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Outreach Efforts Using Audio Bible Study Programs

You may not even realize it but there are audio Bible Study programs going on all over the world. Audio Bible study is one way that scholars and students are making use of the audio Bible. Audio Bible Study brings the Word of God to people who cannot read, the majority of the world’s population at present. The Bible on audio CD allows missionaries and local pastors to share the treasures of the Bible to all who would like to hear about them. The audio Bible on CD is also being used worldwide as an aid to literacy.

One of the first steps a missionary or pastor might take is to begin an audio Bible listening group. The Word of God is presented in a language familiar to native speakers, and it begins to work on the hearts of the listeners.

This often leads to the building of new churches. People then come to the churches to listen to the audio Bible and continue after with discussions of what they have heard, in order to build their faith.

Listening to the Bible also helps new believers to memorize passages from it. Those living in a predominantly oral culture respond to dramatic readings of the Bible, and audio Bibles are available in dramatized versions, with sound effects, music and staged readings.

Some places in the world do not have the luxury of reliable power. This might put a damper on hearing the audio Bible, because without a power source electronic equipment will not run. However, improvements have been made in this area with the application of recent scientific digital technological advances. There are now solar-powered CD players that will play the audio Bible CD without the need for any local energy at all, allowing the audio Bible to reach into indigenous areas that might otherwise have not been blessed with God’s Word.

If you are learning how to read, it helps speed the process by listening to what you are trying to read being spoken as you attempt to read it. The audio Bible is used in this manner to help improve literacy skills of people all around the world. Over half the world’s population cannot read, so audio Bibles are being used as one method of sharing God’s Word, and are also used to help improve reading skills.

Illiteracy is even a problem in the United States, where many do no reading at all after graduating from high school or college. This can hamper spiritual growth, if a congregation is simply not reading the Bible. One way to overcome that obstacle is an audio Bible program that allows listeners to listen to the entire New Testament in forty days while spending only 28 minutes a day at this endeavor. Because the audio Bible also comes in an MP3 player format, it can go with you to the gym or on your commute, so that in spare moments you can catch up on your Bible study.

Susan Slobac works with her Church in an outreach program for those who are illiterate. Using audio Bibles she conducts a weekly audio Bible study. She has found that using the audio Bible on CD is an effective way to reach out to others and relies on the outreach tool of the Audio Bible.

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Brilliant Ideas For Using Free DJ Sound Effects

Are you a techno chick who wants to turn your bedroom into a dancing platform? Okay, it might not always be possible to do so; however do check out some of the interesting ways on how to use free DJ sound effects to make your websites, blogs and myspace profile a dancing platform for your site visitors.

Looking for brilliant ideas for using free DJ sound effects? Help is here. You might have always wanted the heart-thumping track that you heard the other day from the club. Well, now you can have it and conveniently embed it into your website.

The trick to using free DJ sound effects is to get one that you can tweak and edit such that you can make your very own dance track. Since dance tracks usually consist of repetitions and mostly sound effects, it would be interesting if you are able to use your creative juices and make full use of the DJ sound effects to make your very own masterpiece.

What you can do is to first grab as many DJ sound effects as possible. You might have thoughts of using Kazaa or Limewire to illegally download these DJ sound effects, but my advice to you is not to do so. This is firstly because the illegal downloading of tracks is wrong, and that you are increasing your chances of getting in trouble with the law. Secondly, peer-2-peer (P2P) network sites, Kazaa and Limewire do not allow you to have a preview of the tracks and as such, you will have a hard time downloading the DJ sound effects that you are looking for.

So what you can so instead is to head on to royalty free music websites and download your DJ tracks or sound effects. The good thing about royalty free sound effects is that you will not have to worry about getting in trouble with the law. Unlike copyrighted tracks, these royalty free sound effects can be used many times over. You are the proud owner of these sound effects and as such use them as much as you like.

Use music editing software to make the necessary changes like looping and music cropping. Learn how to make full use of your music edit software to make the most out of these free DJ sound effects.

