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5 Ways to Use Website Audio for Increasing Sales

Copyright (c) 2008 Colin Meunier

You have a product, you want to sell it… where do you go? The days of the offline advertising methods like the newspapers, radios and even the televisions are long gone. Now, Internet marketing is one of the best ways to market your products today. Internet marketing comes up to be much more economical than any other type of traditional marketing. In fact, there are some ways possible by which you can market your product for free.

In fact, Internet marketing has grown from the initial stages, and today, video and audio marketing are used for internet marketing. Audio is a very powerful tool to market your product, and if you do it right, your sales are definitely going to increase. In this era of attention deficit and internet skimmers, audio rules over text or graphics any time. Given below are five ways to use website audio for increasing sales.

1. Use the power of the voice

It is statistically proven that people who visit websites hardly remain there for about 10 seconds, on an average. At this rate, how can you even begin to impress upon them what you are trying to sell? But you can use an audio insert on your website to speak about the product. People wouldn’t like to read all the time, but they don’t mind listening. Use a compelling voice to make a promotional audio for you. You can hire a professional voiceover artist if you want. Comparing with the results you will get, it will be a very small investment to make.

2. Use the audio to demonstrate your product

If you have a unique product or concept to sell, your battle is half won already. But you can use an audio on your website to demonstrate what that idea of yours is. It could be designed as a step-by-step instruction guide or something like that, relevant to your website. The basic point of this kind of an audio input should be to make your listener aware that it is not so difficult to use this product.

3. Use the audio coupled with a video or a graphic

This ties in with the above point actually. Collate the audio with a graphic, or probably a video that runs along with the audio. You could even merge the two together to make a single multimedia clip for your website. The whole audiovisual thing can go a long way in selling your product.

4. Use an interview to lend credibility to your business

This is human mentality actually, when people hear a voice they find the whole thing much more credible than if they simply read some nonliving text. If you can manage an interview kind of thing on the audio, then it could go miles in making your business more genuine and real to the listeners. That’s the whole point actually, isn’t it? To make your business look living to your visitors? That can work mightily with an audio.

5. Use the audio to make some free offers

Finally, you can decide to make all your promotional offers through the audio. Look, you might have free offers plastered on your website, but there are so many things that might go wrong. People might not read it, or it might be placed at the bottom of the webpage, and very few people scroll down to the bottom of the page. It is much better to place an audio clip on your website making the offer. That way people will not be able to miss out on it.

Colin Meunier is a Successful Home Business Coach and Mentor!

To learn how you can use a breakthrough marketing system to become more successful in your home business online visit: MLM Lead Generation Tips

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5 Ways To Convert Powerpoint Presentations To Video

Benefits of PowerPoint
PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application which is very commonly used by lectures, businessmen, students, trainers, etc. It is easy to use and featured with a lot of functions to create interesting and dynamic slide presentations. This has made it widely accepted and utilized.

Benefits of Video
Video is powerful because it’s demonstrative, clearly depicting procedures, techniques or visual information such as charts and graphs. Most of all, video showcases charisma of live images and animations, allows for transparency and communication skills, which can lead to trust. It is also a good idea to make videos for special occasions as a way of watching them and reminiscing the good times.

 Benefits of converting PowerPoint presentations to video

-> Display your presentations in a more vivid way
-> With PowerPoint in video format, it is easy for uploading to blog and websites
-> Even there is no computer, you can also view your presentations
-> Videos can be uploaded to portable devices such as iPhone, iPod and Pocket PC

 5 Ways to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video (free ways and cost-effective ways)
Method 1: Upload your presentations to which is one of the world’s largest communities for sharing presentations. It can generate video for your presentations.
After uploading your presentations onto it, you can directly download the generated video onto your own computer, or embed the video to your blog.

But there are limitations to the presentations uploaded to it. Max size of the presentation is limited to 100MB; animations, video clips and other complex elements couldn’t be added; PowerPoint 2007 is not supported. Sometimes, objects inserted into the presentation may be modified after the uploading.

