion settings freely to get the ideal quality, and can create a Flash video player automatically with customizable playback control skins. The created Flash video player can auto-adapt to the video’s width, height and aspect ratio, thus the FLV video can be displayed without black bars (See the screenshot below). It’s very impressive!

Youtube Flash video player:

Flash player provided by Video Encoder for Adobe Flash:

Convert video to FLV format step by step

Step 1. Load the video
Launch Video Encoder for Adobe Flash. Click “Select…” and choose a video file that you want to convert. Step 2. Edit the video
Click “Crop & Trim”, if you want to edit the source video. You can crop the video, if you want to remove blackbars, or just want a part of the picture. You can trim the video, if you just want to convert a certain duration of video. Step 3. Configure the conversion settings
Select “User-defined” to enable yourself to customize the audio and video settings. And specify the audio setting and video settings properly. You can check the help file to find more detailed guidance. Step 4. Specify output settings
Specify an output folder to save the created FLV and SWF files. Check both “Generate FLV” and “Generate SWF “.If you want to create a SWF player which can play different FLV files dynamically, you should choose “Get the FLV path from a URL variable and play progressively“. Then you need to specify a URL variable name (in the right blank), then the created SWF player can get the FLV path from HTML code using this variable name.
Otherwise, you can simply choose “Play the created external FLV file progressively“. Step 5. Choose skin for Flash video player
Select a color scheme and style you like. Choose “Classic (Black, Full)” for example. “Full” control panel provides all controls including Play, Pause, Fast forward/backward, Volume control, Mute, Elapsed Time and Duration. Step 6. Start conversion
Click “Next” to start conversion. It will take a few minutes.
After the conversion finishes, open the output folder, then you can see the created “.flv” and “.swf” files. You can also use free software FLV Player to play the .flv video directly to see if its quality is good enough. If not, you need to convert the video again, and try some different conversion settings.

Put the FLV video on Web page step by step.

Step 1. Upload the created “.swf” file and the “.flv” video file to the same folder on your server. For example, if you want to show the video on, then upload the “.swf” and “.flv” files together to the path Step 2. Add the following html code to your page and customize the relating parameters.If you have chosen “Get the FLV path from a URL variable and play progressively” , then
add code: <object classid=”clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000? codebase=”
cabs/flash/,0,0,0? width=”400? height=”300?
id=”flashvideoplayer.swf” align=”middle”>
<param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”sameDomain”>
<param name=”movie”
<param name=”quality” value=”high”>
<param name=”bgcolor” value=”#ffffff”>
<embed src=”
flv=” quality=”high” bgcolor=”#ffffff” width=”400? height=”300? name=”flashvideoplayer.swf”
align=”middle” allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””>

And customize the parameters:
Replace “myvideofile.flv” with your FLV filename;
Replace “flashvideoplayer.swf” with your SWF filename;
Replace “” with your own address;
Replace the “width” and “height” with your flv file’s width and height. Specify the “quality” and “bgcolor” as you want.
In the code above, flv is just the URL variable name that you should have specified before conversion. The player can automatically get the URL variable’s value (, and play the Flash Video.

If you have chosen “Play the created external FLV file progressively “, then
add code:

<object classid=”clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000? codebase=”
cabs/flash/,0,0,0? width=”400? height=”300?
id=”flashvideoplayer.swf” align=”middle”>
<param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”sameDomain”>
<param name=”movie”
<param name=”quality” value=”high”>
<param name=”bgcolor” value=”#ffffff”>
<embed src=”” quality=”high” bgcolor=”#ffffff” width=”400? height=”300? name=”flashvideoplayer.swf” align=”middle” allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””>

And customize the parameters:
Replace “flashvideoplayer.swf” with your SWF filename;
Replace “” with your own address;
And replace the “width” and “height” with your flv file’s width and height. Specify the “quality” and “bgcolor” as you want. The Flash video player has the “.flv” file’s URL when it is created. So you don’t need to specify it in the code.

Key steps summary
It is simple to put your video on your own site: Step 1, convert your video to FLV format, and create a Flash video player for it; Step 2, Upload the created files to your server, add the code to your webpage, and specify the right

Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash, also called Flash Video Encoder or Flash Video Converter before, can fast convert your video to Flash files (SWF and FLV) with excellent performance, and speed up your video hosting and sharing business over the Internet.

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Power Tips For Adding Audio To Your Web Site

Web site audio can really make an impact on your customers when they visit your site. In fact, it can change a simple visitor to a customer. The correct web audio software can do this for you. It’s an easy way to add audio to your web site.

Mind you, I’m not only talking about adding a nice sounding voice recorded audio that lacks pizazz. I’m thinking “professional” all the way. That means upbeat introductory music, background music to add interest to the recorded voice, and ending with a smooth fading out of the music.

I’m talking streaming audio that plays automatically when a visitor enters your web site or instantly when they click the “play” button…your choice. I’m talking audio that sounds like it was done in a multi-thousand dollar professional recording studio…but was really done by you on your own computer.

I’m thinking about phenomenal audio created and put on your web site with quickness and ease by anyone…even someone who isn’t technical. This is “web audio” at its absolute finest. Would you rather listen to a voice only recording or a voice with pleasing and smooth sounding music lead-in, background, and fade out that creates the emotional response that turns visitors into buyers?

All of these above fantastic capabilities are not only possible, they are available today.

The “secret” to putting audio on your web site is to find an easy to use software created for this specific purpose. There is a wide variety of software to do this. There are even some services that you subscribe to on a monthly basis to accomplish this. I definitely recommend using your own software instead of paying monthly fees. Why pay every month when you can simply pay one extremely small fee for the software to use over and over again on as many web pages and web sits as you want?

The right software for you should have these features:

* All In One Solution – Record audio, add one of many included background music styles, and easily choose the color, shape, and size of the player. No other expensive and cumbersome external software or service needed!

* Stream Audio Immediately – You choose whether your audio starts as soon as a visitor comes to your site or the visitor clicks the play button for it to start. Either way it starts in seconds and makes its impact.

* At Least 10 Professional Background Loops For Variety – Background audio loops should be professionally recorded. They should represent various music styles and tempo.

* Customizable Audio Players – The software lets you customize your audio player. You choose from 6 stunning player styles. Choose any color under the sun. And size your player to fit your page design.

* Automatic Fade-Up & Fade Out – Wrap your voice-based marketing message in a perfect introduction, leading with a perfect induction, and closing with ease. It’s point-and-click easy to give your audio the professional sound that will blow your visitors away.

* Use multiple players on one page. Many audio solutions don’t allow you to put more than one player on each page. Of course, though, this is something you might absolutely need. The right audio software lets you do this easily and effectively, again with no technical skill required.

* Use exclusive “affiliate jump” technology. The best web audio software allows you to automatically forward your visitors to the web site you want them directed to at the end of your audio. Your conversions will go sky-high with this exclusive technology for affiliate promotions, teleseminar playback, and more.

* Use your existing audio files. Your audio software, of course, must let you record or brand a new audio file with the program itself. In addition, though, you can make use of any existing MP3 or WAV audio file on your computer.

* Don’t pay any monthly fees. Instead of paying someone $20-$40 every month plus add-on fees to host your audio files, host the audio on your own web server with the right web audio software. You’ll also never worry about your audio going off-line.

Now that you know all about web audio, go get the software and use it. You’ll be glad you did.

Ed Mass makes available the best web audio software he’s found. Be sure to view his video tutorial on using professional internet audio software. The way to build a web business is to take action.

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