Upon creating your desired dance track, get ready and embed them into your very own blogs, websites and myspace profile.

Be the groovy chick and awe everyone with your very own dance track!

A groovy chick will also need a groovy computer. So, what you can do is that with the very same sound effects that you have downloaded, use them on your computer’s desktop. Listen to the computer jingle when an error messages pops up. Change the sounds when the computer starts up or when it shuts down. Change the way your computer looks and sounds!

Being someone who stands out sure doesn’t hurt sometimes. It’s time to bring your groove over to your blogs and websites and let the world know who is the grooviest chick in town!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Increase Traffic on Your Website Using Videos

There is but one perfect place where you can successfully market your services and products and that is the Internet. You can create blogs, web sites, use social web sites or online video marketing to promote yourself or your business more efficiently. Moreover, online video marketing is also a powerful tool for increasing traffic on web sites. As long as you use video editing tools to make your ad appealing, you are on your way to success.

Online video marketing is now one of the most powerful and popular ways of online marketing. For example the videos we see on web sites such as YouTube get millions of views from people all over the world. Therefore if you want to increase traffic on your web site or promote your business, you should definitely consider online video marketing.

However, not all videos draw attention. If you want to make sure that your video gives you credit, then video editing is an extremely important part of the online video marketing plan you make. The purpose of video editing is the removal of parts of the footage you are not pleased with and the arrangement of the video in time, to create the desired footage. By using video editing, you will make sure that your video will draw attention and meet its intended purpose.

Moreover, online video marketing is indeed a powerful tool, but if not used properly it can work to your disadvantage. When your goal is to increase traffic on your web site, promote your products or your services, the video must reach high standards and must be seen by millions of people worldwide.

People often make mistakes that compromise the aspect of their videos. Even if they hire a video editing crew afterwards to try and edit the video themselves, sometimes the only solution is re-shooting the video. If you do not want to get to this point, make sure you are not using improper lightening, you are using a tripod, you are dressed properly or that you are using a teleprompter. These are just few of the mistakes that people often make. If you want to make sure your video will be truly effective, it is best that you seek professional help or advice.

The success of online video marketing also rests on the number of people that watch your video in different areas on the Internet. This means that your video will help you if it is not seen only at video sites, but a link of this video also appears on important search engines. Moreover, for your online video marketing plan to be successful, your video should be seen on all web sites that have content sharing.

Online video marketing refers to more than a well edited video. Although video editing is a crucial part of the plan you make, selling your imagine takes more than that. The video must have keywords that will place your video very high on important search engines.

Online video marketing can be rather difficult if you do not have a little help. From video shooting and editing, to placing the video online, the work and skills required are sometimes beyond your powers. However, with a little help from professionals or with proper information, you can increase the traffic on your web site, you can sell your products and your services better than you have ever imagined.

For more resources about online video marketing or even about video editing please review

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Using Free Movie Sound Effects For Your Projects

Are you looking for fresh ideas on how to make your projects as appealing as possible? It is about time to get yourself used to the idea of using free movie sound effects for your projects. Sound effects are great add-ons to any media material that you are able to find. From the Internet, videos, websites and even television, the use of sound effects have always been a popular way to make viewers relate to the media presentation. Imagine the difference when you see a gun fired by the James Bond, but with no sound effect at all. It will barely give you an impression that the gun has been fired. A gun-firing sound effect will thus make the entire shooting scene more realistic and hence bringing the audience closer to the action.

But before you start downloading movie sound tracks and movie sound effects for your latest project, check out some of the important points to note. When using free downloaded tracks or sound effects for your project, be sure to use tracks that are not copyrighted. Examples of copyrighted tracks and sound effects are the ones like Batman theme and songs that you hear over the radio. These kinds of songs and sound effects are not supposed to be used and downloaded for free. Although it might be tempting to get ‘freebies’ off the Net, the consequences can be pretty tough on you if you are caught with illegal downloading.