Some other similar online PowerPoint sharing sites such as auhtorstream and slideboom also support generate video for the presentations uploaded. The advantage is that you don’t need to download any programs onto your computer and they are all free. If your presentation’s size is not too big, and there are only texts and pictures in your presentation, you can have a try at these sites.

Method 2: Use Camtasia which costs $299 to record your presentation and then generate a video
Step1: In the Task List, select Record PowerPoint.
Step2: Open a PowerPoint presentation to record.
Step3: Select the recording options from the PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar. Click the Record button.
Step4: The presentation opens in presentation mode. A Camtasia Studio dialog opens in the lower right corner of the screen. Click the Click to begin recording button.

Step5: Progress through the PowerPoint presentation slides. To stop the recording before the last slide, press <ESC>. To stop the recording at the end of the presentation, click Stop recording.
Step6: Enter a file name and location and click Save. The presentation recording saves as a Camtasia Studio recording file.

Advantages with this method: The program can capture slide timing, animations, sound effects, webcam video and any applications displayed on screen during the presentation. You can also record your own narration while the screen-capture process is being carried out.

Disadvantages: This program eats huge system resources. If the configuration of your computer is not so good, animations may become laggy or even lost.

Method 3: Convert PowerPoint presentation to video with Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter
When searching free PowerPoint to video in Google, this product came into my sight. After testing, I think it may be the easiest way in all these 5 ways to achieve what we want to do and with a good quality.
Step1: Download this PPT2Video Converter and install it on your computer.
Step2: Launch the program. Click Import button to choose the presentation you want to convert, choose an output format for the video you want to generate. And then click Start button to start the conversion process. (This program can convert presentations to video in MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV and MOV.)

Step3: Upload the video to blogs or websites such as YouTube.

Method 4: Use Windows Movie Maker to create a video for your presentations
Windows Movie Maker comes with all Windows XP and Vista installed computers. With this method, it may time consuming and animations in your presentation would be lost after the conversion.
Step1: Save your PowerPoint slide show as “PNG” images.

Step2: Import the images to your Windows Movie Maker.
Step3: Select all the imported images and then add them to Storyboard.

Step4: Add video effects to the slides (Optional)
Step5: Save the slide show as Movie File.

Method 5: Make a QuickTime movie on Mac
Export your presentation as a QuickTime movie “PowerPoint Movie”. Then you can save your presentations to MOV video file. Way to do this: click File -> Make Movie
But in this way, sounds and animations couldn’t be retained. If you are using keynote, just export your presentation to QuickTime file directly.

Take the advantages of PowerPoint and video. Convert your presentations to video. Share your presentation with more people and create a more convenient way to view your presentations.
Concentrated to give you the best solution of PowerPoint to Video, PowerPoint to DVD
Tips and Tricks of PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD

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Creative Ways Of Using Free Gun Sound Effects

Sound effects play a crucial role in every media that you hear and see on a daily basis. From movies, television and websites, the sound effects that are used in these media will help to piece information together for our brain to understand, just like how we see a gun and watch it fire. If there is no gun sound effect, then we will feel that the gunshot is fake or simply redundant.

This is the reason why gun sound effects are required no matter how inappropriate it might seem to you. Just imagine cartoons characters in action. Cartoons are great sources of ideas on how to go about using sound effects. Whether it is just for laughs or for real, sound effects that are used at the right moment can bring out the desired effect.

Our brain processes information using the 5 senses and most of the time; these 5 senses cannot work alone. This simply means that at least 2 senses are required in order for the brain to process something. So for example while we know that James Bond is holding a gun, we wouldn’t be able to feel the impact until the gun is fired. If the gun is fired but no sound is produced, than our brain would register it as a meaningless ‘firing’ and somewhat redundant as the brain is unable to tell or sure whether the gun has been fired.

With that in mind, we have to take note of the different important uses of gun sound effects and how to use them effectively to bring about the desired effect. But before you get started, you have to know about some of the websites where you can get free gun sound effects that you can use to embed them into your blogs, websites, movies or even music.

