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Video Streaming: Why Use Streaming Video Capture Software

Many people have web cams.  Whether or not they use these web cameras for adult entertainment, there are a number of different types of things that may occur between individuals that they might want to save.  In this instance, streaming video capture software can help an individual to record or save streaming video clips.  Streaming videos are different than files that are downloaded because the files do not stay on the computer.  The videos are constantly being streamed, or sent out, by the provider, but the individual that is viewing the video cannot do so without connecting to the origin site, unless they have streaming video capture software.  The neat thing about streaming video capture software is that there is some that costs money and some that people can find for free.

They allow the individual to capture and keep the streaming video that they are viewing.  Without the streaming video capture software, this would not be possible.  One of the most popular markets for individuals that use streaming video capture software would be in the areas of adult entertainment.  Many sites try to entice members to join by sharing videos, but they are streaming videos.  In order to save money in the long run, if not the short run, many people would prefer to purchase the streaming video capture software and copy or duplicate the streaming video than sign up for the adult entertainment website that is offering the streaming video.  Some people will sign up anyway, but many others would just prefer to save the money and instead capture the videos so that they do not have to pay in order to be allowed to download them off of the site.  Since one site only offers so much over all, many people see it as a better investment to spend the money on the streaming video capture software so they can get videos from different websites, instead of just one website that may not actually have all the different types of videos that the individual wants to see.

A person can use peer to peer sharing file software in order to find streaming video capture software.  If a person does not want to do this, there are many online stores that offer streaming video capture software.  There are different companies and different standards that have been set on the streaming video capture software options that are out there for the consumers.  The correct streaming video capture software depends on the individual’s personal needs and preferences.  By deciding what is important to the individual, and what they need from the software, a person can more accurately find the right streaming video capture software, which will help them to have made a wise investment.  Finding the right streaming video capture software can help a person a great deal because it will allow the person to get the videos that they want, and it will save them money since they will no longer have to pay money in order to view the videos of their choice.

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How to Stay Current With the Latest Audio Console Software

When it comes to audio mixing, Hi-Tech Audio is a company that can be trusted to provide continuing support to its customers. Not only do they offer training, parts, and operational and maintenance advice, but they are the place to go for audio console software as well. Everyone now recognizes that the “latest and greatest” technology does not stay “latest and greatest” for very long. By offering audio console software to their customers, Hi-Tech Audio helps them keep their consoles up to date. With new audio console software appearing regularly, you know you can rely on Hi-Tech Audio to be in the know. Their expertise in audio mixing consoles is unparalleled.

Hi-Tech Audio has an exhaustive knowledge of the best consoles in the sound industry. They want their customers to be able to get the most out of these incredible pieces of equipment. Initial training is the first step to mastering your system’s capabilities, but keeping your console equipped with state of the art software is vital if you want to stay at the top of your game. Audio console software, firmware updates, and manual downloads for every major brand of digital console can be accessed at the Hi-Tech Audio website. Whether you work with a Yamaha, Digico, Midas, Digidesign, or other console, you can find audio console software and downloads through Hi-Tech Audio.

New software can allow your console to perform many additional functions. With audio console software, your console could, for instance, easily transfer live inputs with those from a multi-track recorder. You could also add on such effects as analog modeled compressors or an Open Deck tape simulator. There are software programs to allow your console to be communicate with a broader computer network and be controlled from multiple locations. Console software allows you to upgrade your system in many ways.

You really never can tell what Audio console software they will come up with next. Staying up to date is important, and Hi-Tech Audio makes it easy.

Steve Collins is an Author and Journalist based in Encino, California.

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The Integration of a Video on Demand Software

If you are into watching movies and videos at the comfort of your home, you surely have already encountered video on demand, which is the most modern way of transferring videos these days. Demand for video on demand software has always been on the rise. That is not surprising because almost all Websites these days, particularly those for entertainment, are opting to offer video on demand services.

What is a video on demand software? As a computer program, a video on demand software facilitates the easier and more convenient transfer of videos online. What is more, video on demand software is able to facilitate a real-time video streaming and helps secure revenues and income through actual fees and charges imposed to customers.

A video on demand software is found as one of the most interesting and helpful technologies online. That is because entertainment businesses now do not need to invest into mass-producing DVDs of titles and content. They can just come up with their own service Website, invest in a video on demand software and start rolling out, posting and streaming video on demand videos.