So, in order to protect yourself and your project, make full use of free movies sound effects that can be downloaded from royalty free music websites. Royalty free music tracks are tracks that can be downloaded and edited to death. It doesn’t matter what you do to these royalty free tracks. You as the downloader and purchaser are entitled to make all the tweaking and editing you’ll need to bring out the desired effect. And no, you no longer need to worry about getting caught by the cops. These sound effects are rightfully yours.

While it might be very tempting to use the Batman sound track for your project, you are strictly forbidden from doing so. However what you can do is to get a royalty free track that sounds similar to the Batman theme and use it. Otherwise, you can just freely mix the royalty free music around with sound effects to result in something totally original and new.

As aforementioned, adding sound effects will help to attract the attention of the audience. However, too much of it might make the whole project look too candid. For more ideas on how to use your sound effects correctly, do check out Japanese variety shows that use great sound effects to bring out the desired effect of fun and laughter.

If you are still wondering about the other kinds of sound effects that you can use for your projects, you can try looping sound tracks or sound effects such that they form a 3 minute full song. Try downloading the sounds of a waterfall splashing onto a wall and loop it over many many times until you get it to run for 3 minutes full. You can also try experimenting with other sound tracks or movie sound effects to create your very own masterpiece.

Have a fun and creative time creating your very own movie sound effects!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Creative Ways Of Using Free Gun Sound Effects

Sound effects play a crucial role in every media that you hear and see on a daily basis. From movies, television and websites, the sound effects that are used in these media will help to piece information together for our brain to understand, just like how we see a gun and watch it fire. If there is no gun sound effect, then we will feel that the gunshot is fake or simply redundant.

This is the reason why gun sound effects are required no matter how inappropriate it might seem to you. Just imagine cartoons characters in action. Cartoons are great sources of ideas on how to go about using sound effects. Whether it is just for laughs or for real, sound effects that are used at the right moment can bring out the desired effect.

Our brain processes information using the 5 senses and most of the time; these 5 senses cannot work alone. This simply means that at least 2 senses are required in order for the brain to process something. So for example while we know that James Bond is holding a gun, we wouldn’t be able to feel the impact until the gun is fired. If the gun is fired but no sound is produced, than our brain would register it as a meaningless ‘firing’ and somewhat redundant as the brain is unable to tell or sure whether the gun has been fired.

With that in mind, we have to take note of the different important uses of gun sound effects and how to use them effectively to bring about the desired effect. But before you get started, you have to know about some of the websites where you can get free gun sound effects that you can use to embed them into your blogs, websites, movies or even music.

If you are looking for free gun sound effects, you can depend on royalty free tracks to give you an ample supply of it. You might have initial thoughts of downloading these sound effects from Kazaa or Limewire, but the thing about them is that they do not allow previews. As such, you will end up with more than a dozen useless tracks. Sites that offer royalty free sound effects usually allow you to preview the tracks before downloading them. This means that you are no longer wasting time trying to download the right kind of gun sound effects for your website or movie.

Once you gotten the desired sound effects, it is time to put them to great use. Time to squeeze your creative juices out! What you can first do is to mix around your gun sound effect with other sounds or songs to create a completely new track that can go along with your website. If you are creative enough, you can even create your very own orchestrated sounds and make it sound entirely original. All these will definitely require some kind of practice and experiment though.

Otherwise, you can also use them as computer sound effects. If you are a fan of James Bond movies, than how about the sound of the fire of the gun every time an error message pops up? You can also create your own Windows theme along with these gun sound effects and share them with others online. Amaze them with your creative inventions.

Using it as your cell phone’s ring tone will also be a good idea. Just remember to switch it to silent mode in the next meeting or you will end up getting hot stares from your superiors.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Using Free Sound Effects Download To Enhance Your Projects

To use or not to use? That can be a daunting question that most project managers might ask themselves. If you are a webmaster and are creating a new website for your client, it can be pretty challenging to decide whether or not you should embed free sound effects into the website. There are of course several points to note if you wish to do so. For example, whether it will affect the time it takes for the page to load, and whether the sound effects will be appropriate for the website. While you might still be pondering with this, read up on how using free sound effects download can help to enhance your mundane looking project into a spectacular one.