If you are looking for free gun sound effects, you can depend on royalty free tracks to give you an ample supply of it. You might have initial thoughts of downloading these sound effects from Kazaa or Limewire, but the thing about them is that they do not allow previews. As such, you will end up with more than a dozen useless tracks. Sites that offer royalty free sound effects usually allow you to preview the tracks before downloading them. This means that you are no longer wasting time trying to download the right kind of gun sound effects for your website or movie.

Once you gotten the desired sound effects, it is time to put them to great use. Time to squeeze your creative juices out! What you can first do is to mix around your gun sound effect with other sounds or songs to create a completely new track that can go along with your website. If you are creative enough, you can even create your very own orchestrated sounds and make it sound entirely original. All these will definitely require some kind of practice and experiment though.

Otherwise, you can also use them as computer sound effects. If you are a fan of James Bond movies, than how about the sound of the fire of the gun every time an error message pops up? You can also create your own Windows theme along with these gun sound effects and share them with others online. Amaze them with your creative inventions.

Using it as your cell phone’s ring tone will also be a good idea. Just remember to switch it to silent mode in the next meeting or you will end up getting hot stares from your superiors.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Three ways to convert popular video to Flash video (FLV)

Which kind of website is the hottest nowadays in Web 2.0? Of course it is the video sharing website, such as Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo! video…The content of this kind of websites is of all kinds of things, but the same thing of these websites is that they all use Flash as their video media format, or rather flash video (FLV).

FLV is a brand new streaming video format. It makes use of the widely used platform on the Internet – Adobe Flash Player, and incorporate video into the Flash animation. FLV enables your videos can be viewable to 98% of all Internet users and bring great convenience to the broadcasting of Internet video.

To add FLV to web pages, you need to convert your video to FLV, and make a flash video player on your website to control the playback of the FLV files. Now I introduce three ways to convert video to FLV.

1. Moyea Video4Web Converter
This Video4Web Converter is a Freeware and professional tool to convert all popular video to flv, video to mov, mp4, 3gp and 3g2. It can change the values of the video for brightness, contrast, and volume. You may also trim and crop the video to fit your particular requirement.

2. Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder
Starting with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, it had already supported FLV decoding, but I suggest you use the latest version Flash 8. This version has an independent FLV conversion tool: Flash 8 Video Encoder. This encoder also provides a lot of video settings to meet your need.

3. Online converter
This method is famous to a lot of Internet users. You can convert your videos from your computer hard disk, or from online videos using different protocols (http, ftp, rtmp…) to FLV with the online converter.
But this method is not recommended to convert video, especially for some important video files. For there are several reasons:
Reason 1: It will take more time to convert videos compared with some desktop converters.
Reason 2: It requires that you are in a good internet connection. If the connection speed is slow, the convertion will be very slow or just stop.
Reason 3: The quality of the resulting video is not ensured, various problem is possible, such as audio and video is not synchronized, or only the audio is converted by not does the video…

Stephen Miller is an expert in web multimedia development who concentrated to give you the best solution of flash video player for web –

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5 Great Ways To Profit From Web Videos

Consider the following five ways to profit from internet video just five of many ways. I could have listed five more but it would make the article to long. These five ways are good to get started.

1. Upload Your Videos To Ad Revenue Sharing Sites.

Although YouTube is the leader in video sharing and syndication it has only just introduced placing adverts on its videos to monetize the site. Despite the fact that over 37000 videos are submitted each day only those videos from YouTubes’ professional content partners and over 70 independent partner channels will have their videos monetized and receive a percentage of the income.

To profit from submitting your videos then you must look elsewhere and Revver should be your first stop. Revver is..

. a video-sharing platform built the way the internet really works. We support the free and unlimited sharing of media. Our unique technology tracks and monetizes videos as they spread virally across the web, so no matter where your creativity travels, you benefit.

.. the viral video network that pays. We connect video makers and sharers with sponsors in a free and open marketplace that rewards them for doing what they do best.

.. committed to the artist. You have something to say and we built our network to empower you to say it.

Revver recently announced that it had paid out $1 million amongst 25000 video submitters. It is not the only site sharing revenue with video submitters depending on how many times the videos are viewed. Blip.TV and eefoof offer revenue sharing as well.

