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Superbass Audio Opens With More Than 2000 Products In Its Catalog

Disk Jokeys is Spain have a reason to rejoice, for they can now get all the globally renowned brands of audio and DJ equipments sitting at their homes and that too at very affordable prices. Superbass Audio brings a wide range of hi-fi audio products and latest DJ equipments to cater the needs of modern DJs in Spain. Superbass Audio has over 2,000 products on the offer. The large product range that this company has in store has already made it popular among music enthusiasts withing a short span of time. Many of the popular DJs have got their equipments from this hi-fi musical store.

A major benefit that customers can have at Superbass Audio is that they can know about the various equipments and software that DJs in other countries are currently using. If you are looking for products from the popupar brands to those of Technics, Sennheiser, Serato and Traktor then Superbass Audio is the place for you. You can make your music even more attractive and stronger in appeal by mixing various digital music files and applying advanced software. DJs who work with computer assisted CD control can now get everything under the single roof. Whether you need high-end CD players, turntables, amplifiers, receivers and other advanced audio and mixing equipments can get everything at Superbass Audio, and that too well withing their budget. The company is based in Spain and is targeting the Spanish DJ community who are work with high quality equipments. If you are a professional DJ or intending to be one, you must have been importing those equipments by paying high duties. Now you can save and also get these products at Superbass Audio.

If you are a fan of Traktor DJ Studio software and use it to elate your performance to a very high level then you will be happy to know that all Traktor products including their latest release are available at Superbass Audio. Traktor Scratch Pro, the product that provides supreme audio quality and a high performance, greater reliability, operation and exit setup is available here at very attractive prices. Traktor Scratch Pro has a host of creative features whereby Djs of all styles and genres can produce music that cannot be produced by the traditional equipments. While operating this product you can keep your method practical while the Audio 8 DJ interface allows controlling the vinyl easily. It also has a pair of multi-core cables “Instant Connect” and a time code.

The products from Sennheiser, a favorite brand for high quality microphones and headphones among the Spanish Djs, is also available at Superbass Audio. If you prefer working with advanced vinyl emulation software then you cannot have anything better than Serato, the New Zealand based software company that specializes in audio production and performance tools. You can find their products at Superbass Audio too. Another world famous audio equipment company that DJs always prefer is the Japanese Technics, and Superbass Audio brings their products to the Spanish local market as well. The company is dedicated to establish itself as one that offers low prices and excellent services to its customers. So next time you need a high quality audio equipment or software, get in touch with Superbass Audio.

Cesar is an entrepeneur and professional Dj for 10 years ago, founder of Superbass Records, one of the main vinyls records shop in Spain. Find more information at –

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Listen to Audio Books Online: Better Than Using Your Eyes to Read

It can be quite hard, at least in the beginning, to convince others of the many pleasures to be had when one listens to audio books online. Though when you do this, you are not doing much different as compared to reading with your eyes; you will only be substituting your eyes for your ears and enjoy a narration of the book rather than have to listen to yourself read out (in your mind) the contents of a novel or other book.

Recent Phenomenon

Even though the transition from paperbacks to audio books is a relatively recent phenomenon, there are still many skeptics that doubt that you can get the same kind of enjoyment when you listen to audio books online as you would when physically reading a paperback. What’s even stranger; it seems that young readers are the most skeptical about the enjoyment that one is able to get from listen to audio books online.

However, your grandparents would certainly be more amenable to listening to audio books online because they have grown up listening to stories being narrated on the radio shows of their time. In fact, most of these oldies-but-goldies will readily vouch for the great amount of enjoyment that one is able to get from listening to audio books online.

After all, when you listen to audio books online you can sit down comfortably on your favorite chair, do some small chore while also enjoy being read the contents of an audio book. In many ways, listening to audio books online is much like what many oldies had experienced when the BBC used to narrate many of the well known classics in their various radio programs.

Another benefit to listening to audio books online is that it is the only real source of entertainment for those that are unfortunate enough to have to deal with impaired sights and in fact, the American Congress even had set out its program called “Books for the Adult Blind Project.” In many ways, this initiative laid the ground for future audio books which  books have since been mass manufactured.

With so many notable advancements taking place in modern technology, the audio book online format has become a major driving force in getting people to enjoy listening to audio books online. Even modern pop culture is promoting audio books online and so the market for audio books online grows by the day – making audio books readily available to every man.

You can even get your little children started on listening to audio books online and in fact there are many good reasons why you should look closely at purchasing or renting kid’s audio books online. Today’s modern technology has led many more people to embrace the concept of listening to audio books online and with the widespread availability of such books; the future is really looking rosy for those who are producing audio books.

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People Still Prefer Audio Books in Audiotape Formats Rather Than CD Formats

When most people think of Audio Books, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to Audio Books than just the basics.

Most of this information comes straight from the Audio Books pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know.

Despite how great CDs are, many people still prefer audio cassettes to them, especially when it comes to listening to audio books.

Below are some of the reasons why:

One, Audio books in a CD format cannot contain more than 75 minutes of content but audio cassettes can hold as much as 90 whole minutes (and, in many cases much more) of narration.

I agree you can have the entire audio book spread out in several CDs, but not many people like to carry around too many CDs.

So, while you might need just a few audio cassettes for a particular audio book, you will probably need many more CDs for that same audio book.

Two, most people don’t like to spend extra cash buying CD audio books when they can get the same audio book cheaper in audio cassettes.

For example, while an unabridged version of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” on 12 audiotapes can be bought for just $31.96 on the Barnes & Noble website, the CD format from Barnes & Noble costs almost double that amount – exactly $55.96 for 17 sets of CDs!

Of course, its not that they want to rip you off – it’s simply because it costs much more to produce CDs than it does to produce audio cassettes.

Three, when you turn off your CD player while listening to an audio book, you won’t be able to resume from the particular spot you left off. With a cassette, you can begin from the exact same spot you left off.

With CDs it can be frustrating when driving because each time you turn off your car, it would mean restarting the audio book or trying to locate exactly where you stopped.

Of course there are modern and more advanced CD players that can now save your location when you turn off your car, thereby allowing you to resume at the exact same spot you left off.

This won’t work when you turn off the car AND take out the CD. But it will work with an audio cassette!

Four, because audio books are mainly just narration, many users don’t see why they should spend the extra money to buy CDs because of issues of recording quality when they can get near enough the same quality with audio cassettes.

Their argument is that if it was sound “quality” they wanted, they would go for audio books in CD formats, but sound quality is the same with audio cassettes and CDs when it comes to audio books.

In more succinct terms – “the voice of humans (without drums and other musical paraphernalia) has very little to gain from the depth and clarity that comes with digital recordings in CD format!

There’s a lot to understand about Audio Books. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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