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Technology Surrounding the Audio Bible

Through the miracle of technology, the audio bible now brings the uplifting message of God’s Word to people who, for a variety of reasons, are unable or unwilling to devote time to reading. The mp3 audio bible and other recent technological advances in recording and playing back audio files make this possible. Utilizing the audio bible CD, audio bible mp3, and online download audio clips of bible passages has helpped to make communicating the Word of God across many broad regions and to a variety of people a much more user-friendly option.

People living in under-developed countries sometimes do not have access to education on a universal basis. This means that not everyone will have been taught to read. This no longer needs to be an impediment to sharing God’s Word with them when they can listen to the Bible instead. There are audio Bible downloads that are now offered in over 250 different languages. No one person, no matter how devoted, would be able to master that many languages to the point where they could communicate effectively in every one. Now there is no need to, because by utilizing this amazing digital technology you can bring the Bible to many people groups, even if you do not have mastery of the native languages of the land.

A compact disc, or CD, is a disc that is used to store digital data. Electronic data is compressed and stored on the disc as series of tiny encoded pits crafted into the top layer of the CD. The disc is read by a CD player, which uses a semiconductor laser to shine a beam through the bottom of the CD, which then picks up the different heights and valleys on the disc and translates it into data that can be read by the player or computer

An mp3 file can compress even more data than a CD, and also has the ability to be easily stored on a computer and read. Mp3 refers to MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. This type of file compresses the data held in an audio recording yet does not lose the sound quality of the original uncompressed recording. It essentially gets rid of extraneous sounds that are beyond the normal hearing range for a human, which helps reduce the total amount of data. Next, it records the data that remains in a very efficient way, so that there are no duplications of data entered. If data is used repeatedly in a sound track, the original instance of the recorded data is referred in subsequent instances when it is needed, thereby eliminating any extra references to it, and allowing the data to be compressed considerably.

Mp3 files can be downloaded onto a computer for listening, or they can be placed upon a tiny mp3 player, which is about the size of a lipstick holder. God’s Word, in all its digital glory, can be easily played while you work out or commute, or it can be played across the world to people in their own languages, so that all can benefit from its power and teaching.

Susan Slobac uses the recent technologies available for the audio Bible. The audio Bible has been of great benefit to her. Using audio clips of bible passages in her Bible study program, she reports that the MP3 audio downloads and audio Bible CD has helped bring a renewed interest to her Bible study program.

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All About The Sound Technology

Sound is produced when an object moves or vibrates. Without movement there could be no sound. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, and MP3.

Whether you’re new to editing audio or you’re a seasoned audio engineer, there is a Sound Forge product that is right for you. Sound Ergonomics brings together 2 leading experts in the study and application of ergonomics to the ultrasound profession.

Sound systems at most of the stages are better than many of the small clubs I?ve been to. The atmosphere is a cross between a carnival and New York Noise , with a bunch of friendly hippies thrown in for good measure. Sound waves can also travel trough liquids and solids. The velocity of a sound wave depends on the temperature of the medium and its elasticity (more elasticity means that molecules will move easily).

Sound accompanies us and can tell us where we are and who we’re with. Sound is produced from the flute when the player blows across the mouthpiece, causing vibration of the column. This image shows how the sound waves of different instruments might look. Sounds share the problems of secondary qualities: does a tree falling alone in the forest make any sound? See primary/secondary qualities .

Sound is a waveform that travels through matter. Although it is commonly associated in air, sound will readily travel through many materials such as water and steel. Sound propagates as waves of alternating pressure , causing local regions of compression and rarefaction .

Particles in the medium are displaced by the wave and oscillate. Sound Forge 9 software has a complete set of tools for recording audio. Record straight into your sound card or use the Record Timer to begin and end a session at a specific time and date.

Sounds of frequencies above the range of normal human hearing, higher than about 20,000 Hz, are called ultrasonic . Sound is transmitted through gases, plasma, and liquids as longitudinal waves , also called compression waves.

Through solids, however, it can be transmitted as both longitudinal and transverse waves . Sound is a type of waveform . This means that you can draw a sound as a graph , with the x-axis (the horizontal one) representing time and the y-axis (the vertical one) representing the position of whatever’s making the sound.

Music has been written for such a glass harmonica. A bent saw blade, whistles, horns and sirens are other possibilities. Music fans will be able to purchase higher quality DRM-free digital music for personal use, and listen to it on a wide range of digital music players and music-enabled phones.