2. Combine Web Video With Affiliate Marketing

Review a product with a well written article. Lots of new products on the market now have a video embedded within the sales landing page. Using a program such as Affiliate Video Brander you can make use of the sales page video and incorporate it into your article or blog post.

This has many advantages, no cost to you, no time spent producing the video and not even the techie knowledge on how to make videos. As long as you receive permission to show the video, and why wouldn’t you as the product owner wants to sell as much product as possible, all you have to do is show the video and collect the affiliate commissions.

3. Create Your Own Google Video Site.

Most movies available on Google Video can be embedded on any web page. If the option is available for the video, there will be a link next to it that gives you the embed code.

If you create a niche site that has plenty of videos available at Google Video and build the site with WordPress you can quickly have a site where you can continuously add new content, much loved by Google. You can find videos about dogs, martial arts and DIY just to name a few.

Create a post for each video, write some text about what is covered in the video and make it interesting. Add Google AdSense ads and/or related product affiliate links to the post and also include an opt in box to capture your viewers email address to notify them of new videos and related offers.

If this proves successful then you can research another niche and start an additional site.

4. Create Promotional Videos For Local Businesses

Once you have experience of making your own videos and have the confidence and equipment required then contact some of your local businesses and show them the benefits of adding video to their websites or starting a website if they do not have one already. I know of a pest control website in the USA which has increased business by displaying funny videos about, you guessed it, pests.

Obvious potential clients would be Realtors, Hotels, Leisure Centers and Car Dealers. It is advisable to license the videos to your clients as it would cost them less to start with and encourage more business, especially once they start to benefit from your input.

Create your own website promoting your services and start advertising in the local press and at the venues of local business and society meetings. Print up business cards to pass around.

5. Place Affiliate Links in Your Own Videos

When you are hosting your own videos or paying for a paid web video service then you have control over your videos and can add redirect websites to the video to take your viewers to your affiliate partners.

You cannot add redirect websites to videos submitted to YouTube and other free video sharing sites or video syndication sites.

This is just five ideas on ways to profit from web videos. There are more ways than this and maybe you can think of more yourself. There is no time like the present to get started so do it now.

Bruce Walls writes about using video on your website to increase traffic. You can read this article and more at WebsiteVideoGuide

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Ten Ways To Improve Video Production

Toronto wedding videographers are specialized in wedding video production, and here at Babylon Productions Wedding Center, we offer exceptional video production. We have listed below some keys to a proper video production:

Choose the Right Gear.

Toronto video production video equipment becomes obsolete very quickly because of the constant advancements in technology. You don’t need the highest-end gear to shoot great wedding videos; the basics will do just fine. The basic equipment that you’ll need to shoot wedding videos includes a fluid head tripod, remote microphone system and an audio mixer. Oh, and a digital format camcorder, of course.

Back up your audio.

Toronto video production audio for wedding videos can be touchy. Remote microphones may pick up some voices better than others and last minute glitches could prevent you from getting any audio at all. This is why many wedding videographers are investing in Sony Mini-Disc recorders to back up their audio. The recorder allows you to back-up your audio from the ceremony and the reception. The MD recorder is easily carried in the groom’s pocket, with a lavaliere microphone.

Understand LUX Ratings.

Toronto video production understands LUX is a measurement of camera sensitivity that is important to consider when purchasing a video camera. Cameras with lower LUX ratings produce better video in low light situations than cameras with higher LUX ratings. For wedding videography, which most often takes place in low light situations; churches, synagogues, reception halls, it is necessary to use a camera with a low LUX rating. The more sensitive to light your video camera is, the better quality wedding shots you’ll get, and the more professional the finished wedding video will be.

Attend the rehearsal.

Toronto video production knows that unless you can attend the wedding rehearsal, you probably shouldn’t book the job. Attending the rehearsal and planning ahead can easily avoid problems with lighting, microphone placement, and blocked views. The rehearsal also gives you another chance to consult with the bride and groom. Any last minute requests for their wedding video that they, or you, may have can be discussed before the wedding day rush is on.

Get “B-roll” coverage.

