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Drive Traffic With Videos

One of the most effective ways to get amazing hits on your website is to drive traffic with videos. When you drive traffic with videos to your website, you open a whole new world of potential customers. The traditional use of key words and key phrases for SEO, or search engine optimization is still important, but when you add video to the mix, your landing page hits will increase exponentially. It is easy to drive traffic with videos too, given all the technological advancements in the last decade. It’s also a cost effective marketing tool as well. Anyone with an internet business needs to consider the amazing effects that come when you drive traffic with videos.

We are a visual society and nowhere is that more apparent than on the internet.  Just about everyone who has a program to drive traffic with videos to their website is successful. That is cbecause people would rather have messages delivered to them via sight and sound rather than reading text and looking at still pictures. The excitement of video has been and always will be a great draw for the curious. Consumers want to be entertained while they are being pitched for products and services and when you drive traffic with videos to your website, you give them exactly what they are looking for. This is the first step to gaining their confidence and affecting a purchase.

Video also fosters legitimacy and when you drive traffic with videos to your website, the image is one of professionalism and trustworthiness. These are two very important concepts for selling anything at all. Luckily, because of technological advances, producing and presenting professional looking videos is fast, easy and cost effective. Video production software, media player and fast internet connections have made the production distribution and viewing of videos a no-brainer. But, you still want to use someone who knows the business to produce your website videos. Use someone who understands how to drive traffic with videos.

We can help you drive traffic with videos. Our website will show you why you should have a program to drive traffic with videos to your website and how to produce a professional traffic driving video quickly and effectively. We will show you how to use video SEO to best promote your site and how to drive more people to your landing page. Visit our website at and get started.

The article is contributed by a professional content writer, having experiences of working in different industries. For further information on drive traffic with videos and Online Video Advertising solutions please visit at

James Coe is an Internet entrepreneur. He uses a number of ways to increase targeted web site traffic . To learn about using Internet Videos for your business visit

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Increase Traffic on Your Website Using Videos

There is but one perfect place where you can successfully market your services and products and that is the Internet. You can create blogs, web sites, use social web sites or online video marketing to promote yourself or your business more efficiently. Moreover, online video marketing is also a powerful tool for increasing traffic on web sites. As long as you use video editing tools to make your ad appealing, you are on your way to success.

Online video marketing is now one of the most powerful and popular ways of online marketing. For example the videos we see on web sites such as YouTube get millions of views from people all over the world. Therefore if you want to increase traffic on your web site or promote your business, you should definitely consider online video marketing.

However, not all videos draw attention. If you want to make sure that your video gives you credit, then video editing is an extremely important part of the online video marketing plan you make. The purpose of video editing is the removal of parts of the footage you are not pleased with and the arrangement of the video in time, to create the desired footage. By using video editing, you will make sure that your video will draw attention and meet its intended purpose.

Moreover, online video marketing is indeed a powerful tool, but if not used properly it can work to your disadvantage. When your goal is to increase traffic on your web site, promote your products or your services, the video must reach high standards and must be seen by millions of people worldwide.

People often make mistakes that compromise the aspect of their videos. Even if they hire a video editing crew afterwards to try and edit the video themselves, sometimes the only solution is re-shooting the video. If you do not want to get to this point, make sure you are not using improper lightening, you are using a tripod, you are dressed properly or that you are using a teleprompter. These are just few of the mistakes that people often make. If you want to make sure your video will be truly effective, it is best that you seek professional help or advice.

The success of online video marketing also rests on the number of people that watch your video in different areas on the Internet. This means that your video will help you if it is not seen only at video sites, but a link of this video also appears on important search engines. Moreover, for your online video marketing plan to be successful, your video should be seen on all web sites that have content sharing.

Online video marketing refers to more than a well edited video. Although video editing is a crucial part of the plan you make, selling your imagine takes more than that. The video must have keywords that will place your video very high on important search engines.