Sound waves propagate in all or most directions from a sounding object, but the corresponding sounds are not actually heard as propagating in any direction: the only moving sounds are the sounds emitted by a moving source. It follows that if sounds were sound waves in this sense, we would not be hearing them as they are. Sound appraisal staff have the use of several data sources, both public and private. is a global platform for sharing and learning knowledge. For more information on this article topics visit:

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Video Analytics – A Technology Used To Analyze Videos

Video analytics is the practice of using computers to automatically identify things or areas of interest without having an operator to view the surveillance equipment. The most common areas of usage of Video Analytics are License plate recognition, people detection, and border and security violations. Video Analytics technology has a vast potential in the area of safety and security.

The video analytics software uses computer processors running within a computer or on a fixed platform in the computer using video cameras and other specialized image recording and capturing equipment. The software is integrated with Intelligent Video Systems. This technology can be used to assess the video contents and extract the relevant parts of the recording. Video analytics technology is used in LineUp, which is a facial recognition system. Lineup has been developed by Vigilant Video and is the ultimate tool in crime investigations. Lineup is compatible with existing CCTV systems. It uses artificial intelligence as a tool in video analytics security.

LineUp stores events in a chronological and easy to access format that eliminates the need to search through hours of video surveillance tape. LineUp provides real-time alerts via audio alarm, page, SMS, e-mail, etc The technology is also used in CamSmartz, which has been developed by Vigilant Video for Intrusion detection and Object classification. Parameters can be set up in CamSmartz, which makes it more efficient and reliable than other existing products. It saves time and the security personnel don’t have to review hours of tape and can focus on analysis and correction.

This Video analytics security tool allows the user to view the events from anywhere in the world. A new edition of the CamSmartz tool allows automated target-object tracking for PTZ security cameras. This eliminates the use of multi-cameras and requires a single PTZ camera.

CamSmartz by design also provide real-time tracking data to Google Earth, which creates animated behavior maps. Camsmartz is an example of real time video analytics technology, which allows real-time monitoring and real-time alerts.

Video analytics has extensive usage in security and safety applications. Some examples being indentifying and tracking humans and objects and triggering real-time alerts, maintain records of security violations and using them as evidence, border security, intrusion detection, people and property security, stolen property detection, vehicle tracking, crowd monitoring, facial detection systems etc. The list keeps on growing. Video Analytics Security is a growing industry and new uses and areas are being explored with each passing day.

For further information regarding Video Analytics, Video Analytics Security, License plate recognition and facial detection. Please visit

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Podcasting Technology and the Audio Bible

The audio Bible has made a wonderful addition to a number of different digital technologies including podcasting. This new application of digital audio technology to the Word of God is becoming ever popular on the internet. The audio bible online is fast becoming an integral part of the online Bible listening community who wants a readily available device for listening to the word of God, for participating in audio Bible studies, and for hearing audio Sermons. The King James audio Bible is just one of many versions of the Bible available in audio format. The audio Bible, mp3-player compatible, allows you to download the New Testament onto your mp3 player, allowing you to bring your Bible study with you wherever you go. As you commute to work or work out at the gym, you can take those otherwise wasted moments and devote them to listening to God’s Word. Podcasts offer another means by which listeners can gain access to the audio version of the Bible. Podcasting technology brings the Bible to you via the Internet so that it can be downloaded onto your home personal computer or onto your mp3 player.

The term “podcast” refers to the combining of the two words iPod with broadcast. Podcasts can be listened to on any type of mp3 player, not just the iPod version player. A podcast is a digital media file that is sent out over the Internet in web syndication feeds that can then be subscribed to and downloaded onto your personal computer or an mp3 device. Podcasting offers an easy means of home computer users to create their own “radio shows,” which are then distributed over the Internet for people all over the world to listen to. Podcasting has also been used to distribute audio tours of historical tourist attractions, online educational lessons, and more.

Creating podcasts involves different types of digital technology. The first step is to record the content of the podcast, in this case the presentation of Bible verses, using digital equipment and saving it as an mp3 audio file. These audio files are then distributed out to the world over the Internet. The audio files, or feeds, are listed on a host website and show all of the different episodes that are available for you to listen to.

Because the creation of audio files are possible on computers, the actual production of audio Bibles is made much simpler through the use of this wonderful digital equipment. Computers are lightweight and highly transportable, which makes recording the Bible in the myriad of languages necessary in order for listeners around the world to understand what is being said much easier. No longer do Native language speakers have to be flown into a studio to record their pieces; instead, they can use computers in their home countries, and then send their audio files to the audio Bible sources, where they are compiled into the professional finished product available online. Podcasting technology brings the audio Bible in hundreds of different languages spoken worldwide to people who might not otherwise have a chance to be exposed to the life-enhancing message contained in the Bible, God’s Word.

Susan Slobac listens to a variety of her favorite podcasts over the internet. Since has discovering the audio bible online she uses the audio Bible mp3 files to take audio Bible recordings with her wherever she goes. Her preferred version of the Bible is the King James audio bible, and she has found this readily available from a number of sites. She also follows audio sermons and listens to audio Bible study groups at her own schedule.