Toronto video production “B-roll,” (which stands for “Before-Roll”) coverage is of critical importance to the professional quality of your wedding video production. To get B-roll footage, simply use a tripod to take exterior shots of the building in which the event will take place, stained glass or other architectural features, the food and flower arrangements and any other special touches you notice. In addition to these still shots, begin videotaping about 20 minutes before the wedding is to begin, in order to get shots of the guests being seated, and audio of the music played before the ceremony.

Test your audio.

Toronto video production testing your audio before the ceremony is the best way to avoid common audio problems. To test your audio, make sure to arrive at the wedding location at least two hours early, in order to set up your equipment and check it out, and have time to fix any problems that you find. Another good tip is to monitor the audio with your headphones to be sure that it has a professional quality.

Concentrate on close-ups.

Toronto video production it is extremely important to get close-up shots at the wedding. Close-ups make your images look sharper and they allow you to capture emotion in your wedding video. Be sure to get close-up shots of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the parents throughout the wedding and the reception, and use them frequently.

Anticipate and follow the action.

Toronto video production in order to shoot a professional wedding video, you must anticipate and follow the action throughout the wedding, especially if you’re doing a one-camera shoot. You only get once chance to capture the action at a wedding ceremony, be prepared for whatever is coming. Talking to the couple and attending the rehearsal ceremony will help you to know what’s happening next, and your camera moves will be more fluid. Anticipating and following the action is key to shooting a professional wedding video.

Focus on capturing the event, not creating a special effects film.

Toronto video production there are many opportunities and options for special effects when creating a wedding video. However, special effects such as slow motion, layering graphics, and editing backgrounds work well in wedding videos only to a point. It is very important to remember that shooting a wedding video is all about capturing an important event, not creating a video with the most special effects. Remember to keep your focus on the couple, the ceremony, and the emotion of the wedding, and use special effects wisely.

Finish the job on time.

Toronto video production after you’ve shot the wedding ceremony and the reception, it’s time to produce the finished video. Make sure to allow at least a week of postproduction to finish the job on time. A week should give you time to transfer footage to your system, catch up with other possible clients, editing the ceremony, the reception, and the pre-and-post ceremonies, as well as transferring to tape or DVD and preparing the packaging. Remember that the MOST important part of post-production is delivering the finished video ON TIME. The married couple will be anxious to see their wedding video, and are depending on you to deliver it on the date and time that you promised. Your reputation, and your future clientele, depends on your ability to finish like a pro by producing a professional wedding video on time and on budget.

Toronto video production is an important component in producing Toronto wedding videos. Babylon Productions Wedding Center produces great wedding videos. Have a look at our website for sample videos.

Babylon Toronto Weddings Photography Dj Video Limo Services Wedding Photography & Video Productions Toronto we specialize in individually tailored Wedding Photography, Videos and DVD’s, offering an experienced, highly professional and affordable service.

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Ways To Obtain Audio Books Online

Audio books can be downloaded from the Internet, purchased in bookstores or borrowed from libraries. They come in a variety of formats: CD, cassette and as a download to a computer or MP3 player. There are free audio book sites, rental audio books sites and clubs where you need to be a member to download audio books.

Free Websites

The Website is a membership site that offers many benefits. The members can choose 1 digital audio book each month for up to 75% savings from regular retail prices. They also receive a free audio download each week. Members are offered daily discounts and member only exclusive offers. The site boasts of World-class Customer Service. They have two plans to choose from: Platinum and Gold. is a MP3 file audio book site. Registration is free, but membership is $100 USD per year. Categories are children, animal, train tales, fairy tales, and serials, grown up books, science arts, Christian books, jokes, poetry and songs. features free books such as Robinson Crusoe, A Tale Of Two Cities and a Christmas Carol. They also have free samples and links to other publishers and sellers and to itunes. You can download the iTunes player right on the site, should you need to do so. is a Website where you can find free audio books for business, on religion, self-development, sports and hobbies, travel, technology, science, politics, literature, history and many other categories. They have a free audio book of the month, a main catalog page, a free directory of audio books, and they can offer recommendations based on your selection history and registration. They also list free resources on their site including a directory of other free audio and video learning sites.