What is more convenient about video on demand software is that payments are not to be done conventionally. While in the past, people have to drop by video stores just to get and to pay for their ordered and purchased movies, now every part of the transactions are made via the Internet. All you have to do is to prepare your credit card account and facilitate for electronic payment of fees. Within seconds, the video you have bought is already yours, and you can already download it into your computer.

Another interesting feature of the video on demand software is that the Website is enabled to give more options to users and customers. In the past, people had to endure buying and paying for unwanted contents as videos was usually sold in packages. With the use of video on demand technology, users would only be asked to pay for titles and content that they actually need.

The rapid popularity

Because of the distinct convenience provided by video on demand services, video on demand software are among the most popular computer programs available to the market these days. Most buyers and consumers of video on demand software are online business owners and developers. It is necessary to invest in and secure a copy of a video on demand software before any online business could finally roll out in the market.

Higher demand in the market for video on demand software is already an effective and obvious proof of the rising popularity of video on demand services. If you are aiming to make your Website really effective, productive and popular, you should invest in a video on demand software. You should integrate the sought-after video on demand services into the site. In no time, you could see the difference.


There is a number of video on demand software available in the market. Thus, as a Web operator and owner, you are given more choices and options if you are really in need of such products. If you are worrying about costs, take note that the rising competition among different video on demand software would surely translate into falling and declining prices. If you would be resourceful enough, you could secure and buy a copy of the video on demand software without the need to spend too much on the task.

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7 Questions you Need to Ask Before Buying Flash Streaming Audio Software

Are you looking to add audio to your web site? There is plenty of choice regarding easy to use flash streaming audio software. I have reviewed over 20 products and they are all fairly easy to use and all cost less than $100. But there are some small differences to these programs which could cause you problems if you make the wrong choice. After reading this report you will be able to buy your streaming audio software knowing you have made the right decision.

So hear are a few questions to ask yourself before you buy your flash streaming audio software.

1. What is your audio going to consist of, voice, music?

2. How long is your audio going to be? 30 seconds? 30 hours?

3. How many visitors are you expecting on your web site per month?

4. Do you want your visitors to be able to download your mp3s?

5. What type of controls/buttons do you want?

6. Do you want to automatically add background music tracks?

7. can you edit the html on your web site?

I will go though each question to explain why this should affect your decision.

1. Do you require HiFi sound, or you go to simply put your voice on your site? The higher the quality the larger the file is going to be. Only one product provides a HiFi option and that is MP3 Sound Stream HiFi Audio Stream. Most other programs allow you to select the quality of the audio.

2. Will you be using short voice tracks of a few minutes? If your track is longer you will need a program that does not embed the mp3 file into the Flash file (swf). Large swf files will take a long time to load but if the mp3 is separate the button will load quickly and the mp3 will start to stream almost instantaneously.

3. If you are using long audio tracks and have a high number of visitors your hosting company may charge you for extra band width or even cut off your web site. For example, if you have one audio track of 30mb in size and you have 10,000 visitors listening to it this would take 300gb of bandwidth. So if you are considering putting large audio files on your site check with your hosting company first. You may wish to consider using a subscription service like Audio Generator as this could work out cheaper than extra bandwidth charges.

4. If you want your visitors to be able to download your mp3 files so they can listen to them later, on their computer or mp3 player, then using a program that has the mp3 embedding in the flash file means you will need to upload an extra copy of the mp3. Programs with embedded mp3 files are useful if you DON’T what your visitors to download your audio file.

5. Some programs supply a wide choice of button styles and colours, other just give one button style. Make sure you are happy with the styles available.

6. If you want to easily add background music some programs have this built in. Other programs you will need to use audio editing software to mix in the background music.

7. If you are using an online website builder or free blogging service you may not be able to add audio to your web site. Check with your provider to see if you can edit the html code and upload swf and mp3 files

Once you have considered all these questions take a look at the comparison chart at and you will find the right streaming audio software for you.

Roger Weavers has been working in the computer industry since 1983 and has been involved with Internet marketing since 1997. He has a number of successful web sites from Web design and promotion to Spanish real estate.
Add Flash Streaming Audio To

Your Web Site in Minutes

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Video Editing Software – Choosing the Best for You

Choosing the best video editing software can seem a daunting task given the wide range of products available at the moment. However with a little help to remain focused on what is important you should be able to make a good choice.

One of the key points to keep in mind is, “What is it that I am I REALLY going to do with the video editing software that I choose?” The answer to that question has to remain uppermost in your mind when selecting the best video editing software for you.