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Taking Advantage of New Streaming Video Technology

Streaming video is the hottest thing in the consumer technology industry today. Streaming video involves the transmission of video data over the Internet for real-time viewing. This may seem like such a simple innovation, but the reality is that there are so many ways to take advantage of this new streaming video technology. One of the best ways to make the most of it is to record streaming video. How to save stream videos, as well as other tips for taking advantage of the new technology is discussed here.

How to record streaming videos

Streaming video may be very useful in itself, but if you record streaming videos, you greatly enhance the value of online videos. Saving streaming videos allows you to have a personal copy of the videos you see on streaming video sites like YouTube, Break, and Google Video.

When you capture streaming video, you essentially download the video sent through the Web onto your own computer. It is truly taking advantage of online videos when you record streaming video, as you are making a copy for yourself that can be viewed even when you are not connected to the Internet. In addition, now that you have a saved copy of the streamed video, you can use video editing software to weave various clips together or edit particular clips to suit your needs.

To record streaming videos, all you really need is a website that will save your video for you. These sites can easily be found through the various search engines available. The URL address of the video you wish to save (and sometimes a valid email address) is all you need to save streaming video. Simply input the URL and the website will create a file that you can download onto your computer.

Capture streaming video from live news feeds

In addition to saving stream video, another application of this technology is live news feeds. Streaming video can be used to broadcast news over the Internet. In fact, the larger news networks are already doing so. If you find a certain piece of news particularly interesting, you might want to follow the instructions above on how to capture streaming video. If your record streaming video from live news feeds, this could be useful when you want to share certain news information with someone who missed the live feed.

Record streaming video from streamed lectures

Yet another way to take advantage of streaming video is to use this technology to deliver video lectures. This is especially useful for online courses, where teachers and students never physically meet. The video would allow professors to deliver live lectures or pre-recorded lectures and the students could capture the streaming video.

Another benefit of using streaming video for lectures is that, since students have the option to record streaming video, they can easily review the video lectures over and over until they have absorbed the material. Additionally, they can use their saved video lectures as a means to reviewing before their exams.

Deniz Kumral is multimedia expert who specializes on streaming video technologies and trends. To Download streaming videos , visit his website

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Video Applications and New Technology

Video application can be difficult to put in place so that you can start operating them. The reason for that is they require a lot of bandwidth for them to operate effectively. There are many environmental obstacles (industrial and germane) that the radios that transmit the data within the wireless network come face to face with. There are two factors to take in to consideration when you want to combine the two environmental obstacles and these are limitations and capabilities. In an industrial environment they are a few components that are needed to create a network and these are video technology, radio technology and wireless video technology.

Under water video camera has different applications. There are different thing that one can do with the camera firstly you can take pictures of the fish at the bottom of the ocean and other sea life that you can find down there and you can place the camera at the bottom of the pool as well and then watch them later. It will be like the Olympic camera which shows the under side of the swimmers who will be competing. You can also place the camera in an aquarium and see the fish from another perspective the perspective of a marine biologist. When you go fishing use the camera to view the quantity of fish that is underneath the water. The video camera can be connected to portable monitor, LC, TVs and camcorder.

There are many video applications that people use on a daily basis but sometimes were not even aware that it is a video application. One of those is video editing. This type of application deals with as the name says the editing of videos. You can edit a video on the computer. You will be altering the sequence of the video. JPEG is the simplest from in which a video is stored in the directory. You can view the directory n and the screen shows one big image. The application enables you to edit audio clips in the video but I would call it more like sync the audio clips with the videos.

You can add transitions and special effects by decreasing the quality of the image. You can create web video, video pod cast, Mobile phone video and DVD by encoding the video. There are few companies that started this type of application and these are Sony Vegas, adobe premiere and pinnacle systems just to mention a few. These companies lead the way when it comes to the way videos are edited. These companies have programs of the applications that are named after the name of the company itself. These programs sometimes use custom hardware for video editing.

A DVDx is a video encoding application. The application enables you to convert a DVD video into windows media video, AV1 and VCD2.0. There are many video applications that one has at his or her disposal. Video editing is only a tip of the ice berg when it comes to video applications. Before you go out to the video application it is best to first look at the various software that is being offered online for video applications. When you Google the key words you will get links straight to some of the sites that deal with such applications there are different things that you have to look at when your comparing the video application software that is available online firstly it is the developer or the software and most of the time it is either apple, avid or adobe. When the software was released is a crucial bit of information as you know that technology is ever going forward. Software is constantly being improved so you have to look for the software with the latest date of release, some of the makers of the software will place two dates of the software and those two dates simply mean the first time it was released and the release date of the latest version of the software. You have to know the product that you want to buy. The best way to get to know about the product is to research on it and read the reviews and articles that have been written about the product. The price of the software is what most of us would check first before everything else. There are a lot of software makers of video applications so I would think it is best for you to stick to the maker that you usually use especially if you have never had any problems with thee products of that manufacturer.