Rental Sites

The site is where you can rent audio books, download audio books or buy them right on the site. There is a DL club List, and audio book club, audio books on CD and Talking Books for Kids (a selection of audio books geared for young kids to entertain them and provide audible learning. is a Audio Book Club Website. is another Audio Book Rental Club where you can enjoy unlimited audio book rentals every book with free shipping and awesome customer service.

Buying Audio Books Online has just about everything you could want in audio book selection. They have free audio books, unabridged audio books, downloadable MP3 audio books, and free audio books. They have sections on featured audio books, new audio books, tv and film audio books and every category of audio book imaginable. This is not a membership site, so no member fee. They do have a Newsletter to keep customers informed of new additions to the site. They have a Buying Guide, and instructions on how to download to a MP3 player, how to burn a CD, and how to download to your iPod. is a huge audio book site that has a category for every book taste. The categories include: antiques, careers, children’s, classic literature, cooking and food, current events, crime, drama, economics, education, essays, fantasy, fiction, finance, folklore, foreign language, government, health and fitness just to name a few. Blish makes it easy for customers to download right from the site.

Buying audio books online is easy as most audio books are downloadable. A lot of the audio book sites have forums where users can share experiences and opinions on books they have listened to.

Johnny is the owner of a downloadable audio books online store at and a discount audio books coupon site providing regular audiobooks discount coupon for purchase of audio books.

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4 ways to convert video to flash FLV


This guide will talk about 4 ways to convert routine videos to flash FLV,some free,some cheap,somne expensive …I hope you have not any problem of converting video to FLV after reading the article about 4 ways fot converting video to flash flv.

A third video to flv converter or encoder:

There are many powerful video to FLV Converter tools to convert video to FLV in the market.For example wondershare video to flash encoder, Xilisoft FLV Converter,Aimersoft video converte etc are recommended as good video to FLV Converter worth to try. Today I’ll take wondershare video to flash encoder,one of the fastest video to flv converter as an example,which can convert MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 and even HD video as M2TS, TP, TRP, TS to flash with many attached functions


As shown in the picture below: “load files”–>”set output format”–>”start converting”,then you will get your video to FLV files.
Free download wondershare video to flash encoder today!

In addition,wondershare video to flash encoder provides powerful edit function:
1). Afford you to trim video length, crop black video sides, adjust aspect ratio and customize output file size and picture quality to an ideal effect.
2). Choose your lovely flash player from 12 beautiful Flash player templates. You can add image, text, hyperlink as watermark on your output flash to cast onto blog, personal space, or websites. Many of our users add text hyperlink into flash to promote their websites, blogs, etc.

Using to convert video to FLV.

Nowadays,flash video FLV is the leading format applying web-video like YouTube,google video,yahoo video ect. When you add your routine video such as .wmv ,.mpeg,.mov… YouTube will convert them to FLV automatically and then play your video in their wensite. So we may use this for converting video to flv:


1.Upload your non-flash video to YouTube;(But the lack is that Youtube only accepts.wmv .mpeg .avi ect,if you have other format,you cant use this method.)

2.Download the video from Youtube and you will get flash video.(But the lack is that you cant endit your video.)

Using Flash 8.0 to convert video to flv.

Starting with Flash MX 2004,this software had already supported FLV format. But penman advises you to use the lastest edition Flash 8.0 to convert video to flv. The editon owns a unaided to flv converter:Flash 8.0 video encoder. Click system menu “process”?”Macromedia”?”Macromedia flash8.0 video encoder”.

Using on-line video conversion pro to convert video to flv.

This method is known by a mass of net friends, on-line video converter can convert yout media files frome yout hard disk, by url/stream (http,ftp,mms,rtsp) or directly from,, Dailymotion, LiveVideo, MetaCafe, …


But I don’t advise you using this tool to convert video to flv,specially some important video files.why?
1).The video clips’ size will be limited when using the on-line video converter ;
2).What is worse,the conversion quality is not ensured.and this will destroy your video .for example,the audio and picture are not in-phase when the conversion finish.


Finally,if you really wanna use the on-line video converter,you can google “online video convertrer” and you will get a lot.

Related guides:

How to convert dvd to flv

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