There are plenty of reasons for using free sound effects in your projects. It is just part of our human nature to be attracted to things like music and actions and that is also the reason why advertisements that appear on pop ups tend to work better than the ones that are just plastered over a website. So, in a way, using free sound effects will help to get people’s attention the very moment they enter your site.

The only critical part to using these sound effects is choosing the right ones that suit your website’s identity. Sound effects form your websites’ and projects’ identity. For example, if you are setting up a new website that is meant for kids, then most probably some adorable cartoon sound effects would fit in well. You can also choose to experiment with various other sound effects and see how you can you them interchangeably between pages.

The only thing that you have yet to figure out is choosing the most reliable website where you can get all your sound effects from. This can be quite a challenge as not all the sound effects that are available off the Net would sound as good as you thought they would be. Some of the sound effects might have been recorded and re-recorded many times over, hence affecting the sound quality. If this is the case, then you are definitely going to have a pretty tough time choosing the right kind of sound effects for you.

Otherwise, you may choose to use Limewire or any other Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network site. But the only problem is that most of them do not allow any form of previewing and some of these sound effects are just trash and they do not sound good at all.

What thousands of people have been doing to solve this problem is to use royalty free sound effects. Are you new to this? Well, basically anything that is royalty free can be downloaded and used over and over again many times without the need to worry about any copyright laws. This is definitely the best thing about royalty free sound effects. Use it, cut it, loop it and make it sound totally different. It is rightfully yours. This is definitely not the case for the copyrighted tracks that you might have wanted, for example the Superman music theme.

And not to mention there is abundance of royalty free sound tracks out there for you to use, so there is no way someone is going to have the same track as yours!

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Unleash Your Sound Design Skills By Using Realistic Sound Fx

Sound design and cinema scoring would be very tedious jobs if the sound effects needed to be created manually for every particular scene.  With the use of Sound Effects, samples and loops, the sound designers job becomes a lot easier.  If you are creating your own film, television or multimedia project, then you will need to utilize Sound FX samples to make your visual media believable.

The proper use of Sound Effects samples can make or break your movie or short film.  With thousands of Sound FX, loops and samples available on the market, you need to be careful when choosing the right samples for your movie projects.  Furthermore, some sound effects collections are poorly produced, and some don\’t give you a license to use the FX royalty-free.  That is why you have to try the Sound Effects samples collection at ProducerLoops.Com.  ProducerLoops is the world’s largest and leading distributor of high quality and high performance royalty-free Sound FX.  You will certainly find the right sound effects for scoring your film at ProducerLoops. 

ProducerLoops boasts a complete collection of Sound FX samples .  You will be able to download complete volumes of sound effects from this website.  For example, if you want a public park sound, then browse the site and you will find what you need.  Airplane sounds, automobile, arcade ambiance, horror sounds and other environmental settings and effects are also represented in the Sound FX collections at ProducerLoops.

On the other hand, if you are producing a sci-fi movie and you are utilizing robot characters and high tech space ships, then you would be advised to use the Robot samples collection at ProducerLoops.  The quality of the robot sounds, metallic clicks, dark soundscapes, and other sci-fi themed sounds are top notch and up to industry standards.  The audio samples and loops are compatible with almost all sound engineering and scoring software that can handle WAV format.  You will not experience any compatibility issues when using the downloadable Sound FX collections at ProducerLoops. 

You can easily download these sound effects samples from the ProducerLoops website.  All downloads at are 100% legal and 100% royalty-free so you can avoid copyright infringement issues.

Get 100% legal, high quality, and realistic Sound Effects collections at our website. Visit us today and download the Sound FX samples pack you need for your movie and multimedia projects.