All of the major home video editing software companies offer camcorder to DVD video editing solutions that make them almost inseparable from each other. So concentrate on what you REALLY need.

The first thing to establish is what is the format of the material you will be working with and what will be the formats that you will want to produce in the end. Input will be determined by your camcorder or your DVD recorder or whatever the source of your material is. Take note of the format your device records in and make sure that one is covered first.

Then realistically take a look at how you would most likely distribute your final videos. DVD? Blu-Ray? Uploading to YouTube or similar? Make sure the software you choose can output to the format you want.

So, your first task in deciding on what video editing software is suitable for you is to work out what your most common source video files will be and what your most common video output will be. That represents the core of what you will be using the software for and should be your main focus.

Like any other competitive market, video editing software is caught up in a never ending race to keep up with technology as it develops and still make the product seem “sexy” to the customer. The point is you probably don’t WANT to buy video editing software. What you WANT is a finished video production.

The problem for the software company is that they know you NEED to buy video editing software but that is not what you WANT! They have to make you WANT it! And because of that we get “bells and whistles” features that make you WANT IT but most likely will never need.

Video Transitions:
Transitions are the little inserts that go in between two clips to make the scene change. If you look at a movie you will notice when the scene changes it either cuts to the next scene with no transition, this is called cut or a straight cut. It fades to black then fades into the next scene from black called a cross fade through black. Or, finally, the two scenes merge into each other softly and this one is called a cross fade. There you have it, pretty well the entire gamut of transitions that professional video editors use!

All video editing software programs offer at least 50 transitions each. Newbies use ALL the available transitions because they look cool the first time they see them. The reality is NOBODY ever, ever wants to go back to their house again to look at their latest production because their heads are still spinning from the last one! Ignore transitions as a deciding factor, all video editing software programs have them and they all have more than you need.

Video Overlay:
An overlay track, simply put, is the ability to put one video in the background and have another visible on top of it. It is that “picture in picture” effect you have seen on TV and in movies. You can also put subtitles in an overlay track or still photos or a bunch of other things to really get creative. You need about five for good control but you would never use more than that otherwise, once again, no-one is going to want to watch the mess you have created!

There is no video editing software at the consumer level that offers truly excellent audio control and features. They are video editing programs not audio editing programs. Some have pretty good control, some don’t, if you are going to demand pro level audio then you need dedicated software for that.

The ability to handle Dolby 2 channel is a bare minimum and 5:1 Surround should be standard. The program should offer two audio tracks to play with in addition to the sound in the video track. That leaves you plenty of room for music, narration or effects.

Smart Render:
Rendering is the term used when the video editing software is making the final file of your newly created video. Up until rendering, in any consumer level video editing software, all the cuts, additions, changes and adjustments you have been making are “virtual.” The original footage is never touched. So rendering puts all that together and produces your final video file in the format you have chosen as the viewing format.

Any of the highly compressed formats such as MPEG2 (for DVDs), MPEG4 etc invariably suffer from loss of quality when they are re-rendered. The degree of loss of quality varies but it is essential that any video editing software you choose has the ability to recognise those files it does not need to re-render and simply copy those sections resulting in the high quality possible being retained. It should also offer good control over the properties of the final video.

So there you have it, stay focused on what is important and keep the “gee whiz” stuff to a minimum and you will do fine!

Lance Carr is an ex-patriot Australian living in Taiwan running a business consulting company. His grasp of the Chinese language ranges from poor to laughable and in most circumstances his actual use of the Chinese language results in laughter.

Lance Carr is an ex-patriot Australian living in Taiwan running a business consulting company. His grasp of the Chinese language ranges from poor to laughable and in most circumstances his actual use of the Chinese language results in laughter.
Video Editing Software
Best Video Editing Software Reviews

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Audio Converter Software – Edit your Audio Dvds – Top Software Programs