With computers it is always best to know your computer its requirements .you have to check if your computer and the application will be compatible or not and you can get all this information from reviews.

Applications that you can find in the software are for social networking sites so that you can use them for streamlining your video into the sites. The different software that you will find is made for three groups of people and these are consumers, companies and professionals and these three groups are spilt into two economic groups the expensive and cheap. The interface between the user and the software is good as the software is easy to use. The number of video application software that is out there is amazing and sometimes it can be mind boggling what people do with all of these applications but the truth of the matter is that some of the applications that are available are used by professionals for example when it comes to video editing . These kind of applications are left to the guys who work in Hollywood. The applications cut across many section of industry from television to internet and not forgetting communications in industrial areas.

I would personally advise you to seek assistance when you are looking to select software for video applications the reason being is that in some of the sites that have reviews of the software it is usually guys that are used to the technical jargon and thus it makes it hard for you to understand what exactly the function of the software is. Online video applications, many businesses in many sectors of the economy use videos extensively online. The online video application can be grouped into three group business applications, consumer applications and industry sectors. Businesses use videos for many purposes online for example e-commerce, many businesses have videos on their websites so as to illustrate to clients what exactly it is that they offer and how it works. The videos online re also used by the companies to provide a forum for their clients to post their reviews on the products that they have used. There are video press releases that one can expect from the website as the name says they are for communicating with the press or customers who visit the site.

If you come to look at it , video applications are a lot of fun. They add something new to the things that we do on a daily basis. They add that efficiency and ease that we crave for when we are doing things. No one wants to do something that is difficult as that takes away the fun of doing so. Many people are into face book and having the video application software to stream your videos on to the site makes it even more fun and it is a pleasure to do because you can do it with great ease. There are other video application software that we use and were not even aware that it is an application system. For example people who are on my space some of the systems that they use the browse the site are video applications that make it possible for one to locate videos with ease.

There are certain video applications that are made for certain industries in mind for example the imovie application is made for editing films and that was definitely one application that was made with Hollywood directors in mind. The application can now be used by the ordinary person and that is due to the creators of the software trying to reach a wider audience and have they product being more profitable. Video applications have revolutionized the way that advertising is done online and people have moved from the traditional way of advertising online. The reason why video applications have done so is

Because they are a lot of sites that have videos as they main medium of spreading the message. Sites like my space and other social networking sites have pushed the limits of advertising. It seems that videos appeal more to consumers and many businesses are getting in on the act. The increase in the viewer ship of online videos has lead to video applications needing to be improved. The reason why there is a need for them to improve is because companies are always trying to out do each other and the one that comes up with video application that is more appealing will get more people watching the video and hopefully for them that will lead to more sales.

Social networking sites have lead to video application being more in demand a people on these social networking sites get to share a lot like videos , music and pictures and they need to do that in ways that are always changing. Firstly it was only sharing of pictures, music and videos but of late they are some social networking sites that allow one to give virtual gifts and to do so you need to have some video application.

Video applications do not stop at videos that have to do with the internet but are there to in video games like play station portable. You can also use the video application to down load videos on to your ipod using peer to peer application.

Some of the video applications that one can find in the market deliver live broadcasts. They deliver on demand television quality to nay network that is connected to a device such as a personal computer laptop or notebook. The video applications do so with the permission or a special arrangement with certain companies that deals with the broadcasting of videos. The advantages of the characteristics of such a video application is that you save money as you do not have to travel and you do not have to train any of your staff. There is not much that the end user has to learn.

Internet service providers that also host websites for people have not had a slump in business because there ahs been growth that is being pushed by consumer broadband plus video applications and this in turn is pushing the demand for hosting of sites with video capabilities. Video applications are every where and can be used for almost anything that has something to do with video. There are many companies and individuals that are grateful for the services that are performed by these video applications as they make life easier and for businesses will they assist them in making profits

You are going to buy video application software they are a few thing s that you have to make sure that you know. You have to know the type of computer that you use and whether the software that you buy will be compatible with the hardware. Secondly you have to do research on the software that you are buying, when it was made and it purpose. You have to make sure that you go out and buy the right type of software, by that I mean that you have to buy the software that has applications that you need. It is of no use if you are going to buy software that is for editing movies when you want software to download your videos and pictures on to the internet.

The importance of video applications can not be overemphasized as they have changed the way that people operate.

Jason Standley Web 2.0 Video Applications

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