Online video marketing can be rather difficult if you do not have a little help. From video shooting and editing, to placing the video online, the work and skills required are sometimes beyond your powers. However, with a little help from professionals or with proper information, you can increase the traffic on your web site, you can sell your products and your services better than you have ever imagined.

For more resources about online video marketing or even about video editing please review

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Increase Website Traffic: How to Boost Web Traffic With Article and Video Marketing

There are numerous ways to increase website traffic. This article focuses on 2 of the most effective methods – article marketing and video marketing.

But before you start doing these 2 techniques, or any other promotional methods to increase website traffic, you might want to just focus your time and effort on things that you like to do, or tasks that you have a natural talent for… unless you’re starting out on a tight budget.

If you find that you have a weakness or you don’t particularly like doing a specific activity, then you should consider outsourcing it to other people.

Focusing on your strengths and delegating mundane tasks to others will help you in attaining your desired results at the soonest possible time.

Increase Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with ideas, or you don’t have a passion for writing, article writing could be outsourced to a qualified writer who understands the market or industry you’re involved with. If not, confirm if the ghostwriter can do the much-needed research to be able to write the type of articles you require.

If you have a tight budget, you might consider doing it yourself initially until you’re earning a comfortable income to hire freelance writers.

Of course, if you love writing (meaning you don’t regard it as a task but as an enjoyable pastime), then writing is something you can do. After all, nothing can give more satisfaction than making money while doing something you enjoy.

Since article marketing is a powerful promotional tactic to increase website traffic with steady, long-term results, you should consider doing it either by yourself or by outsourcing.

After writing the articles, submit them to article directories. Now, instead of submitting your articles manually, some people recommend using article submission services or software. They can easily submit your content to hundreds, if not thousands, of article directories with just a few clicks of a button.

Article submission services usually charge you either by submission, or every month or quarter. Some of them offer you lifetime memberships for a one-time fee.

Using article submission services or software can be cheaper than hiring someone to manually submit your articles, but the disadvantage is that you’re not sure if they’re only submitting to sites that are reputable and trustworthy.

In case they submit to “not-so-good neighborhoods,” then getting a lot of backlinks from such sites would be useless; it may even prove to be harmful in the eyes of the search engine because getting thousands of backlinks all at once might send a red flag.

A great alternative is to simply gather a quality list of the most reputable, high page rank sites. Then you can hire a student or part-time worker to do the article submissions to these high quality sites.

Increase Website Traffic Through Video Marketing

Another method to increase website traffic is through video marketing. By creating and publishing your videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube and Yahoo Videos, you get to have extensive online coverage when it comes to authoritative video publishing.

I recommend that you do the video yourself, especially if you’ll be appearing in the video, as this creates a personal touch. A favorite tool for producing videos is the bargain video production camcorder called “The Flip”. With the Flip camcorder you just record the video you want to show online, plug it in your PC or laptop computer, and press a few buttons to release and share to the public.

But if you absolutely can’t do the video yourself due to extreme shyness, or if you’re unsure if your voice is good enough, then you could outsource the video creation. However, take note that you may need to invest a hefty amount if you want to outsource the creation of a high-quality, attention-grabbing video.

Video marketing provides some excellent SEO benefits to increase website traffic. Google owns Youtube, so you can expect Google to favor Youtube videos in their search results if you put in the right keywords.

Don’t just upload to Youtube though. Upload your videos on other video-sharing sites too like Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, AOL Videos, Metacafe, Revver, and Veoh, among others. You may use a free video submission service like to submit your video simultaneously to all your selected video-sharing sites.

To have higher chances of your video ranking in the search engines for your keyword, put your keyword in the title of the video, and then put all related keywords in the tags.

If your video gets popular, getting to increase your website traffic should be a breeze. Just test it and see how effective it is.

Leverage Your Articles By Turning Them To Videos

Are there other ways to monetize your articles aside from submitting them to article directories? Sure! You can turn your articles into videos. You could either use camtasia and record the powerpoint version of your article as a video, or you can speak directly in the video as if you’re giving helpful advice.

