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Sony Audio Systems

Think about it, when you go buying your much awaited music system, which are the brands you first seek? That’s right. Sony features top most in your much sought after names for music systems. A world leader in all kind of electronics, music systems are one of the most popular products of this globally favorite company.

Sony offers a wide range of audio systems that deliver rich sound and great music quality. They have different kinds of products satisfying every need of all the audiophiles to the hilt. Sony’s audio systems can basically be divided into three broad categories-Home Audio, Portable Audio and Car entertainment systems. Their diverse range of music systems includes high power HI-FI systems, stereo systems, surround sound systems, car audio systems, and even wireless multi room audio system for iPods.

Home Audio Systems

The Hi-Fi audio system by Sony offers great quality music with powerful audio enhancement features. The Hi-Fi systems come in two types- Micro Hi Fi and Mini Hi Fi systems. While the micro Hi-Fi systems offer multiple music formats, the mini Hi-Fi systems are small enough to fit in any place you feel like having a party.

These players have multiple CD/DVD changers, FM tuners and may or may not include cassette players. These players are high wattage devices giving powerful sound and support multiple music formats like MP3, WMA, AAC etc. They also have modes like song shuffle, repeat or program. You can also attach any flash memory device to them to listen to your collection with a more powerful experience. The home audio range of Sony is not just great on sound but also has swanky good looks and striking style to them. They are designed to steal your hearts and come with optional features like wooden speaker cabinets, top CD loader etc.

Portable Audio Systems

There was a time when a Sony walkman was a must have for every college student or every frequent traveler or well, just everybody. Now let’s face the fact, the age of the walkman is long gone and today’s ruling kings are the MP3 players. Well, Sony is not the one to miss the pulse of the time and has a vast assortment of MP3 Players, CD walkman and even radio sets that only come in cool style and looks but also provide features and sound challenging any other top brand.

Car Entertainment Systems

As more and more of our cities are changing into global metros and our metros being the busy, traffic crazy metros, we find ourselves spending more and more time in our cars driving them around and driving ourselves nuts. Isn’t it just more sensible then to have a good audio system installed in our chariots (Read cars) so that we have something to soothe down our nerves while driving?

Sony has some very good answers to this prayer of ours in the form of their top of the line car audio systems. For in car audio entertainment, Sony is providing with Xplod series of CD players that also support other formats of audio discs so that your choice of music is never restricted. With these players, you can very well have a car party in your driveway with as many friends as you want!

Sony Audio Systems are one of the best around and come with amazing sound enhancing features, surround sound, equalizer, support multiple music formats and deliver the most enriching music experience you could get. When it comes to audio systems, Sony turns out to be really the best.

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Auto Sound Systems – GreAT Deals, Quality Brands

So you want to juice up that pathetic factory sound system, but the price of some auto sound system equipment is making your wallet shiver in fear? Don’t worry, with a little bit of smart shopping you can put together a system that will blow your factory sound away, without spending your entire savings to do it.

Online Shopping

If you are willing and able to install the system yourself, and have listened to a bunch of systems and gotten an idea of the brands of auto sound system parts you want, you can find great deals shopping for your parts online. Even if you don’t want to do the installation yourself, the Internet is still a great place to shop for the best deals on name brand equipment.

Shopping Locally

Again, if you are willing to do the installation yourself, or are looking to upgrade your existing system, you can find good deals locally a lot of the time. Even though auto sound system shops often have higher prices than online stores, a good bit of the price of any auto sound system is the installation. You can often get away with paying retail if you do the install yourself, and get a great deal on a killer sound system in the process. The main advantage to shopping locally is that you can listen to the different systems before you buy, which is just not possible when shopping on the Internet.

Hit the Pawn Shops

If you both have a good idea of the brands of auto sound system equipment you want and are willing to purchase used equipment, you can shop around your local pawn shops. You can find some really bargain-basement prices in these shops, and usually any gear that a pawn shop buys is tested and working. All auto sound system components, from head units to speakers and amplifiers, are available at pawn shops all over.
The best total prices are still only obtainable by installing the system yourself; if you are not confident in your abilities, it can still be worth it have even used parts professionally installed since it can be much easier to put different parts in once the wiring and brackets are all in place, making it more of a plug and play operation.

Name Brands at Good Prices

While everyone would like to have top of the line JL Audio competition speakers or the like, the prices on the very best auto sound system components can be astronomical. You can easily spend over $500 on a single speaker at the very top end. But there are plenty of quality midrange products from companies like Kenwood, Alpine, and JVC. Stay away from the absolute bottom of the barrel parts, though, as they can often sound worse than your existing factory system You do not want to spend a bunch of money only to have it sound the same or worse than your existing system. The midrange products are usually the way to go for the best price vs. performance. And with some careful product selection and shopping, you can build a kicking system for under $400 if you do the installation yourself.

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Portable Audio Systems

All the technologies and the devices are now made portable to enhance their utility. They are being converted for multi purpose usage and great optimization. Your portable audio system can be used in your laptop, car or even with your portable media player for igniting a party. The portable nature will help you in giving varied uses and will enable greater usage of your portable audio system.

The iPod has been a big rage among the portable audio player users and has garnered immense popularity worldwide. Many audio output systems have been designed to support the iPod. These portable audio systems can be easily carried around in your car or just placed at home. You have to compromise on the sound quality a bit, as they wouldn’t be as clear as the mounted systems.

Portable audio systems are very easy to install. They can be connected easily to your desktop computer, Laptop, or your car audio system. They usually run on batteries which are replaceable or internal ones which can be charged. There are many brands like Altec Lansing, Bose etc which offer portable audio systems.

Portable audio systems also have lesser complications and in case of any malfunctions can be repaired easily without any hassle. The portable audio systems are now being integrated with wireless connectivity for easy connections. This will better serve the purpose of connectivity. Then you can have your mobile phone directly connected to the portable audio system and it will play your favourite tunes instantly for a small crowd.

The Portable Audio Systems are cheaper than the mounted ones as they have compromised on the quality. Thus they are not heavy on your pockets and also offering you portability and greater usage. You can buy portable audio systems from retailers or can shop for them online at popular online shopping based websites.

These websites offer comparisons of products across brands and also give you detailed specifications of a product. This will help you better your search for the best portable audio system that meets your needs perfectly. These websites also offer great discounts and deals on your purchases. If you are on budget, these websites will give you low price portable audio systems which will meet your needs and fit the bill. Online shopping is lot easier and convenient and saves on your precious time.

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