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Using a Sound Effects CD to Enhance Your Productions

Whether you are looking to enhance your production, add some reality to your amateur film or include a little zing to your website, using sound effects from a sound effects CD is a common way to do it. A sound effects CD is used in a variety of applications, but mostly you’ll find they are used to create realistic atmospheres for a motion picture, podcasting or some kind of film production.

While there are a variety of sound effects CD producers, there are three or four sound effects CD considered to be the professional sound effects CD producers in the industry for applications such as podcasting, film production and radio production; Sound Ideas, The Hollywood Edge, Sound Vision, and the BBC. An important item when choosing a professional sound effects CD is that it comes with MetaData. MetaData is essentially a description of the sound effect. When it comes to indexing and searching for sound effects, the MetaData is there to make sure you can find the sound effect you are looking for!

Further, if you want true feature film quality production, it’s also important that your sound effect CD comes in Red Book Audio format. Red Book Audio Format is the standard format a normal CD player will play. Sound effects CDs in Red Book Audio Format will produce their files in WAV format, with WAV sound effects being of much higher quality sound then MP3 sound effects. Why do so many people still look to sound effects? The main reason is “Foley”! OK, you ask, what is Foley? Foley is the process of adding background sound effects and noises to a film so that the film sounds everyday realistic. The many background sounds you hear (sounds other than the dialogue) during a feature film is what makes it so realistic! It’s a critical part of what deciphers an amateur production from a production film.

Productions are increasingly being produced by amateur producers without big feature film budgets. This has caused a spike in Foley being increasingly done by using digital libraries of stored sound effects which can be added to the film without having to painstakingly record the sounds oneself. Having the ability to comb through thousands of libraries of sound effects in a sound effects CD or a library of CDs, producers (both amateur and professional) are able to make fairly realistic productions without having to rent actors to re-enact certain aspects of a film in order to record realistic sounds (typical of only of big budget films).

Without Foley, films usually end up sounding unrealistic. That is because during our day to day conversations, you will hear hundreds of sounds in the background. Without these background sounds in a film, the film sounds more like a high school play where you’ll hear the dialogue, but that’s it. While getting the dialogue correctly captured is the first part, there are plenty of little sounds in the background like a lawnmower mowing, a car driving past, kids laughing and playing, dogs barking, all that make a film feel like we are really there. In the end, sound effects libraries and sound effects CD make the production come to life and give us all the additional sounds that you didn’t know you needed.

The Sound Effects Shop is one of the largest Sound Effects Libraries which have a collection of professional sound effects and royalty free music for post production, broadcast and motion picture industries. Here you can select various types of Sound Effects CD for personal and commercial use.

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Using Sound Fx in Podcasts and Video Games

There’s a trend towards more professional podcasting and video games by using impactful sound FX and implementing professional sound design in podcasts and video games. We would suggest that there are in essence are three main categories of sound FX people looking for in producing podcasts: cartoon sound FX, explosion sound FX and movie sound FX.

Cartoon sound FX can be a popular choice because of their instant recognition. Cartoon sound FX instantly triggers memories from shows and associate their podcast with a professional show. Secondly, explosion sound FX is used to maximize impact on the listener in a podcast. Sound FX in this category normally is items such as auto crashes, explosions, building crashes, earthquakes, house explosions.  The point being that they surprise the listener and get the listener’s attention. An example of explosion effects is the Impact Effects 2 CD by Sound Ideas who have created some of the largest variety of explosion sound FX.

Thirdly, movie sounds FX are generally used by people who are looking to use sound FX for Foley. Your wondering what is Foley? Foley is process of adding background sound FX to a story line, film production, or this case, podcast. Movie sound FX can contain almost anything but are often taken from digital libraries from previous sound designers who have gone through the painstaking process of recording individual sound effects for their films. Some film producers, example being in Bollywood, might rely almost solely on digital libraries of sound FX for their productions.