Today there are many low priced easy software editing programs available.A high quality program will allow you to create a mix of music for a power point presentation, an internet radio program or a website.With the right program you can record internet radio programs, podcasts or different types of streaming audio. These types of software programs allow you to take your favorite songs or any audio clips from CD’s, DVD’s, audio files, or from video so you can listen to them on your computer or portable players.Audio editing programs allow you to change file formats as an example from MIDI to MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG file.If you have damaged audio recordings or LP’s you can restore these with the type of audio editing program that will filter out background or static noises.These types of software programs contain many diverse editing tools such as the ability to edit tag or media information as well as cut and paste options.Features to Consider:All editing software programs support different, editing tools, burning capabilities and formats. Therefore there are several features and options to consider when shopping for a audio editing software program.First you must determine exactly what it is you want to do with an audio editing software program. Do your interests range in restoring sound to a file, audio for a website, making a CD of your band’s music editing sound for your MP3 or ipod or perhaps you want to steam audio.The program you choose should be very user friendly. Check for whether the program has the preset effects and filters in drop down menus, mouse zooms or icons, right click edits etc. You will want fast recorders so they can search for streaming audio and sound cards automatically.Research the type of technical support that is provided by the software manufacturer. Audio editing can be difficult for the beginner so make sure that FAQ’s, help pages, direct contact with a technical support individual, email address for customer service, user forums etc. are available.There are many filters, effects and tools available on the market today. Beginners will want to look for programs that provide a large range of preseteffects along with filters. The person with experience will want to shop for an audio editing software program that supports a high level of manipulation by going through a mixer or different types of processors or a 10 band equalizer.A good program will provide copy, paste record, play etc. But there are several programs that go beyond the normal essential editing tools taking you to next level of providing processors, equalizers, mixers, filters, preset effects, and analyzing capabilities such as spectrogram and waveform.A high quality program will record audio from a sound card, a downloaded CD or from files.It can be very useful to have a program with burning software this way you can use your DVD or CD burner to save the edited files.Shop for a program that is compatible in the fact that it can convert several different kinds of file formats such as WMA, AIFF (Apple), WAV, and of course MP3 files.One does not need to be a sound technician or professional mixer to learn how to develop good quality audio editing or how to restore sound tasks. All it takes is a wise decision on the purchase of an audio editing software program.Top Audio Converter Software Imtoo Audio Maker – found at AVS Audio Tools – found at

You can find the top Audio Converter Software at

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Video Software Conversion – Simple and Affordable Solution to Convert All Your Videos

Video software conversion is not just for the professionals in the arena. Any person can actually do video software conversion, so as long as you know the basics. Do not be intimidated by all the jargon that comes with converting videos. These technical terms may sound scary – codecs, extractions, bitrates, inputs, outputs, and containers, to begin with – but these are just terms. There really is no reason to be scared of them at all. To make things easier and less intimidating for you, here are some of the basics on video software conversion.

* Choose a program that converts videos according to your needs.

There is actually a fast way for you to do this. First off, you have to choose the file formats that you might be working with. AVI, WMV, and MP4 are some of the popular file formats to consider here. To acquaint you, here are some of the popular players in the market and the file formats they play respectively.

- A computer with Windows for its operating system: WMV or Windows Media Video
- A computer with Macintosh for its operating system: MOV and QT or QuickTime
- iPod: MP4 and MPEG-4
- PSP or PlayStationPortable: MP4 and MPEG4
- Creative Zen Media Player: AVI and WMV
- Microsoft Zune: WMV
- Archos Media Player: AVI and WMV
- DVD Burner: MPEG-2 and VOB
- Other Media Players or MP3 Players: AVI and WMV

If you have a media player, such as the iPod or Creative Zen, it is important to look at the player’s specifications section. You can also check out your guidebook for the video formats that your player supports.

* Understand the configurations.

The configuration of your settings is very important in video software conversion. Furthermore, it is important to know the basic terminologies here.

- CODEC: For the most part, file types are converted and compressed by using a coder-decoder algorithm, also known as a codec. Go for the codec that your portable device supports.

- VIDEO DIMENSIONS: When delving into video software conversion, it is important for your software to know the video dimensions of both the input and output videos. The standard 2.5-inch media player plays 320×240 videos. Your computer screen can fit a 640×480 video, while your TV set fits 720×480, if you are in the US.

- VIDEO BITRATE: Most programs carry a video bitrate of roughly 500 to 1500 kilobits per second or kbps. Video bitrate actually determines the quality of the video. 500 kbps is quite low already, but the video would consume less space. 1500 kbps, on the other hand, consumes more space but it gives you pictures of better quality.

- VIDEO FRAME RATE: Frame rate pertains to how many frames your movie goes through in a second. When conducting video software conversion, you should not touch this unless you know just what you are doing. If the video frame rate is improperly adjusted, your audio and video would not be synced properly as well.

* Enjoy the videos you have converted.

This should indeed be the last step to successful video software conversion. Once all of the conversions are completed, you can then move your files to your media device and start enjoying it!

This great software will help you get started whit video conversion, this tool will help you get started and make the process simple and easy even if you are not a professional video producer.

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