Did you also know that you could create a powerpoint version of your articles and submit them to Just make sure the url you put in the presentation is posted in a non-promotional way (either in the beginning or end), as slideshare prohibits us to do any marketing; but you can still get exposure to your site in a non-obvious and acceptable way.

Hope these methods help increase your website traffic and skyrocket your profits.

Discover the most profitable ways to make money online and increase online traffic using the very techniques, knowledge and tools that have made internet marketers millions of dollars at

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List in Yahoo Free And Drive More Traffic With Audio Blogs

Traffic remains one of the lifeblood of any online business. There are basically two categories of traffic generation: free traffic and paid traffic.

In paid traffic, you have to pay someone to bring the traffic to you. For example, if you’re running a Google Adwords campaign for a selected group of keywords, when someone searches for that keyword, sees your ad and clicks on it, you’ll have to pay for that click. This can easily amount to a huge sum of money at the end of the month, as most Google advertisers have found out.

Besides Google Adwords, other form of paid advertising include classified ads, banner advertising, ezine ads, solo mailings and so on.

Results vary depending on the experience of service provider and the advertiser himself. For example, if you’re running your own Google Adwords campaign, you’ll

have to tweak and filter keywords that work for you and those that don’t.

Of course if you have more budget you might outsource the tasks of managing your Google Adwords campaigns to some company so as to free up your time for other marketing activities.

Besides paid traffic, there are also strategies you can use to drive traffic to your site, without costing you any money; hence the term ‘free traffic’. Some free traffic generation strategies include press release, article writing, ad swaps and so on.

One of the newer ways to drive traffic which I believe is widely under utilized is through the use of audio blogs. The focus of this article then is on how to generate more free traffic using audio blogs.

But first, what exactly are ‘audio blogs’?

Audio blogs are just like any other blogs save for one difference – they have more audio mp3 files posted. When you click on these audio links, depending on the setup of your computer system, your system will start to download the files and automatically play them on your PC.

There is one big secret that most people don’t know about when it comes to Audio blogs. The secret is this: You can actually get a backdoor listing in Yahoo for free with Audio blogs.

By submitting your audio blog to Yahoo audio search, your blog will get indexed by Yahoo search engine. This means your site or blog will now appear in Yahoo search results, helping to drive more traffic to your site.

Secondly, you can also submit your audio blogs to blogs and podcast directories. These are specialized directories that organize blogs and categorise them according to their topics. Listing your audio blog in these directories will expose your site directly to your intended target market.

Thirdly, you can also submit your audio blogs to iTunes directories. iPod remains one of the most popular mp3 devices in the market with strong following in US and overseas. The iTunes is an application that allows you to download, buy, organize

your music among other things. By submitting your audio blog to iTunes, you can gain access to tens of thousands of people who are searching for downloadable content in that topic.

Fourth, some people just prefer audios over plain text. With audio, you can listen to it on the go: in your car, in the gym, at the kitchen while cooking and so on.

In other words, audio will help you capture the segment of the market where articles or any written work does not work as well.

With all these benefits, online business owners should consider using setting up and running audio blogs to drive more traffic to their site. Is it hard to set up an audio blog? Actually, it’s easier than you think, especially if you are a member of AudioNicheBlogs

Brandon Hong is a leading internet marketer and author. He has helped and trained many business owners to grow their business using advanced strategies like blogs, rss as well as creating multiple passive online income streams.

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How To Increase Targeted Online Traffic To Your Web Site Leveraging Free Internet Video Streaming Services

One of the most significant milestones on the web this year has been the popularity of the use of videos on the Internet. There are a number of free services that enable Internet users to easily upload and store videos on the Internet for free. These videos can then be broadcast (streamed) free over the Internet, to be viewed and shared by other users.

We will look at a simple but often overlooked way to help you get potentially loads of traffic to your web site using Internet videos.

But first let’s establish the background to the phenomenon and why it is important for you.

The popularity of Internet videos have really sky rocketed in the recent few months.