Today, at the same time, sound FX are taking a new turn in technology with video game producers. Sound FX is being in video games using something called positional audio. Positional audio utilizes complex calculations to determine how loud or quiet a sound effect should be in a video game depending on the distance of the player from the originating sound. For example, a first person shooter game would hear a gunshot much quieter if it was across the street then if the gun was shot right next to him or her. This is making sound FX design much more dynamic then has been historically. With video game productions become more main stream than many movies, sound design for video games has become just as important as in feature films.

If you don’t have actually sound FX how can you create them? Can you create them yourself? Many sounds FX are replicated with everyday items you can find in your house. For example, a heartbeat effect might be replicated by a plastic trash can lid! The popping out of the plastic lid creates a controllable “pumping” sound that might be used. Or, in order to create a sound effect of something dramatically freezing, one can record brushing the bristles of a wire brush brushing firmly against something metal, like a steel drum. As the brushes come closer it gives you the effect of rippling freezing ice. Recording a slithery snake effect might be when you take a wet sponge and drag it across a rubber surface. Creating sound FX can take some creativity!  In essence, adding sound FX to your podcasts can be a great help for a professional effect on the listener, sometimes you just need to get a bit creative!

The Sound Effects Shop is a worldwide distributor of the world’s largest publishers of sound effects and also have Sound FX Libraries for the post production, broadcast, motion picture industries and royalty free music. Here you can select various types of Sound FX for personal and commercial use.

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The Many Benefits Of Using An Audio Book

An audio book is simply a book produced in a format that is audible. Audio books started in the Spanish language and soon blossomed into a multi-linguistic media. Many individuals and corporations use them for many reasons. You can purchase audiobooks on online store like

The very first audio book was produced in 1975 as a collection of short stories. The author was David Sánchez Juliao and the audio book was in Spanish. Since then, audio books have been used to teach children to read, as a method for the blind to have access to books, and as a learning format for everything from learning a foreign language, guitar lessons, motivational seminars, and cooking lessons. The self-help industry utilizes audio books to tape workshops, conferences and basically uses them as a learning tool.

Audio books have become so popular as a learning tool, because of the portability and relative low cost. In this fast-paced society, audio books have allowed us to multi-task while reading a book or learning a new skill. The ability to hear how words are pronounced can make all the difference when it comes to learning a language successfully.

Audio books have features that are valuable when learning a new skill. A feature such as the ability to replay a segment to reinforce what has been said. Another would be having the ability to listen to an unabridged version (word for word readings from a book), while following along in the actual hardcopy of the same book. Audio books make note taking easy, because of the ability to replay a section, as many times as necessary in order to get all the notes you need.

Audio books can be in CD, cassette or downloadable format. Giving a choice of formats allows the consumer to hear a book in the format best suited to their lifestyle. Audio books are very versatile so they fit just about anyone’s need. Audio books are downloadable to your computer or MP3 player, or you can burn them to CDs. You can purchase them in bookstores or borrow them from your local library. You can find free audio books on numerous Websites or buy them from Audio book clubs. Audio books can be found alongside video rentals as consumers find they compliment each other and are likely to buy them at the same time.

Parents have found that taking audio books along on long commutes can entertain the little ones and allow everyone to have a more peaceful drive. Many workers make good use of the daily commute by listening to self-improvement audio books, or pop in a audio book to catch up on their reading or to learn a language. Now the drive to and from work can be a productive time.

Corporations use business audio books as learning tools for employees, to encourage staff in pursuit of higher learning. There are many inspirational speakers on audio book. Business topics cover managing, motivating employees, closing sales, how to conduct successful negotiations and so much more.

The audio books have grown into a billion dollar industry because of their portability, and use as a learning tool and ability to make reading fun. The audio book appeals to all ages and every family member from the youngest who needs to learn to read, a convenient way for mom to keep up with her book club members, a cool way for a teenager to “hear” his English assignment or dad to motivate himself before a big power meeting.

Johnny is the owner of a downloadable audio books online store at and a discount audio books coupon site providing regular audiobooks discount coupon for purchase of audio books.

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