Consider these figures. In 2005, there were very few free video hosting web sites. Yet, in the month of August 2006 alone, according to a comScore Media Metrix report, there were approximately 6.98 Billion online videos that were streamed by Internet users in the United States alone.

More interestingly, the average US Internet video user consumed 63.3 streams during August 2006 or approximately 2 streams every day.

For marketers, businesses or even the Government or non-profit organizations, this opens up a whole new possibility of getting in touch with their desired audience, in a content rich, interactive way that has never been possible before.

The huge number of online videos streamed every month should not come as a surprise, given the popularity of Google, MSN, Yahoo, You Tube and My Space web sites. These are some of the most popular sites in the world and each of them have incorporated a video service in their offerings in the recent months.

Traffic or Internet users are the fuel that helps generate revenue for most of these businesses. The revenue is earned by monetizing the traffic with targeted advertising.

You Tube the video hosting service was founded in February 2005, but famously bought by Google for $1.65 Billion dollars in October 2006. Although it seems like a large amount to pay, it was in fact a very strategic move by Google.

Based on the comScore report, for the month of August 2006, Fox Interactive (owned by News Corporation, which bought My Space) had 20.1% share of the total US video streams, followed by Yahoo with 11.8% share and then You Tube with 9.9% share of the streams. Google video was in fact in a distant 7th position with only 1.5% share.

Purchasing You Tube has enabled them to be a real challenger to Yahoo & Fox Interactive in the US market for Internet Video.

If we look at the numbers beyond the US, that is on a global basis, over 100 million videos were streamed on a daily basis by You Tube. This is a mind boggling number.

We are going to see more innovations in this area in the very near future from all the major players. All indications are that the popularity of Internet videos are likely to rise further.

So what might this mean for you, if you are a business, person or organization that would like to tap into and take advantage of this huge trend? Because this is so new, not many large corporations have figured out how to take advantage of the medium.

Most of the free video hosting and streaming services require you to register online and open an account (for free). You can then upload your video to the web site. You will be asked to provide a name for the video and then key words that describe the video. This is so that the videos can be categorized and also found by other users (your target audience). If you have your own web site, make sure this is mentioned in the video.

You can upload the video to a number of different free services. Why would you do this? To reach the widest possible audience for your marketing message, of course.

An interesting outcome of this is that in some cases this may drive huge amounts of traffic to your web. This is because, if your video becomes popular and there are other sites linking to it or it is being virally forwarded by the users, the search engines begin to take notice of your web site.

A case study in which a top 10 position in the search engines was achieved in under 24 hours using Internet videos to boost rankings is provided in a video at There is also a service here that takes one through the process of creating Internet videos, even if all you have is audio. You can create a simple slide show with a voice-over to create very effective, compelling videos.

If you wish to create full motion Internet videos, the process can quite straight forward and inexpensive.

Remember that the Internet videos do not need to be flashy, nor long or elaborate. The objective is to keep them clear, simple and easy to understand. Communication of the features and benefits that your product or service provides, differentiation or how it is different from other products or services that your competitors provide is important.

Finally, remember to include the unique value proposition that you have for your customers (ie. The reasons why your prospects should buy from you, rather than anyone else).

If you already have a digital video camera then you can start creating your video straight away. Your video camera will need some kind of direct connection to your computer. This can be by connecting either to the USB or FireWire ports. Some of the new Video Camera have the ability to record on a DVD straight away. In this case you can simply copy the contents of your DVD to your computer.

If you have an analog video camera, you can still create the required digital videos by using a converter.

Once you have video in digital form in your computer, simply log in to the account of the free video streaming service and upload your video. Ideally you can get wider distribution by uploading them to a number of different services in relevant category.

However uploading each video one by one to each service can be quite time consuming. The service mentioned earlier in the article can help you with this, with a single upload and multiple distributions.

Your video is now ready for viewing and sharing. Sit back and enjoy the traffic.

James Coe is an Internet entrepreneur that runs a number of sites. He uses a number of ways to increase targeted web site traffic including the traffic geyser method

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